Monday, May 18, 2015

The Replacement | Lodge & Kitchen @ Jalan Dhoby

Past 5 days were great. Perhaps this short getaway just came right on time. Been feeling so stressful in Sg. Nothing to do about my work. It's just.. nah I can't quite name it.

Wanted to blog about this spontaneous sister trip to HCMC until I reached this newly opened cafe (~1730hrs?) located at Jalan Dhoby - The Replacement.

Quoted from their Facebook, "The Replacement - Lodge & Kitchen is the second establishment from the team of Faculty Of Caffeine!" I'm a fan of FOC, been secretly following their news and got to know their opening from my sis who is also a FOC regular. Can see that why both of us went to HCMC for cafe hopping huh? (but somehow turned out becoming skybar-hop LOL).

Seeing a familiar face smiling at me upon I got in there. The girl who used to work at FOC, is now helping out at this new branch. Had a little chitty chat, knowing that it has not yet officially launched. But I bet this cafe has already won the hearts of many.

It's impossible to miss this place if you happen to pass by the street. The very classy white building (occupied two shoplots) stands out among the rustic run-down area. Smart, sharp, very eye-catching.

Will let the pictures do the talking.

1. The Replacment Lodge and Kitchen
2. One-way street. Upon seeing Roost recycle bar, turn right into the street @ Jalan Dhoby.
3. You will see the beautiful white building on your right.
5. The reason they called themselves Lodge and Kitchen. Combination of a cafe and a place to crash. 
8. Perhaps this area makes itself the signature of this place. 
9. My first cappuccino. Still as good. (At least I cant tell the difference LOL lousy me)
10. Some other areas.
12. Now you have to get down to the cashier and place your order. Something new introduced. Prices listed are nett.
13. The menu. Perhaps more items will be added in near future.
PS: shout out to all FOC's brownies lovers: At The Replacement, the brownies are being replaced by Churos! 
14. Combination of marble and retro tile? That's quite a brilliant idea and I like it.
15. Got down to my own business.
16. My second cappuccino. Featuring Sync Press, *for more info*
17. Chef's salad. Generous portion, luxurious ingredients. So very nice.
18. closed up. Smoked salmon, greens, sauteed mushroom, poached egg, pecans, etc. etc..
19. As a result. Tadaaaa.
20. the lonesome yet arrogant rose.
21. This is a good place to observe the playful kitties playing/hopping outside the shop (entrance). It's fun to see even though I don't like cat. LOL.

For me, it's kinda like the total opposite of FOC. Black vs. White. Unlike FOC, The Replacement runs its business until 10pm daily! Lalala~ such good news to me!

That's all for The Replacement. It's been long since I last blogged about a cafe. Not even for FOC. Yea so, you know how stressful I was till the point where distractions' much needed. Am feeling so much better now.

I actually haven't been home since I landed. Haha! My parents' so gonna screw me hard. Anyway, I need some own space some times. Blogging like this to while my time away, accompanied by relax jazzy music, is really my favourite thing to do on earth.

Day time Cafe-hopped.
Transformed into party people at night.

Aghhh gonna miss HCMC so much. Will definitely return! Haven't really resumed back to work, already trying to plan my next trip. How can! Gosh.

All photos taken by iPhone6. Instant blogging from the cafe itself.

I've been here for like 5 straight hours. Siao or what. FML.

Monday sibeh BLUE.