Friday, September 30, 2011

Erica's Birthday | Harper's Restaurant Melaka

Sorry I'm late.

Ms Erica birthday celebration @ Harper's Restaurant, Malacca.

a pleasant atmospheric restaurant in Malacca.

beautiful river view

I personally like this corner very much!!!

wineeeee collection

I'm sorry if you're reading this entry with your stomach empty! haha

The Menu. They do tapas portions and large portions

they do provide good and prompt services. *thumbsup*

open aired environment. See how windy made me looked like a lion! =,=

simply love this shoot

so here comes the food!

Sauteed chicken breast with onion and garlic in butter sauce! The sauce is very refreshing, not very think but well enough to match with the bread.

Pardon me, I can't remember anyone of the dishes name. Please judge by its look!;)

Stuffed chicken breast with sauteed leeks and mushroom sauce. The sauce is super duper creamy and chessy! My male friend doesn't like it. But I do love it haha! Sauteed leeks is a refreshing addon in this dish.

baked salmon japanese style with baba ganoush and pickled zucchini

pepper crusted chicken breast with creamy polenta

all I can say is, we enjoyed our dinner very much. Yea for poor students like me, the price is a little bit high, but the environment, services and foods are so very good I think the price is worth it all.

and then TaaaDaaaaaa
finally its time to blow the candles! Nobody would dislike Nadeje!

sure we wouldn't miss this session

group photo!!

the lovebirds.
(FYI, Mr NgBoonKhai selected this place since Ms EricaLee likes environment as such. Romantic and hmmm.... classy?)

another cutie pair!

with this beauty a.k.a. birthday girl- Erica!! :))
*credited Ms Winnie*

free special drinks to the birthday girl.

Harper's and Ms Lee

continued rocking the night at Celsius!

after dinner.

First time visit. Not bad!

touch screen systems. Chio loh

like the posters they used for the interior. All Kpop stars! BigBang!!! TeaYang looks super yeng in this photo!

Aunty Lulu marked an ending!

and now this cute little fella says goodbye to you :)

most of my friends turned 20/20+. Gawd, I wonder how does it feel when we get closer to 30?

been slacking at home since the first day I finished my exam. Damn relaxing. I seem to spend my time doing nothing. I even have no idea where has the time gone? I've been watching Korean drama, Western movies, reading English novel, playing piano for whole day long. In conclude we said, doing nothing. But this is so-called life to me! Hell yeah damn true!

Guess starting from weekend, I'll have much more 'life'. Happy holidays to all MMU-ians. and for those who are still struggling with the exams, I genuinely feel pity to you, but all the very best!

Before I end this post, I'd like to wish you happy thirtieth-September!! Lets pray that the coming month is a great one!!

Hiiiii October:)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Books Review | The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch

Before you start reading my dear, I'd like to remind you that this entry is all about books reviews. Word by word. Sentence by sentence. ALL.

On a whim, I decided to read books. I didn't bring the latest collection of mine back to Melaka so I borrowed one from my dearest roomie, which she highly recommended,

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

I long heard about this non-fiction novel and I'm really interested in it. (Because at the same time I introduced her another book, Tuesday with Morrie.) So that's the sparks when two book lovers met, we can simply share and exchange any book we loved and because we are staying under the same roof, not worrying she won't return back to you. Hahahahaha!! I'm actually giving out hints *wink wink*. Mr Lee, you still owed me 'My Best Friend's Girl'!!

Okay back to topic, yea I started this book on a whim this evening. Before I started reading it, I asked if it's nicer than Tuesday with Morrie. Once I reached over a few chapters I regretted I'd even asked the question. Though yes, the two books have something in common. They are both talking about the dying professors' life and them giving the last lecture to their students, but they just aren't the same thing.

I actually read Tuesday with Morrie twice. First time in Chinese (Blog posted in Year2008), second time in English (Year2009). It is written by the student a.k.a. author who witnessed and accompanied his professor, Morrie to his last day. By reading the preface is enough to touch the chord in your heart. Sentence like this will never fail to attract me.

'Last class of my old professor's life had only one student. I was the student.'

Back to The Last Lecture I read just now,

see the difference now? It's written by the professor himself. As a record for his family, especially his children, aged 6, 3 and 18-months-old.

It really saddens me much knowing that a man who took every second in life so seriously just to live longer and to spend every single precious moment with his family.

during the hours I read, I actually felt some heartbreaking moments, and they chew me up a little bit inside. It's like walking in his shoes, imaging 'what if.... what if..... what if......', questioning myself this and that repeatedly.

The author himself, let's call him R.P., is an optimist. The book is not all about the processes of him battling against cancer, but also his perspective to life. There are two words he really liked to use, 'Childhood Dreams', which became the core of this book. R.P. has a very loving wife and 3 cutest children. They must be proud that they have a father like this.

R.P. once described he's the Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. And he asked a question

Am I a fun-loving Tigger or am I a sad-sack Eeyore?? For everyone who knows me, I'm sure the Tigger with no doubt. But if I could handle every emotionally thing as he did?? I highly doubt that.

i actually have a secret crush on piglet. So maybe I'm a combination of Tigger and Piglet?

At the end of the book, R.P. did write something to his children as a message-in-future because they were too young to be acknowledged their father's death. By having a thought of the children who grow up and eventually get to know how much love their father wished to give them in person just made my heart aches.

My eyes were brimming with tears at times during that 5 or 6 hours, but I couldn't hold on my tears when I read the last chapter. It's too heartbreaking.

This is the website of The Last Lecture. *Click Me* I got an interesting video to everyone who has read this book. AWESOME one! Because the video is gonna show you the childhood room Randy used to stay! (which one he mentioned in his book! and that's REAL! for god sake!)

the one in video is Tammy, YEAH SHE IS RANDY'S SISTER Tammy!!! She's now the real person in reality! I guess that's the reason why I love to read, I used to imagine everything so gracefully peacefully according to my creativity!

Life is just as simple as this last lecture. It's up to you to take it, or withdraw it. Definitely worth reading!

It's completely different with Tuesday with Morrie. It's like comparing Tuesday with Morrie to P.S. I Love You, although they are about death issues, but they are just not the same thing.

What's true? I ranked these 3 books 5 stars. or more than that.

I spent around 1 hour to write this blog, in total I guess I spent around quality 8 hours immersing myself into the world of words.

thanks to my roomie's warmhearted chocolate milk, and of course this book!

and you'll never know how powerful the words are until that one day, you open up the book and flip to the first page, and start your reading journey like my roomie, and I do.


Sunday, September 18, 2011










今天的我放了自己一天的假,我没碰到书也没读笔记!!啦啦啦~12个小时后我应该就没有命了(no life)。哈哈!!大家考试加油!冲啊!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival | カルタグラ~ツキ狂イノ病~ Piano

Hiii! Happy belated Mid Autumn Festival!! I had no chance to play lantern this year. Too bad, that's a great opportunity to burn down the house. LOL I'm just kidding, seriously. I'm sorry.

My family and I only eat traditional mooncake. We don't really appreciate crystal mooncake and those funny flavored mooncake. I personally like this

Taadaaaa! TeoChew Mooncake a.k.a. 潮州月饼

what's great about this year mid autumn? I got to spend with my dearest family!
they are my naughty nephews!!

there're two tricks to get close with kids, one is sweets (FYI, I don't eat sweets so forget it), another one is
letting them watching cartoon! one of my childhood favorite cartoon- Tom and Jerry!

pre birthday celebration to Baba at

the lover.

the siblings.

the food. (and many many more! We left with our stomachs bloated! These are only the new try, I don't post the rest because they are the repeated order like last time. For more pics and reviews, please refer to the previous post.)

Thanks dajie for the treat. I think I won't further blog about this because I blogged this restaurant before. Kindly refer to the link above. Baba's birthday is lunar 16th August. So (looking at the time, ok passed 12!), right here I wish my dad, stay handsome and strong and loving!! I Love you Baba!

last but not least,
the blogger. By the way, I'm thinking whether to cut my hair short or keep it long? which one is better? If I keep it long, shall I perm it?? I really love long wavy hair! *arghh so annoyed*

Decided to end this post with a song. First attempt using the new blogger video uploader instead of using youtube channel. Still don't like it because the size became too small. Anyways, hope you like the song!

I was looking the pianosheet randomly at the website and surprisingly got this, the melody is beautiful, kinda emoish, sounds very soothing, the sheet is quite easy as well!

piano sheet: 月の涙(恋狱月狂病)

good night people!


UPDATE: Mummy sent me a msg, 'u forgot to wish baba happy birthday'. Ran downstairs immediately and printed a kiss on my dad's cheek! I love you baba!! MUACKS!