Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning Earthlings!

Holaaaaaa it's Monday!

People spending all day in social media engaging, and we always seemed to need more time. The first thing I do after waking up, is to check my twitter account, and Instagram next. I think I grow too attached to smartphone and it's not a good sign. Blah.

Have started to develop new habit since almost one month ago? To jog in the morning, 7am kind of morning. At first (a little ridiculous but true) I couldn't see myself going this far (although it's just one month but is already a BIG step to me). My enthusiasm is always like a flash in the pan, anything I did lasted only a period of time.

It's hard to conquer the alarm in the cold mornings. I would lose the battle at times, bed is so much warmer when you're struggling to wake up. I don't fancy jogging. But I like the morning breeze, the good feeling of sweating. and especially I like the lazy moment I spend after jogging. All these make up the reason I drag myself out of the bed.

Morning jog. Morning read. Morning tea.

It's been 3 hours after jogging. I haven't bathed! Haha. Going to after this.

"Young girls are told you have to be the delicate princess. Hermione taught them that you can be the warrior." - Emma Watson

she's my inspiration.

Ohya, just found out my (elder) sis is back to the blogsphere. Welcome back! Kinda surprise to see her update this morning! check it out?

Just mumbling. Nothing particular in this blog post.

feeling a little hungry now.

Have a great week ahead people!

Happy Monday :)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The End | New Beginning | Trap by Henry (Intro Piano Ver.)

Working on "Trap" by Henry (soloist from SuperJunior M) and "我好想你" by Soda Green苏打绿. My recent favourite two songs. I've no time to really sit down and practice new pieces. So here's the intro of "Trap" which I think it's cool. Wait till next time I complete the whole cover!

This midterm break is like coffee time. It passes so fast I didn't realize it's over a week until Friday hit. I should have done some parts of my FYP but I didn't really get my hands on it. and tomorrow I'm going back Malacca. Geeezzzzzz.....

Anyway, my holiday is awesome as usual.
got my first paycheck from Nuffnang. There's time I almost couldn't resist myself to cashout the money. Until a month ago, that particular day I decided to take it all out and the account is now starting all over again. See the banner and side advertisements on my blog? Feel free to click it I can actually earn from that few clicks. HAHAHA Thanks readers. Your unique visit counts too. You may as well visit my blog often even though I don't update. LOL just kidding! Anyway, that sense of achievement stroke when I got the real paycheck in hand. Although it's not a big amount of money, but this little blogger feeling proud! :)

Reaching JB not over an hour i think. I got durian puffs delivered to my doorstep. Thanks sweet friend!

and that night, my elder sis bought my favourite cupcake in the world home.

You know why I'm the luckiest girl on earth.

and it continues with...

If you learnt that my laptop for almost 6 years spoilt. This is the new substitution. I have an obsession with red color so I chose this model, Lenovo G400s in RED.

My sis she bought two laptops in one day. MacBook Air for herself. It's almost half the weight and thickness of my laptop. No wonder costs almost twice the price.

Thanks Dada aka Meimei aka my elder sis. 


(okay la leejinee cincai give u 2nd place)

happily dumping leejin and going out with my sis and her bf. My hobby as being a (brightest) lightbulb granted. 

New Hangout Place
Best known for its waffles. We chose chocolate banana that day.

My mochaaaaa of the day.

Very decent chocolate lava in mug with doughnut.

Coffee Valley @ Sutera Mall.
Would definitely visit another outlet at Jalan Trus. 

finally a siblings outing.

buddies in action!
Ramzen came back JB for just one night and I sure wouldn't miss the chance to meet him! Funniest friend. and the whole bunch made my perfect night! *LOVE*

listening to that one song repeatedly and reading new book, "Welcome to the Working Week" the other night. Introducing my favourite blanket in the world, which I hugged in this pic.

was looking for new pieces and come across "Canon Rock" piano version. This shit is crazy. Yes there're plenty 'geng' piano pieces but I always thought I can play Canon in all kinds, in C or in D, or other Canon variations. But this Rock version frankly I can't handle it. Was so upset that night. LOL!

discovered a shop "台湾小吃" at 报馆街 Pelangi. Serving Taiwanese cuisine with reasonably price. 盐酥鸡is my favourite! The rest were not bad too! I miss everything in Taiwan!!! :(

super disappointed because Just Want Cafe The Garden @ JP Perdana, closes on Monday. 

 Exploring new cafe @ Taman Molek.
i like their menu. very solid (and heavy!). the carved word "Carffee" is the shop name.
located at 2F. Very spacious.

latte (not nice)

with my babe girl. Hope our plan works!!!!

we chatted from day...

until the sun went down the horizon..
That whole day was well spent. Whenever you're with the right person, everything is perfect.

I won't miss my long hair.
finally chopped it short (shoulder length). But still i have no time to dye. It's been almost 8 months since I last dyed. I wonder how could I tahan the ugly black root until now I have no rasa towards it. - -

At every second I'm aging, 现在不做等何年何月?LOL Good excuse to convince myself to do something silly. Please forgive me acting cute at the age of 22.

Short now. 
I will miss my room's window. Great spot to take photo. Natural sunlight effect.

Emma Watson, or best known as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.
My first favourite English actress.

Are you happy or pretend to be?

I'm the happiest when I'm with you.
My family and friends. 
So I guess I'm born to be a happy girl, all the time.

Sometimes I thought that my life is like those scenes we watch from dramas. So perfect. And I sometimes scared that it'd be taken away. 

I'm the freaking female lead in my own drama.

Going back Melacca tomorrow. 
I will miss home.


Friday, August 2, 2013

A Better Life

Going back home in a bit. But before that I need to meet my FYP advisor *again*. Anyway, better life is coming, 1 week of freedom awaits.

tumblr time:
I don't mind staying in a room like this. As if experiencing harry potter's childhood, the cupboard under the stairs.

but a house like this is much better. Bookshelf stairs!!!!! Super nice!!

 creative wedding shoot.

I sometimes did that. Judging a book by its cover. Most of my books have nice cover haha!

just don't grow up. Be this little girl forever.

Just a little break from doing FYP.

Gotta back to coding.

I said I hated programming.

I chose programming stuff as my FYP.

Hell yeah.

have a great mid-term break people!

Without music life would be shit...
哪里都是你 & 我好想你 #nowplaying