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Counting down 1 and a half hour to the last day of 2012. I've been typing this post since 2 days ago. and it's probably the longest post in this year. (or in my blog history? 3913 words in total, yeah I did the count, using microsoft word haha!)

I skipped my last year review due to organizing event, and I'm not gonna miss it again this year. Year 2012 means a lot to me. It marked quite an important step in my life, that I gotta know what I actually capable of. NOT in engineering field I assure you. and I got a bunch of really close pack whom I can certainly put my trust on and play with.

It's considered the last sem that I gotta spend together with my gang, all of us. Although some of you (my dear juniors/young readers) may not understand but trust me there will come a day that you're gonna appreciate it, like so so much!

I told yea I have different gangs in MMU and there's one, we had a period spending almost everyday with each other they're like my family. 31st is gonna be our last party. After that, some of us will go for training, some graduate, some will do their last sem. All the best for your future undertaking, whatever you take larr ;)

I'm free from the busy packed schedule. Not like last year, organizing events and all. This year, I spent more on outings, gatherings with friends and family, and of course my studies (only during exam period you-know-why). I'm that kinda person who enjoys having pleasure than anything. I do what I feel like it. Even I feel guilty at times of pilling up my works, but the next minute I'm all fine.

There's nothing remarkable in this year, but every little things that happened made my 2012 so damn awesome. I don't know, the time flies in a blink of eyes, especially December. I thought that 1st of December was just like yesterday and I really can't believe that it's almost the end of the year.

I've done quite a number of covers in year2012... #PianoCovers *HERE*
  1. MingMingJiu明明就 - Jay Chou
  2. You Exist in My Song我的歌声里 - Wanting Qu
  3. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
  4. Drenched - Wanting Qu
  5. Nostalgia - Richard Clayderman
  6. Souvenirs D'enfance - Richard Clayderman
  7. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  8. 静夜 - VK克

and read a number of #Books *Book Review's HERE*
  1. Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver
  2. The Cupid Effect - Dorothy Koomson
  3. Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin
  4. Letters to Sam - Daniel Gottlieb
  5. 星空 - 几米
  6. 错过你·遇见爱 - 吴若权

and met a lot of awesome people, encountered a lot of things, put myself in a lot of situations and hardships, made a few wrong decisions, and made a lot of right decisions!!

A review of my past 11 months and December this year.

15CNYE is the most memorable event I've ever organized. From people until every single deco, I love it completely inside out upside down. Working together with all of you is my pleasure, it really is (or was?)! We argued, we cried, we hugged, we took care of each other and this whole process never once leaves my memory.

after Cyberjaya Banquet, we went to MIST club in KL. That was my very first time clubbing. I love to drink but I never went to such places. 'm glad I spent my first clubbing experience with you all because that night was really CRAZY. We didn't even bother to change. Hoe and Terry two drunkards were about to pass out and a lot of funny stories happened. What an unforgettable memory. Thanks to the birthday boy ahHoe.

CNYE gang CNY reunion dinner! The sad thing is, I don't think we can make it for the coming CNY. :(

every token of appreciation given. A really beautiful memory...

Back to my origin, my hometown JB. CNY relatives houses' visiting. My lovely siblings.

CNY gathering with secondary school BEST friends. No matter how long we never contact with each other, we can still patch up and talk for whole day long. That's the magic of secondary school friends. They know almost everything about you but never once sell you out. They know your flaws, but they forgive and love every bit in you. We rockz!

the last time I drew was after the SPM period. After almost 3 years I started to draw/doodle again...

'anything is possible...'

I got the inspiration after reading Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin.

My lovely engineering gang!! We used to have a short trip every sem break but as the years go by, we find that it's getting harder to arrange our time to match with each other.

This Genting + KL trip somehow proved that no matter how busy we are, we can always find time for a catch-up! We knew each other since foundation, almost 4 years! I was the only single girl in this pack but you guys never once treat me as a normal girl (not even when I was attached!). Thanks to you, I find that it's getting harder to be a gentle cute girl whenever I'm with you. I shall put the blame on you guys if I forever-alone! :(

my birthday month together with family,



and friends.

There's no plan for the birthday since everything clashed with everything. Was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my big day until the Taiwan trip had been confirmed, the excitement of going to Taiwan was stronger than anything, therefore nothing's planned beforehand! HAHA

It was about the end of winter and starting of spring. Weather was still freakishly cold but I love it so much! I love this pic so much because I can barely see my eyes! LOL!

If you remember my Taipei Zoo post. My artwork got pasted on the wall of Taipei Zoo!! Hahaha sounds so chio but actually just a piece of drawing. Taipei zoo is my heaven! I can spend one whole week at there and never get tired of it! So much FUN!

I actually still have tons of Taiwan posts which got pilled up! Bet you never see this pic as I haven't posted it online, yet. The 10 days in Taiwan were indeed one of the best experiences in my life!

RCW appreciation dinner. How time flies, I'm taking RCW 2013 again for God's sake. I'm not a responsible secretary I admit that. The older I get, the lazier I am. - -"

My first little blue box from sis. She dotes leejinee and me like hell and I really appreciate that and love her much. Thanks again meimei ;)

again some drawings. The drawing got a little "far beyond control" LOL and hence my pigeon got so fat HAHA! Pigeon is a symbol of love so don't laugh at it! XD

mini project PCB prototype. First time ever, I did the soldering all by myself. Though it's ugly but yea I tried my best. and it's small! LOL as for me, I satisfied already lar I'm not picky.XD 

Sis bought me these from Korea. Spotting CNBLUE aka my favourite band! ;)

organized a learning camp which located at a kampung primary school. I really love the environment much and everything is so down to earth. Even the kids are more naive than the city's.

First time teamed up with BoonKhai and the session was to submit an event proposal to us. Again, another new thing I involved.

going to KL to celebrate QQ's 21st birthday! again the whole bunch of us.

I found this pic is really hilarious and I didn't even know who took it! It just appeared in my phone so I post it up for fun. yea it's me, yours truly. 

the last housemates gathering. To send off YiFang and Catherine a.k.a 9th floor (HAHA!). May you girls doing great now yea!

the biggest thing happened of the year, CNYE got the best cultural engagement award @ MMU Awards.

you can see our happy smiley faces. Again, thanks to all of you! not to forget the working committees as well! I bet that was the best MMU Awards ceremony to CLS 11/12 because CLS itself got 3 awards including the best club award. Fight for the coming one!! All the best CLS.

wanted to keep a collection of my drawing so I decided to do my first handmade sketchbook. Exclusively for myself, SzeE eternity.

was having a super long day with this fella. Treating EnEn for sushi as a reward and then played for the rest of the day. Remind me I still owe her a pair of shoes and a meal. 
(EnEn is my best friend's sister, and she's only in primary school. She's almost like my sister and she does really well in her academic. I promised to reward her for every of her achievement so here, pilling up my own consequences. - -")

The first time we thought of a piano-violin collaboration. But failed at the end. Hoiiiii Kyaler Chan when are you free?? What song should we cover?? I must do it next year! I have 3 months back in JB for my training hohoho!

First time making such creative breakfast. Looking lovely??

the.Engin.Gang VERSUS my JB.Gang!
I love to make new friends and so love to introduce my friends around. It's nice when they can mix really well and befriend with each other!

Going to Singapore with the gang! That was a really long and tiring day but by thinking of how we played in the MRT will never fail to crack myself up. Super funny inside joke! Forever 21!!! 

Honwee's birthday. and I love this Esprit watch so damn much! Was about to buy it at the first look, but it ended up became his birthday present. So tempting each time I see him wearing it.

after a year, finally the belated RC family outing was held successfully! I won't forget how tired we got running around the kampung like siaokia(s). Super high tech running man I ever joined. Walkie talkie provided some more! Haha!

another drawing piece.. I actually like only the leafs part. 

Coursemates house warming party! Again, runningman fever continued! Looking forward to the next time! Will there be one? ;)

First time being a camp counselor aka 辅导员 together with the "old birds" 老鸟们. Was so young back then I was led by those seniors, in a blink of an eye it's my turn to guide the younger generations. WTF sounds so old- -! 

Anyway it's nice to mix with those little kids ('94) and get along really well with them. I'd say I really worried of how kids behave nowadays, but turn out they are really good boys and girls HAHA! Never forget our "简单就好~~" & "Annyeong迎新"

First time driving in Singapore somehow made me a little nervous inside. and the very annoying thing is, Singapore highway speed limit is 80 or 90. How torturing. - -""

Hangout with my cousin for the first time in 2 or 3 years I think. but I'm glad that we never get awkward after such a long time! See you during CNY!

Finally, we got our certs as part of CNYE team! 

First time encountered such problem, I had not enough iron for blood donation. and I never go for it since then. Promise to self I'll try again next time!

My mom's birthday drawing. Her favourite flower, lily.

Committee of CLS 4 divisions interaction camp.

First time going to Melaka Zoo. Out of my expectation in a good way! and I spotted my favourite giraffe (like it since watching running man KwangSoo!), seeing the real one for the first time in my life and that feeling was so amazing! How a creature can have such a long neck and be able to remain balance? I was so excited running here and there for the first hour in the zoo, and got so tired after that! Bring me to zoo if I feel down next time! (the % is extremely low though :P)

Running man game with my dearest JB gang @ Pulai Spring resort! Super luxurious experience and we did fully utilize the whole venue. HAHAHA it was really FUN! when's our next trip/gathering? We seldom have chance to hang out as a whole now! :(

RCW Shinigami Game. Running the whole campus like f***, I was the organizer myself but felt damn tired for the players. ohya and sorry for the bugs! Let's do it again next time! (If we have chance HAHA) 

Souvenirs from Japan. The Honeydew Kitkat is so niceeeeee! Haha

Going to Mixx for the 2nd time and celebrated for ShianYang's birthday! Someone got so drunk and kissed people around ohmiigod. ohya and for the first time I got tipsy over alcohol. Hahaha

Meeting up with secondary school seniors in Malacca. The combination was so weird but luckily the atmosphere wasn't awkward. Things turned out a bit out of my expectation but whatever happened, I really treasure this friendship. Still do.

Korean singing presentation. We got full mark! HAHA the song we chose was 'Dream High'. Unbelievably I still can memorize the lyrics!

I think this is the top-likes photo I posted in FB. A simple few tricks and I got this 3D effect. I saw a tutorial online and started to get my hands on it. People tend to admire those great works from others, but only few of them will really try. This is the first time I tried the online tutorial and guess I'll keep this up as long as I got free time.

The last time I hold my grandma's hand. I never thought that was the last time at the moment I took this photo, but it somehow became the last. How are you ahMa? :')

Remember 'EnEn' I mentioned above. This is her mom! I get so close with my friend's family even aunty will call me out for lunch or something. Two Joshua(s), one is EnEn's brother aka my best friend leeszeyeun. No, he's not my brother. - -"

I got the souvenirs from Korea from a friend. and was so damn surprised because I got like one HUGE GIANT BAG of pressie, it's like one whole year of gifts you won't believe. I felt so sorry of receiving them but you don't let me to turn down. It was kind of pressure I felt more than the joyous feeling. I'm glad I know you this friend because our thinking is so alike in many ways that I've never once met anyone so like me! So to this unique friendship, we shall keep it on and on :) Thanks for everything, truly.

Engin gang 2nd outing this year @ Asian water sports village. Everything's out of everyone's expectation because the facilities, accommodation and service are simply too good to be true! HAHA! Another memorable 2 days with you guys!

and the Genting 1 day trip with Mr Yeo and Mr Tai. The highlight of this trip was that I bumped into my coursemate which made me felt that this world is really small! We never really talked before but due to this coincidence meetup we even had breakfast together! Haha!

Received a call on the 1st day I reached Malacca to prepare for the school reopen. and the next day I was at grandma's funeral. Life's so unexpected. Please treasure the people around you.

Lee Family 5 generations group photo.
No joke.

after almost half a year, here comes the 15CNYE mighty reunion as well as birthday celebration for XiaoTianTian aka YongKuan! 

22 of us full attendance! ;)

Prepared for the 16CNYE interaction camp. 

and it officially marked an ending to all of us, 15th CNYE FTW ;)

九九重阳节 Chong Yeung Festival. Celebrating this festival for the first time in my life. Never knew the view from top of Bukit Cina is so nice, I always thought there has only tombs. That's also my first time to witness such a scene I showed in the pic above. What a spectacular view! Hundreds of balloons were released up to the blue sky. 

Another learning camp I involved. Until now I still can't help admiring the life game organizers RongJun and CJye. The "Stock market" was really impressive. Good job guys!

The most frequent asked question by friends is, "why did you choose engineering course?", and my answer will always be either "because I don't like management stuffs" or "I don't like memorizing", I don't like bla bla bla. Until one day, my friend RongJie said, "that's what people reply most of the time, they often say 'I don't like...' but never say 'I like.....'," and I think here's the problem with us. We tend to avoid things we don't like, but never really pay attention to what we actually like and interest of. 

Frankly, I never liked physics during my secondary school time, never once thought of taking engineering course. BUT on the other hand I hate memorizing stuffs, I hate routine. I like maths a lot, maybe that's the reason why I chose engineering instead of management or law or whatsoever. 

Here's the one good thing about being engineering students, we don't need to wear formal each sem. This is the first time after almost one year, I wore formal for presentation. Engineering students never really need to wear full set formal. I didn't even bring mine back and so gotta borrow from my sis. 

Spending quality time with family is the best. and I hope the special person will be the part of family soon (if you know what I'm talking about LOLLLL).

Leejinee's birthday = Christmas
This is her first time to spend her birthday without the family. My life got easier after she came here to further her studies because there's always one person to remind me to eat, to sleep, to have fun sometimes. She sometimes dapao for me, send clothes to laundry, etc. etc.. Okay lar maybe staying single for too long I forgot how it feels when you have a person to take care of you, but I really feel warmth with her existence here in Malacca.

Decided to be a Santa this year by making own christmas card. 56 sets in total I've given out to friends. Feeling contented and at the same time so sorry to those who never received from me. The number one reason is- I didn't see you around during that few days!

I really appreciate that you guys appreciate the cards and I felt loved of some return messages. There's one friend he told me, "You're a person full with love, that's what makes you real cool!" and I really like this comment! Thanks ChoonKeat :)

the CLS "old birds" Christmas gathering was really cool! I was so impressed of the satay celup dipping kuah!! Haha and not to forget the champagne shower. Although at the end it became sea fight! I got drenched completely thanks to Mr Terry Teh!! :/

If you remember my last blog post, this uncle Cheong from the old folks home called me today (yea I mistakenly gave him my number because I simply didn't know how to reject him). He asked me why I didn't show up today as 16CNYE paid them a visit this morning, we talked about 5 minutes and that's the longest 5 minutes phone call I've ever made. All I felt was sad and grieve. 

Please, people around are deserve to be loved and taken care of. This is life you never know what comes next. Love and treasure each and everyone around you before it's too late. 

Paintball on Christmas! May all of us stay as one gang for now, for ever. and I'm going to countdown to year2013 with all of you, it may as well be our last gathering. Gotta rock the day max! :))

29th aka the last Saturday in year 2012. I got a pretty simple gathering with my LONG-LOST foundation friends Jason Tan LALA and Weather Lee TianQi! Especially TianQi we seem like never keep in touch for almost 2 years ever since you decided to go to Kuching to further your studies! and Lala next, you went to Kampar. Why lar weiii decided to go so far away! What a long distance between our friendship!

Anyway this outing proved that there's no obstacle when you really wish to make it real. I'm glad that we could still talk and play like we back to those old good times! It's really good to catch up with you guys and I found that we all are still the same man! Except TianQi he got a lot more 欠打 and funny! XD

I miss my foundation life, really do!

P/S: words to juniors, treasure your university life!!


Flashing back the whole year, I thought to myself that "God I really have done a lot of things with all of you!". My family, secondary school BFFs, CNYE gang, CLS gang, Engin gang, RC gang, coursemates, etc. etc.. Although, yea it seems like a pretty simple life a student has, but each and everyone means a lot to me.

Thanks my dear friends you all made 2012 awesome to me.


I have the prettiest, gentlest, most loving mother on earth. She gets irritated easily (very) and has a short temper (super), but she's so independent, so confident all the time I not only love, but also admire her so so much.

My mighty baba. He really has a leadership skill. Whenever he talks, people listen. He's rational, sooooo knowledgeable and smart! Unlike most fathers they are so reserved when talking about loving family, he is more an action man, he kisses his family on cheeks and tells 'I love you' so very often. He's the most loving father I've ever seen. He never brings works or problems home. He is an optimist which I've inherited from him.

our superman baba!

yea it's me the baby

cute lerrrr~~

always wanted to say thank you to my parents, fulfilling my piano dream.

I learned piano since I was 6 and it certainly changed my life. Though I'm not really good in piano, but at least I completed my grade 8. Was once thinking of quitting piano lessons when I was grade 5, but my mom insisted me to carry on. and for that I really wanna thank her.

At least I can read the notes, I can play the pieces now. 

I was 6 years old
I am 21 years old

Time does that magic trick on everyone of us. Another year goes by, new chapter of life is gonna begin.

Be really thankful and grateful for everything you have. You never know when you're gonna miss it. This is life, and life goes on no matter how.

Goodbye 2012, you did treat me great.
2013 is gonna be a good year as well!

let's rock your last day in this year!
*my goodness aren't the babies too cute?? I love how they looked at each other before dancing!*

Any new year resolution? Happy new year my friends!

The Blogger a.k.a SzeEe. The 12 months changes in year 2012!
Rock the 31st!