Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Magic of Books

I love to shop for books, if you know me. I love bookstores a lot, I do enjoy the time I spend in bookstores or libraries, as long as being surrounded by books. I always believe words and sentences have so much magical power that can heal souls. and now I want to add another belief, the scent and smell of books can also calm your internal self. At least for me.

Last weekend, my sis and I went to Tebrau City and for my own purpose- to spend all the 1Malaysia vouchers.

7 books, 2 notebooks, 1 A4, 1 test pad, 1 Bros bottle, 1 pen. I actually didn't bother to estimate how many should I buy in order to fully make use of that RM200. But it turned out to be RM204.++ for all these! What a coincidence. so ngam!

spent my 2hours for these. 
Non-fiction: Letters to Sam
Fiction: Something Borrowed, Before I Fall
Thriller: Nineteen Minutes
Chinese: 星守犬、续·星守犬、

btw, during that 2 hours, I also finished reading JimmyLiao-the-author-illustrator's picture book- The Starry Starry Night, 星空 right on the spot. 


I promised long ago *cough* I'll show my book collection. I don't know what they called actually, those cute notebooks. I don't know since when I love to buy and keep them, never use them of course. Just, kinda a temptation whenever I see those pretty, detailed, special notebooks. Especially those with beautiful sentences or pictures inside.

A super normal memo my secondary sch teacher gave me when I was form4. Treasure it of course. 
Thanks, madam KouSokLeng! Hahahaha~ 

new bargain. Every page with different cute doodles! 

I forgot which year's Xmas gift exchanged. 

My aunt bought it from Thailand. Engraved cover.

Farewell gift from SMKTTA librarian juniors and friends. Perhaps I was once a good leader to you all. Hehe

a very-important-diary in my form5 life. It helped me get through a lot of downs and shits and many things. Reading back then, I was so very SILLY! It never failed to make me laugh at myself whenever I read it back. Anyways, who on earth don't have a past? So many memories and dark secrets were kept inside this little book. ohya, and my ugly Chinese writing!! One of my precious :)

a piece of paper I found inside the book which, my BFF wrote something about me.
Can't stop laughing!!!! HAHAHAHA!! BFF(s), still remember??

We can only learn to love by loving. Well said.


RM30.+!! I guess I won't spend so much on these books now. I rather spend the money to buy some nice pieces and hang in my wardrobe. Hehe!

Very VERY special travel book. EVERY page is different, has a lot of nice pictures, sceneries, and all.

Fy gave me this during my foundation year. I stole from him, to be exact. Hahaha

Nope, I ain't a Pooh lover. 

Bought it from Jonker, together with my ex-bf. He stopped me from buying at first, but I got it at the end! Haha!! Never thought the content would be sooooooooo CUTE!! Love it.

SzeEe-look-alike, it's me!

I believe many of you did this during your primary6. The blue color 1 is prim4, purple for prim5, the pink rabbit for prim6. So altogether, I have 3 friends-data books. Personal data, like-dislike, signature zone, message kinda things. Hahaha OMG It's been a decade! I feel so OLD!

super cute super tiny memo pad.

3D flower my aunt bought me from HK? If not mistaken, I received it when I was prim2 or 3. Can't really remember. It might be the first notebook which kicked start my collection.

love this much. Thinking to bring it along as my travel book.

My collection so far. A drawer is just nice to keep all these. Soon enough they would have no place to stay together. I want a display shelf for all my bookssss including all my storybooks!!! Mummy can you hear this??

no she can't. LOL!

If you find this entry boring, I'm so sorry. I am so proud to share my collection although they are not really worth showing off from your point. But books do a great job in spreading joy and bliss, and that, is my mission-born-to-be.

Nope I ain't an angel. haha just saying.

I just want all the people I know being happy, that's all.

P/S: Today is February the 29th. Make sure you have something special on-planned for this once-in-four-years normal day. Hehe!! I guess I'll play a piano piece and call it a day. Hmmmmm second instinct told me I should have a dessert. Shall see how!

P/P/S: I'll be leaving for ten days. Please look forward to my scheduled post(s). 'll update in my FB wall then! May reveal where I go? I know most of you know where I'll off to so just shhhhhhXD

lotsa love,

update:: How could I missed this!! OMG I'll be killed by my sis. 
DaJie bought this Starbucks planner for me, I actually begged her to give me! Hahaha~ leather cover and cute content.
*your third place*

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summary | 3D2N Trip | Genting | KL

I'm back!! FYI I had a very super fun trip with my engin gang (just in case you don't know what engin gang stands for, engineering gang)!! You can't imagine how glad I am to be able to keep in touch with each one of you since my foundation year a.k.a. first year in MMU. Even though we are not studying the same course, not anymore, but our friendship does grow stronger ever. At first, I scared we might run out of topics, but I actually bothered too much. We don't even have enough time to chit-chat!! Ohmygod I already miss the time we had after the drinking session in KL. Remember? Great time indeed!

A summary about my 3D2N trip to Genting Highland and KL.

First day

journey best companion, I mean the books. HAHAHA!!

Outdoor Theme Park!!

I felt like I'm so old compared to the old me, the last time I visited Genting was during my foundation year, and I wasn't afraid of ANYTHING!! BUT now, I scared of almost EVERYTHING!! hahahaha lousy me!

SzeEe says HI :)

Starbucks at night :)

just ignore the idiot behind, thanks. XD

played Pua's DSLR likeaboss :D

Second day

going back. I like cable car a lot!! 

our hotel. Le Apple Boutique Hotel. Pretty nice.

We simply hopped into a bistro at BB Plaza- The Norse Bar & Bistro. We actually got attracted by the bistro band, the female singer is awesome!!

haven't been drinking with friends like ages. 'This' session at night is a must in KL!! KL night life is soooooo much loved. LOL!!

This is the second time I played pool, but completed the whole game for the very first time. and I lost, obviously. 

poker and red wine at night. and did you realize there's something unusual shinning behind?? That's ShianYang's tee. PUMAAAAAAAAAAA in da house XD

Third Day

Sushi Zanmai!!
WHY JB NO Sushi Zanmai???!!! How could Sushi King even possibly survive in JB, somemore, with so damn many outlets??- -
('ll further blog about this in a separated entry)

ended my trip with this. 
now I think Taroyami and Snowflake are exactly the same. hmmm, good sign or what? - -

thanks guys, for giving me 'another' beautiful memory. Appreciated and loved.

PS: Kahyee dear, please take care of yourself  in Korea. May you have a blissful 4-months-life there!! bon voyage!! :)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Weekend Night | A little ‘Surprise'

Finish reading this post and I've prepared a surprise for you. I'm not quite sure if it's either in a good way or the inverse. HAHAHA! Anyways, stay till the end :)

Spending my weekend night with my elder sis. Dinner and movie and sorta things.

Nando's @ City Square

and we're addicted to this game- Diamond Dash = =

Safehouse- above average!! I like Denzel Washington's character in this movie. Easy, calm, alert, yet humour. 

ok we played cheatXD

just in case you miss leejinee

the owner of 'little devil'

now you see this..

I know it's been a LONG time since I last piano-covered a song. You know, life had been really crazy and busy! And today, I spent my noon time to practice a song I super love. I cut it short because the middle parts are quite messy I had no time to fully get through the piece. 'll upload to youtube once I fully cover.

So, here it is...

A Thousand Years
-Christina Perri-