Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve | Passion Food Cafe@Tmn Pelangi

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS dear readers! I know I'm late, but better than none right? I had a warm and cozy Christmas with my dear family and friends. How bout you?

FYI, babe younger sister is Christmas baby, I'm so very sorry I didn't prepare anything for her this year. Too BUSY!! Anyways, I'm glad I have a great elder sister to cover me! *as always* 

Spending our luxurious Christmas eve evening @ Passion Food Cafe & Bakery, Tmn Pelangi. Actually it was me who suggested to go to this place. I so wanted to go ever since I read a review from my sis's blog. GOD! You'll know why~

love their menu 
english tea
mocha? cuppucino? 
Terrific!! Egg Benedict
egg + ham + toast = simply delicious!!!
how can girls no love this???
hightea set. Macaroons strawberries choco truffles sandwiches 
the blogger
the girl
the lady
Mr Liau joined us after that. I bet this is the weirdest combination ever! HAHAHA!! Steady Herng!

Here comes some interiors
you know right. It was Christmas!
the bread shelf 
cakes and cupcakes corner
girlish pinkish designed 


the 3 lovely siblings v little Christmas tree.

You have a happy day :)

Passion Food Cafe & Bakery
14, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, JB.

This is probably the last post in Year 2011. For coming eight days *until 3rd of Jan 2012* I'd have to grab every second like precious, rushing hour like hell. May good luck follow always.

SO, I'm afraid I might say Happy New Year in advance to you all. Hahaha!! Any solution to your New Year's resolutions? 

May all of you have a prosperous and healthy new year!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Morning Diary I, SzeEe's

I've been staying up over 24 hours!! Thanks to the heavy work loads.

Christmas celebrating is a MUST for my family. We have a 'tradition' to celebrate Christmas ever since my dearest mom gave birth to my baby sis. She's Christmas baby! Right on 25th December. How awesome is that? The whole world is celebrating with you. I've been asked by so many people if I am a Christian due to the passion I show towards this festival. Am I looked one?? So this is the biggest reason why I treat Christmas BIG, because of my dearest sis and family.

Due to my responsibility towards the event I'm taking, I somehow stuck in dilemma whether I wanted to go back home or not. I felt sorry for not being together with them during this critical period, but I felt even sorry if I didn't spend this big day with my family. My dad called me few times this week, every time I hung up with my eyes brimming with tears. Guess all the accumulated feelings get me emotional at times. Nah.... I'm a girl anyway.

At the end, you know family is my all-time first priority. I feel so very thankful to your understanding.

Yes, CNYE gang you all! I'll be back in a short while! Don't miss me yea :)

Can't wait for my parents' arrival later today! Merry Christmas my friends! Morning world!!

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Screw You MORON

I've just spent the BUSIEST week ever!! Bet December 2011 will top the most memorable and hectic month in my uni life.

Before this I actually wanted to blog about how busily awesome my past week was, until I received a call (AGAIN) from an unknown number. 

I really need your help to find out this fella. Whether you got to know this number, or help me to double the revenge back at him and track him down. I've been receiving calls and texts from an unknown number since Saturday. 0163134760. He constantly calls me, talking like a mice, saying nonsense, asking me to rest (WTF?) AND he actually knew I'm taking CNYE this event!! 

Due to the post I'm taking now, my number is basically everywhere. Datuk(s), companies, students, etc.. I'll pick up whatever calls since I don't know who's really finding me, and I actually waiting for their calls as well! and HOLY CRAP!!! my number fell into that siao lang's hand. 

I didn't feel anything at first, just laughed at the old tricks he's using. Until I got to know he knew I'm doing CNYE. HELL I so don't want to admit, but I'm scared, seriously

Perhaps he's just a random brainless moron finding a stupidest entertainment. GO THE HELL AWAY! 

Thanks to my friends who protect, care and love.

(merry mood screwed, heads down, back to my works) 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh-my!!!!!! Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!!!

I'm actually doing my assignment, and facebook-ing and tumblr-ing at once. Was so very tired and so wanna hit my bed, until I saw this!! Totally make my day!!

Thinking back, everyone was so pure, innocent and naive at the very beginning. No one is born to be evil. Just that the society changes, people change, we can't help switching our mind to fit into this world.

and now, the hell is actually empty, all the devils are here.

You are one, I'm one. I don't believe angelic people do exist in nowadays.

However, devils love too, I am sure. Because I will.

Time to close my eyes. Good night world.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Midnight Diary III, SzeEe's

December has always been my favourite month because it's the last month of the year, which concludes your whole year achievements, ups and downs. Since the age of 15 I started blogging, I used to blog every single matter or event I heart and care in one posting at the end of the year, which represents the year-end conclusion. I used to review and recall back who I've met and things I've done throughout the year. To actually remind myself of who I was in the past, and trying to be my real self at that particular moment, and in the future as well.

I know, sure there are a lot of changes and uncertainties happen throughout a year. Friends, studies, relationships, nah, we can't predict what would happen to us next, but for what that had happened, I DO APPRECIATE IT. Even until today, I don't regret of anything I've decided, I've done. Simply because they are worthwhile. No matter it turned out to be good or bad, I'm sure I definitely got something from it.

I'm not sure if I can make this year-end post this round, it does mean a lot to me, but December is an extremely busy month, I have a lot of things to handle. I hope I can at least bring it to next year and kick off my new year with that meaningful posting.

We will see.

looking back......
*Year 2010*
*Year 2009(photo)*
*Year 2009(words)*
*Year 2008(photo)*
*Year 2008(words)*

*if you decided to look back my past memories, first thing to do- please bear with some silly grammar mistakes*

recent life.....

Couldn't be any happier whenever I back to my hometown, JB
Taroyami *again*
all my loves 
I found this in JB!!!! exactly the same outlet as the one in Jonker, Melaka.
super yummmmm!!
mcd sundae cornetto + music + tranquil = pleasure
hectic life results hideous eye bags + bad skin condition. 
reunion gathering with my lovely ex-teammates (Primary school camp academic division!!)
guess what? Everyone has changed so much!! I felt so glad because of this connection, we are bounded once again. We met because of fate, we are still meeting because of our HEARTS. take care my dears.
This is my favourite Christmas month. I just can't help feeling joyous and 'm delighted whenever I see christmas deco. Maybe that's the trick why everyone loves Christmas.
everyone's talking apple. No matter apple movie or apple product. I can't avoid the trend, so I got myself an apple bookmark not true it's originally a price tag of a blouse I bought and I transform it becomes my bookmark at the end.

Truth is
memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. 
And THIS is my way to hold my precious memories.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Long Post

Being with family is the greatest pleasure of all.

mommy cooks me bird's nest tonic every night. 

I feel so much love when I walked with my parents, holding dad's right hand and mommy's left hand. Talking nonsense with my siblings, laughing to nothing. Everyone says I make so much noise when I'm home, but I know they actually miss me so much.

SINFUL supper with cousin and family. My favourite- kuey tiao kia!! 海皇果条仔@Taman Pelangi. First time visit. According to my cousin, it's a very famous kuey tiao kia outlet in JB. The soup tastes special and different from the usual ones. Nice try! :)

It's a busy semester. I'm taking 6 subjects, holding two major events this sem. My choice. No one to blame. I hope it all turns out to be the most amazing sem in my uni life!!!

AMAZING people I met!!!
 15th CNYE!!
Do support us just by one click!!
'LIKE' OUR FAN PAGE!! will you?? An advance thank you!!

A not-so-complete family photo. Too bad we had quite a number of absentees.
For this, we proudly invite you to our event, 10th and 11th December!
See you @ CLC Concourse!!

Granny is hospitalized, human being just can't help getting older and older. Seeing gran becomes skinnier day by day makes my heart aches. Granny at the age of 79, but she can walk, can talk, can laugh, I believe my gran will get well soon!

Appreciate the ones who love you, whom you love too. Treating them the best way you can, to make sure we won't regret some days.

Family will be going to KL for once-a-year shopping trip on coming weekend. I won't be able to join them, again! Midterm tests and assignments fall right on this period, every year is the same! I missed the shopping spree last year as well. By looking at the photos they took made me so mad of MMU!! It will be December, CHRISTMAS MONTH!!! FML! I miss the chance to spend their money SHOPPING with family!!!! FYI, Year end = shopping spree! I hate you MMU.

I really MISS the time in KL!!!!! Talking bout this, I left my KL trip postings unwritten until today! GOD!! I have no enough time!!!

Do you know last night was 48th Golden Horse Awards ceremony??
super match pair!! Do you believe the girl is already 28? And the super handsome guy is just 20, same age with me!!!! OMG! But they really look so cute together!

BTW, CONGRATULATIONS to 柯震东!!!He's the 48th Golden Horse Awards Best New Performer!!!!

Everyone's talking about 'You Are the Apple of My Eye', IF you don't know what is this, you're so hell OUTDATED!! But I believe none of my friends will be in that category? At first, I just liked the trailer background music, so I covered ONLY that song. 

Though it's kinda late, but I guess I'll cover 那些年 by 胡夏. After watching the movie, I can't help myself from listening the song again and again. I hope I can do the cover within these few days in JB. *I HOPE* If I have enough time, enough energy, enough of luck to play and record without mistakes. 

alright. It's 4am in the morning! I really enjoyed the blogging time until I didn't aware of the time ticking passed. Once I finish the post I feel tired. HAHA!!!

Today's Sunday! May you have a nice week ahead!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy Uni Life

Life's getting busier and tougher. Everything is a challenge to me. Sometime I feel so no-life, but the contentment keeps me going.

Been acting crazy with CNYE bunch. Going to Alor Gajah hot spring at 1.30am after a Thursday night meeting. Immersing the body into 50-60 degree Celsius water. Going to McD at 4am for breakfast. Hitting bed at 6.30am in the morning.

Does every uni student act so crazy like us?? Uni life can't be wasted! I already started to feel sorry about my life after graduation. Stepping into the real world is the most pathetic thing on earth.

A sweet escape to JB this week. I need family love to recharge my energy back. It can't be recovered no matter how long the rest I take, which in fact I can't get enough, either.

I'm trying to keep my blog alive, but it doesn't really work. Blog's dead. I'm half dead. Been feeling unwell for almost 2 weeks. FML. Weather can be beautiful, but quite unpredictable, do take care of yourself!