Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ee's Housemates

As I promised before, I'm gonna introduce my housemates. I've been staying with them for almost 3 months, seeing them days and nights. They all are nice and easy-going person. Lucky me!! *bcoz I've heard that some of my friends faced some kind of housemates-trouble, LOL*

Here they are. 18th June, we went Mori for no reason. Anyway that was my first time visit.
*gosh so u know how long the time I dragged this post?*

29th June, I went to Family Heritage Cafe *located infront of Petronas* together with my housemates. Just want to go there for a try since many of them said that the foods there are quite nice. So is that true? Hmm continue reading~~XD

The interior

Carrot, orange, watermelon juice~~*colourful*

Hehe comes the foodsssssss~~~~~~
OMG I'm so gonna drool infront of my lappy!!

ugh~~feeling hungry now..><

The portion is BIG enough for me, feeling satisfied after finishing whole plate of it. Some more the price is reasonable. Hehe~~

girls freestyle~~

Some randoms after dinner. All of us are first year
*main pic from left: ChiuXia, HuiQin, SzEe3, DeeNee, YeeTeng*

-out of topic-
funny story

As usual, ZiHui and I 'used to' feeling hungry after every study. Especially we spent most of our time during weekend in library. Not to mention, it was the week before mid term test. That's why we'd visit library so frequent. Speaking of these, I seemed seldom go to library after break. Hell busy!! God I'd say, 36 hours per day is really a good idea!

okay anyway, we went to RSU for dinner.

See how 'MUCH' ZiHui and I ordered for our dinner. Even surprised the waiter very much. 2 roti kosong, 1 roti telur, half of Tandoori Naan per person. I was really regret, taking way too much than what my stomach could afford. But still, we finished all. BAD HABIT!!!!

I like to share my daily happening with my loved ones^^
especially mummy!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Past week

Gosh i know my blog is so dead! I can't help but then again, I have no motivation to blog at all or rather, I have totally no time to blog. Just a short little update of this week in Melacca and I'll be going to introduce my housemates in next entry. XDXD

Hmm... Life is getting busier and busier. I just had a bustling week before coming back to JB. HOME is always the best and warmest place and family is the most understanding ppl in this world. Finally I can rest well. Phew~~

Fortunately I passed my interview and be part of CLS Recreational Division. I've been busying for running a gathering on coming Wednesday and for preparing mid-autumn festival gathering which falls on middle of September. We had a meeting on Sunday. Before that allow me to tell a story.XD

Saturday night, my friends and I were studying PHYSICS at Ixora lobby *gosh see how hardworking we are!!* okay so after that, we decided to go RSU *mamak* yumcha. We met ahJohn there and he joined us as well. I caught myself laugh very frequent whenever hang out with them. They all are really funny and got a great sense of humour! Hmm just a little mention, I was the only girl on that night. They did lotsa funny things and jokes. We talked, we laughed, we made lotsa noise.

Dont know how, we talked about 'supernatural' things. It was already 3 or 4 something if no mistaken. So could u imagine, the night was so cold and we talked such topic. ><" Ever wondered how could we yumcha for 3, 4 hours? That's not a big deal actually. Because we chatted until 5.30 something and straight away went for dimsum breakfast, chio bo?? *LeeDa LeeJin, shhhhh~~dont tell baba mummy yaXDXD*

Our tired looks. All of us looked very chamz and pale lorr~~XD
*pls focus on John, see how hilarious he is~LOL~*

BTW, much thx to 'Bumble Bee'~haha~his owner is actually John's housemate.

I reached Ixora at 6 something. And I got to wake up at ten because CLS meeting was at 11am. Gosh I could only sleep for 2 or 3 hours. Well I know, I asked for it. We discussed for the booth design and decoration, we drew, we cut and pasted, we made lotsa noise, we took photos, we .... etc etc~~~XDXD
How hardworking we are!!XDXD

4 leaders of 4 grouping~~


Time to talk about my own feelings. Hmm... I'm pretty sure that there's always someone likes to spread rumors or talk nonsenses. The only thing you can do is to ignore all these rubbish. Why you want to take these stupid things to heart and suffer and torture yourself?? It doesn't make any sense! Since you're in university, no longer in primary or secondary school, you must have to face the ugliness of this society. No matter how offensive or unpleasant to hear, it doesn't matter and is not a big deal. I never care about how others think of me, talk behind of me. Since you know you cannot control others thinking, why not just let it be? I have to admit, gossip is sometimes the colouring of bored life, but as for the repeated one, it's fucking irritating. Thx

I'm SzeEe,

the one I always am,

the girl with lotsa love power,

the person I always wanted myself to be.

***PS: take a look of what time I posted this entry~ I'm now listening to Mosque Sembahyang!! Morning everyone~~XDXD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mood Swing

I got my mood swing this afternoon

I have no idea why, maybe bcoz of monday blue??

The first ever time I felt this way in Melacca

Well no worries, I feel much better now

I know, there's something

but it is nothing

I am ee!!!!

Nothing can defeat me

Seeming and being are not one and the same

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time Flies!

You know how fast the time flies????? I can hardly believe it's already the end of my one week holiday!!! Feeling real SAD!

Yesterday last week ZiHui and I were still feeling happy of going back to JB!! We took this pic while waiting bus at Melaka Sentral. It's already been a week!

The moment we 'landed' on JB ground. Tired but feeling happy sia~~

I was so excited while waiting my parents to come and fetch me to makan!!

My lovely sweety longtimenosee room!!!!

I spent most of my time in JB to play piano

yeah it's me playing. By the way I copy the idea of inserting video from ms Stephy XD. Even the grade 1 kids can play this piece well. So just a sharing here. Sometimes its fun for playing a simple piece of music and appreciate a lovely melody^^

ps: I'll upload some other pieces if I able to make it. Stay tuned XD

So where the hell has the past week gone?? I don't even know how I spent my time! Time has gone by so quickly and without me knowing.

Don't know how, I AM stuck in this room again!!!

Past week gone, new week ahead


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sing K Combo!!

Since I've many entries on queue, I decided to make 2 in 1 package for sing k entry!XD

The first one would be on 1st of June, chiong k gathering with my zimui @ RedBox, Pelangi. Gosh it has been a long time!! I barely remembered that ZiHui was very excited because she had missed out the gathering for quite a few times. Especially the day we went chiong k. Fortunately, she could make to join us this time.

Girls outing is always so fun and hilarious at the same time. Words cant describe more, let the pics do the talking *again*.

Besides chiong k, taking photos and making our albums full of each other's pics are always our purpose of hanging out together!

Somehow the pics taken by using zhui's hp are quite dark. I'm not complaining. Cause we looked nice still. XD

NingXin. Specially made this for u, since I missed u out for the last post!><
The cutie cut her hair!!

Inside the lift. Our chiong k trip is ended with this pic. Not everyone can catch so nicely okay. Well, fong wasnt inside the pic though>< wahahaha by the way, I love this shoot so much!XD


Let's jump to 11th of July. My roomie, ya she's zihui, her friends from Muar wanna come and visit her. Nobody takes company with her that's why I was going to meet them too. hahaha actually I was alone and had nothing to do, ended up decided to join them=))

We went to Mahkota Parade to meet up with them. I was so nervous before stepping into the restaurant which they took their lunch. You know, cause I never saw them before, I just heard their names. And that's not only one, they are 3 of them!! Haha

LiQian, the one with red shirt. I can tell she is a cool girl indeed!
Noel, the one standing beside zHui. She's a good singer, rapper as well!XD

They decided to sing k, so we went to DreamBox which situated in Dataran Pahlawan, it's just a street over Mahkota Parade. So damn near can!! Not like JB, CS and Tebrau City like separated miles away= =!

On the way to go to DP.
*I love windy day*

You can get the well enjoyment in DreamBox at a definite reasonable price. Damn cheap okay if compared to Neway or RedBox. Cheaper than RedBox! What do u think? The sound system is good enough to bang the music as loud as u wish. Ambiance there is nice as well. Girls, come and find me during ur holiday lahh... hesitate no more !!XD

(left hand side), the funny guy. He's cute!XD

(right most), he's quite witty sometimes. Haha

I was so amazed on how nice Noel's rapping and her singing style. One word, CHIO!! She's really talented in singing!!

After singing k~
LiQian, CherYang, GuoLiang, Noel , ZiHui!!

Funny moments....

Coincidentally, they met their secondary classmate!!
Here they are...The Muar Gang

Jonker walk after that...

That's all for this entry... Wahahaha.. am i too cincai?? it's okay right I believe? Cause I said to someone I might finish posting all the delayed entriesss during this holiday. But at this rate, I'm afraid I can't make it real. More entries will be uploaded as combo style=))

I heard that MMU got ppl kena H1N1, as does EP!! Does it meant that I don't have to go back so early??? HAHAHAHA perhaps. Anyone knows??

Ten entries left I think. Gosh...

I am loved

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WeiPing's Bday!!

Axtivo Cafe
WeiPing's BIG day

I was so so so looking forward to this gathering with my dearly lovely classmate aka buddies aka zimui since the days I was stuck in Melacca. I miss them BADLY you wouldn't know. At first I wondered, are we able to see each other after graduating? I got the answer yesterday, yes we are! I had a super nice feeling after the gathering last night, feeling so damn content after seeing you all, my girls and boys! *sounds like mummy= =*

We didn't chat much during the time at Axtivo, playing card, making chaos and taking photos instead. We never felt the awkward feeling throughout the hours even though it's been a long time since our last gathering.

So, who plays the leading role?
Dada~~ WeiPing! Happy Birthday!!XD

For sure I wouldn't miss any chance to take photo with them, my longtimenosee dearies!! Just scroll down if u'r not interested with the photos taken. Cause it's quite an amount..XD

okay lar since u'r the main character last night, I decided to put u in first row!wahahaha
WeiPing aka Dreamer. How sad I was when he said ‘我吃很多,可是就是不会肥’. Haha becoz I asked him to eat more. As for a guy, he's way too thin larr!!! Hey ping, try to find another method lar! Time to gain fat!XD

Dearie KahWei and YanFong. Kahwei looks more adore than before, right? and YanFong still as caring as before, she's the first one asking me how am i doing in Melacca wei~~

Former monitor aka kwoksern aka andrew, bangshiun aka sky yek~ Gosh I dunno it's been how long since the last time I saw both of you. Sern still looks cute as before! BangShiun has no change at all~hahaha

My darling! YeeTeng dear aka TengTeng aka BFF, my heart feels warm with every of her present! Girl, we didn't chat much last night lar!! I need girl talks!!! and *again!* ziHui aka my roomie, dun hv to write more about her lar. HAHAHAHA

ZhuZhu~~~~~~all I wanna say is KAK is always here, do find me chat anytime. I couldn't help but just looking at you with your eyes empty whenever you'r quiet and moody. I dunno whether or not I am considered as a good friend or listener of yours, but u know, I always care and concern about you. +u

Babes in red. YingRui and TengYann. Ruiz, I wondered why they said u'r so fierce? For me, you still looked silly eii haha. Somehow I felt yann's hairstyle has changed, looks like little girl. Haha it's a good sign!XD

KokXiang aka lit black aka my chemistry teacher aka kor. Hey bro, the 'proper' pics we took are not enough for me to form a combined pic lerr, so I just take ur funny face expression. Nvm lar cute wat..~HAHAHA

aka Herng. I wonder how come u got only one face expression?! You got many patterns ago wan. You've changed!! Keep ur hair longer abit okay? Looks like gin na eii now. I looked like jiejie in compared. ugh!! How lucky you are, have her as ur gf! The pretty oneXD. As does KokXiang! Gosh how lucky both of you are!!

Is this the love season or what? Both of u get attached! and another pair just like.... haha i know u know heaven knows. Glad to see that you found your happiness.^^

Ramzen. We took damn many photos last night can!!! All the same though. Hahaha. Thx for fetching me back even it isn't by your way to drive along that direction. So damn far away from you house!! but I just simply did what you asking from me. Regret what you've said right?? it's too late~~~ but still, THX ya!! muackz~~ *u might b scared of the kisses nw* HAHAHAHA okay lar, I said u became lengzai edi right? I meant what I said. *sincere eyes-blinking*

With my girls
you know what?! I forgot to take photo with you NINGXIN!!! Gosh how frustrated I am when I found that I missed you out!! *sob sob* The first row right most sweet-looking girl. Yeah there she is. From her looking, you wouldn't believe how crazy inside she is. Hahahaha.

Free-style. Paiseh tengteng, I did not intend to cover your face.><

Some randoms

8 of us with the cute lit cakes! Left YiQian and JiaHui larr! How pity that you girls couldn't make to attend!!! Feeling envy lerr~seeing me gather with them~ But it will be your turn next. We miss you!~~Muackz~~

Kena shoot..looked happy still~~XD


Ever wondered why my pose would be like that?? You know what they did to me?? Blowing air to my hair and neck! Could you imagine that ur hair full of others saliva? What would that feeling be? Disgusting right?? yucks~~ but it's okay since you all are my babes~~ hahaha

Since our group photo was taken by a lousy catcher, the result is unpleasant!!!

lagi BLUR!!!

'Bo song' lorrr~~~ the waiters and waitress there should be trained!! Last time we also got the same result even they are not the same person to serve us. What we get for the conclusion? Their photo catching skill is S-U-X to the max!!

See guys and girls! I sacrifice myself to blog this entry first you know?! There are so many on queue haha. I know many of you read my blog and go, never leave me any comment, so SAD you know?! So I'm thinking, why not I only send the pics for those who leaves comment here?? STRONG weapon huh? See whether or not you want to drop something? *am i blackmailing??* Wahahahah

I LOVE you guys and girls. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful memory! I couldn't get such warmy feeling from others but from you all. Muuuaaacckkzzz!! All the very best in everything! Ee will miss you always


Full of joy and love