Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recent | Maco Cafe & Bakery @ Sutera Utama

-last week-
"HAHAHAHA!!", my sis laughed so loudly and I asked her what's up
"Maco posted your bloglink onto their FB fan page" *this one*
(checked out my blog traffic *blogger instinct*)
Thanks Maco;)

#1 So guess what? I'm here AGAIN!!!

#2 Maco Cafe & Bakery | 2nd visit

#3 ZiHui and Herng ordered these
which were exactly the same as what I had during the last visit

#4 Crème Brûlée
Out of my expectation, in a good way! Quite a big portion, served with freshly cut fruits, thin biscotti (I supposed it is? Correct me if I'm wrong) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

#5 the crust on the surface and soft creamy texture on the inside. yummms

#6 Coffee and beverage menu

"Do you have any request for your latte art?"
(I was thinking for quite some time.....)
"You know that little yellow fella beside Snoopy?"
(browsing the web to google for Woodstock, yea that's his name)

"hmmmmm I want this"

yea he is Woodstock. My one and only favourite cartoon.
You thought this is easy to draw? I'll prove you wrong.

-because of some reasons, I was having high expectations for the barista-
-not of the taste but the latte art-

#7 and was quite disappointed at the end.
BFFs and I actually LOL right in front of the waiter- -
(sorry, my bad my bad)
Can you tell this is Woodstock?

Why not fullscreen-ed my Woodstock but added a lovey border?
Conclusion is, one shall need some skills to draw a real Woodstock.

#8 this one you should know

okay so back to the mocha.
first sip tasted a little bit too milky for me, I thought it's because of the form on top
the next sip...
yea it really tasted too milky. I couldn't really taste the espresso or chocolate.

Some words to the barista,
"I know you've tried your best on my Woodstock! Thanks"

Now, one question (I asked my friends too but they are not sure as well):
#9 is the mural completed?? why another side of the tree has yet painted the green grass? 

#10 Herng believes he can fly! HAHAHAHAHA

#11 okay a proper 1. (Please don't say I ruin your image ahhh Mr Liau)

#12 the lady ZiHui;)

#13 the blogger, SzeEeXD

#14 us

#15 really appreciated the time spent together with best friends
we can really chat our heart out and have some secret little talks, which are really nice!!!

#16 oh by the way, I was the driver that night. Super excited can! I haven't been driving for months can you imagine how much I hope I can take control of the car, the speed! (I know my fingers' really fat and short don't even try to mention- -)

#17 loving the outfit that day, cream cardigan and Tiffany blue chiffon top.
you'll soon see the same outfit again in the next post
I lazy to change for the next day LOL!!


#1 Holy Light Presbyterian Church
it's been a really long time since I last played basketball! One or two years back? We didn't really play, we just randomly shot and enjoyed our no-rules-game. ohya not to forget our secret talk afterward. and OnePiece discussion- - 
I shall really start watching One Piece!!! By far I know only Luffy, Sanji and Chopper.

#2 This lady came back from ChengDu last night, and she'll fly AGAIN to Australia next month. I was like seriously??! Max envy lo......
Taking company with her this noon to get back her "new" car from services and grocery shopping afterward. She almost forgets how to drive a car, hmmmm I suggest you to fly a plane la. (damn sarcastic wtf. LOL)

#3 I found a super efficient way to read the note. damn high tech now! LOL
ei just ignore the ugly panda, my sis put it there just to 'decorate' her insta pic HAHA!

#4 Had this for dinner just now. Damn full- -
eii leejinee we miss you le. We couldn't finish this without you! HAHAHAHA

new love.
Missing Piece by David Choi
acoustic version is so much better than the original one!


before I end this post,

Life's confusing, just so you need to have faith to keep going.

quoted SzeEe.

You're welcome. LOL!



Monday, May 28, 2012

Taiwan Day3 Part II | TamSui Fisherman's Wharf | Lover's Bridge | TamSui Old Street

So now, TamSui @ Taipei

#1 Pardon me, I forgot how we got there.

#2 we just reached here anyhow. LOL!


#4 loving the streets. 
So clean, and so romantic because you can easily spot some couples holding hand, leaning toward each other along the street.

#5 tired of walking so long, and we found a decent cafe along the seaside.

#6 1F

#7 coffee mug display shelf. 

#8 2F

#9 mommy's emo backside. She might think of dad. LOL!

#10 Harbor Cafe:)

#11 snack platter.  

#12 super nice pomelo tea! 

#13 the big thick waffle! Where I can find such waffle in JB??

#14 on the way to Fisherman's Wharf 


#16 the Lover's Bridge. 
We reached there at 5 something and I expected to watch the beautiful sunset, who knows the weather wasn't that nice. Even the sky wasn't as clear.

#17 hiiiiiiiiiiii

#18 weather happened to turn really bad. We almost got blown away by the strong wind.

#19 rainstorm out there.



#22 almost got frozen because of taking pictures.

#23 blurry sky. mehhhh I want sunset!!!

#24 Lover's Bridge. 
see my messy hair - -

#25 LOVE 

#26 then we went to TamSui old street





#31 THIS IS REALLY NICE!! damn juicy I wondered why.

#32 fried prawn. 
Very nice too! the prawn is so juicy on the inside and crispy crusty on the outside. The seasoning isn't completely overpowered but highlighted the flavor of the prawn.

#33 Thought of my friend when I saw this! LOL!


#35 auntie bargaining

#36 much love the greentea mochi 


#38 San Xie Cheng

#39 very famous traditional Taiwanese pastry shop.


#41 verrryy friendly Taiwanese wanted to take photo with my mom and auntie- - (BIG SWEAT)
they sell ginger tea姜母茶 and some traditional Taiwanese snacks. My mom bought like 5 or 6 shopping bags here. Listen, is shopping bag, not packet! - -"""

#42 wooden postcards:)

#43 the end of TamSui.

How to get to TamSui Fisherman's Wharf??

OMG this is only the Day3 in Taiwan!! Give me sometime to sort out the photos. HAHA!!

Day4: XiMenDing and ShiLin night market!

guess I need to separate into 2 parts again.

Stay tuned!!XD