Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Update | It's FRIDAY!

It's Friday! When it's Monday, I feel why the time's like lagging, but when it's Friday, I somehow think the time passes so fast!

and I'm going back home! So damn excited!

Baba went for outstation, sure gonna call and tease him Imma meet mommy soon!! He sure feels jealous of mama! I CAN'T WAIT!!

ohya I guess I'm crazily addicted to a song. I've been listening to the same song over 3 days! Playing repeatedly, day and night! I've no idea why I like this song. Yea no reason.

I like to read his blog, down to earth, so real. His perspective to life and people around is damn interesting. *谢和弦 R.Chord*

composed by himself.

I'm waiting for my lab session. Super hate the Gamma Year lab schedule! Friday started from 230 to 530! By the time I reach JB is already 9pm or something.

Anyways, I've planned something for my 3days in JB! FYI, Monday is holiday! Yooohooo! So I'll back to Malacca on Tuesday!

Today is a lazy Friday. Tata!

I'm a happy big girl now! :)


Penang Trip | City Tour | Batu Ferringhi Beach

Do you guys still remember my getaway trip to Penang with Engin.Gang?

Muahaha I'm thinking if I want to leave it just like that or to continue till the end of the day. I chose the latter. I lost kinda lot of feeling though, so I'll just leave the photos to do the talking! I'm not saying that I lost my mighty great passion towards Penang! I STILL LOVE PENANG!

I love the old streets, the fancy classical buildings, the temples and churches, the food, simply anything, everything!!!

So, shall let the breakfast of the day to kick start this entry!
DimSum again!
The place differs from the one we went on the first day. This foodcourt is down-to-earth style, crowded with uncles aunties, big families, I like that!
OMG can't help DROOLING!!
US :)

after that...
famous TamBun Biscuit as souvenirs! Don't visit the wrong house, locals said HIM HEANG is the best among all.

after sending JunTheng and KahYee and not to forget the cute younger sister ShuYun off, we continue exploring the city!
Great weather, super sunny day!
Had a city tour! :)
City Hall?? Hmmm forgotten!
Super beautiful white clocktower!!
HUGE thanks to our tour guides- Mr Lim and Mr Ray for bringing us all around and showing us the most authentic places and food in Penang!!
Yea, love the streets in Penang! So classy! HAHA
and don't forget the old streets too!! *LOVE*
Lunch time! Excited not?
Again, we had Penang Laksa/ Penang Hokkien Mee!!
yummmms!! I miss the strong flavorful soup!!! gah!!

Decided to go to Batu Ferringhi afterward! So damn excited!!
Are you ready to take off your shoes?
I can smell the sea!! HAHA
isn't it beautiful?

and when your talking about beach and sun and everything, what suits with the background best? Of course is HOT GUY! HAHA!!!
very HOT 6-pack caucasion!! OMG nose bleed! LOL!
the people!
with Mr Chan. We poser! HAHA!
the only decent pic taken on the beach. You know right? when the STRONG wind blows, you can't do anything to help your messy hair.

last but not least, the epic one!
HAHAHAHA!! damn artistic! credit goes to ShianYang! LOL!

If you think this is the end of my Penang trip then you're wrong! I'll update the last, very LAST post, LAST DAY LAST MOMENT in Penang, anytime. It might come after months or so, I can't promise that! :)

How wish I can be a time traveler :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Update | Tomato

I guess I'm struggling with research assignment. BIG sigh!

I'm thinking if I want to go back JB this weekend or not. If I got no workshop this Sunday then I might go back. Homesick, seriously.

*scheduled post*


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hell Packed Week

- 2 midterm papers
- 1 lab session
- assignment(s) discussions
- club meeting
- camp planning+organization
- revision for coming midterm test

The items above are basically what I've done during the past one whole week. Hell PACKED!!! and what made the situation became even worse was that I fell sick on the very beginning. The viruses basically accompanied me throughout the week. No worries I've recovered now, thank God.

I'm trying so very hard to transform myself to become a good student now. Trying to lengthen the time of staying at campus as well, so that I won't get distracted easily.

Besides all those studies and assignment stuffs, I was asked to take part in organizing a camp for CLS Highcoms and committees this year. It's kinda an honour because I'd been idle for a long long time!

However I got invited to organize a camp for the corepeople of the club. Though it's just an one-day learning+interact camp, though it took only one week plus to organize and planning, though the organizers were only 11 of us, but the outcome was very much satisfied! It still meant something to me.

Something BIG? I got to work with them as a family, once again.

CLS shirt = a sense of mission!! HAHA

After almost a year, I felt the sense of achievement again!

Despite the heavy load, I actually squeezed some personal time for my friends at Saturday night! After a long discussion of assignment, tiring revision for test, meeting and test game for the camp and whatnot, I finally had something fun to colorize my life.

Jason TanLaLa and Mr LeeTianQi both fellas came back to Malacca. Too bad couldn't make to take photo with Mr Lee. Nah, who asked you left earlier! HAHAHA

LaLaTan. Poor thing he has to ride 20 mins bicycle to reach his campus (UTAR, Kampar) EVERYDAY! and took one hour ++ bus journey just for sake of movie. GOSH I can't complain anymore, I would get karma one day.

had a nice dinner and long long chat with them. They never failed to make me LOL!

mischievous look puapua! I can't help to upload once again, this time in my blog. HAHA

Beautiful night with the people :)

SS. I wanna cut my fringe! :X

alright, so basically this is the summary of my weekend. Obviously I finished the paper I'd mentioned just now. Somehow I thought the answer is a bit weird, perhaps nothing goes wrong. *fingers crossed*

Ohya there's one thing I wanna share here!
I'm not sure if the statistic is true or not. I don't care! Because this is the first time I got sooooo many 'like'(s) in my blog! Awwwww so damn surprising! :))

Just now, I broke my own record! HAHAHA! 29seconds! Does anybody play minesweeper??

So, I'll soon be very busy *again* for my assignment. Gotta turn in now!
Night world!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love SJK(C)Kuo Kuang 1 国光一校