Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend in KL | Ben's @ KLCC

Weekend in KL. 

Hanging out with old bunch.

Chatting and laughing like nobody business.

Eating non-stop.

Shopping till drop.

candid shot
kinda emo-ish
the happily-bounded 4 girls
kinda like this place. Ben's @ KLCC
cozy environment, nicely decorated, but is filled up to the brim at peak hours. 
To eat is to LOVE. True! :)
interesting small cards to kill your time.
Biggest lie. The question for 'you'.
menu. we did take quite a while to look through it.
all time favourite- ice chocolate. with a scope of vanilla ice-cream :)
super special red velvet cake!! not to my liking though. haha! Hmmm it's just... weird?
Forgot what's this. Tasted very vege.
super duper creamy cabonara. slightly salty to me.
girls will like this. But I forgot the nameXD
ma girl, Ms Chan :)
workaholic RamzenOon!!!
steadiest friend on earth ChanShianYang
Shopping spree afterward!!!

Lomoooooo is so on trend now!
Chatime. JB super laoya can, not even one outlet is available.

TieGuanYin Latte, not that nice though HAHAHA!!

I miss the weekend in KL, especially that luxurious afternoon with dearest friends!!

Too bad I guess I won't go back to JB this week, meaning that I'll miss the chance to meet with YenFong dear and so many of you. There must be so much fun!! Anyways, I'll miss you.

I'm back (to Malacca)
Today is a lazy day. I want to read book, want to watch vamp diaries, and sleep early!!

things to do for this week:
to LoVE
to SMiLE

things to avoid:
dozing off during lectures -.-
wasting time


Saturday Night | Taroyami Dessert House @ Sutera Utama

I'm home, but I'll be soon going back to Malacca.

I needed a rest, that's why I spent my Saturday sleeping in my bed. Guess I'm much better now, physically. My immune system has been deteriorating since I got only 3 to 5 hours sleeping time each day over the past one whole week. I miss everyone everything at home, from family till my bed. Maybe the non-stop working schedule made me so, because I just left home for only two weeks.

Anyway, I'm recharged!! Let's keeping up the spirit guys!! :))

Hanging out with sis at night. Driving is one of my favourite activities, I hadn't been driving for long so I was so excited just now. Don't worry I'm a racer, but I'm a safe driver as well. HAHAHA!!

cuppucino mushroom soup
bacon cabonara. kinda special because of the egg yolk
maryland chicken chop. love the mashed potato and dressing!

Right opposite of Anmour, there's one newly opened dessert house, with a super cute signboard!

my favourite:: Taro Balls!
while waiting the UFO to beep.
noted** super BIG portion! If you're not a big stomach, be sure you have your friends to share with you.
Upper: Taro balls + Grass Jelly
Bottom: fern kuey + noodle jelly + pearl
Left: Soya ice series
Right: Traditional series
yours truly :)
get 1 free if you collected 10 stamps!

you see this. So don't walk in and sit there to wait for the waitress to serve you. (like me and my sis, fools @@")

 All I can say, it's just like the JB-Snowflake. Excactly the same as the KL-Snowflake. Only the name changed. Prices, menu, tastes, are almost 99% the same. Glad though, I don't have to go to KL for sake of taro balls now. JB TAROYAMI got it all!!

Taroyami Dessert House
 37,Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3.Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Malaysia.
(In front of Anmour cafe, same row with Lava Bistro)

Hectic life ahead. I need more time,
and I need more love.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midnight Diary, SzeEe's

Everything's turned upside down
True statement to me.
I feel fruitfully joyful of what I'm doing now
it's just a matter of not living a normal life

and everything is not easy
I'm tired, YET contented
though this is just the very beginning but I feel exhausted
I hope the satisfaction keeps me going until the very end

I'm so busy but I just don't feel like abandoning my blog.
This is basically part of my life.
Even though I don't update it daily/frequently like I used to be,
but I'll still share my thoughts, my feelings, my tiredness, my happiness, simply everything about me here.
This journal keeps me going as well.
I need some places just for myself.
and this is definitely the right place,
for me.

I appreciate everything, everyone I met.
No matter it's good or bad, nice or not.
there are still many beautiful colors within black and white.

I hope I'll soon get used to the life like this.
I will, and I can take care of myself, for sure.
So, no worries :)

I'm sorry I have not been able to keep in touch with you
my family, my babes buddies, my friends
not through blog, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, sms, etc..
Day, I go to class, may as well deal with activities in the meantime
Night, I go for meetings and discussions
clearly I have no much personal time
but it doesn't mean that you're forgotten.
You know right?
You all are my favourite parts of life.

will always be the one you knew.
in term of love and friendship
You have my words.

I promise that.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Recent Life | The Vampire Diaries

Can you believe this? I'm actually having my own time to sweep off the dust of my blog. Before going back here, by 'here' I mean Melaka, I thought I'd have no time to update my recent life but hey here I am!

I'm so grateful that the first week of my new semester is kinda working out! I can't say it's productive but it's treating me good enough! Meeting up with a new housemate is really a thing! Especially he/she (for my case of course a she) is a funny and easygoing person! Most of my lecturers are nice, just yet to know how are the tutors. We shall see next week! Meetings went kinda smoothly and nothing serious popped up suddenly. Friends are doing fine and yeap, these are generally my current life here! oh and one more thing! I'm officially addicted to The Vampire Diaries. I know I'm outdated but I have it like a decade ago. Roomie got scared a few times because of my sudden screams, hahahaha!!

the casts. 3 hotties!

I personally like Damon this character a lot. He's totally HOT and I somehow like his twisted characteristic in season 1. hahaha!! His real name is Ian Somerhalder. Mouthful isn't it?

I WILL soon be very busy, like ultra kind of, anyways that's the decision I made. I'll take that. Sticking to my own timetable that's the first rule to survive throughout this whole sem. and no more.

This weekend is gonna be a boring one. I'll be staying here all alone because most of my housemates will go back to their hometown. I know I will enjoy the silence anyhow.

P/S: I intended to take a short nap just now, but I slept from 2pm till 6 something! Brilliant me! Roomie said she got scared because I laughed suddenly in reality, I just have no idea what circumstance or what person I met in my dream. hahaha!!

You have a great weekend!!

wanna take dinner with housemie now! TTFN! (well I learned it from Vamp diaries, it means 'ta ta for now'


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life's Little Instructions

I really hope everything's going to be alright. I hope you can tell us your pain instead of masking it up. I know, you are a mighty, invincible one in front of us, I just hope I can share your pain. I really do. 

I know it's gonna be fine. I'm sorry I'm not around, again. I just hope there's nothing bad happened to my family ever again.

I love you dad.