Friday, February 27, 2009


As what u might realize, I’ve changed my blog’s layout and banner as well!! Twice in between two days I think. *I’m too free and so getting myself in photoshopping!!!!* The previous one was mostly pink and somewhat girly. Present one is kinda about gothic style. The background and the font ‘ee-ternity’.

Ohya nearly I forget to mention, with my name ‘ee’, I wish with all my might, me and my loved ones will be ‘ee’ternally living in happiness. Though there is pretty state of affairs that we’ve forced to face, but afterall, we’ll be allright. As though how would u ever know happiness if you’d never experienced downs?

Practicing piano has somehow become my noon routine. Honestly it’s also due to the coming exam, for preparation. *Else how the heck am I going to play piano everyday??XD*

For today, it was not going as well as my might, for several times of the repeated mistake, I was gradually feeling irritating.

After more mistakes done, I was straightly BANGING the piano without care a fuck!! Just BANG! *now only I worry, would my neighbors bawl out to me? Or somesuch throwing eggs to my house? LOL*

And you know what’s going on after that?? I could play the piece smoothly without any mistake!!! So now I knew already, just bang the piano when I face sort of mistakes. Hahahahaha

For christ’s sake, don’t force me to bang the piano always ok??

We live for dreams, and to make it realistic.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Quote the sentences from somewhere else and redo it on my own.

Specially for my girls. Muackz

Friendship is just a word, but my girls give it a meaning!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 Girls with Mic

When I was wandering, boring and thinking what to do next on an annoying afternoon, there was someone brighten up my day. JHui, she was! Asking whether I got free on coming monday. And YES we decided to go to sing k!

No doubt we went to RedBox, we have no such ability to affort Neway pricing. Haha

The waiter *is that service personal called waiter?? whatever la* is a lengzai! And with a 180 height I think. XD The point I mention this is because I've never been seeing any handsome guy for quite a longtime. LOL!!

No much description for our sing k section. Besides singing, we just laughed and screamed and danced and shiok-sendiri. Now only I wonder how noisy could be heard from outside of the door? How on earth could 4 girls make such a noise?! It must be awfully embarrassing!! But nvm. Hahaha

After seven, we doubted why they not yet to chase us for paying the bill. And we scared there will be some add-ons later so we're ready to pay it and head back. But then the so-called-waiter told us we could use the room until ten! Total up only rm20 per person! How come so cheap? JHui got the voucher but it's only rm20 rebate. I have no idea. But who cares? Haha

So I took the chance to go for shopping, alone. I finished P.S. I Love You already, yet I want to buy another storybook to kill my time. There I went to Popular.

Here I highly recommend this author, Cecelia Ahern! Her books are awesome!!

After quite a long time of selection, I dealt with this book. Hmm. The vocabulary are much more extensive than the previous books I read.

After hanging around, I back to meet up with the girls. Till 9.30pm if no mistaken, we decided to back home finally. This is our first time to sing such a long time! Seven hours?!! Omg we're so freaking energetic!

I love u girls~~~u all just fab! muackz~~

Absence make the hearts grow fonder.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I wonder if I've a clue on what I'm going to do next in my life

and such of what subject should I decide as my future studies

I would never be treated like a silly-childish-immature-girl

or be teased in front of so many, AGAIN

I've had enough

STOP getting into the act

my final destination had already planned!

I'm deciding and determining. In progress.

Courage is the power to let go familiar.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Visit

Last visit, Pn Chang's house. As what you might realize, the people became fewer because some of them back to NS and some of them had to get back to work.

My first ever time to play with her daughter. Lovely but somehow I felt that she kinda looks like yTeng. Maybe due to her 'violence'! Haha. Could you imagine the picture she threw the toys to her mum and even squeezed the drinks-in-packet and splashed it everywhere including on my jeans!! Goddamn naughty she is and she's Pn Chang's daughter! Pity her. Haha

How on earth she has such hobby to watch 'The Incredible Hulk'?! HULK?? Don't the children watch cartoon or somekind ABC teaching material lately? She even copied the action exactly how Hulk does in front of us!

Our topic was mostly around her child and the class in this year. Gosh I'm not a secondary school student anymore!! Nice visiting to Pn Chang's house and she's as friendly as she always does.

No more post about CNY. Life goes on.

Coming up next, girls outing!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laugh Often

jAn English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly.

The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The women wrote: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.”

Interesting yet funny right?? Haha.

Return lies in hasty keys.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 7 of CNY

It's 7th day and I went to my cousin's house. As I'll not be at JB after June, I thought that's a chance for me to take some photos with them as keepsake. Nearly 3 months or more I never see them.

June aka Apple.
Her makeup skill became so pro and her eyes looked bigger than ever.

Andy aka WeiEr.
He's already a form one student! Time really flies.

Happy aka SzeYing.
She dared not to talk to me ago, but see! I was wrapping her! Haha.

As what I said just now, time really flies. After March - I'll be going to take my SPM result, April - ABRSM practical exam, May - not yet planning any programme and June I'll be leaving my family and friends at JB and go to Melaka for my edu life, alone maybe.

Time to screw up my courages to leave something familiar and be more independent.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 6 of CNY

Last Saturday, 6th day of CNY, many of us went to many of houses by many of cars for paying a new year call to many of families!! Hahaha.

By the way I'm so sorry that as yet I still couldn't get the group photos. We've been all leaving apart as we're not going to school anymore. So this post only about some random shoots with my friends.

Our first stop - Qian's house. Her mum still looks young and cute as before. She's the only one among so many mums whom I could talk to her like a friend. Haha. Qian's handsome bro not at home. Too bad he's younger than me, else sure I go after him! I'm hooked on him. LOL!!

There after we went to Wei's house, just about 2-minutes-walking-distance from Qian's house. And this stop was the shortest-time-staying house. We went in and sat down, took anypows from her mother, taking the group photo and there we gone. Haha.

Once again 2-minutes-walking-distance to Fong's house. They have been living in the same area. It's much more convenient for us. Haha. We were staying there for not more than 20 minutes. Planning the route to the left of the houses and who belong to which driver. Haha.

I was not driving on that day so me, zHui, Rui and Qian belong to kWei. That was my very first time to sit her car and to experience her driving. Not bad actually. Very firm as what she always is.

=Boy Friends=

*A Slight Digression*

*Before taking the photo* Yang asked me whether he can put his hand on my shoulder, I'm ok with that so I nodded my head. As he put his hand down then I regretted immediately. Gosh so heavy I need to bear, as if he put his whole weight on me! There the result like a dad and his daughter? I swear I'll never let him to do that for second time! OMG

Okok back to the topic, we then went to Ramzen's house. My first time to there. His grandparent was just nice and I like his fond granny. Let me recall back my mother's side grandma. Through the conversation I could barely know that his grandpa is a learned man. But he's quite solemn. So I prefer his granny more! Haha! Don't know why, I could feel that Ramzen seemed very shy especially in front of his grandpa when we were at his home. Weird.

Herng's house, the next destination. Some of us already went to his house the night before, what for? Mahjong!! I don't know how to play but just sat beside them and watched. Okay this time was the same *what same I refer to is gamble character* but not mahjong anymore, was poker gambling! Haha. Coincidentally, my sis and her friends also having their new year visiting on the same day. Some of them were coming to meet Herng. So I grabbed the chance to take photo with some I familiar with.

Good singer aka my didi and the house owner aka beautifully handsome Herng.

Next stop - Xin's house. When I first stepped into her house, I saw her cute doggy, bibi. I don't know whether spelling correct but sound like that. And here Wei left us. She was going to 'somewhere' with 'someone' maybe. Haha. And there some of them kena NS chatting about the funny things they had met during the camp. I was exhausted on that day so just keep listening and I was impressed with what James facing in the camp. Extremely funny and brought so much laughter for us!

With ones botak who take part in national service.Haha.

Next stop - AhBoo's house. Most of the photos we took there and running in and out of her house. Haha. Till then everyone was in tired mode and some of them straight away lied on the floor for a rest. After few days only I was told that one of my primary schoolmate is AhBoo's neighbour. What a coincident!

Then we went Zhuzhu's house. I pass by his housing area for several times but I don't even know which alley his house located. Well this time I knew already. Haha. Okay here I want to mention, Zhu's mum is totally out of my expectation. I thought she's a strict parent. Cause from our conversation *Zhu and I* ago, somehow I tried to imagine what kind of mother Zhuzhu has. I've to change my impression to her. Haha. She's so friendly and fashion as well!! Haha.

=Girl Friends=

The final destination - Sern's house!! At my first thought, his mum should be a serious or somekind of cool parent as I knew she's a teacher. But then the fact is inverted. She was welcoming us with her friendly hand-shake right after we handed in the oranges to her. And she always keep her face smiling. Most of the cookies that place on the table are from the hardwork of Sern's father. So talented! We took the delicious spaghetti that cooked by his parent for lunch too. How generous they are! Thanks

=All of Us=

The only group photo I got.

Here I thank to the drivers, James, Herng, wYang, Ramzen and kWei!! Your effort was much appreciated!! LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 4 of CNY

Here I am again!!XD

Let's we skip my day 4 of CNY cause nothing special, just about a family dinner gathering at my uncle's house. So now we talk about day 5!

The day after day 5 baby YTeng wouldn't be right at JB so we decided to have a gathering before she back to NS. No more places for us to go, CS again. Movie again as well.

Here we are!

The last photo we took. And the next photo will be after she back from Seremban. About middle of March. I'll be waiting for that moment.

Day 3 of CNY

Since I don't have plenty of chances and time as well for using my sis's notebook, here I update my blog twice a day. Within hours. Uhh... The night is still young, for me. Haha.

Okay let's go to my third day of CNY. Quite a nice and fresh memory for me cause we were going to my uncle's orchard!! Hmm where's it located?? About Kota Tinggi or somewhere around there. I went there for once when I'm still young. How young I was? I think about primary six or somewhen secondary one or two. So this the chance for me to recall back some memories.

And the flash back starts.

We took almost two and a half hours to reach there cause it located inside an oil palm estate. But then my uncle's running an orchard and got a BIG fish rearing pond inside. Feeling like I'm going to somewhere very relaxing as though I'm in outstate holiday mood. In addition, that was a windy but beautifully sunny day. Did match my mood perfectly.

Nothing to do but relaxing. All of them were auntie uncles or children either. No one like about my age. Luckily I brought my story book there, reading and also enjoying the wind brushed my cheek and kissed my hair. What a luxury enjoyment!

After hours, I had enough of laziness, I decided to have a walk around the orchard. My cousins saw I was standing up they also followed behind me. There left plenty of photos. And so...

Here the photos we took.

The orchard with vary types of fruit trees, and chickens, wells as well!

Here's the rambutan tree!!

My cousins. 3 among them are siblings. Could you try to figure out who are they?

June and Ee. On the path.


Was that okra? Or somewhat look like that? =_______="

Beside the pond, three of us!

Here's the well I mentioned. But the well had already gone dry and very shallow. Rest assured! Haha.

3 of us again!

Happy!! Her name. Created by she herself!! Cute right? What an innocent face expression! She was angry with me for not getting her a rambutan. Haha.

I followed two auntie to go to a top of a hill for the nicest landscape, as what they described. And here's the sunset and the river if you could notice it. Before that you need to go through a slant slope and that really took my breath off.

Very super slanty slope!! Especially walk from top to the ground. Not very obvious from the angle of this photo.

Here I want to put an ending with one nicest of my random shoots.

The way I backed from the hill.

Nice journey.