Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Life | The Beautiful 90s

I linked this video from Dennis Yin, one of the Elechoxhot dancers. He's really CUTE maybe he looks like TaeYang. and I love this video! I love how the director brings out the old memories. It's funny, yet really touching. Love the background musics. Love the rawness and simplicity. It's basically my 'generasi', proud to be early 90's kid. Simply awesome!

ohh ahh pehhh ahh SOM!


(I don't know how you guys called it, the lead replaceable pencil. You lost one lead, and you're doomed! LOL!!!)

(I'm pro at this! Hahaha)

(the eraser game!)

个人资料簿 Bios
(I have 3!)

etc. etc. etc.....

It's really beautiful. Can't stop smiling, and flashing back all the old good memories!

Is this your 'generasi' as well??

Recent life?

Once i got back to Ixora after my semester break, I spent like 5hours cleaning my room. That's really insane I know. Here's some stuffs I found in my drawer, some of them are hid like forever inside.

cosmetics I bought from Taiwan. and only I realize I don't really use them. 

Ms Phoebe Lo (HAHAHAHA!!), do u still keep it nicely?? 

and this. See I do keep it until today! 

hang-skirt-gang, how are you girls doing?? when will be our ten-of-us gathering?? I've been waiting like forever.

the old Milk Teddy purse I used in the past. and the 大头贴(s) inside which we took during form 2 or 3? Polaroid with Ms Lo after SPM.

I don't know what's this means. I don't understand why would you give me this and for no reason I'm still keeping it. Part of old memories doesn't it.

I can't live without. Precious babies.

the draft of my event namecard.

Primary camp handcraft I did.

The past few days and weeks....
housematess :))

first time visit- Casa de Cafe.

souvenirs LOL!! (super inside joke)

kimchi ramen

deep fried chicken

teriyaki chicken

cheese-baked rice

cheese-baked spaghetti 

lovely housemates :)

hate my hair now! I used to have super thick hair, I needed 2 people to dye and blow my hair and now my hairfall problem is damn serious and the hair volume is like half of the volume I used to have. Siao. SiAO!! *sobb :((*

acting Siao XD

watching this stupid movie with new friends, Billy and ahYen together with Hoe and Fen. aghhh I felt like I was being cheated and the ticket's so wasted!! 

Kenny Rogers @ AEON Bandaraya.

max love choco muffin!

everything's nice, except the stupid waiters. They don't understand English, fine. So what's up with the super slow and tardy service?? ugh-uh, nono! 

and movie *again*. But this movie is nice even though I don't really watch Chinese movie in the theater. Perhaps the theme song of this movie carries a very big reason of it's success. 傻子 by Yoga Lin林宥嘉.

outing with RCW gang. Keep in touch yea guys! Frankly I felt super awkward at first, I don't know since when we started to chat freely and laugh so loudly. 

is this the reason?? LOL!! I'm missing the dice game we played!! When's next round??? :)

quite a nice movie. 2hr30mins if no mistaken. Kinda worthy, I don't read the original novels so I guess its storyline is alright for me, though the front part's been dragging for a little bit longer.

Sum up= 3 days 3 movies continuously. I think it's time to lock myself inside the room.

my housemate's sport shoes. LOL! thankiu Rebecca! I'm addicted to badminton.

Mini project- infrared wireless modem. I have 12hours class/lab session per week for this subject. I'm going to play with it throughout this sem. May god bless!

OMG what an adorable piggie!! Mr Yeo, are you satisfied with my drawing?? Genius me!

I'm watching this drama now!! Super addicted! Korean drama ftw! :))
拥抱太阳的月亮 The Moon Embracing the Sun

Dajie bought this to me in Korea. I just can't wait to see all the souvenirs she bought to me! but one thing, I can't go back home this week, not next week as well. ugh!! I miss home a lot.....

enjoy :)

i miss home

i miss you, SzeEe.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Taiwan Day1 | ShiDa Night Market 师大夜市 | NTNU 师范大学 | 7-11

Hi! Expired greetings from Taiwan! hahaha! Finally I'm able to spare some time to go through the photos and here comes the Day1 in Taiwan! 

China Airlines from Singapore to Taipei :)

watching 'In Time' to kill the flight boredom. Justin Timberlake acc me throughout! LOL!

in-flight meal is not bad. Love this yummy puff!

after 4hours plus flight, we finally landed Taipei TaoYuan International Airport. Mehhh, it's under renovation so it didn't give a good impression to me. Weather that time was colder than Genting, like 13-15 degree Celsius. and was very much colder at night. Geez you can keep me inside an oven but never a refri. However, by the time I came back to Malaysia, I was not used to our tropical climate. = =

Since the homestay we settled down for 4 days in Taipei is around ShiDa Road and Luo-Si-Fu Road.
We then settled our dinner at ShiDa Night Market!!! 

very different with those wantanmee we could find in Malaysia. The wantan tasted slightly more juicy and the hand-made noodle is very springy and chewy. 

I didn't try this. Judging it by your ownXD

couldn't find this taste in Malaysia! Kinda special to me, and yummy!

I'm sorry for the chinese caption, seriously I dunno how to translate the food name into english. LOL! But I can assure you this Taiwanese beef noodle is super nice! Even though I don't eat beef, but I love the soup so much, especially drinking it during the winter time..... :))

after the dinner, it's time for shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeee. ShiDa night market has a lot of university students because it's near to 师范大学 as well as 台大. Max envy Taiwanese!! A lot of cheap clothes and accessories available, many yummy street-food, not-bad-looking guys and girls are everywhere, no lala (like M'sia *cough*) at all!! ughhh!! Why are the skinny girls all wearing makeup and clothes like those models in mag?? feeling even more fed up to myself LOL!

we have a relative who has been staying in Taiwan for more than 20years. She's a professor of 师大(师范大学)and is in charged of physical education. and I had that opportunity to visit their institution!!

super love their basketball court! I didn't take even a single photo inside of this institution simply because I was busy looking at the lengchai(sssssssss)!! Hahaha! you know, BASKETBALL players!! I met a lot of handsome guys there, like the total 1 year amount I met in M'sia. Seriously!!

Their facilities are nice and completed! The campus is huge, and I'm in love with all the bricks wall buildings!

国立台湾师范大学 :)

What's up for supper time??!!

a must-eat in ShiDa night market! You have to be really patient because the queue will always be 'that' long!!

the very famous 生煎包!MUST try!!

mehhhhh 红豆饼
not nice not nice!!

I dunno what's this called. 水煎饺?You could find many kinds of dumplings in Taiwan. It's like roti canai in Malaysia, basically everywhere, with so many different flavors.

Super yummmms dessert! U Dessert, Taroyami all lose to this authentic old dessert shop! Look at that pretty girlXD

while anticipating for my order.... :)

omg i miss this a lot!!! 烧仙草

can you see the queue?

 a lot of flavors!! 

fresh steamed bun :) 
Although it doesn't have the content, but the bun is soft and flavorful. I personally recommend the Swiss chocolate bun. 

Yu's almond tofu.
if  you don't scare of the strong almond flavor, and you're actually an almond lover, this is a pretty decent and special dessert. It's worth a try!

these are what I actually ate the most throughout the ten days in Taiwan!! I just dunno why ALL the fruits in Taiwan taste so damn fresh and sweet!! Especially the fat strawberries and pink guava. *drooooooling*

found this somewhere in ShiDa night market. The whole shop is occupied with Rilakkuma(ssss). Whoever love this cartoon, you better keep your wallet tied, else you'd really spend A LOT of money here!

People in Taiwan used to ride bicycle or motorcycle. You can easily spot them on the road.

or parked alongside a curb.

here's the end of ShiDa Night Market. 

Bonus of this post::

I heart this corner very much!! All the drinks are packaged into very colorful and attractive designed carton and bottle! :)))))

I think I spent about 30mins in 7-11 for the first visit in Taiwan!! Everything is so cool to me and I'd compare to our lousy 7-11 in M'sia. I couldn't help, I really love 7-11 in Taiwan!!! Definitely a must-go!! Even the instant noodles tasted very much delish!!

I went to the nearest 7-11 from my homestay (it's like 1min walking distance) almost every night and I met that lengchai worker every night as well I supposed he's on the night shift. no love story or whatnot because I just wanna point out that I like his voice “欢迎光临” ('welcome' in English) so much!! Every worker in services sector in Taiwan are so damn polite and nice and friendly!! That's really impressive! unlike M'sia.

For those travelers who want to go to ShiDa Night Market, you can take the MRT-XinDian Line, stop at Taipower Building Station, and head toward exit 3. 
捷运新店线 〉台电大楼站 〉3号出口

and now only I realize this post is really LONG!! you're welcome! Hahahaha!!

Stay tuned for the Day2 in Taiwan!!