Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air.

I'm glad, I feel real happy for you my dear. The guy who is grabbing your hands now, I can't tell how lucky how blessed he is.

Somewhere, something incredible are waiting to be known. Explore it my dear.

Enjoy your attached life!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

20th Birthday | Grill Bar @ Taman Pelangi

If I had mentioned my elder sis gave me a BIG treat as for my birthday pressie?? That night had only two of us. Nobody else. Cool huh? XD

Went to a newly opened? I'm not that sure, end of last year? An American style grilled bar. and named Grill Bar. Easy enough to memorize??

the not-so-attractive outlook. There's a smoking area with red brick wall. Spot it? too bad I couldn't manage to take photo. I love that area.
It's almost full house when we were about to leave. So don't judge!
FINE service provided. Every waitress presents the best smile and attitude!! Thumbs up!
I left my choice to my sis. She decided the menu.

Ready to proceed with the rest??? Please don't hate me!!

These are the best I chose among the photossss. So please pardon with some low quality ones.

From appetizers >> main >> dessert. BEST of BESTEST!!!

cheese mussels. OMG I'm drooling
the best mushroom soup so far I've tried!!!!!! heavenly!!
Pasta Mushroom. The odor and smell of mushroom. hohoho
Pesto Pizza. Love the thin and crunchy crust. very flavorful. To our liking, we used to add some more cheese powder. Taste supreme!! =]

last but not least

I always hope a satisfying meal can be ended with wonderful fabulous awesome desserts!!! and for this time, no more hope, it came real!!


closed up
Signature Waffle! This would probably be the BEST of the BEST waffle in town!! or even in our country! Am I too far?? But this is different from what we can get, it's purely homemade! The texture is just so fluffy and... ugh I don't even know how to describe!! It even looks different from the outside ones!! The BEST!!

and Chocolate Lava Cake. When you look at the content flows outside of the cake, you'll just melt like the chocolate does. LOL!!! Another BEST!!

At first, we didn't expect this cafe appeared to be such a standard one. Thanks to my sis. I guess this is probably my first, and the last time visit. Cause student like me, can't afford to dine in such place. Should drag dad and mom to come for the second time.

Damage: RM100+, for 2 adults.

For heavenly food like this, 'okay what. It's reasonable', quoted from my sis. Not on behalf of student larr~~

Grill Bar, The American Bistro
No. 202 Jalan Sri Pelangi
Taman Pelangi

I mean it, HEAVENLY!!!!

hahaha!! I'm not doing advert. This cafe deserves to be publicized, deserves a FAME!!

*I love ip apps!!! spot the blue light on top?? It's actually the moon!!*

We went to City Square for the next session- Movie Rocks!!! The Adjustment Bureau. I seriously got speechless throughout the whole movie. I myself can't be sure it's in a good way or bxx?? You'll be the judge!!

Thanks my sis for everything.

I love you

You love me

we are happy si-blings~~~

leejinee too bad you couldn't make to join us. Nevermind harr, since you skipped me for so darn many timesssss!!!! This is my return!! LOL!

I can guarantee she's yelling over there while reading this.

anyways, love ya.

you will see me on 1st April. Perhaps fools are around me. Beware!! *smirk*

xoxo LOVE

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Date in Melaka | Ajisen Ramen | Nadeje

Random photos. As usual?

this boy, the rate of appearing in my blog is quite frequent nowadays. and for this time, he came to Malacca =]
alright now I love Ajisen Ramen. Roomie was the first to introduce me this Ramen shop BUT I had no chance to give it a try. Finally.
hmm... appetizer?? FOC
mine. Pork chop Ramen. correct me if i'm wrong.
His. Ajisen Ramen. *LOVE*

and now I can come into a conclusion. Nadeje drinks sucks!! but the quality of food and cake are fine still. Should train+improve your bartenders' skill huh!!

I love eating ice-cream with u. Remember? HAHAHA

and we both agreed, the time spending with each other is always the fastest.

we went to this place for our dinner. with Engin.Gang. HEHE!! and our Mr Puapua ordered a lot of 办桌菜!! Yummsss

stay tuned.

Fooling your loved ones is kinda a pleasure! =]

and this is the surprise! hehe
PS:: this is a scheduled post. I'm in somewhere else with this fella. Let me take a break for while kay? It's about my boy's birthday!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

20th Birthday | The Gatherus Boardgame Themed Cafe

Continue with the previous part....

yumcha session with the gang =]
my first time visit- The Gatherus Boardgame Themed Cafe
cute interior. Homey. I feel more like coming back home instead of being a customer. good!
love the design. simple.

purely photo post. I have no much words to say to them. As long as they know how much they meant to me, that's more than enough.

I felt really sorry to Ping. Cause it was sort of sista gathering. and he was the only guy presented that night. Anyways, I felt thankful. HAHAHA! you're the MAN! =]

Hmm people don't break the surprise, even you know they're actually preparing something. and I'm surely not a surprise breaker, never mind it was for me HAHAHA!! Thanks alot my dear sweet sweet hearts!!!

next is gonna be
*ehem...... I need to clarify that, this is not my work, I don't do such mushy stuff, though it's lovely.. Anyway, my friend did it. and it's kinda like my trailer to the next post. stay tuned =]*

my dear sista + buddies, thanks for the BIG love!! I'd received all of your messages and calls which full of happiness and blessings!!

celebrations in JB ended??

of course NO!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ohayou Gozaimasu!!

I miss the breakfast, seriously.

yea, I found a nice breakfast shop in Tampoi Indah.
Long Kopitiam.
they are famous with their homemade soybean milk.
best match ever!! Soya + dough fritters (Yew char kuey)!!
chwee kueh!! (or literally, 'water rice cake' LOL)
my favourite, chee cheong fan!!
GAHH!!! I seriously craving for such down-to-earth yet FAB breakfast!

Long Kopitiam

G30, Jln Mawar 3,
Taman Tampoi Indah

Morning earthlings!! Have a great day ya!! =]