Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr Yeoh

During last sem break, I was driving all alone to Johor Jaya- to fetch someone whom I didn't contact for months.

Mana tau
Blahh~~~~for sake of fetching him out gaigai

went to Taman Gaya- La Vie Cafe
Heard from my sis quite some times, this restaurant is nice and special!
there we went there for a try!

I like the menu. Every course and dessert has it own special name. You can't find 'Bolognise', 'Cabonara' such terms in his menu. The last page of the menu is the cafe owner a.k.a chef's biodata and experiences. Special huh? I should take the pic! =)

while waiting for the food served!
Mr Yeoh!!!! eii time to grow up la
still kinna look! next time don't go out with you ahh. I felt like so much older than you
it's true though..zzZ

very BIG portion!!
HAHAHA! MUCH love the chocolate fudge!!
the sauce of spaghetti very special too~

it's been quite a long time since we last met
lotsa photos taken! Hehe

Haiz too bad we couldn't make to meet this time. Mr Yeoh, date you next time!! will be weeks or even months after, though. Hahaha

queuing up for popcorn!!
I forgot what movie we watched last time

By the way, I wanna watch SALT la!! I love Angelina Jolie's sexy lips!!!
Cham, I realized the frequency I appeared in cinema was quite high in this month.

miss euuuuu=)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Do you guys still remember??
i recalled back so so much memories while playing this song

no matter what happened, what's happening, what's gonna happen
we'll see

special dedicate to Keruey Ng Kokkok XD
I don't think you can figure out when and where we took this pic

don't simply crop photo as your FB profile pic laa
use this proper 1 XDD

glad to hear that you won't be influenced by others

ROCKIE!! this is the only pic I got
hell regret I didn't take photo with him!!

He should feel proud
I never touched nor played with a dog
he's the FIRST one

one thing for sure
I'll miss him more than you!

I wasn't being supportive at the first time
*while you told us you're taking that post*
you know you have us all

you may not talk to me your problem
nor share your feelings
but I want you to know
whenever you change your mind,
you need a listener
I'm here
we are all here

your dark circles + eye bags tend to be more serious and hideous than mine!!!

PS: remember to cut your nails
PPS: take care of your health!!

will that day really come?
I don't think it matters

most importantly
how do we take it

with love,

Decode It

when words can't express what your thinking
even you yourself can't figure out what you're struggling for
you try to sort out the thoughts from your feelings,
try to decipher what you're thinking not feeling, feeling not thinking
you will keep quiet and remain still
you feel like its better to shut your mouth up at that moment

music is the way to calm you down
you try to remove yourself from the reality
trying to float away
but musics will end, and so are the dreams
no matter how
you must face it

When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead
hold on to yourself

be strong
when you don't think you can,
hold on.

it might be stormy now
but it can't rain forever

with love,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mr D and Me

I read a recent updated post of a blog. Blog owner is just a hi-bye friend of mine but we know each other quite well i assumed. Because we have a mutual friend and the one is quite close with both of us.

I felt as if I were in his shoes during the moment I read his blog. And I felt how silly I was during the past. Look at his situation like it's about my own. Great. Sometimes people may not see themselves clearly enough. Now I know, standing in front of the mirror, reality will reflect back at you. Yea it's bloody true.

Though the reality might be cruel. But the cruelest thing is people avoid to face the reality.

I assumed many people had told you this- looking forward. Don't cling on the past. As I was standing on your position, I wanna tell you- sometimes memory kills, but we don't try to forget. It's impossible I'd say. Cause if it's precious one, it lasts a lifetime. We live our life, other people live theirs. Life goes on. Yeah!!

People aren't perfect. Real people have real flaws. As long as we know how precious ourselves are, that's it.

I painted this to my sis. Live, Laugh, Love. Half-done XDD

Have been organizing a camp for freshmen for months. And today is the day!!

I'll behave myself next time.
I'll stop myself from saying a bunch of vulgar words next time.
I won't curse anyone anything in my heart next time.
I have to be more patient next time.
I won't throw tantrums anymore.


I'll forgive and forget

finally it's done
Wish me luck!=)

with love,

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Story is like this

We are groupmates. We are supposed to submit a lab report together. We assigned our work, in the end I have to compile the answers.

He passed me his part. I kept it inside my file but didn't clamp it. After the class, I went back room and realized it's missing. I lost it.

I went back all along where I passed by and tried to find it. It disappeared in no where.

Story ended.

I hate myself being so careless. It happened so many times, and they never failed to make me feel so angry of myself. But this time I really feel upset I don't know why. I feel sorry and annoyance at the same time. Sorry because it's not mine, annoyance because I have to do it all over again, on my own.

no matter when you face the problems, family 'll always be there for you. It's true. I called my mom, but i didn't show my sadness, nor tell her my problem. I simply want to listen to her voice, talk bout our recent life. For no reason, her voice calm me down and I was like 'ohgod mommy I can't live without you'. Every mom has shown such ability I guess.

oh well. I'm fine now. I always am who I am. Maybe I'm careless sometimes, maybe I'm stupid sometimes, but people aren't perfect. things aren't perfect. but they're improving.

Gotta distract myself from thinking how careless I am. What's the best way?

Yea sleeping.

I have a meeting to attend at 9pm.

I have to complete the report.

I want to make a birthday card to my mom, if possible *conditional*

I want to go back JB tomorrow.

After going through such matter, after calling back home, I guess I'm homesick.

Night world