Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hehe!!!! Time flies. Today is the last day of October!
Happy Spooky Day people!!!

Trick or treat?? =))


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honey- Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba!!!

Yeah I simply chose an old movie (it's released in year2003) in PPS to kill my time during a Friday night. And this movie made my day to the brightest!! Honey (name in PPS: 甜心辣舞), starring Jessica Alba! She's HOT!!!!! Here's the shortest story line I could find. I won't bore you! =)

Honey is a sexy, tough music video choreographer who shakes up her life after her mentor gives her an ultimatum: sleep with him or be blacklisted within their industry.

oh my~~~~~ RAYMOND!!

you won't know how adore he is until you catch this film! He's so yummily cute!!

don't they look like a family? Aww!

wooohoooooo~ I'm in love with her throughout the 1 hour and 30 mins, though I'm a girl!

'd spent all my time in room after playing badminton in the morning, but I did enjoy my personal time and space, a lot!

give it a try! definitely worth it

So spiritual, and educational. Be the one whom you wanted to. Sometimes, despite what we may want, the door just has too many locks. Aim your target, and go for it. You may fear of stepping into the unknown, but dream is only useful if you do something with it.

Just a random update bout my Friday. And sharing is caring! again, go catch it!!! =)

Calling over to my family is always the greatest pleasure!!

Say hi to Saturday, a day which I have to attend morning class at 8am!! =X
Good night world!

with love,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gozen@Sutera Utama

I love spending my time with them. Especially it was the last day I stayed in JB before the holiday ended. A spontaneous dinner with my babes. and we decided to pamper ourselves with a great dinner.

Gozen @ Sutera Utama
is it still considered as newly opened? Cause I've been passing there quite a lot of times but couldn't find quite a good timing to dine in.
green tea(free flow), the best companion for Japanese cuisine
the rice is way too sticky to me. but the teppanyaki sauce is great
I didn't taste hers, but from what she said, it's worth a try
Mine!! *drool*
Miso ramen!! Highly recommended! special emphasize on the very traditional soup and the crispy juicy chicken. and note that the original recipe doesn't have shrimp, teng gave hers to me. So please don't ask the waiters/waitresses where's your shrimp. LOL!!
only decent interior I took
the very inside joke. PLEASE don't do such silly action in front of others Ms Lo!! Final warning!!
babe girls Rui + Teng Siaokias damn I look retarded! okay this look normal a bit

Gozen, a fine dine place which serves decent Japanese and also Western cuisines with fair price. A satisfying dinner and we left with our stomachs bloating! LOL! Better make a reservation before going, else you have to wait for a long queue. Here you go

Gozen Japanese & Western Cuisine

40&42, Jalan Sutera Tanjong 8/4,

Taman Sutera Utama.

Tel: 07-5852573

ZiHui joined us afterward for yumcha session. We went Paparich, the first outlet in JB.
the ladies of the night.

Open your heart and let us talk till drop!!! We don't care who you are, we don't mind how your mind works, we don't judge. As long as you are one of my babes, you deserve to be treated as a precious, to talk whatever you want. And you know you'll feel happy and good of telling us the truth, of revealing the very own self of you.

to our friendship + sisterhood


and it's 3.20am. I don't want to wait anymore!!!! Blek!! looking forward to the badminton session hours later! Lalala~~
I advocate healthy lifestyle. LOL!

night world

with lotsa love,

Private & Confidential

without any reason, I love this shoot much.
one day, your life will flash before you eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

I feel a BIG hit on my stomach, a HEAVY smash on my head. I cannot accept what I've heard!!! OMG!! Why has life been so many SURPRISES lately?? Unfortunately I don't classify those as the pleasant ones. Gosh I always know life is unexpected. BUT once the so-called unexpected matters come across, just like the lightning strike right in front of me, my heart cannot take it!!!

I never dealt with such matter before. I don't wish to. and I don't want to get involved. Somehow it's related to my loved one, I HAVE to.

Anyway, girl you know I'm talking to you. I'm here for you. Attached but still available to you. I hope I'll be there for you whenever you need me. Call me. aite?

You know how exactly I felt while talking to you just now?? I could merely feel my heart beating. It almost stops pumping! and I guess the whole building could hear me, with the volume I shouted and yelled just now! Thanks to you!!! UGH!!

I miss you girl. Will soon go back and meet with you. Muackz!


yours truly,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Yellow Flower

I gonna love every Thursday!! (and yes, only Thursday! timetable for the other days are like total shit!! DUH) Class ended at 2pm and the rest of the day is meant to be wasted. Hehe! After a row of torturing classes, 5 hours straight!! I'm able to breath and enjoy my day, it's pretty rewarding to me.

Have been tutoring drama practice and attending for meeting these few days. Getting along with those Alpha kids makes me feel like I'm so old fashioned and outdated. And they do a pretty good job in making me self-realize bout how old I am. But hey, I'm just one year elder than you okay? What's the big deal? =))

Unlike the past, I'm not looking forward to the arrival of this coming weekend! It's going to be busy, messy and hectic! I'm so afraid of the freaking Sunday! It's gonna be the rehearsal for coming event. 'Mou ngan tai ahh~~~'

Who said every girl on earth likes flowers? I prefer trees. Especially those bald ones. LOL!!

captured this after reaching my room. I love how the little yellow flowers embellished the tree. Remind me of an old song from Jay Chou.

Thanks for everything you have done all this while. I feel really blessed to have you.

This is the song I mentioned just now. Enjoy

Seeing people leaving Ixora with their packs and bags, how wish I can go back JB ='(

have a great evening world

how adore

blog hopping and I found a fab one!! and the blogger updates almost everyday! fashion photography lover see here!!! click me


with love,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr Lai BIG Day

Today is Mr Lai's BIG day!! I'm sorry I couldn't make to join the celebration. I've got things on hands two days a row!! I don't know since when I bumped myself into such condition. But this time is a bit different from the past, without you guys accompanying me.

The.Siao.Gang!! I'll sometimes find myself guilt because of losing contact with you guys for so long time. I'm sorry. Somehow the timing is so wrong, for almost every time.

Another side, ever since Engin.Gang split into Mechanical and Electronics, we seldom have a gathering like last time we had used to. UGH!!! I miss foundation alot!!!

This is a post special dedicate to ahkor- FuYong. His name disappeared for quite a long time huh. And guess what? I'm going to update you guys bout his birthday celebration last year, Year2009!! LOL

In the morning!! we (Engin.Gang) had our brunch in town.

and this is the geli-est bun ever!! Special to our Birthday Boy.

and we went to US Pizza for 2nd round celebration at night. But this time together with his 13-08 buddies!!


The first and most probably the last hand-made birthday card which I did during my u life. I don't think I have spare time to do another for the rest of the time. You should feel thankful and appreciate it ahh laifuyong!! XDD

The content is kept private and confidential!! LOL!! I couldn't remember how long it took me. But I can tell it's a delicate one lor~~ XD

soh zai look

Spot him!! XD

I'm really sorry I couldn't attend either side of the celebration. Anyway, I truly believe you'll enjoy your BIG day till MAX right? With your dearest friends and of course together with LiPeng!! Both of you make a good pair, and really look alike laa!! LaiFuYong, treasure everything around you. Stop dwelling in the past, you need to forge on, fight the good fight!!

Don't let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff.
You know what I mean.

Happy 19th Birthday kor!!!! May you have a splendid day!

with love,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laughter Adds Life

Awaken up by the irritating alarm at 10 in the morning. I seldom wake up so early, not to mention today is Sunday!! But I need to conduct a workshop, that's why. FYI, I'm the in charge person of a Mandarin drama which the actors are international students and Chinese students. And for the latest update, I'll be playing a role in Primary School Camp coming up in mid December. Hectic life awaits. =)

After experiencing the weather past few days, I'd been praying so hard weather today is not a scorching hot sun, isn't a thundering rain cause we didn't book any venue. CLC concourse is our best option! Luckily my prayer answered, the weather's lovely today. I could even feel the breeze!!!

no one

I'm the only human being?? LOL

After the workshop and drama practice, the kiddo (they are all alpha kids) and I decided to play basketball. and It was 3 or 4 something!! Could you imagine how windy the day was, even we didn't mind to play at such timing!

I didn't feel like running across the court. Just stood at the particular position, received the ball, passed the ball and made some failed shoots! LOL!! And playing with those kids made me felt like I'm so much older!

It's been a long time I didn't play basketball, playing with them made me recalled back those good old days! I would stay back after school (primary year 4 to 6) for sake of basketball training on every Tuesday and Thursday during the past. GOSH!! Over ten years I'd left my primary school!!

I didn't wear a proper foot wear while playing just now, so now my foots are killing me!! =(

Gonna turn in early today. Perhaps tomorrow is a fine day. I'll soon meet with my drama actors and all of them are so cute and funny!! Especially those kiddo. Though playing and talking nonsenses with them do make me feel like ten years older, but I don't mind. Hehe. Laughter adds life.

whenever you experience down or have heavy mind, think of me, listen to your heartbeat, look into your heart. Share with me. I'm all available to you.

with lotsa love,


I was supposed to stay inside my room all alone today. and I don't mind being alone, as always, even if it's a beautiful Saturday. I was dying in bed immediately after the killing morning session!

a little story:

Don't feel surprise, I have morning lecture on Saturday!!!! Permanently throughout my 2nd trimester!! Might skip for the rest cause it's way too boring!! KILL me! I dozed off most of the time! Luckily I used to bring my book along. UGH! This is how I survived during the past.

Anyway, Saturday is meant to be a relaxing one and so I planned to watch those movies I'd stolen from my friends ages ago! I always have no time to watch it IDK why! thereafter updating a blog entry perhaps?

BUT! I received a call at 5-ish (I was still sleeping like a dead body!!) and every plan had to be changed. Hehe!! My day turned out to be a splendid one. Point is, together with my bf and his bunch of funny friends=))

*well, to shorten my story*
We went to Jonker Street, Jetty and last but not least, Satay Celup. It's really tiring especially during a foggy and drizzling day!! but I did enjoy it very much.

Jonker 88, my FAV choice when comes to makan at Jonker Street! This is probably the most popular food outlet along the street. It has quite a number of offerings. Unfortunately we were late for the dinner, and left only Rendang Noodle. Tasted deli too!

Thanks for being so caring and letting me know you will always be there for me. I was really nervous before seeing your friends and I know my palm was sweating!! Hehe. Anyway, I'm glad to know all of them, and I can remember their names!! Yea I'm proud of it. XDXD

Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

I always love to capture sun set.
The moment before the sun hides behind the horizon

weary look after reaching my room. though 'd tried my best to edit it =X

you know, I appreciate, I treasure, I heart every moment we spent together.

with love,

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Day

After what I've been through past few days, I'm lucky enough to get myself back. Not longer the emo Ee, but now, the high energetic and cheerful Ee.

Degree first Sem result is out! I never expected I'd get such result. Words can't tell how excited I am, what's the feeling I felt right on the moment I looked at my grade. 4 out of 5 subjects totally out of my expectation!! TOTAL surprising! Guess many people out there get quite a surprise right?? Cause many friends of mine get a satisfying result! Thank God!

and of what I said in the posting during study week, I meant it. I didn't put much effort on the earlier stage, I always AM the one who do the revision last-minutely, don't have enough of determinant, bla bla bla.

I should pay more attentions on coming ones, at least to change my bad habit- last minute player. I really should.

I'm glad, I appreciate, I feel thankful. and I couldn't be anymore happier!!! Today is my DAY! It won't be spoilt! I give my words on it.

lastly, congrats to those who get good result, or archive your own target =)

with lotsa love & gratefulness,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thai Horror Movie- 4bia

My friends should know I'm damn a coward when thing comes to ghost movie!! I can walk around campus at night alone, I can stay in my unit all alone, I can drive car alone, I can shopping alone, almost everything you can think of, I can do it alone. (and yes, I ever watched movie alone, in cinema!)

BUT!!!! I do NOT dare to watch horror movie or we called 'ghost movie' even with a gang of people. I still remembered, I ever watched a horror movie when I was young, like around 10 or 11, thereafter I refused to go to toilet alone at night! and I didn't like to go to the basement carpark!! Thanks to my overactive imagination!! I can't help it puts me into a fearful condition!

Yesterday night, my roomie aka Ms Lau asked me whether or not to watch ghost movie at midnight! It was already 1am or something. I didn't know what stupid hell I was thinking and I said YES! She took it so serious and even borrowed a speaker from my housemie!! FML! She said 'like this only got feel what~'!! I nearly chickened out when she switched off the light!

It has been years I didn't watch horror movie, not in PPS, not in cinema, not those downloaded ones. I can tell I was behaving exactly like a hysterical psycho throughout the movie. I can't help screaming most of the time! (and now only I know my voice could be so high pitched and so loud!!)

The funny thing was, when the movie ended (it's divided into 4 parts story, but we skipped the last chapter cause I nearly get a heart attack, very close to!) I couldn't fall asleep after such a BIG shock, so I urged for a comedy show to loosen my nerves. Ms Lau had to accompany through out the 40 mins show. LOL!!!

The time we turned in was like nearly 5am. AND I will never ever watch horror movie again in my whole life!! I appreciate my life so much I don't want it ended in this way- getting heart attack or stroke or nervous breakdown or whatsoever. There are so many people who love me, whom I love them too! Hehe

Last but not least

the Thai movie which nearly takes my life

ugh! A boring post but it's an experience of mine! Could be hilarious to some people, meanwhile I believe some people out there feel the same thing with me. XDD

Say NO to horror movie!!! LOLLLLL

Today is Malacca public holiday. I enjoy staying at home and doing nothing. Time passes without me knowing or worrying. This called LIFE! Hehe

gonna off to wash clothes!!

oppss!! I nearly forget I got a meeting at night!
anyway, Happy Thursday, people!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


needed something stomach-warming like this. Ughh!!

another bad day!!! Both emotional and physical!!

Though had a good time with my housemie, in the mean time, had a bad time struggling with my own emotion. A nice day shouldn't be spoilt in this way. But I deserved it. FML

'You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.'

true max

it's been a long time. and you successfully made me broke my own record.

This is 20102010.

have a nice day people



Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday wasn't my day. Serious. Though it was the first day of school reopen, but it didn't bring a good start. My mood just went so wrong I couldn't tell why. Monday blue I guess??

This is Tuesday. Perhaps everything will fall into it's own place.

For the first time, I don't enjoy the mystery of not knowing.

Simplify it, don't complicate!
*self remind*


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Super Long One

Continue with the last post *click here*, I had an awesome wonderful fabulous time with my lovely babes in JB!! It's been a decade we never had a gathering all together!!!!! Can you imagine how excited I was?

luckily we got a group photo. JiaHui and Qian couldn't make to come! One at Singapore, one at KL! Miss you girls. Especially Ms Low!! I didn't see your for ages!!!!! Let's go party once A-level and form6 ended!! Hui, can you take a leave from your work??XD

Yann, the girl came late and went back early. Gonna punish you next time!!

the lovebirds.

It's been a long time I never met you girl. NingXin. I'm glad you still look silly and funny. Hahaha!!

KahWei. The Lady.

some random shoots
ABC. My head's the biggest. Not fair wey!! angle problem!! ><

haiz...forget it....*piak piak!! face the reality leesze!*

silly 3. Girls, still remember the morning breakfast??

eiii?? How to describe this combination?? '..............'

Fong was like being forced to smile. HAHAHA

ms Lau looks weird leh?? *hard hard want die die want your left side angle la~~you see you see* (inside joke, bleh! don't want tell you~) LOL!! Laugh die me. Pardon me for the pasar English! HAHAHA I just can't help.

loyeeteng. ei again! Stop cutting your hair short har!!!!

Dada!! Call me photographer. Got skill that kind. XD

love this. though my eye bags looked like the biggest bag ever in the world. LOL

Last but not least. too bad less Wei and Yann. ><

I couldn't make to upload every single photo we took that night, to view more photos *click here*. PS:: only my FB's friends could view it since I'd changed the privacy setting.

I love 'LISTENING' love stories especially they're originally from my loved ones.
I love 'GOSSIPS' whichever related to my cared ones.
I love 'GATHERING' with my lovely cutie babies.
I love 'TALKING' nonsenses with them.
I love 'SHARING' good news with them.
I love 'HEARING' blessings from them.

last but not least, I love 'FETCHING' them home AT NIGHT and do some ridiculous stupid turning and some driving mistakes, and even car crashing or stretching, *I'm not kidding! I really did stretch a car that night* making them 'YELLING' and 'SHOUTING' madly loud at me. Of course I wasn't intended to do those mistakes. But I really AM a 'kayu' driver whenever I'm with them. A gang of siao people!! LOL!!

But trust me, I'm a skillful driver lorrr~ XDD

----------------------------end of the gathering-----------------------------

I'm back to HELL. I was like staying inside a HELL oven once I reached Malacca. The super HELL hot weather successfully made my mood like HELL. Ms Lau and I decided to go to Moli to chill ourselves before going back to the HELL stuffy room. FYI, we are still in Moli and this post is born under such HELL condition. Try to imagine we brought all our HELL belongings here like a stowaway from China.


I miss JB now!!!!

I can assure that I CANNOT get used of
  • the cold shower
  • the extreme HOT weather without an air-con
  • the stuffy small room
  • the life without a CAR!!!!!!!

After throwing lotsa tantrums, I should go back to my own track.
This is my LIFE and I gotta face it. *self convincing*

----------------------Complaining no more!-----------------------

Ms Lau asked me whether I still remembered Trimetric Classic or we called San Zi Jing couple minutes ago. Surprisingly I could recall it back. Of course not all laaa~ I was like back to primary school during that moment. Hehe. Ms Lau could remembered more than I do! Blah~

-------------------------STOP here!----------------------

Say BYEEEE to my lovely holiday, say HIIIII to school reopen.
be positive laa!! Enjoy life till MAX! =)

Puapua~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Be more courage aite?? Hope all your dreams come true. Especially 'that' particular one! HAHAHA

with love,