Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm relieved from the past 5 months, approximately half a year torturing yet memorable period. I have no idea how could I survive. Flashing back of the progress, mostly, all the time, I was complaining and questioning myself. Why couldn't I do it in a better way, why couldn't I handle it with a perfect solution when problems occurred. Within all those time, I seem forgot to enjoy every single moment. I did, but not during the time when brain-bursting issues came to me.

When it came to the end of the period a.k.a. the last day of the camp, I felt kind of reluctant while looking at the kids' backs, leaving the bus behind and heading to their parents' cars. The once-contented-feeling lost. The 3 days we spent together with the kids, the months we spent to plan and organize the camp with all ocwc, it's sorry and pity to admit that this is the LAST big event we organized together in this academic year. Soon we're gonna separate here and there. Sigh. Maybe, or most probably I was wrong. I hope I could rewind the clock and enjoy every moment. Where in fact I didn't :'(

Anyway, special thanks to Keruey and Erica, 3 of us giving support to each other during the entire process. Throughout the progress, we got to know each other very well, put each other closer to the hearts. We revealed many little secrets of ourselves but we trust each other. That's us. The bonding we built since the day we shared and wrote the same story as well as our own histories.

Maybe there's only us, who know about the changes between us. Nothing much to tell, it's a heartwarming feeling =)

Thanks everyone, for what I gonna say, I already said in Facebook wall and the album which I uploaded. There's thousand million of thanks to many people. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Hahaha I don't know why it sounds weird and formal. Anyway, you know what I mean.

PS: I'll miss the YCOCWC passlink. Perhaps I'd get it again, but not for YC= YouthCamp, but for YC= YumCha..^^

PPS: I'll miss everyone whom I met during the camp, no matter our OCWC, our lively|cute participants, our dear photographer and those CLS seniors..^^

Event ended, friendship never ends. Once again, nice to meet you all!!!

To be continue....

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I don't know what exactly the feeling I'm having right now. By this moment, I felt so useless of myself. Thing just happened without you knowing. No one tells you for sake of letting u to continue living your good life. This feeling sucks. I'm not just an outsider!!!

The feeling of can't help but letting it happened just like that is unbearable tortured!! I knew it happened but I couldn't do anything to cure.

About days or weeks ago, I once said that I lost the feeling of tearing, now I found it back. What does that mean? I can't imagine what the situation would turn into next.

I lost myself in no way