Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Midnight Diary (Again, after so long)

It's been long. I haven't got time to update my blog. No shit I have all the time in the world to be frank just that I had no clue how to put my thought into words like, any more. But things happened, time won't stop ticking.

This is a quick post (and late night, again). I certainly don't know what to blog (now) so I'll just randomly talk about what comes into my mind.

  1. was sitting infront of my lappy this morning since I woke up. For hours. I had this thought with me: 不甘愿就这样。就这样. "Just-like-that". Anyway, I finally decided to start sending out resume. Well, sometimes we can't help but to follow the current. I don't see this as a bad sign though, (at least for now) because it's really time to step into next phase. Hire me hire me hire me!
  2. I'm never a network-social active person (Besides Instagram, I update quite frequent I'd say haha). I seldom text, hence I rarely check my hp for messages. My friends have mostly gotten used to my taking-forever-to-reply-a-text style. Now, well, it's getting serious: I don't even pick up calls! They just happened to call me when I wasn't around my hp. You know, iphone drains battery in lightning speed! So 1/4 of the day it's on charged (no kidding).
  3. was hanging out with my cousins. We are close, but aren't that close to the extend to hang out outside of our family gathering. Or is it just me? Anyway, it was a great hangout. Gossiping stuff away. We should do it again some time!
  4. was chatting with my girls (rarely happened, see no. 2) and the conversation totally made my day. They aren't just BFF, they are BBF, MBF, (don't mind this, inside joke) etc. too! They are the buddies, the company, the kind, the love, the evil, the sin, they are everything.
  5. have been looking for pianosheets and covers. Can't get the pianosheets of the songs I fond lately: 天使的指纹 and 像天堂的悬崖. It takes me forever to cover by ears (and the results are not even close as nice) so I'd rather wait for the pianosheets online. My elder sis sent me a piano prodigy youtube video, which depressed me (in some not-so-serious ways). I can never be half as nice as that 9-year-old kid my god. I've been learning since 6, that kid hadn't even been born yet! Lesson learnt: all children are gifts; not all children are gifted. I'm a missed.
  6. I miss going roadtrip with loved ones. Probably much influenced by the book I read lately. I miss looking out the window as the scenery passed us by. I miss looking at the driver and the look in his eyes.
  7. I recalled back the night where I hit into the glass. The fear of ruining everything. I guess I can never forget that feeling. Frighten. Scared. Guilt especially. Everything washed through me whenever I recall back that night. I'm feeling all the feelings even typing it out now. 
  8. Had a little mood swing. Thank god for my optimism. The positive vibe. They gather me up as a whole, as a person. I feel vulnerable at times where I need a shoulder to lean on. But forgetting they need the same thing back from me. Haven't I always said things are two-way, mutual. I really should keep this in mind. When I stop giving out the positive aura, I can't ask for it either. Am back as little sunshine now!
  9. Read Tim's latest blog post and got really inspired. Everyone should read. *Click Here*. I love reading his blog anyway. So down to earth. So earnest. So true. 

-Tumblr Time-
Adorable pic! Angel like baby as if he/she has wings attached. Hmm decorations do matter.

Did I mention? Guess not. I got an A- for my FYP. Was kinda disappointed at first. Well this pic kinda reassures me lol.

exactly. Perhaps I won't encounter the wrong ones. But life's a bitch. Just hope for the best.

simply love love LOVE this pic! Art is so much fun. Where fun exists, where art forms.

much beyond words. I envy this well-dressed little girl, and the puppy. Books wall is my thing!! and I wonder what's that little thing sits on the floor (right side).

-being really random-
The unforgettable Cameron Highland roadtrip with family. Still, I don't regret of going, of staying.

after the accident. Sorry to make my parents worried, and still had to hold up and stayed strong for me throughout the entire time. I know deep inside they were broken. Love you baba mama! PS: couple shirts my dad and I put on!

they are just like a pair of mischievous couple. I like this picture of them.

I don't know where am I going. But I'm going. Are you coming?

Roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip...

the green. the soil. the sand. the sea. the sky.



it's Tuesday.

it's reunion day.