Monday, March 16, 2015

Lately | Piano Cover: If Only by JJ Lin


=Piano Cover=

Hmm... after one and a half year, here's another cover. (Guilty)

可惜没如果_If Only —— 林俊杰_JJ Lin
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with my lady @ FOC

with my siblings @ The Ink Brew by Just Want Coffee

with the Bf @ FOC

with my book @ FOC


Done with this book like finally. Rex and the City. A good read. If you fond of dogs, or any animal you will find this memoir interesting and lighthearted.

Rex was a broken dog, fixed.

“Rex and the City is hands-down the best
human-with-dog memoir you will ever read!”

~ Bark magazine

Some quotes I jotted them down:

"Usually I believed in that sort of things--I believe that people came together, not by chance, but by subconscious intentions; I believed that path crossed for reasons that you had to stick around to understand."

"I realized that giving brings you nothing but gain."

"I always felt that if you have known great sorrow, you can appreciate joy that much more, because you have experienced its opposite."

Current read: A Mother's Love by Barbara Greene, Vanessa Howard

"In this life, we may learn that little is certain, that happiness can arrive when least expected, or that it is often only recognized in its passing. Live long enough and we learn that it is often the smallest moments that become the most cherished: the moment when a child seeks out a mother's hand to place in its own, or just the sound of the child's sudden laughter from another room.

Life teaches us many things, but perhaps the hardest lesson of all is that with life comes the possibility of death."

And I...

--drum roll please-- 

just turned 24 yesterday.

simple celebration back at home.

die die wanted to pose funny.

look at those candles.

how serious. 
24 and don't care.
earlier on. ugly though but still love this shot.
15/03/2015 0000hrs.

alright a normal one.


Nothing more.

It's a wrap.