Monday, April 23, 2012

Random | Moments of Happiness

Do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

Sometimes I thought people would find mine is boring, but most of the time I thought that I'm living a meaningful and peaceful, yet exciting life with a lot of amazing people around me. *secretly feeling happy and proud and jumping a little to myselfXDDD*

April treats me great, I'm blessed! Thank God. I need a little more luck in coming one week, gotta work hard to play harder!!

my 'not so random' April:
#1 QuanWu Final 01-04-2012

#2 Pizza Feast o_O

#3 The Shack Cafe

#4 the birthday boy

#5 the people

#6 going back JB!

#7 sista buddies gathering

#8 Maco Cafe & Bakery *will blog about this lovely cafe in separate post*

#9 beautiful Macaron

#10 blekkkkk!! 10years friend!

#11 souvenirs to loves from Taiwan

#12 Bangkok souvenirs from love

#13 Korean souvenirs from Dajie

#14 Gift from HuiPin jie :)

#15 its durian season now!! Max love! Baba came back from work, and purposely drove me out again for this!! 

#16 Badminton session ;)

#17 drinking session @ Avenue. Too bad 'The Roost' wasn't open for business that day!

#18 belated 21st birthday gift from Dajie.

#19 Breakfast in JB- yau char kuey

#20 Breakfast in JB 2- Dimsum (Lau sha bao a.k.a egg custard bun) Super delicious!!

#21 Dinner in JB 1- homemade chicken chop

#22 Dinner in JB 2- homey steamboat

#23 Teddy + Piano = LOVE

#24 '4 Big' from15th CNYE- The Best Cultural Engagement Award :)))

#25 the girls! too bad left QQ :(

#26 beautiful Sunday sunset


'There's only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.'

may you have a great week ahead!!


Monday, April 16, 2012

21st | Tiffany & Co. | Richard Clayderman

I just received my late 21st birthday gift from my elder sis. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? I never thought of receiving a little blue box so early in my life o_O!!! I was kinda shocked and ran outta words to say, keep saying thankiu and couldn't take my eyes off the blue box. 

 My very first Tiffany & Co.

after taking photo, this and that for 15 minutes, finally I opened the box
dajie purposely got two key pendants for this necklace~
the keys collection!! MAX LOVE ♥.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thanksssssss again leeda!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I used to listen to my elder sis playing this song when I was little and of course, not yet started my piano lesson.  In a blink of an eye , I finished my grade 8 for more than 3 years already, how time flies!

One of my favourite piece from Richard Clayderman.
it means 'Childhood Memories', in France.

you know how much I love you

sorry and thanks for sacrificing your dinnerXD



my sis complained of the previous photo attached. here comes with some 'even nicer' photos XDD!!!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taiwan Day2 | Taipei City | Taipei 101 | WuFenPu

Photo BOM for Taiwan Day 2

waking up with my super puffy face and eyes HAHAHA!!

we found a breakfast shop within 3 minutes walking distance around my homestay area.
Yudo Cafe @ 罗斯福路三段 100-11号!!
if you happened to be around, this is a MUST-VISIT! I miss the cute young boss and his even cute mother! The main reason why I love Taiwan so much, the locals are all super friendly and so enthusiastic!

 okay back here, why I strongly recommended this shop?

despite meeting the super nice boss, they provide prompt service as well as quality breakfast!

please don't judge a book by its cover. This is really YUMMY!!! Very down-to-earth sandwich, raw yet delish! I miss this a lot :((

can life be even better than a cup of coffee in the windy morning??

the shop is really small, the available seat is not more than 30 square feet can you imagine that? I suppose they rely more on delivery and take-away service. Based on my observation through days, the boss is a well-experienced and trained barista. Curious about this little shop? Feel free to visit their website: Yudo Cafe :))

There after... first time in my life

seeing the real cherry 'blossom' almost wilting (max failed focus)

heading to Taipei 101

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi @ Xin Yi New Life Square

A LOT of branded shops located in this area

and finally we saw this

the world second tallest building :)

outside of 101

cloudy weather caused us couldn't see the top of the building :(

with my mommy

shopping spreeeeeeeee in 101! we bought 6 bags here o_O

happy me:)

random shoot while we headed back to MRT station

I don't know what mascot is this, but there are too cute not to snap a shot!

super cute decorations alongside the road

byeeeee to Mitsukoshi

say hiiiii to Wu Fen Pu!!

hehe love this shot much :))

special recommended the super nice spring onions cake 葱油饼!must add extra egg! The rest are just normal too me:)

love this shop a lot! a Taiwanese indie brand- Bench

they manufacture their own bags with different styles and leather texture, most of the bags are made of cow leather


the two ladies were choosing their goods

WuFenPu is really a shopping heaven, I just couldn't shop enough. It's just like a maze that turning into the alleys is another alley, which really made me dizzy!! Most of the accessories, bags, dresses, clothes etc. etc. are selling with wholesale price! I grabbed quite a lot of clothes here. They are almost HALF the price of ones you could find in M'sia. Maybe with an even better quality. No kidding. 

You can easily spot some people pulling a TROLLEY with them I'm not sure they are the tourists or suppliers or wholesalers. If you're a shopping queen, I suggest you should pull a trolley with you HAHA because even I myself could hardly carry all the shopping bags!!

there are some food stalls alongside the road

this might be the most delicious 鲁肉饭 I tried in Taiwan!! Don't judge by its outlook man, the sauce is super typified Taiwanese flavor, what we called 古早味!!

how to get there???

Taipei 101::
Taipei Main Station >> (NanGang line) Taipei City Hall
台北车站 >> (南港线)市政府

Taipei Main Station >> (NanGang line) YongChun
台北车站 >> (南港线)永春

ask the people along the road you can easily locate the places!!

The next day?
YangMingShan National Park with cherry blossom!!! :)