Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random Update

Despite the saddening news, I'm home. This is the best damn thing.

though we have no mommy homecook dinner, but we had this pizza feast! XD

my super adorable+cute+sweet niece, Chloe!!
her super long eye lashes!
sweetie pie!

and it's about mid autumn! DRAGON-i mooncake!!!! ;)

show you my high forehead hahahha!! I wanna chop my hair very soon!! of course I won't cut it toooo short. I had never kept my hair this long before. I want to see how far I can go! opps should be how long :)

how's your weekend?


Horrifying Chain Car Accident

I had a very hard time since Wednesday. I knew a sadden horrifying truth, about an accident happened to my parents, which occurred on Monday actually. My family kept everything from me just for sake of my assignment stuff, they scared I'd run back home at the minute I know it. It's true though, when my dad told me the matter, I cried like hell, which apparently they had already predicted I would.

I felt so damn heavy afterwards because I was struggling whether to come back home or not. FYI, I got an assignment presentation on Friday, which the stupid damn lecturer hadn't posted anything regarding the details of the presentation earlier, not even the time and venue. What frustrated me the most? He then finally posted it in MMLS at 2am something on Friday!! So he expects everyone of us staying up so hell late like him and checking MMLS every minute. What an effing brilliant lecturer!

Anyways, I'm home. I can finally look at my mom, making sure everything's alright. I don't know how to describe her condition now. She's okay, and she's not. Been hospitalizing in KPJ Johor Specialist since the accident occurred, even doctor said it can't help much even if she keeps staying in hospital so she got discharged today. Looking at her pale face, my heart aches; when she says she has no appetite to eat, my heart aches; listening to her saying she's okay, my heart aches; looking at her taking pillsssss and painkillers, my heart aches......

I felt so glad and fortunate that my dad's still strong, though there are bruises on his arms, his legs, even his stomach, but still, my dad is still a superman!! Been going back and forth between hospital, police station and home over these few days. Besides mommy, he's indeed the one who needs more rest now.

pic stolen from my sis's blog.

So that was a chain car accident. My parents' car was the one on the left, from wira became kancil. So basically, the car is now scrapped. Fortunately, my parents are fine. I mean, from this photo you can relate to so many bad things that might be happened. I should thank God, no one is taken from this accident.

This is so terrible!! So damn horrifying!! Even until now, I still don't know what happened to the van driver who caused all these happened! 5cars involved, you might not care about your own life, but please don't take others' as granted!

Perhaps everyone can put the bad luck behind, and move on in life.

Appreciate the ones you love, and who love you back in return.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Own-self Day | Life

and today is a random weekday, I have no class until 5pm, meaning that I got my OWN spare time to do my OWN things and figure out my OWN thoughts. Today is meant to be an own-self day.

Thinking quite a lot recently, maybe I have no better things to do. I thought of everything that happened, or might possibly happen to me last night. I didn't intend to, I was actually laying on my bed, covering blanket and there my mind slowly floating away.

People can't stop judging each other, comparing among themselves. Who's smarter, who's prettier, who's taller, who's skinnier.

Somebody are good at making people feel bad about themselves, trying to bring you down. But some of them are trying so hard to make things up, to make you feel alive again.

Sometimes, some people, I'd ask how you are, but I don't really care. This sounds offensive, but it's true.

Sometimes people ask 'are you okay?', they are just curious. Your 'I'm okay' is just bullshit.

Sometimes you say 'thanks for your concern,' but your mind is like 'kindly fuck off'.

Not everyone can embrace different ways of thinking. Not everyone can be considerate.

Few people do care, many of them just curious.

They know your name, they don't know your story.

They've heard what you've done, but not what you've been through.

In life you have to look at things in so many different views. Take good care of your image, but not pretending it's perfect. You may fake your emotions, but never fake your true feelings. Any difference? For me, yes.

So many beautiful things I'd always believed, suddenly become the ugly evil truths.

I'm numb. This is life.

But what's the best part? Life is always unexpected. Life's beautiful still, that it can embrace every ugly truth. I hope I can at least uphold this point. There are things we don't want to happen, but have to accept. Things we don't want to know, but have to learn.

I'm learning.........


Monday, August 22, 2011

Siblings Love | AnMour Cafe @ Sutera Utama

I almost forget about this outing with my younger sis. April matter, should I bother to blog? Haha I actually was looking at my FB display pic and wondered when did I take it? and I recalled back......

It was a beautiful day during my sem break I guess. Dressing up and getting our hair done
vain siblings :P

Drove to town for movie, intended to chill at Starbucks first but what? Full house! So we hold one frap in each hand, stepping into Vivo HAHAHAHAHA

Placing orderrrrrr. I purposely edited it blurry. IDK but I love this.

their cakes are actually quite nice I'd say. Better than Starbucks's I swear! Mango delight is so nommmmmm!

princesses :))

with her Reddie

she is happy because she got a wonderful sister! opps! should be TWO! :)

Thor afterwards. So you believe this is kinda a grandmother story? 30th April XD

Cafe haunting for our dinner
AnMour Cafe @ Sutera Utama
same row with Sushi Hana
interior. Small and packed, but well oriented.
American concept
thumb up for their menu. Brief introduction about the cafe and concept, ingredients used for every dishes, with generous pictures.

captureeeed this and that with my blackie
sad to say that once I got ip, then I seldom used my camera because of the wonderful apps hahaha, I even left it in JB. It shouldn't be! I'll get it back next time!

she with her reddie

and you know what we ordered???
the soft buns with black pepper sauce. It's free with every order placed. I'm not sure is it still FOC now?
Vongole Pasta
the pasta is well cooked. Right my taste!
'MINI' Burger Party. When the waitress placed this on our table, me and my sis actually stared into each other's eyes. 'WTF are you kidding me' look. The MINI doesn't really make sense. I mean, yes, the burger is mini compared to normal ones, but the content is generous and it came 4 in a pack and with fries! I'm pretty sure we did ask the waitress could we finish it and she said yes. So yea....

and one thing to mention, if you don't eat beef, be sure that you do ask them to change it. Overall it's nice, the burger meat is juicy, tomato and vege are fresh. Definitely worth much more than it costs!!


yes, that's not all
Chicken Cordon Bleu with meshed potato. Sauce is nice, the meat is succulent but kinda oily. Nothing really impressed me.

so, we were screwed. Our stomach bloated. and I can barely remember if we finished everything on the table. Pretty much because of the mini burger. Should have left it for the next try. Anyway, this exploring is kinda a success. Can't really imagine how much calories we've gained. HAHAHA

love this shoot
us :)
artistic haha

and yea, finally it comes to an end.

I miss family and siblings outing! Sista buddies gathering!! and everything! After this week, it'll mark a significant sign showing that I haven't been home for one month! Kinda a rare thing huh.

Miss home. Miss you.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rolling Night | Far East Cafe | Casa del Rio Melaka

Yeeeaaahhhhh!!! It's weekend again!! Shouting out loud because I finally got some personal time to update my dead blog. Drizzling a little just now making my mood even brighter! you know right, I love that kind of weather.

Back to last weekend, I had a rolling night with my bunch! It was a long awaited gathering because we, this combination haven't been going out for like decades. Hitting the streets dressing up nicely, ready to party! :))

Mr Mysterious?

*So, almost all the photos here credited to the Mr mysterious, MrGOAT a.k.a. KaiYang a.k.a ahkor, LIKE his photography page?*

Yang found a delicate restaurant located in an alley around Jonker Street, he really did a homework before coming out with us!! Haha!

Far East Cafe. Located in the same alley with Geographer cafe and Sweet Summer Cottage, which I'd blogged before.

My view?? The interior is kinda baroque style, very unique, delicately decorated. For me, it'd be even nicer if they add more lighting to the dining area.

Peace & Love (credited Winnie)
kinda look like advert right? Hehe

They served fine Chinese dishes, and some Nyonya food. The price is average, but the portion is kinda small.
I love these two- Lemak chicken (it's not inside the menu, special recommended by the staff), Beancurd and eggplant.

After having a satisfying dinner,
there we rocked our night!!

2nd visit.
happy us!
Lovely still.
Till the day only I knew the ladyboss came from China. A very elegant, gentle woman.

simply love this!! :D
our first photo after sooooooo LONG! I can barely see my eyes -,-

took a stroll on street........

and then we decided to 'sneak' into Casa Del Rio
Casa del Rio
'Home by the river' in Spanish

just in case you still have no idea where's it...
the newest built boutique hotel in Melaka. and pretty QQ and me! Hahaha ;D

first time ever, I looked tiny LOL!! (credited Winnie)

we took like ton of photos here and there around the hotel
and even 'borrow' the lobby to take a rest

boss ini busy sangat

I did have fun throughout the night, perhaps all of us did! Hope that we can meet up more often in coming days!!

have a great evening loves!

I'm on my way

yours truly,