Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm addicted to this song!! I can't stop myself playing it over and over again. I even downloaded this video clip and converted it to mp3 format. So that I can transfer it into my phone. I'm with this song these two days. I feel with the rhythm and melody so much. And this girl played it so well so passion!! She made this song full with feelings and thoughts as if it has spirit and wasn't just a song that simple.

This is how I spent my holiday

Listening to the only song in the playlist repeatedly

wind blew through the opened window

I was lying on bed reading novel

it's until chapter 21. Quite a fast proceed.

thinking of the past conversation

Couldn't help but my eyelids got heavier and I fell into dreamland

Woke up lazily at 7pm.

Looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset glow

faster walked onto balcony and captured this

you know, sunset won't wait you even a second
it's pink color!! How brilliant

life's simple and easy
and mine is returned

how bout yours??

with lotsa missing thoughts,


Cute right?

keep it close to my heart
Simple and easy

thing's clear
mind's clear
heart isn't clear as water

studies come first right?

with love,

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Show encrypted text

click the link above, and enter your email address


You must be crazy!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Spirit

It's accumulating

increasing drastically

I'm afraid I can't bear it anymore

I'm used to this bloody silence

it ain't a good sign

I don't want to hope and wait

I don't want being silly

return the original SzeEe back

at least she was still a free spirit


some part of it is now clinging on somewhere

ain't no more


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm sorry I turned you guys down. I'm not good at rejecting people and I don't like to do so.

I feel so bad to turn people down. especially this time because CNYE is the only remaining event which I wanted to get involved so badly.

I know it must be damn fun to work with you guys

and I also aware of something: IF i didn't join 14th CNYE, not to mention the coming 15th.

call me perfectionist or what,

If I wanted to do something soooo badly, I wish I can make it perfect.

People do hope they can get others' recognition and praise, that's certainly true.

But if I couldn't reach the satisfaction I looked for

how could I persuade others to believe my ability?

During foundation, we had more time to prepare for the exam because we had only 3 or 4 main subjects for one semester. But now we have to deal with 5 important subjects all at once.

During foundation, I could score quite well even if I prepared lastminutely. But now I guess I'd die perfectly straight if I really did.

During foundation, I could tell my parents to trust me that I could score well in the exam and did well for the events. But now I hardly say even an 'I'm doing okay' to them.

Degree life is much tougher than foundation's.

we have to deal almost everything on our own.

the syllabus is n times harder.

I should have expected all these....
(and now I do respect all my engineering seniors!!)

I used to make sure everything's under control, BUT not for this time.

I hardly felt the anxiety and pressure during the past BUT now I do.

I know me.

I certainly know that now I can't handle both sides well.

I'd ruin either side. Or even worse, both.

Studies comes first. This is what I always remind myself.

I was having a struggling night yesterday.

I was upset because of the assignments (spent 5 hours but came out with nothing!)

and I did make a deep consideration whether or not to join CNYE.

ultimately, I still remained my answer unchanged.

For this time, my heart says yes, but my mind tells me no.

for sake of everybody and the whole world, I better don't.

I can't afford to lose the bet.
The promise I made to myself.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Musician's Song

Musician's Song

requested from JasonTanLaLa
and hey, sorry yea there's some mistakes!
I ain't got time to practice since I back jb for only 3 days!
anyway, thanks for introducing this song to me!!=)

FYI, I'm now reading two novels, one is 'Suddenly Single' -Sheila O'Flanagan, I can hardly tell if it's nice or worthy so far, because I just read until chapter 8 and yet it contains actually 41 chapters!!

hell thick!><" *and yea, that's 20sens coin*

well another one is 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' -Patricia Highsmith. This is my first psychological thriller novel, and it's in Chinese version!! It's been ages since the last purchase of Chinese novel! I guess the last one I bought is 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'! BTW, I just bought this one on last Saturday because of the very first reason- the bloody cheap pricing!! and the last reason- the book review is awe!

Once my friend told me, if I can read through all the notes and slides like how do I focus on those novels and fictions, I'd be damn a top student! LOL!! I guess it's true! BUT I know I won't be such a great student. Pardon me XDDD

I'm catching Hongkong drama as well! See this is what a busy situation I stuck myself into! BUT they don't relate to the academic stuffs. Assignments due date is just around the corner! All at once! Siao!! some subjects' questions are killing!! I don't even know how to read the question. Haiz...

ohya I was feeling like gonna throw up anytime during the whole afternoon and I didn't know and still don't know why!! I was hungry but I was not sure whether to take dinner or not though I already bought something to eat. I felt so sick. =X

Luckily everything's gone and they're all in past tense!*smile*

Guess what? I'm gonna buck up myself studying! I know it sounds like a miracle but I have to.

No matter how, I still enjoy being a student!

Do you?

the highlight of this post?



Success starts with a dream!
Sleep earlier for sake of 8am class tomorrow!
Have to be good tonight!

Night world=)

with love,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hilarious Cooking Day

Last Thursday, we went to John and Fuyong house to make ourselves dinner!! It's freaking fun throughout the process!! Of course, I just kept kacao-ing here and there, taking lotsa funny photo and making fun of others. BUT I did contribute myself to those bean sprouts hor!! Though it ended up tasted quite weird and I don't even know how to describe! XDDD

Perhaps I didn't make any trouble.

Yea I didn't!

I guess all of us enjoyed the dinner much. Correct me if I'm wrong.
(I dare you to say NO!!! LOL)

Comes up with some pictures~~

Can you imagine 6 guys dealt with a can of tomato bean. The scene looked freaking weird yet funny I tell you! I bet I can hardly see this scene again in my whole life.


-the end-
of the story not this post la

Look at them
handsome lehh!! LOL!!
actually our chef of the day was ahJohn~~~
the others were fake 1




if you see got someone inside the photo wearing formal, no doubt.

photo of the day!!!
Damn CUTE!!!

I'll look forward to the next 'super geng dinner cooking day'!! We even created this event using Facebook! LOL!! At next Thursday! Yoooohooooooo~

PS: there's something wrong with the Html code. Paiseh yea I lazy to check for it..zzZ



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I admire the author of this comic*as everyone knows*. I love the quotes he stated inside the pics. Almost each one of the them got it's very own meaning. and that's the fascinating part or the highlight of the whole picture. I like his black humour and yet it's actually an irrefutable fact as well. Somehow, I read the quote and it's like saw me through, it touches the deepest of my heart.

Though it's all about the story of a dog, but if we read the messages delivered in the pic from a humanistic perspective, it actually offers quite an unique viewpoint of human nature. That's the reason why I sometimes uploaded the pic instead of typing the words out, because the pic tells everything I feel.

and right at this moment, yea I feel the same thing as Daodao does, again.

it's now 3.30am. I have to wake up at 8am later and attend for the 9am tutorial. zzZZ

I believe it will rain ever since 1 something, but until now, it doesn't show any little sign.

Hmm.... should I say night or morning??


Forget it. Better off now.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hear Me?

there's quite a distance huh?

I don't even know how much I feel

but it's definitely more than what you'd expect

I thought you know me

thoughts, again

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freaking SS!!

this is gonna be a superduperfreakingcrazily SS post! There's nothing inside but tons of SS pictures photos whatsoever! Click the small red cross, or tell us we're pretty!! LOL!!!! To my beloved sista!

2 months ago, I had a crazy outing with my dear in JB. Guess what we did?? We went to many different places within hours I guess. I could barely remember we started the day with a raining morning, having breakfast with ms Ng and ms Lau. It's quite a rare combination I'd say. But who cares?

Too bad KahWei couldn't make to join us after that, she was heading over to her dearly boy's house to take care of him! I remembered that he had fallen sick. Poor thing.

Anyway, plan could be changed. We rang over Teng, asking her to get ready and we'll be there around fifteen minutes. Hehe

Ms Lau and I always wanted to visit this cafe since everybody gives a thumb-up. We were so excited bout the visit even brought our lappy along, planning to spend our whole day there.

we stepped into the entrance, 'ohhh so the downstair is boutique.'

"Excuse me miss, can I help you?"

"yea, can you lead me to the cafe upstair?"

"opps sorry, it's temporarily closed down"

"HUH? but why? I thought It's doing quite nicely?"

"yea but we lack of staff, so my boss decided to close it temporarily"

and we were like '(!!!!)WTF I'm longing for this day!!'

"feel free to take a look around"

(forced a smile)

(taking a few steps.....)

"actually you girls can go up and have a look"

"(turned facing her)really??"

"yea. because there're many photographers like to come to our place and do some photo shooting. I guess my boss wouldn't mind"


so we went up LOL

the way up. *love the flora staircase*

imagine!! if the light and bulbs are switched on! What a pity it doesn't run the business! I've heard that the cheesecake here is awe! *sigh*

gonna be a series of ss photos. will you skip it? LOL!!!

-babe yeeteng-

-babe violet-



*tik.....tok.....tik...tok...tik..tok..tik tok tiktoktiktok....gotcha!*

-ss unstoppably-

I never met such a nice salesgirl before!! know what? she even offered to catch photo for 3 of us!

yea no doubt, it's the entrance door wtf XDD

we even snapped with her!

spending about an hour there without spending a single buck! OMG suddenly I feel so sorry to the salesgirl. Hehe too bad our intention was the cake and the cozy environment, but not to those trendy tops or dresses or whatsoever.

Boss weiii look here!! Resume your business la! I bet there're many people like 'ME' out there waiting for the day comes.


after that, we decided to go to Starbucks, Bkt Indah Jusco since we had already brought along the lappy. Again, rang over to someone to join us. JiaHui this time. and of course she said 'YES!'


this was the 3rd place we went- Jusco

but not Starbucks, it turned out to be Boston.


to be continue...

*obviously, today is Saturday and I've got nothing more meaningful to do than blogging! hehe. People may realize I updated my blog quite frequent nowadays. The number of views increase drastically if compared to last time. Thanks for the hit!*

*I treasure every silent moment I had

*and I miss hanging out with you girls!! The time we spent is always awe!

PS: this is actually a scheduled post. I've done it on Friday. Hehehe! See how much time I have! oppss! I haven't done my assignment! XDDD


PS: It's now 1.12pm Sunday.

'People mountain people sea'. There was crowded with people everywhere. There was no seat for even 1 person in Starbucks, not to mention we were 4 together. So, we decided to go to Boston.

The last time visit was at year2008, I could still remember, I went there together with Dada on Christmas. The menu changed! I prefer current 1

which 4 of us??

Tada!! Everyone was bringing the lappy! LOL!!

we spent almost all the time there snapping photos. Instead of surfing net and sharing photos we'd taken during u life, which were our very first intention, lappy became the 'tool' of being SS. (!!!) Webcam shooting la aiyo XDD Pardon us, we met only once every few months!! Talking bout this, JiaHui!! it's been ages since our last met!!!!

with my babe Teng. I hope you're doing alright!! We'll talk bout it next time okay? Continue our conversation inside the car last time! Do you still remember that?? I miss the moment!!!!!

'finally it's my turn', Mr Webcam

I lazy to type the words. Can I just skip to the next destination? XDDD

another cafe, Avonday's
This is my first time visit, and yes, I'll pay the second visit soon!

I like their sandwiches! Love the raw cabbage and whole wheat bread!!
It's so fresh and healthy yet stomach filling!
*omg I'm hungry*

Since Ms Lau sat beside me, guess what we did?

of course we took ton and tons of photos!!

Not only these....


OMG I can't help laughing wtf!!

How could we so SS!

I love my wallpaper!! I've been using it for half a year I guess!!

gosh I miss them!!!!!!
and I miss the freaking hilarious webcam session!


we got ourselves a proper photo, taken by the waitress there! She's so friendly!!=)

photo of the day

That's an unchangeable certain thing we will take photos whenever wherever!!! Who cares?! For me, I think this is the last year to do such crazy things or actions together! Next year we all will be in our whole life first 2xth-year! Someone told me, photos are the only thing in world which can keep the moment forever. At first I don't agree with him. But now, looking back at these photos,

I do.

and I miss you...

*scheduled post, posting at 6pm! Enjoy the freaking funny photos!