Monday, May 30, 2011

The Toast 土司坊 | Johor Jaya

How did you spend your Sunday?? :)

I started my beautiful Sunday morning with a fab breakfast

together with

and went to
The Toast @ Johor Jaya. This is insane, purposely drove to JJ just for breakfast!

Newly opened. spacious enough! A lot of Singaporean customers I supposed. Many Singapore cars. Hardly find parking around this area. The business is too good.
amazed me cause the interior is full white furnished. Got feel lorr :P

quality menu :)
mayo egg. yummmm
mayo egg + butter kaya
homemade soya. Tasted real fresh :)
nasi lemak
mee siam (super recommended!)
you got 3 choices- either chicken, otak-otak or and one I forgot dy :D
yours truly :)

can't really stand my long hair dy. Always tied it up. like ah ma =,="""
btw, that's the magic of lens. Maymay looks so pretty even without makeup on.

I finally, practiced piano. I took 7 hours to practice 3 songs. Only 3!!! and they're still not truly perfect. Gosh I'm slow :(

this is pretty much about my Sunday.

FYI, I'm soon gonna off to Tioman Island until Wednesday. Bo bi got wireless there, or the better, 3G can be functioned, and has Digi coverage. That's all I wish!! ohya, and wish me a safe journey!! :)

Can't wait to explore the beautiful coral palace. I can smell the sea :))

and I'll not be able to update my blog within these 3 days. That's why I'm now rushing for this post.

People don't tend to make mistake, if they do, we should believe they did it unintentionally. How angelic minded. Hehe

ohya, and misunderstanding is horrible.

happy weekdays! and see you in June! XD

3 days without connection with the outside world is quite a problem, I'll miss you badly :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Seoul Garden @ Mahkota Parade | BEAST- Fiction

Last month, 18th April, dear KahYee came to Malacca to find her boy, awwww so sweet!! Felt so guilty cause I never go to CyberJaya to find Mr Ng *cough*

Taking our lunch at Seoul Garden @ Mahkota Parade,
student price RM21 with tax. *if not mistaken*

various choices

even dimsum =,=""
and western food @@"

drinks + dessert corner

the wastage of food will be subjected to RM5 per 100gram charged

Nom nom

and the people

lovebirds *I took this photo okay, by using Puapua's DSLR muahahahaha 抢功劳*

sweetie, guess what was she doing??

fried rice loooo damn pro! Taste not bad some more!

satisfying meal. Yet I can still remember I was about to go broke that time, wallet's bleeding. and so to my heart. LOL!!! Anyways, quality time spent together with friends will always be THAT worthy.

Ms Low is coming back to JB, and she and I *and my sis again (BIG SWEAT)* are going to meet up for PANDA later!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT LOOOoooo!!! I wanted to watch this movie since the trailer released, has been quite sometimes till now. Lalala~~~~~

hope you guys have a GOOD DAY too! :D

PS: got a new piano sheet from one of the BEAST comeback songs, Fiction. Strong beat, yet the background music is just so melancholy.

BEAST- Fiction. and KiKwang's super cute!!! XDD
Enjoy :)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Black's 20th Birthday | La Pasta | Yew's Cafe

Surprise birthday party for Mr Chan a.k.a little black HAHAHA

See how a pudding cake transform into....

DADA!!! nice not?? wiped the fresh cream all over the cake and added some coloring.

after some transformations it then became......
even nicer right?? Hehe

that one is for some 'special' purpose and this is the real one

the gang.

the birthday boy

I believe this is in one of his the-most-unforgettable-birthday-celebrations list.

the next day

another lunch treat. Or should I say high tea?? Cause we were there with our stomach packed. @@""" This is like an annual routine held every 7th May of the year. I can still remember the terrible dinner last year, we went to Starocks stonegrills @ Sutera Mall. and was hell outta quality. Since then I've never been there again, not giving the 2nd chance. Yes, NO!

So, Yew's Cafe this year. Sad to say that the food are just so-so. And so to the drinks.
The spaghetti is an hmmm.... OhNooooo. I like only this,

the one on top right corner, called Tokyo Steak House Fries. Tastes like something. Not bad.

and this fella tagged along too, nahh I told you, I don't know since when she gets along with my friends so well. and I will always remember the gift she gave to Black. Too awesome!! LOL

Happy 20th Birthday Black. I don't expect people to understand what kind of this friendship is, and I don't care how people interpret it, but this is how I get along with my friends as what we called buddies. Don't judge, even my bf understands and believes in me, what should you do is to shut up and admire how we can keep this precious friendships over the years.

why I say this is because I know many people out there LOVE to gossip other people and all I want to let you know is, I don't give a damn.

and of course, a lot of mates' with me. and you guys rocks!

Haha I'm so in holiday.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Update | 49 Days Korean Drama

Tutorial on how to sneak your fav drinks into cinema. and of course, illegally... *cough*

1. buy your fav drinks
2. put it into your shopping bag and make sure it's steady and wont spill out.
3. cover something on top

Here you go. Enjoy your popcorn with drinks rather than coke/100plus/sprite. HAHAHA I just randomly pop something onto my blog in case I have no time to update because.......

I'm now watching this. Woah super NICE I'd rather stay at home whole day instead of going out. This is so not me but who cares, I'm addicted!!! :))

11th episode-ing. Leave 9 episodes to go. Huuuu I guess I can finish it today! Tomorrow is Kong Fu Panda 2 day!!!! Who wanna watch with me??? Sms/Fb/chatbox me! :)


Update:: hii it's now 0530 26th May. I finished watching all episode of 49days. SUPER nice!!!! HOHOHO so inspiring, touching, exciting. I guess I'll give up panda today and catch it tomorrow with my sis since she will have finished her exam by then. Morning world. and wish me a sweet dream :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers' Day | Yaoki Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Pelangi

BEWARE:: This post is a LONG one! :))

Mothers' Day outing with family. Mommy was supposed the one to be treated as a queen but somehow baba stole all the attention.

He got the 4 ladies he loves the most to accompany him shopping!!

all-time-lovely couple

one of his goods. He wanted to buy a watch for long but always thought of saving the best for his wife and daughters. Finally we convinced him to buy it :)

beautiful sunset after shopping :)

went to Yaoki Japanese Restaurant located off Jalan Perang, Pelangi.

Do make a reservation before you go. The space is very limited! and so to the waitresses and even kitchen workers. Not really efficient, be sure you have enough patience.

waiting area. Yes, we got our early booking but still, had to waiiittttt.

very authentic izakaya!! *Japanese style 居酒屋*

super love this area loooo!!

to while away our time

High quality food worths every single sen, and of course the time you spent on waiting.
I love this one. Started our dinner with a very refreshing spinach salad. a bit salty, but yummy!!!
this is good!!! :)

highly recommended-
1. Sashimi. *this is Salmon??* Real fresh, and the thickness is just right. Melt in your mouth!! Hwah I miss this!!

2. Japanese pork bone soup. The soup is so thick and so flavorful!! Fuiiiyohhh damn nice!! Enough of saying! :))

3. Yakitori- Uzura Maki. *quail eggs wrapped in sliced pork* Super MATCH!

all 3 recommended dishes are based on my liking, not on behalf of this restaurant. Try it yourself, pamper your taste buds :)

that's what we called couple watches. However, one from Longines and another from Polo. HUGE contrast huh! LOL

To me, she's the prettiest mommy on earth. Internally and physically!

More information about Yaoki::
If you still don't get the location, it's located opposite of Niniq bistro and same row with Nam Moon Korean BBQ *南门*

I'm back to JB and sad to say that KL trip was cancelled. If you ask me why, that's a long story and I don't really feel like talking over ton of words to explain the reason of a cancellation of a trip. But if you ask me where did I go over these 3 days instead, I can answer you. Of course somewhere with my boy. LOL!! Anyways, I still felt please of meeting him.

Holidays in JB continues......