Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vain Post | J.Co Yogurt Ice-cream

A vain post, with lotsa SS pics. HAHAHA!

story starts from, 'One day, .........'

Ms Low came back JB and coincidentally I was in JB as well. So we decided to meet up and caught a movie. I wanted to watch KongFu Panda 2 but it turned out to be Pirates of the Caribbean. SAD case. Until today I still have no chance to watch pandaaaaaaa. Must be lowyiqian's fault! HAHA

Chill at J.Co

not with donuts, but with their yogurt ice cream! I prefer this more than Tutti Frutti. And I feel like there are more choices of toppings than T.F..

Of course with a lower + much affordable price.

*cough* So you'll wonder why the hell this fella tagged along AGAIN!
HAHAHA!! But still, Leejinee I love you! *I've been saying 'I love you' to her recently wtf*

cutie us! *LOL*


This girl has a strong ability which I have yet to find another one to replace her. She can make people around to do foolish + silly things/matters together with her, unconsciously, you'll follow her. NO REASON!! Chio not?

Gonna meet my JB friends in Malacca tomorrow! ALL OF THEM!!! and we'll depart to PD!! Muahahahaha can't wait!! It must be a blast!

I haven't been able to update any vain post for long. Perhaps you're delighted with this short one!

P/S: CBox removed! Too many advertisements and spams! Leave me anything in 'comments' or more straightforward, to my email! I hope I'll receive love letter from someone in one day *LOL*

P/P/S: I wanted to change my display pic like forever! But I don't have any idea which pic should I choose to be. Too many vain pics FML. The current one is still my super short hair. HAHAHA! Ages ago! Kinda miss it.

Smile, for a better tomorrow!!

Good evening!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Trip Part I | Mari Mari Cultural Village

Photos Blog.

Mari Mari Cultural Village.......

Everything I saw in that cultural village was greenish, brownish, all the earth tones. Orang asli there are all quite handsome weiii~ HAHAHA! And they are all super friendly and cute!! I personally like the one who sat beside me in the group photo, named Eric. He's too CUTE!

We were introduced to four different ethnic communities, and their very own tribes. For more information please check *this* out.

View from our hotel room :)

This trip was all about nature. Stay tuned for Part II because I'll bring you to the highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu. Spectacular view, fresh air, cold weather, beautiful flowers and plants, bla bla bla.

I guess I will do the rest postings as such. Pictures tell everything, aite? So this is it, the fresh update I'd promised I would do it on weekend.

KK trip on JUNE! and it's now JUNE. Call me high efficiency blogger LOL!!!

I never expected Sunday night will be as such. You'll know why......... :)


untitled II



——转自 藤井树《我们不结婚,好吗?》

Beloved June Babies!! II

June is about to end, July is waving hands to me.

Baby Yann's pre birthday celebration.

She actually blows candles on every 21st June. It fell on Tuesday this year, many of us couldn't make it so chose to celebrate in advance!

moonlight cakes combo :))

very cute and lovely couple!

girl, I'm glad that you like the card.

I personally like this page :)

Yann, I know you had a wonderful birthday with your boy. For you I wish, are only the greatest happiness and your smile. I love your smile so so much do you know that?

For another one week, we'll see each other again!! Muackz!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Update | Freedom

Just wanna update something to make my blog alive. Having too many posts in queue, instead of having too many choices, I suddenly have none because I don't know how to sort them out. So please pardon with my randomness. I will update something fresh on weekend I promise.

Life in Malacca definitely has something different and fun, but I'm still clinging to the care free life in JB. I just can't help.

Playing friend's guitar at his house LOL!! It's C chord if i'm not mistaken?? I learnt it before, all the basic chords, but I somehow forgot them all. and I don't think I'm a fast learner so everything has to start all over again. It's fun! I'm thinking to learn guitar, seriously, but I know I won't have time and enough of passion.

and also, I'm thinking to buy a keyboard. No kidding. I'll start saving money once I make my mind.

Finished reading this book from 藤井树. I never bought his book from the bookstore. This is the first time I took it from the bookshelf and decided to buy it at last. I got attracted by it's title, 《十年的你》You In Ten Years.

it's a love story I supposed, but the word 'love' doesn't exist throughout the content. That's the reason I like his story. The way he expressed through words by words, lines by lines are just so amazing.

kinda love this shoot. This is the new white door baba changed for us. To match with dada's fully white furnished. We love it! and it makes my room lovelier! hahahaha

Freedom begins...............!

"Sleeping is the only time to feel freedom, because there's no rule in dreaming."

P/S: I got an unexpected email from a stranger past few days, and it got me a little surprise because that's an email from my blog reader, Courtney, and she's from HK!! She bumped into my blog from searching Beast's piano sheets. and guess what? We are now basically friends because we got each other's FB as well! HAHAHA!! Courtney if you're reading this, you know how much I appreciate your visit and every comment!

P/P/S: Saturday will be a beautiful blissful one!!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are You A Worrywart??

Relaxing morning after 8am class (taken one hour only I'm a good student, LOL), I read NST published yesterday and THIS title caught my eye-sight.

"Are You A Worrywart?"

Dictionary stated, worrywart is a person who tends to worry habitually and often needlessly; pessimist; fussbudget.

According to the article, we waste 36 minutes every day worrying, which equates to 9 whole days every year- or 18 months during a lifetime.

and a line did make me LOL, which I'd posted on my FB wall simply because I thought it's so funny, yet so true.

"Money is dominating most of people's thoughts. It's interesting to see that petrol prices take priority over people's sex lives."

Let's take a look at the Life's 25 Top Worries (I take only those I think they're interesting):

1. Cost of living
3. Gaining weight
5. Getting old
7. Going to work
10. Petrol prices
11. Sex life
13. Not living life to the full
15. What other people think of you (??!!)
16. No time to do anything
18. Rubbish social life
23. Whether your children are happy
24. Not laughing enough or having fun
25. Cancer

interesting? Health concerns are quite far down the list. I wonder why some people have time to think of not living life to the full, yet have no time to 'do something' to color their lives.

I just did a test titled 'Do You Worry Alot?'. This is the result I got.

Your mind is centered on the present, immune to the intangible future.

Your soul has managed to acquire a philosophical state of acceptance...a peace that surpasses understanding.

Strive to keep your mind as enlightened as it is now. And fine-tune your ability to help others in their daily woes.

kinda interesting. Here's the link *click me*

Here's another article I read from the newspaper. Titled 'Relax, recharge, reboot'. Not going to talk about the content, people nowadays worry too much because all those physical achievements made us so. Finding your very own way to de-stress is what really matters.

Going to 5pm class now! :)

I love today.