Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year-End Pranks

Gonna end my year2010 with some funny stuffs. Craving for some life jokes or entertainment?? Look here!! GAHH!!!! I can't help myself laughing non-stop while viewing through the photo!!

People do change. For both physical appearance and thinking. Looking back all these old pics, I feel grateful I'm not the one who had changed the most. An advanced apology to my dear who appeared inside the photo I'd uploaded! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

yea no doubt she is leejinee!!!LOL!!!!!!

my short hair boyish look!! Teeeheee~
siao kia look. I mean, everyone of us!HAHAHA

beginning of the yearend of the year

March- before entering MMU
first week of Malacca life
Living in Malacca after one month
last day of year2009

beginning of year2010
middle of the year
end of the year

I don't think I changed a lot wei. But my friends around really do!!! HAHAHAHA! Kinda miss my short hair, especially the super short and boyish one during year2007! any different you spot?? Please bear with the urge to tell me I'm chubbier, fatter, older or whatsoever related words! XDD

Thanks for viewing my year end pranks! Actually there's a lot more but I feel threatened!! LOL!! May see you all next year?? =)

Alright, last few hours!! I'm not going to do anything BIG to celebrate it. I guess a simple gathering will do. Again, Happy year2011!!!!!



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year2010 REVIEW

What I've done over the past one year??


-English 2 presentation as well as my debut drama. We worked 7 person in a group, stretching our head thinking bout the story line, choosing the background music, doing workshop for our drama props, practicing over and over again, etc etc. It's quite an enjoyment to work with the people. Most importantly we caught a lot of attentions!! you'll know why.

January- John & Kamal's BIRTHDAY

-Got my foundation 2nd sem result and I was damn emo that time. Dropped quite alot and I was like not putting all my effort in it. More or less is because of organizing a secondary school camp.

February- CNY House visiting!!
-foundation result was a pleasant one. I was lucky enough to pull my grade back to the track. However, stepping into degree life made me feeling empty inside. Guess the main reason is the splitting of engin gang

March- Drama Presentation. Yea, our theme is AVATAR!!! Chio right??!


-yea, JiaQing Camp is my first secondary school camp, in organizing I mean. 'd met a bunch of nice people and gained some experiences as well as the dark shades under my eyes. We used to have our meeting or discussion over hours until late night. that's why

15th March- My birthday celebration with CLS gang, oh well, I was so touched until I cried. Like lost all my image. Thanks.
I couldn't help laughing out loud when I found out this pic. who's this?? Hehe

-Orientation Camp for MMU newbie. I was one of the organizing committee. After gaining some experiences after JiaQing, I had the pleasure of joining this big family. I'm sorry I didn't really devote much of myself into it, and to be frank, I wasn't enjoy as much as I could. Anyhow, this is another new experience for me, to be a secretary. Much of my truth self dislike this job, I'm more on organizing type. However, for Orientation Party I was the head of logistic. Start from the moment I involved, I knew I was right, not regretting of joining orientation series. That kind of sense of achievement was what I'd never gained before.

16th March- Celebration with engin gang @ Sakura House. Thanks for the surprise. I didn't know you guys even bought me a cake!
GAHH!!! I miss this gang of people!!! Andrew Tan, KX Yeo, Kiwi, YongQin, YieChin, JunYang, FY, I haven't seen you all like over a decade!!!!
-Primary School Learning Camp. The 3rd school camp I involved to make up for the regret of not organizing it on our own *Recreational Division 09/10* Let alone I achieved the purpose of joining, I'm glad I had a good team as well as gained a couple of friends. I really enjoy working with my members who are so cute, funny, hardworking all at the same time.

March- JiaQing Youth Camp.
TADA!!!!!! I miss the people, but I don't miss the hutan! XD

-Chinese Culture and Literature Division Sharing Night. I was the person in charge of a program, Mandarin Drama. But the actors?? International Students!! That was really a hard task for me, there's no problem communicate with them, but to teach them Chinese as well as the correct pronunciation is hell tiring and sometimes, to be frank, you'll lost your patience. I'm just not that kind of person. Anyways, we get along quite well and I'm glad to see each one of us growing familiar until the end of the event. Last but not least, we got an applause at the end and it was definitely a success.

April- Housemates gathering
April- Engin YELLOWWWW Gang!!!!


-Though I don't go back JB often, but the link and connection between me and my JB Gang will never cease. We never worry about running out of topics, they subject to change everytime. Friends and lovebirds around, family, teachers tutors or lecturers in school/campus. Simply anything happened around, the latest news, whenever wherever. Hang.Skirt.Gang. is the name for the ten girls. Don't ask why that's a long story. Though it sounds kinda childish and ridiculous, but that's our style!! We can play like a kid playing in the playground or screaming like the one throwing tantrum to their mommy, we can also be very lady and elegant, sometimes. HAHAHA. I heart all of you. You know that.

May- Mothers' Day
-Engin Gang final break trip to A' Famosa waterworld, before we were separated into different majors: tele, mecha and robotics. I couldn't get used of the situation in class at first. Facing a lot of strangers cause me couldn't be the real me during the class. Me myself is the only company. After few weeks, I found myself actually walked inside the campus alone most of the time. Finally, I came to realize the truth is that no feast can last forever, as long as we keep the precious moment and memory inside our heart, that's it. See, engin gang is back again. Anyways, I guess everyone did enjoy themselves throughout that 2days 1 night. I miss the steamboat gathering at night. Do you?? Looking forward to our final break trip to Penang!!

May- Engin Gang A' Famosa trip!!

-Siao.Gang trip to Port Dickson and A' Famosa. Time spending with you all always flies. I feel sorry of not getting involved every so often. I'm not finding excuse, I know it's me not keeping in touch because of this and that *you know*, so sometimes I might not catch the conversation. But for tangyuan gathering last time, I felt really heartwarming, though there's only 3 of us. Looking forward to cyber dinner next week. Quote from winnie, 'the bonding between us will never cease'.

June- Tioman Trip


-My 19th birthday. Thanks to those who celebrated with me. Max appreciated. Glancing through my blog achieve only realize I didn't update any post about my birthday. I just simply uploaded the photos in my FB album. Hehe. Anyways, thanks for everything happened around to make my birthday such a blissful and wonderful one. Sooner or later, I'll step into 2- category. I still can't accept I can no longer show my act-cute face when taking photo. *I must don't care!!* Hehe!!

July- Orientation Camp
July- Orientation Party Organizing Coms
July- Logistic Working Coms

-I'm officially attached. Of course with my family knowing. I had a boyfriend when I was form2, but then get caught by my mom and she was damn furious that time. She was so disappointed and I knew I broke her heart, but teen always thought the love between she and her bf *or the other way round* was so mighty that no one can stop them, so did I and my ex-bf. This relationship continued until the end of year 2008. 3years relationship without my family knowing *self-respect*. Is this what we called love? Anyways, being single for nearly two years, I've found the one. We can't tell is this the right one but he/she is the one who loves you the most but he's not your family, cares you the most but not your best friend, knows you the most as if he is a mind reader. If this person appeared around you, please treasure him/her. Because I do.

August- Erica's Birthday
August-ShianYang's Birthday
September- Love
October- JunTheng's Birthday
November- Mandarin Drama. Local students and my international student!!
November- First time donating blood

-Family is forever first place in my heart. I don't know how much I love them, but I know they love me as much as they could. Nothing more to say to my family, as I always tell them I love each one of them.

December- Siao.Gang outing
December- Primary School Learning Camp
December- Academic division
December- Xmas outing with Engin.Gang
December- Xmas eve lunch with family

30th December. One more day to proceed to my brand new year. Do I have any expectation? seriously, no, so far. Any doubt?? Yes, a lot. But I know God will make a way.

Thanks for the love happened around. Peace.

Say bye to 2010.

Happy New Year 2011 =)

with lotsa love,