Monday, December 29, 2008

X'mas @ Bkt Indah Jusco

And the next day, christmas. Me and my DaJie went to Bkt Indah Jusco at night. Just want to take a look that how 'big' is there and also for killing our time. Maybe due to holiday, the car park was fully 'filling' with carssssss and even roadside also became car park. Double link road became single link. So can you imagine how crowded was there?

Hmm... For me, it's only a normal shopping complex loh. Not as big as others saying. But from it's exterior look really very big!! I heard someone saying that this Jusco had already replaced Bukit Tinggi that Jusco and became the biggest Jusco in Malaysia. Is that true?? *haha so many jusco*

Just a part of it. Every Jusco looks the same. Sienz.......zzZ

After hanging around, we decided to take our dinner at BOSTON! This was our first visit. It got 9 outlets in Malaysia though.

DaDang!! Nice lighting! Haha.. =)

Wahaha. My look so funny! I love the creamy mushroom soup!!! YUMMY~~

Eh paiseh i wore the same cloth as x'mas eve that night. XD. Lazy to wash it... Forgive me! I already threw it into washing machine that night!! And I want to tell you guys, I finished all the food stuffs above!!! But exclude the drinks la. MUAHAHAHA

And my sis had this. I forgot what burger already. XD

LeeDa not pro. Me became half liao. Haha...

When we took photo there, got a waiter keep looking at our hp screen and said:' tepi sikit tepi sikit, ahhh yayaya!! Ngam ngam!! Wah comel -nya! ' Made me and my sis keep laughing so couldn't take a proper photo lah!! Haha. But that waiter really cute loh!! He was giving my sis the 'glad eye' once he passed by in front of us. Haha.

Thank you DaJie, for another generous dinner. Hahahahahaha.

In process. Hopefully everything will be alright at the end.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve @ Moonlight CakeHouse

Suppose I post this entry on christmas but ended up I couldn't make it. So delay until NOW. Me and my family went to Moonlight Cake House for celebrating our christmas eve. Where's it located? DaDang!! At Taman Gaya, just behind Tea Garden. *so-called古文茶*

Moonlight Cake House..

Okay. My christmas this year was very simple yet heart warming. Maybe together with my beloved dearest family, merry mood had been going after me.

Leejin with her chichken chop.

Here's what we ordered.

Spaghetti which I already forgot it's name. Lamb chop. Christmas set with special Hawaii sause and Santa Claus as well.^^ Everyone could finish all and it's portion was quite big. Now you guys should know why I have such BIG appetite. This is so-called 'inheritance'!!!! HAHAHA... Don't play play! Biology noun man!! XD

Yeah! My spaghetti! Yummy...

And we were there to celebrate my little sis's birthday. She is a christmas baby indeed. Oh pity Santa Claus! Leejin so cruel one. XD

As there is so-called cake house, it sold many type of cakes!! *slurping*

Here's the cake for her. Pretty cool man! Made up of different slice of cakes. VERY YUMMY!!! *drooling*

Her face didn't looks like love this cake much huh?? But she really enjoyed with it!

And here's some random shoots.

I had a wonderful christmas eve with my family and I did enjoy it much!! And thanks LeeDa for treating us this luxury and generous dinner.^^

I had a christmas gift? I think so, from my very closed friend. But don't know why I feel uneasy with it. Maybe because of the stories behind? Whatever, I still much appreciated with it. And I recieved a message just now. Hmm... What's that feeling? Hard to mention out. Just very simple sentences and words but it does really melted my heart. Thanks a lot guy. And take care.

Now is 3.25am. Omg the time for me to go bed was getting late. AND my dad is sitting behind me now!!! Yes no doubt, he had no choice with me but I'm still typing the keyboard. Good night then. XD

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Long-lost Friends @ Neway

Went out with my long-lost friends last Sunday. They didn't change much, and their looks still the same. While my didi, XiaoLi, I used to refer him that, doesn't looks like the person I met before. Because he had a HUGE changed!!! Became lengzai and much more taller than me!!!! And I also realised that he a bit looks like foreigner! Omg finally I met a shuaige in these few days! *Cause I keep nagging to my friends that lengzai have been extinct! Haha*

Okay back to topic XD. We decided to sing k at Neway. Well, I think I've to tell you guys that don't intend to sing k at Neway on Sunday!! Is that Neway famous with its outrageous price? Haha. We very surprised with the bill because the total tagged there was pretty high. Anyway, I had a great time and fun with my lovely friends, though the atmosphere was quite awkward and out of place at first. So, it's worth! Haha...

Most of them still need to attend to school next year. Aiyo, I realised that I'm old people among of them. Poor thing! I'm not feeling quite well loh!! Pity me. Another story here, most of them dyed their hair as they're still a student passing their holiday! But my hair still black in colour!! Omg I'm going to lose a student huh? Hahaha...

Okay lah. Stop this entry here. Meet with you all next time ya!!

Merry X'mas

There has been something keep on changing me to another personality. What I mean was something emotionality, something that I couldn't explain with. I could slowly feel that I'm not the previous SzeEe but keep on changing to another person. This change has been obviously showing itself especially in front of my best friends. I think that is because all of them knew me very well and I'm really sorry that I couldn't enter the atmosphere when you girls were on chatting. I was becoming quiet and more emotional, low spirit as well I think.

Anyway, I hope that's only a transition period for me during this holiday. My dearest haven't been getting used with my characteristic now. And the most important thing is they don't willing to accept this change on me. Haha.

Now is 2.25am at Christmas. Wishing my loved ones has a merry heart goes all the way in year 2009!! My love will always accompany you all. Merry Christmas!!

Time to sleep.
Good night... xoxo

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love Power?

The days without friends and school life are really annoyed me much. I can't wait for the coming events and outings!! Come, come, come... I don't want to stay at home!! Moss grows onto me later then. Haha... The holiday was just starting though. Pity me.

This entry is just simply about my current life here. No fun, no friends, no surprise. Awful bore you know?! The other way round, I'm much obliged to my family for bringing me many funny moments during the time at home. Especially my mummy and DaJie, they have much sense of humor you know?
Don't play play... They are 'old people' though. Hahaha...

My little sis, LeeJin is going to celebrate her birthday. She is Christmas baby!! The main point is, I still haven't get her even a single sen as present! Omg I'm going to broke already. She wants Converse shoes as her birthday present some more, AND I already promised her I'll try my best to get her THAT. Oh, I really regret it!!

You know what? Family is the sweetest person in the world that no one can be replaced.

Ton of words XD. Somehow blogging has been one of my own way and so-called indulgence to kill the leisure time. Is it a good hobby? =)

Yeah......... Movie and 'chiong' k with my long-lost friends later then. Wahahahaha.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Outing With Babies

09-12-2008 Tuesday

Hung out with my dearest babies. We went Plaza Pelangi for singing k and CS for movie!!! The whether was so nice yet a bit cold. The sun wasn't too bright and hot. What a nice day for us!

Met up with them at RedBox entrance. All together 8 girls. YRui, YQian, YTeng, TYann, ZHui, JHui, YFong and ME!! Had a long lost with KWei and NXin. Maybe they were busying for their own stuff there? Who knows? Whatever, I used to this condition already. We girls haven't been hanging out together for a year already. Always couldn't make to meet up once. Too bad...

*Here's some photos we took*

RedBox 'chiong k'!!XD

Here's my dearest zimui~^^

After leaving Plaza Pelangi, we headed to CS for watching movie! They had no interest with BOLT because it was a cartoon animation. But for me, it was really a nice movie. Bolt really a super duper cute doggy!!! Ended up, I decided to watch ALONE. That was my very first time to watch movie alone wor... Quite excited that time. Hahaha... After movie masing-masing, we all leaded by JHui and went to 'somewhere' to take our dinner.

'Somewhere' = Roost Juice + Bar!!

Bar counter *here's only it's downstair small corner!!*

Been serving upstair too. Quite ancient looked.


Mango Tango... It was soooooooo nice!!

Babies here. YRui, TYann, JHui, YTeng, ZHui, YQian. *from left*

We very satisfied with the foods and beverages served there. Plus, the food portion was large enough!! As a student, I think the price quite reasonable. We can affort with. Haha.

Had a nice day with my lovely babies. For sure these will be part of my memories.

I love u girls. Muackz........ =)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

CoffeeBean & Primary Classmate Gathering

Last Monday was public holiday and yet, me and my siblings went to CS for bookfair AGAIN. My DaJie want to buy a story book there. Unfortunately, we circled around at basement carpark for almost AN HOUR, BUT we still couldn't find any parking!!! Ended up, we decided to go to Plaza Pelangi.

There was nothing to look around actually. Just hung around here and there for killing the time.

Until my elder sis said 'let's go to Coffee Bean, I treat u two makan!!' Me and my younger sis agreed with her decision immediately for sure. Haha. Since we love to eat yummy cake.^^

Here's the yummilicious cake!! *drooling*

Belgium Chocolate!! But a bit tasted like coffee?

Younger sis, LeeJin. *wah! She finished all these!!*

Me and my LeeDa.

Funny pose. XD

After that, my sis fetched me to go to my friend's house for primary classmate gathering. Haha. Met up with some of my friends. Luckily I'm not the only girl there. Frankly speaking, the gathering ain't to my expectation. Just 4 girls attended. Though many boys but they just kept chatting about online games, bla bla bla... We can't join them actually. XD.

People there just became few and fewer. Left some boys, SiewChin and me. Had a nice talk with them until around 12am. And thanks for SiewChin's sister's boyfriend fetching me home. XD

Lost contact with them since we graduated from primary school. Don't know why, but I just couldn't make to meet up with them. This time got such opportunity, need to thank SiewChin and RiJia bah? Whatever, we exchanged our phone number already.

Perhaps we'll contact then.

Yes. Time to go bed lo.....zzZ


There's something wrong with me right now. Something inexplicable, I couldn't explain with it. None of physically problem, but emotionally and mentally. I don't know how to handle with this actually, but just can try my best to slow down the effect it brought to me. Many things to do but i don't know where to start, and how to start. Run out of pocket money also another matter that made my head become more and more bigger. I think I should control myself from now onwards. The date keep approaching, time to meet up some long-lost friends. Quite nervous actually. Messy minded huh. Aiksss... Can somebody clear my mind please?

Crap a lot, I hope I'll be better then.

Took too much for dinner. Feeling not so well now. ><

Friday, December 12, 2008

WildChild, CS Cathay.

Last Friday went CS together with my little sis, LeeJin. Purposely for movie and Popular bookfair. Plus, I did really pity her for staying home all the time during her school holidays. She really bored until did something I can't expect. For example, she can only lie on sofa for the whole day and just sms with her so-called friends. What a poor thing.

WildChild. A nice movie. And the heroine in this film was definitely a pretty.

My little sis and I.

This was what I bought. I wondered why I could spend so much that day.

I was spending too much in these few days. I'm broke enough!! By the way, I just can't stop myself from getting out such gathering with my dearest. What a contradiction. XD

It was so late already. Night ya.

Coming post is, outing with my nearest dearest babies.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Can't wait for the coming events and outing.

Nothing to do with. I can't imagine the days without school life. How do I live my life for entire holidays until university orientation? My mum keep nagging about my future nowadays. I'm fed up of it. Even though I knew that she just concern me and worry bout me, but please don't get on the act to my decision. Much to my chagrin, I still yet to decide what subject should I take. I don't have any interest and dream. Haiz...

Still achieving, still pursuing.

Unbearable gloomy dayssss coming soon!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

To All My Buddies and Babies

I'm totally out of control.

Today we went to school for returning the textbooks that we borrowed since the beginning of year 2008. Hmm... I realised that my books still looks very new and clean^^. Met lots of my classmate but when I said I want to take photo with u all. Most of them disappeared in my sight IMMEDIATELY!! What the.....= =. Ended up I could still manage to catch some random shoots with some of them.
Funny guy KhaiYuan, serious guy MunAw,
Moody guy Zhuzhu, Mature guy WeiYang.

Cool girl HuiKheng, Gentle girl HueyJia,
BBF YeeTeng, YanFong.

BBF YiQian, Pretties buddy ShiangHerng,
Cutie ShihMian, Cool Man RenYong.

I'm taller than fong! Qian wanna pick up mushroom?XD
Princess Juliana, Qian and Fong.

Cute James, WenJie, not very familiar with XD,
Kurus sangat AhGui, Self-love Jeff Koh^^.

Here we are. Four SiaoKia.

After we met up with TengYann, five of us went to Tasek, no doubt. Tasek AGAIN!!! Due to the hot weather, we decided to go there for ICE. Coincidently, met up with RenYong, he waited her girlfriend alone at bus stop. We pity him so just accompanied him a while there XD. We met up some Indian friends too. So, for sure RenYong be camera man for us. Thanks ya. Forgot to say that to you.

Punitha, Fatimah, Vicky.

We girls togehter with RenYong, went to tasek found his girlfriend. And for our main purpose, ICE!!

Indulged with this very much. Especially under such hot weather. Shiok!!

After lots of chit-chat, we stepped on the own way back home.

I start missing my buddies and babies already. Since I recieved some messages that run to sentiment. Do deeply affected me. Friends out there, please keep in touch to maintain our friendships ya. I know may difficult for us to have a closed contact with each others. But as long your MSN friend list got '' this address, means I'm still your friend. The memories about me and you that cannot wipe off will always stay in my memory. Since the storage won't run out, I'll always remember and won't forget.

thanks for being my friends. Thanks for taking care of me and showing yours love to me.
I do appreciate very very very much.
I love you.

With Love, Ee

Friday, November 28, 2008


Is it u can just dump something that accompanied u for few years aside when u realised it is no longer suit for u and get yourself another one u loved immediately?? Is it too hurt for whatever things that is? Ya. It does really pain. Deeply. Will it heal in a short period? Nope.

Last day with school uniform

Last day for us to gather with school uniform look.

After 3.15pm sharp, most of my classmate had finished their SPM and going to leave the school. Is it means that we are no longer to meet in class? No longer to bully and kacao teachers? No longer to chit-chat here and there in class? No longer to make noise? No longer to be the class that might every teachers complain to?

Actually no much feeling with this. Maybe i'm not really finishing my SPM. Still got last paper to carry on. Everybody in the exam hall showed their excitement when the examinor announced that time was up. But for me, there's no much different.

After that we hung together to go to tasek. (very lame isn't it?TASEK wor!!!) Hmm...For last outing that we all wore school uniform? Maybe. Laughing and chit-chating are what we did. I do really appreciate every moments that we gathered. Since I knew we all are going to separate soon.

This was what I bought. RM2 sundae!!! All together with government tax only RM2.10! Valid until 7 December only!! Faster go to McD to queue for one!! Yummy^^

After that we all sent yRui back home. And walked to the bus stop which located in front of LaPasta. For sure we keep taking weird photos there. There's someone said 'eh, almost every car pass by, the driver look at us leh!! So paiseh!' That's what we always did!! Our style man! Haha.

All siao siao d photos we took. XD. Forgive me please.

Here I am. SiaoKia. XD

Sisters and buddies, I will not forget the days we belong together. I will miss u all badly. Ya, sincerely I am.