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Internship @ PTP Flextronics | CNY

-Pardon me. So this post is really a mess because I typed what comes into my mind, I have no energy to re-read and check so I'll just publish once I finish, as I say finish, I mean NOW 12:10AM-

Just a rough update about my current life. Too tired so I'll just bluff whatever crosses my mind. You will know why. Haha! *Please forgive any grammar mistake found*

FYI, I'm doing my internship/practical/industrial training for 3 months, starting from this week. I wasn't nervous at all, but dunno what shit reason I just couldn't fall asleep at Sunday night.

First day was just boring, every company is the same I guess- briefing. But one thing I never expected, it took my whole day, 10 hours included waiting time. I didn't even know how my supervisor looks like during the first day. Instead, I know the people from IT, security, HR, training departments. I was so so boring you cant imagine, never expected time could be wasted just like that. direct translate from- 从来不知道时间是可以这样浪费的. LOL!

ANYWAYS, this is the 5th day in Flextronics and the 4th day in my department. Forget to introduce my company, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Flextronics it's so gila HUGE I can't take the whole picture of it, just imagine. Almost everyone I've met so far is friendly and nice including my supervisors (I have 3- -), engineers, staffs and operators.

Time flies when I have things to deal with. Though Monday and Tuesday were seriously suffocating because of boredom, but the next 3 days (including today) are fun. Gotta go to production line jalan-jalan, kepo with operators, and back to office to key in WI and print and send to production line again (WI, work instruction, document which is basically what I need to do for coming one month).

Sometimes I take my lunch with the Chinese and Filipino engineers (including my supervisor, he's the department manager! BTW I'm under Engineering Department, service build) at Gelang Patah which is 15mins driving distance from my company simply because the Flex canteen sucks.

Okay enough of Flex, my life is nothing now besides going to and back from work everyday. Daily routines are, wake up, wash up, breakfast, work, wash up, dinner, sleep. As simple as it seen. I wake up at 6am and sleep at 9 or 10pm everyday. Even I myself feel surprised. But no choice, too tired after working whole day.

and I gotta try one thing which I have yet to do in my life, working part time! HAHAHAHA!!!!! I somehow quite determine to work on weekend because staying JB for 3 months, already doing nothing during weekday, I must not let myself rot at home just like that.

So, if anyone of you want to upgrade or register TM, please contact me LOL! For more details, I've yet to know HAHAHA!!! shall see how tomorrow! I'm a fast learner and motivated person, hope my positiveness is proportional to my sales! haha~

AND, CNY this year is just so so boring to me. Ahma is not with us anymore, there's a big difference you can tell...

BUT the yearly CNY house visiting with the gang will never get outdated. Except my house is no longer the last station/gambling station, ChunPing's instead. Never forget we had a great vodka/wine tasting, poker, mahjong sessions.

-BFF Time-

I had quite a special Valentine's day with my gang.

When everyone's busy celebrating Valentine's day, I was spending mine with my loved onesssssss! Staying single for too long, I'm so immune to this day. However, by the time I thought 'YEAH it's my sista buddies day, fuck it valentines,' then I saw so many pairs of lovebirds appeared in my sight (my dearest friends- -). Yeayea, I know no one to blame. 

Even my ex-bf surprised me that day! and he's pretty sure I don't have one because I was trying to cheat him that I have a bf but he said 'IMPOSSIBLE'. WHAT? Okay... You'll see! (Word to self: Really?) Hahaha anyway, I really feel happy for you! and the lucky girl! Stay sweet yea! :))

forever first stop: Qian's
Aunty is still as cute as always!!



Wei's 2nd day. Meet the long-time-no-see-we-tot-she-disappeared-already Zihui! The day I gotta know how to play mahjong. I actually learnt a few times already, but the next time I sure forget. I'll remember this time, for sure! Because I won RM3.50! HAHA beginner luck?


Pretty mommy Xin :)

first time visit. Qian's BF aka Sumi aka siao-kia's. - - 
Sumi, your younger bro really so much handsome than you. Really.XD


Last station of the day: ChunPing's. Loving your bar! HAHAHA and vodka(s) and your hyperactive maomao (a poodle, if not mistaken). Zen, Gui, black and Yeun joined us here, but too bad we forgot to take group photo, because we left at 4 or 4.30am. Brilliant us. oh and ChunPing's room is amazing too. The walkin closet, the giant bed with sound system, the jacuzzi, the countless perfumes/colognes. The night was amazing, I especially love how we chatted and talked to each other when we sat/lay on the sofa and when we were in the bedroom, like there's no tomorrow. 

Rui's. Pity girl, was so sick during the first visiting, and we few people made another visit to her's before she left to KL. Don't you find this photo very funny???? I do! I think mostly because of herng's posture. Too 老娘 HAHAHAHA

we played in-between!! The highest record we set was at my house 6 or 7 years ago? RM300++. So we learnt the lesson, starting from RM0.10. LOL! Our first time!

Power of RM0.10 made. Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit!!!

Zimui(s) aka sistas! Taking only few pics this year. The older I get, the lesser photos I got.
my dear NingXin, I couldn't make to attend your ROM at 11-11-11 and wedding at 24-10-12 and then again the wedding dinner at 27-10-12, but finally I'm able to meet you in person, with your motherly shine *母性的光辉* LOLLLLLL! 

and then finally your princess!! Born 21st Feb 2013, same with her mommy, Pieces person! So do I! Hehe She's sooooooooooo CUTE walao making me want to marry earlier lor! Anyone? LOL jkjk! Gotta visit her and the mommy ASAP! Tomorrow night if possible. Ohmiigod I can't wait!

and then ChiongK with the ladies. The last time I could think of was 4 or 5 years ago when we were still in form5. Walao how time flies. and BTW they really 心机重 lor, never told me to dress up, I just simply put on a shirt and drove to meet them because I was so rushing of time. EVEN WEARING SLIPPERS! aghhhh

and went to Universal Studio for the first time in my life!! 

And the thing is, I NEVER QUEUE throughout! The power of EXPRESS ticket! ;) 
*will blog in a separate entry if i got time*

-Family Time-
sweetheart Chloe!!

My BF no. 1!

Lee family good genes? LOL!!
BF no.2 top right corner! Still remember he followed me to play badminton with my friends when we were so young! At least 5 years back! When he's still studying primary school. AndyLee, the RC driver :)

rumors said gotta wear formal during the first day of internship, and I brought the one and only set of formal back JB. I have no idea how I squeeze into that skirt because it's XS! Holly. I think it's originally low waist and I wore, became high waist LOL!!!!

-Working Time-

my access card. That photo is too ugly to be shown. Even I myself cannot accept but my mom keeps assuring me that it's nice. I think her eyes got problem. Serious one. HAHAHAHA!!!

small part of my company. 冰山一角

one of our company's rules, must reverse parking due to safety concern. - -"

highway. It takes 30-40mins from my house to my company, depends on the traffic. Gila far to me.

I know you miss me. I need to wear the ESD smock if I wanna go to production line at downstairs. as if I'm a doctor HAHAHA!

Never understood why working people always write TGIF, but now I'm fully aware of it. I feel thankful too. Finally I'm able to spend my little own time to do my little own things, like now, blogging. This is the 2nd time I switch on my laptop in this week you believe? I pun tak percaya I sendiri. LOL working life turns me into an abnormal person!! :((

gotta pass through this toll-liked gate everytime I go to work. The company/factory right behind, is Flextronics. This is part of PTP. If you can imagine how big it is.
*credits leejinee*

-SzeEe Time-
someone said they ain't eyebags, they are 卧蚕. 
but I'm pretty sure, mine are eyebags, because I grew them bigger and bigger. HAHAHAHA!!

It's still CNY according to lunar calendar, guess it's not-too-late to greet you all happy CNY for the last time? I won't be updating my blog so very often as you know my daily routine is forced to back to normal now. *ehmm* 

oh! and also happy Chap Goh Mei! 

Feel free to pay me a visit at sutera mall tomorrow and Sunday? HAHAHA!

okay I feel so tired already. I spent over 3 hours on this post. Though everything's just random stuff, but yea, I need to make sure this blog is still alive. 

So in conclusion, working is tiring, but having to meet new people, learning new things in life are fun too. There's someone told me I would change after I start working, to good or bad he didn't mention, but I need to prove him wrong. As in personality, 

I'll always be the SzeEe you know, forever and always.

Happy weekend people!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

保护色PianoCover | Hard Rock Cafe @ Melaka | CNY

please read till the end hahaha

Gotta start this post with this amazing place I visited recently. 

If you know where is this....

Taadaaaaa! HardRockCafe Melaka! Long heard about their opening, but due to that torturing suffering 2 weeks exam we couldn't make to go. and now, finally be able to pay a visit ;)

taking from the entrance...

and from the front...
Super SPACIOUS can?!! Definitely not the angle problem!

loving that chilling night with friendsss ;)

This live band, SKYHIGH is no joke! Super powerful vocalists and very super pro guitarist and drummer!!!! Didn't really look at bassist and keyboarder, haha sorry. Their performance successfully put us in shock and awe! HANDS DOWN!!! After watching theirs, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with other band performances. They are real PRO. with the crazy stage, sound system and ambiance like that, the night was truly amazing.

some random pics taken @ Hard Rock Cafe, Melaka.
the huge signature Hard Rock guitar at the entrance

super '串' management. *if you understand Cantonese hahaXD*

Spot the Aerosmith's guitar? Haha bet you can't. The whole interior is decorated with lotsa rockers' stuffs whom I don't even know their names. Only those really famous ones like Aerosmith and Beatles.


ladies' room

okay enough of Hard Rock. Back to my random Wednesday night after my 2nd sem final exam ended. Was so excited you can't imagine. I was literally jumping up and down after my paper. 

Dinner @ Ohan Japanese Restaurant, Kota Laksamana. 1st lousang in the year of snake. *ops forgot to include the sashimi here* quite a big portion with reasonable price. 

The Impossible. Watching this movie at a Wednesday night, costed us only RM6! Damn worthy because I was crying from the beginning till the end *basically*. Too touching OMG!!! and the 3 little brothers in this movie are way too cuteeeee! Ohya it's based on a true story, for more details please visit rottentomatoes.

spending my Wednesday night with these 3 crazy fellas.
3 months back! See you in a short while! :)

What's more? My sis (the younger babi 1) gave me an earpods as gift after exam (wtf?) and I was so so so happy with it! At first, I thought it's just a simple normal earphones with crazy expensive price (cause I really cincai in choosing earphone, those rm10 ones are already good enough to me), but after using it, the quality is GREAT! Thanks lu babe sis.

So I did springclean my room before leaving. And found out many things and unwanted stuffs. and old memories.
'll be doing my training in JB. 3 months back I have nothing to wear so I basically brought back half of my wardrobe haha!

After the enforcement of the stupid rules stated that all students must wear long pants or what shit, I've never worn these skirts since then.

I only use the first 3. The rest leaving untouched, there are more bags in JB. Wonder why girls love to buy bags and shoes especially? Or is it just me?

5 pencil cases.

only realize I left this book untouched since end of December? it's been a long time since I spent the good time at reading. Should resume it.

after 3-4 hours of cleaning + packing. My desk now. Parents and siblings are still on the wall LOL wtf. 

dear roomie the sotong the silly girl, please take care of yourself, don't always come back and go out so late. Don't always SLEEP!! Haha 'll definitely miss you much! know you'll do the same :) xoxo

and then...................
 I'M HOME!!!!!!!!
I'm the luckiest happiest girl knowing that I have the BEST family on earth.

the LEE family.
'm still keeping it! the calligraphy done by shanying aka my event partner back in year 2011 December. Part of the decoration of 15th CNYE. What kind of flashback :')

unpacking stuffs was so tiring too! but at least looking at this corner makes me feel all good. I used to wear watch since my primary school, under the influence of my parents and elder sis. and it turned out to become a habit. From the oldest to newest sequence:
Casio at top right, Black Esprit, turquoise color Solvil, white baby-G, golden brown Alba and then Vabene orange Flash . 

meeting this little girl Everlyn. I hope I spell her name correctly. She gave me the present!! (okay no it's from her daddy). Never know my friend has such a cute niece, she looks like Korean! Every kid on earth loves me remember? HAHA i think I should have chosen early childhood education as my future studies. Aiks it's too late.

JB gang a.k.a BFF

sometimes I can't help myself wondering, why are they meant so much to me? then I know, I'm a totally different person in front of them, the TRUE Ee. It's not saying that I'm the fake one in front of you guys but..... it's just so different I myself can't even tell.

Believe it or not, during the normal day, we never once contact each other, no sms, no call, no anything. But when we meet up, it's just BOOM! Everything falls into place.

I'm so glad I have you girls and guys. I know it's so hard and rare to have so many friends as one close gang. So so close like we do. Not just 5 or 8, but over ten of us gosh! We're so blessed to have each other!

Since when the crazy ee become so sentimental? Hoho I know you guys love me much.

my dear fo-be. HAHAHA okay I'm still not used with your phoebe name. When's our last meetup huh? Missed her like crazy and finally, she's sitting beside me and I just can't stop teasing her and also can't help clinging to her like a koala. 

we are that close until we get so familiar with each others' families. My BFF's brother, he's only 16, basketball and volleyball state player. Too pro can!!!! With height like that, I just couldn't resist myself from taking photo with him. Super tall lar. 

the girls. the narcissists. LOL

taking photos with babi once we reached home. Excited like hell.

Thanks to dajie for these beautiful necklaces. F21 :)

okay this incident happened today. If you're my follower you should know I love to play piano when my dad's sleeping especially. HAHAHA! on the other hand, he likes to 'kacao' me when I'm playing piano too! so this afternoon, he teasingly requested me to play CNY songs. I think he never expected I'd have some CNY pieces to play and he's about to laugh at me. Who knows in the end, I found it! a book with many CNY songs which I'd learnt during the past, at least 7 or 8 years back. 

then after playing a few songs, my dad, mom and even leejinee joined the CNY choir. The whole process was damn hilarious you can't imagine. I just couldn't help laughing out loud throughout the CNY songs moment.

I should record it secretly and post on my blog! Ish! Missed the chance. 

you can imagine that?
they sang '咚咚咚锵~'


along with my playing.



okay not my family's CNY choir sorry to disappoint you. Haha! After covering so many songs, this is my favorite piano cover by far. Though it's nothing about CNY but still.... yea hope you enjoy like I do.


it's CNY now!!!!!!!
Happy ChuXi!

I actually started typing this post at 3 something in the morning until now (5.40am). A really long one huh?
Gotta sleep now, schedule it at 12pm later!

Hope each one of you enjoy your Chinese New Year/holiday!!
I certainly will.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

HUAT arrr~~~~


P/S: you'll never understand how happy I was when I got to take hot showers! Hahaha

P/P/S: waken up by my elder sis this morning, and we were making so much noise ever since. It's reunion 'lunch' time! :)