Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tofu Flower Cafe | Jalan Tan Hiok Nee @ JB

So I was spending my weekend with this fella, yes she came back JB almost every week. Guess she misses me much. Going to CS the 236798th time in this month to buy mom's skincare. For the shortest record, we left within 30 minutes. 

Decided to walk around 

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. It's so hard to find a parking lot around that area, either you illegal parking, or you're lucky! and I'm the lucky one! :)

Total tourists look.

Love this red building :)

It's more blessed to give than to receive

tourist #1

tourist #2

tourist #3

tourist #4

老街画室 Old Street 52 Studio
Couldn't make to visit, it closed at that moment.

macam yes punya posture- -"

tourist #5

loving this old school shop lot with cute name! Xing Fu..

posters introducing this old street's people and shops.

and then we came across this cute cafe located at Jalan Pahang. At the center of cultural street along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Newly opened Tofu Flower Cafe. The owner said it's been one month since their opening. Not really known though, it deserves more! You'll know why...

A strong soy bean aroma welcomed us as we first stepped into the cafe. and this lovely written welcome sign about their signatures

beverage menu

provide plenty of local food. Even spotted nasi lemak, mee and meehun goreng! The sandwiches looked very tasty but we were too full for a portion like this.

selling some handmade stuffs as well

a little bit lovely vintage deco, well mix-matched with the street culture

Open air concept.

Luckily that was a drizzly rainy day. Very windy.

Almond tofu fa I tried. Soft and tasted like tofu almond. It's just average, not really impressed me. But the spoons are so cute!

this is the BOMB! Probably the best soy milk I've ever tasted. Unlike those market-ready sweetened taste, you can tell this is freshly made without additive.

The owner said it's choc muffin? But to me it's more like walnut muffin. Tasted nice too!

The candy, marshmallow and biscuits inside every bottle are actually edible!!

Some magazines to kill your time. Really hope can bring my girls to this kinda place to chitchat for whole day long. *Provided that it's a fair weather*

falling in love with this old street

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.
Due to raining, we couldn't make to walk the whole area. Gotta pay a round visit next time!

Tofu Flower Cafe (FB Fanpage)
10 & 11, Jalan Pahang, 80000 Johor Bahru.

Business hour:
Sun-Fri: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Sat: 9.30am - (depends on customer traffic)


either you are different, or you are foolish. It depends on how you see it.
Some more narwhals are on the border of being endangered. You just stand out among them. Easily spotted, easily killed.
Good/bad? You say.

JB as well, has its own culture. Stay till evening, you may walk around the bazaar! There's flea market at some random weekends too.

Rainy Sunday. Should I go out grab a coffee or stay at home wrapping myself in a blanket?


Friday, April 19, 2013


最近家里很崇尚“不浪费食物”运动(我在google translate找campaign的华文,是运动?Anyway),号召者是我本人。读完《弃业日记》后的那一天就马上实行了。妈咪现在煲饭会煲的刚刚好,量拿捏非常精准,都一定会吃完。以前还会有剩菜剩饭什么的但都倒掉,现在就连一个叶子一颗米饭都扫得清光。有一天妈咪吃完后把盘子举到我面前说:“我吃完了哦~你看你看~”。




大选将近之事不管在城市里、乡下、又或者是网站上都炒得沸沸扬扬。在朝在野两党领袖各显神通,各有忠实拥护者。一天在工作途中阿头突然问起我支持哪一门派,我只说了句:“Ini kalilah!”。他接着说:“Yeeesssssss”。附带一句:我老板是个很帅气的马来人。


星期一老妹回马六甲念书,我傍晚放工回到家后爸爸说:“唉……我的金金回去了,没有人sayang我了”,我说:“还有我叻!!!”,“你都比较sayang妈咪,我还可以跟金金yang o(福建话:撒娇的意思)”。我心想:老孩子……







跟妈咪聊起Boston marathon的恐怖爆炸案……









Monday, April 15, 2013


Friends will always have a very HUGE and special place in my heart. As I'm now a full-time 'engineer' (cough), weekdays are way too busy to say have outings or gatherings. So I take my weekend to the fullest, almost each time, catching up with the buddies and have a drink or two, that's how I roll my weekend with them.

and this time, with this little fella called Bobbie! He has the smoothest fur among the poodles I've seen. TOO DAMN CUTE! I wasn't a dog person and was so scared of doggies during the past. Until I met my ex-bf and he has 3 doggies living INSIDE his house, together with the family members. Running here and there and from that time on I love dogs. Like so madly.

Well oh well... Back to my 'friends' topic. Me and my secondary school buddies were separated after we graduated. And even further away after some of them completed their STPM. We share a bond no other can understand. I guess every friendship (or say relationship) has its own way to survive through ups and downs and over a long long time. So do we.

Over ten of us, girls and guys we are really close to each other and we can really laugh off almost anything on earth and we don't care how others look upon. We trust, care and most importantly, we treasure. I guess that's how our friendship can last this long. 

The last thing I'd do is to take this friendship for granted. Each time I hang out with them, I feel grateful to god. 

I have so many of them as my best friends but guess what? No one can share your own dark secrets to ten people even if you're so damn closed to each other. and I have this particular friend, she's so special to me and so am I to her, we share EVERYTHING. Literally, everything.

Ms Phoebe Lo. I had a glorious day with her, like finally.

we hadn't seen each other in at least half a year I think. Even we are staying so close, studying only 220km apart, but we still couldn't make to meet up. Last Sunday was the day. We went to Yaoki Japanese restaurant @ Taman Pelangi, having a fab lunch to kick start our date after so long.

First attempt to this oh-so-famous Pearl Waffle @ City Square. Well it's a BIG let-down. Hope you can get the message this pic brings.

Caffeine fixed. Just Want Cafe @ Permas Jaya. Yea like I said, I prefer this branch more. Rose latte is so niceeeeeee!!

We chatted bout everything. From studies, relationships, friendships, people, to life and even doggies. We never have enough time to catch up and update each other. Each and every moment was just so precious to me. To us.

That night was so crazy, our crazy man was coming back to JB

Mr Ramzen Oon. It's really fun to have you around, each time.

a stupid surprise we got you. Pardon us this's the best we could bring LOL! 

Miss you mate. I'm so glad, still glad that you talked to me that night. You won't know how much that meant to me, to you and to us.

cheers to our friendship. Yea that one hand without bottle is mine. I drove to TheZon that night and going back alone after that so better I skipped that round, no matter how much I like drinking with my buddies. Yea gotta get my ass up early to work on Monday.

the rest of them.

you can hardly find other friends being so trusted so true and so funny all at once.


Feel so sorry to spoil your image so here, a normal version group photo.

 and then this weekend.......

YenFong back from Perlis and
ChanRuiRui from KL!!

oreo cheesecake these two sweeties made for us.

someone made it even tastier.

the girls

The group photo I prefer without someone but Herng looked too retarded haha don't kill me!!

 after someone added in. Babi Ping why ler you masuk? Hahahahahaha~

had too much laughter that night I couldn't take a deep breath because I coughed so hard whenever our table exploded with another joke. We just can't keep our profiles low can we?

ohyea, and thanks for the souvenirs from Penang and Thailand. Though the two I chose are from Penang hehee. I really love the mural arts, so simple so down to earth yet they brought such an impact to the Penang tourism. Whoever came up with this idea, you're brilliant and so talented.

and now Bobbie my new love...

toooooooo cute!

that innocent look

 He's like a living doll!!! So damn envy my friends who have a dog, some even have more than one. Dogs are just too lovely too loyal not to love. Maybe due to the influence of books and some videos about how loyal dogs are to their masters, I even feel so pity to the random stray dogs. Why mom doesn't allow me to raise doggie lerr. Why oh why :'(

Once a friend told me, any individual who loves animal, won't be a bad guy. I didn't believe him at that moment. But now, I guess it's right.

Even if you dislike dogs, please don't do anything to hurt them.

the one-day-teacher task went well. I love how honest kids can be. How naive they are. Living in their own little world, trusting anyone be nice to them. Maybe that's why I love kids. I'm really a kid person, I know how to get along and deal with them. Not once I said, kinda regret I didn't further my studies in early childhood education. From this experience, I even determine that early childhood education can decide who the children will be in the future. Of course together with the family background and support. Every child is as pure as paper. It's just depend on us how to teach them, what to give them.

to my surprise, I got this invitation from one Burmese operator. I'm actually quite popular among the operators no matter male or female. Why this kinda fate won't fall upon me outside of the company? Hahah

It's been long since the last piano cover. I'm getting bored of playing the same pieces over and over again. I actually have no time to practice for new songs, never mind to do a new cover. If I have the time, I'd do 'When I Was Your Man' from Bruno Mars or '修炼爱情' from JJ Lin. These two are my current favorites! 

and finally. I chopped at least 5 inches of my hair and is now this short. Kinda regret to have short fringe because it's so hard to take care of. Without notice it'd become horrible center parting. - -""""

Anyway, feeling fresh now. Lighter, and younger perhaps?XD

family day + movie day
Oblivion is so boring. But Tom Cruise is so handsome, as always. Hehe

siblings, and yours truly.

yes to this blissful relationship

please XingFu ooo

Nope I'm just kidding.

I don't know. I just don't like being in control. Outrageous maybe?

and yes

I'm not an easy person to love, to be with, to deal with.

Hi to Monday!! It's 0020 now ohmiigod hope I can get up tomorrow! Good night people! Love yea peace out!

You'll love this song

快乐炼成泪水 是一种勇敢
几年前的幻想 几年后的原谅
别讲想念我 我会受不了这样