Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Diary V | SzeEe's

Hi, should I say morning?

I'm tired, but the thought of going back home makes the adrenaline rushing through my veins and I'm excited wtf. Set aside the shitty papers, I'm so happyyyyy I'm a freeman now!

Catching a movie, 'Kepong Gangster' with friends and yumcha until 4am! And you thought we all finished the paper? NO. I'm the only freeman, they are real steady. That's what I can say ;)

flying back to loved ones soooooon!!!! not literally flying of course. - -"

tons of reading and chilling time! I can't wait getting lost in a book.

Been going back and forth between room and campus for like 2 weeks. I'm done with this kind of life. Although I'm used to the people I met for the past everyday, but yea.... It's time to take a break from each other! HAHAHA thanks for the good company ;)

Holiday officially started!

To-do-list during this 3 weeks holiday:

1) making art
2) baking
3) short getaway
4) piano cover
5) drinking with buddies
6) a very luxurious brunch!

Can't think of anymore right now. Brain short circuited. But yea, I don't put my expectation too high for this holiday, I might just easily get surprised by how amazing a simple, raw, unplanned life can be.

hours later will be the moment!!

BEST feeling: calling back home knowing that everyone is missing you.

Happy holiday!
Happy holiday in advance to those who are still fighting for the papers.
BEST of luck!!

May your holiday a fabulous one!

with love,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random | Morning Earthlings♥

I'm real doomed. I have 2 papers tomorrow yet sinking into a total holiday mood now! Nothing planned for my sem break, I even turned down going a trip with Engin.Gang because of date-clashing with my dad's birthday, y'know I'll choose family over everything. So yea, I'll just basically rot at home happily. Going out alone sometimes, hanging out with buddies at some random nights, drinking a bit, last but not least, spending everyday with my family. 

I'm just so happy by the thought of it, I can be with them right after 48 hours (approximately). I can't even!!!!!!!! HoHOHooo TOO EXCITED!

After posting this Imma do the revision for REAL! Thanks to Mr LaiJunTheng I couldn't concentrate on my revision yesterday- been playing SUDOKU in his iPad for like, over an hour?
*stressdie now - -""*

*read something fun just now,

Ohya by the way, this is kinda special sem break because for the first time ever, my little sis and I are going to have the exact same holiday! YEAH~ leejinee let's plan something! =D

Waking up at 8 o'clock in the morning and having a cup of warm Milo is happiness.

thanks to Mr Yeo I'm strongly addicted to this song, by the way I like this version more. ;)

Have a good day fellas :)

with love,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Kind of Student Are You??

Taking a short break from the exhausting final exam preparations. I bet most of the MMU students' been struggling through the revisions and all. I seldom, really, seldom put so MUCH effort in doing handwritten notes and revisions for my papers. This time, I do, like the hardest ever. - -"" Mostly because of the elective subject I took for this sem, Random Process & Queuing Theory. Thanks to my low coursework marks and the acknowledgement of how killing it could be, PLUS my lecturer's demotivating speech, I know my GPA can be lethal due to this subject.

've been spending most of my day and night time in campus the whole week. Noon in library until 12am, then shifted to exam hall canteen until 3-4am in the morning. Latest record was to stay until 6am. Brilliant us.

Before showing how crazily we students act during the exam period (stress overload), here's a sum up for the past whole week.

got my notebook collections a new member! Loving the content, damn cute and creative! *thanks*

my drawing of my big hand/palm. Simple few steps and I got this amazing effect. So this is what I wanted to do, "I've been thinking to do one thing, get my hands on it.", where I mentioned in my last posting. and I DONE IT! *proud*
(thinking back, why the hell did I have time to draw O_O)

receiving a call when I was in library, a secret mission to give birthday pig a surprise! Small pig you so old liao ohmiigod! anyways, happy 23rd birthday! The 'mark' I got him. PS: permanent marker, LOL!

getting quite a lot of good luck wishes from friends. No matter in what form, whatsapp, line, twitter, fb bla bla bla, thanks a lot! This is the pic I received from a friend. At first I thought he drew it by himself, only then realized it's not. HAHA

Back to the topic, The.Final. is not easy. 

1st paper: the killing one. No matter how much effort I put in, just drained... I thought I could do at least 70% of the question, but nope. Slight around 50% I'd say. Aiming a pass! Without resit/retake please..........! I don't want to contribute my first time on this- - NOWAY

2nd paper: LAW! I just don't get it, why do engineering students need to study law, memorize the cases and acts and sections! The first time ever I really memorized all far as I could! Even like the crazy loooooooooong name like this:
Creative Purpose Sdn Bhd & Anor v. Integrated Trans Coporation Sdn Bhd
or the ultra weird cases like:
Kannan v. NLFCS
(How? NLFCS?!! * that's how I memorized - -")
R. v. Govenor of Brixton and another ex Parte Levin
HOW?! I can't believe I can type this out without referring back! They are still freaking staying in my mind!!

3rd paper: Digital Communications which happened this afternoon. I thought I'm well prepared *again* BUT why the heck came out with all the theories but no calculations?! Like, there's only 10-20% of calculation parts and I didn't see the topics the lecturer stressed in class. Aiming an 'A' at first, now gone FML.

I used to be good in spotting exam questions. Not anymore. Goddamn where the heck is that ability missing?

Though with every shitty things happened, I still feel a lot of positive energy surrounded me! Thank God. I still got the mood to read 'Something Borrow' and listen to music in library after the exam. How relaxing life is.

Some pics during the revision..........
First few days of preparation, Leejin tagged along with me to library.

until late at night with 搞笑gorgor. Kx's new name my sis gave him.

Here I classify the students (when preparing for final) into 3 types...
1. The.Hardworking.Type
sometimes we go McD for supper (ice-cream for me) and continue rocking the night with notes. 

*pic credits to Mich*
2. The.Sleepy.Dozed.Off.Type
No doubt I do that too. Sometimes the sleepy aura in library is too strong we can't resist.

and last but not least...
3. The.Study.Till.Ki.Siao.Type
Okay I'll say who are they, Sy and HonWee HAHAHAHA!!!

so which one are you?? LOL!

boredom kills. and we need to do something to refresh our brains so it won't stuck. 
Challenge me, I'm pro at this. Hahaha

the granny-long solutions which I got tired to solve till the end. Shouldn't be this long right must got it wrong somewhere! damnit. 

the reason I go McD is not for supper, but ice-creammmmm! Feeling so so content to have it after a long night of revision, and feel no sinful/remorseful/guilty because you think you deserve it. LOL! #fat

not to forget, playing games to kill the boredom + tiredness. I'm the winner thanks #kartrider

Seeing these 2 fellas at Ixora staircase. They are so tiny, about the size of my hand. The brown one is so fierce kept hissing at me! Even the newborn kittens know how to protect themselves and against the enemies, I should stand on my own feet. Thanks kitties. 

you want to be loved? Learn to love yourself and others.

When people give you kind words, accept it, keep it in mind, be thankful and grateful. Not to ask for more, don't even expect something in return, not when you yourself are not being sincere enough, not when you don't deserve an entry to their hearts, my heart.

Clear enough. Remember that, kay? Love yourself first.

Kinda long entry after 2 weeks hiatus. I've endured enough. LOL!

2 papers to go. All the best to you guys!

Ciao! Imma sleep like there's no tomorrow!!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Recent | That XX

So, it's now the time to fight for final, the time to shift myself into high gear mode. Been slacking around since forever ago and I finally stepped into the.library for some revisions last week. Though were just 3 days (shame to admit that) but, at least I tried.

A summary before my final, and I think I won't be able to update this blog until the end of September.
P/S: and IF I do, please slap me in the face. LOL jkjk!

My parents came to Malacca last Wednesday and mommy brought her homecook barley to me. Hoho couldn't be any happier. I love barley~~~~~
Mr Chan's birthday celebration @ Garden 99. We prepared a line for him, he gotta say it out loud after we sang the birthday song and the speech goes like this:
"Today is limbeh birthday, limbeh jin jiak SONG! (Hokkien)"
and we all laughed likewhat!! 
*photo credits to ZiHui*
the 2nd round @ Mixx. Partying the whole night, I drank quite a lot and for the first time I got a bit tipsy. I shall put the blame on Mr KX.Yeo and the Graveyard. ohh and also for the first time I 'sat' on the dance floor. I actually fell down cause I didn't notice the steps. But it's okay I remembered I got up really quickly. HAHAHA! 
Meeting up with my babes and buddies in JB!! *I hope I can blog about this trip in a separated entry next time!!*
I'm so glad to have them all. Words can't describe how much I love them and how much they mean to me. The ones who accompanied you through the highschool years know you the best. I do believe that.
 They all know me, understand me so damn well and they are the only ones who have seen the REAL me. In real I mean, they have seen every side, every characteristic, each behavior, each personality inside of me. I bet, our friendship will continue till the end of the world. 
In this bet, I will win.
a random August morning with dimsum. 
self-pampered after completing all the assignments ;)
Had a random chitchat at a random night with random flavored tutti frutti. Haha
Spending only four or five days planning a runningman-like Shinigami game around the campus for RCW gathering. I'm really sorry it wasn't ended well because there were a lot of bugs detected during the game. and felt glad at the same time because you guys embraced them all and got closer after the game. Thanks. RCW FTW!
 Finally been able to spend sometime on reading.
wasn't it, life's too long not to go for it?
Spending almost half a year to finish reading 'The Cupid Effect', this is the 4th book from Koomson I read, wasn't as impressive as the previous 'My Bestfriend's Girl', 'Goodnight, Beautiful' and 'Marshmallow For Breakfast'. I don't like the ending since she didn't reason everything out and I'm really confused if Ceri got the live she desired. Hmmm... nothing fancy, just..... so-so.
and now, 'Something Borrowed'. The same author as the previous book I read 'Love The One You're With'. The sofa looks familiar to you? I read it in the library newspapers corner. Guess I'll spend some time there in coming days.

 Guess what? Ms Lowyiqian paid Malacca a visit on Saturday! Together with her bf and the gang a.k.a my highschool seniors. They are really friendly (over-friendly? LOL) and super funny. Their humor almost drove me crazy, Mr Sumi a.k.a Qian's bf claimed he likes me (and stubbornly insisted I'm as his die hard fan@@") and Mr Loh, my halfday-couple senior, been doing a lot of crazy stuffs and acting to me.
Thanks to them there's no awkward moment in the middle and the day went well. The first time in my life I don't feel like eating Nadeje. 6 of us with 12 slices of different flavours cakes! Crazy not. Not to forget the Taiwanese noodle, pork satay, Donald & Lily's Nyonya food, Klebang Coconut Milkshake and chicken rice in the middle. All happened in 4-5 hours. Godlike.
 You made me felt so loved LowYiQian!!!
She remembered I don't eat sweets, I don't eat chili/chili sauce but sambal, I eat only Ketchup, I don't like vege, etc. etc.. This is BFF ;)  Love you much.
 went to MITC Bowling Center just now.
I somehow recalled back how my ex-bf taught me playing bowling the first time in my life. Over this one whole year I played only once, and this is my second time after the breakup. ahh time flies! One thing remains the same, I play sucks. LOL!
 the pro(s). 
for me, those over 100 are really geng already.
 but I anyhow felt proud to win Mr TWL a.k.a Sardine. MUAHAHAHA!!

meh. Quite a messy post. I anyhow update this blog cause I know I won't have time to update in a short while. I've been thinking to do one thing, get my hands on it. Shall see if I have time to do it, and I'll let you know once I done. Stay tuned! ;)
The Blogger.
just to ensure that you won't miss me after the 2 weeks hiatus.

Good luck and all the best to all MMUians for your preparation, revisions and last but not least, the FINAL! Let's fight till the end and enjoy our 3 weeks holiday LikeABoss!!

my BFFs in JB, tomorrow will officially be your 2nd year kick start! My wishes follow and I love you guys!
*huggies smooches*

Everything will be fine, as long as you have faith in them, they will.

P/S: I am always a fan of the law of attraction. You think positive, you feel positive energy. Try it, you will feel good. Stop the crappy stupid negative thinking.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Recent | My Family

It's now September!! 1 month, and I'm free from hell. Been busy completing the assignments and can finally take a day or two off. What then? Fight for the finals. I can foresee I'll have a tough time going through some subjects. Having no excuse since I'm a freeman now, gotta do well!

August has been a really great month to me. Meeting up with loves is the only reason to keep me going, living happily. My definition of happiness is always them. My dear family and friends.

I cried during the last time I left JB. Mummy wasn't in a good condition (rest assured she's fine now), and grandma is having a hard time. I felt sad and reluctant to leave so I cried. I really can't handle that, the closest person to you gets ill or sick.

Grandma is going through a tough period now and I can't bear to see her in pain. But when she's in well condition, her smile could light up the whole town. I come from a really big, four-generation family and my grandma is the QUEEN or we said 皇太后 in Chinese. Kid you not, she's surrounded by the whole family who tried to make her smile like, you can picture it? The power of family love.

siblings with grandma back in Year2010. 
and now she can hardly stand up :'(
During the Mothers' Day. 3 cakes celebration! I don't have any recent photo with grandma. Should take a pic with her when I go back JB and visit her then. I hope the laughter, the happiness can light you up and bring you back to the pink of health. ♥♥

I never really tell my parents about my problems in school, and now in uni. So they always believe that I'm the one who might get bullied or something. They can't picture that I'm actually the one who bully others. LOL jkjk! Life gets hard, but I never show them how upset I am, I always remind myself that I'm a cheerful little daughter to them. and then the next second, I feel alright.
they are the world's most supportive and loving parents. 
my most protective sister ever, who dotes me and leejinee likewhat.
I somehow feel glad she's now in Malacca with me, my younger sis. Talked to her just now, I'm glad this fella is adapting well to her uni life. Mind you, live your life, not others. Be the awesome you. Remember?

ohya, I downloaded an app into my dad's iPad and asked him to test using it. You guess what he wrote??
Love you a lot baba!!
just in case you don't know, I'm the second(middle) daughter in the family.

I'm so damn blissful, grateful, thankful to have this family, my family. What more could I ask for?

Miss you all like crazy.

Lotsa love,
ErEr a.k.a 二宝