Thursday, July 26, 2012

Piano Cover | Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

I just feel like this is so cute. Okay this is basically my life in JB. #fatdieme

you won't believe by makan these I feel satisfied!!
mommy-brand chicken curry!!!

all time favourite! There's only one shop selling 粿条仔 in Malacca, thousand I find in JB - -""""
newly found! this is really YUMMY! Near my house too! ;)

Most importantly, in JB I can always hang out!! with parents, sister, friends.... Feel so loved!
places I wanted to go are so far away and I was lazy to get to town, so this is how I spent my noon today.
Pedi and manicure! 

mehh with this fella again

and ofcourse, dearest besties in JB!
Photos taken last Saturday! had a short meet-up with some of them @ t-blogger, Sutera Utama
hmmm newly opened.

interior. quite okay! Two silly girls spotted!

 drinks! Cheaper than Chatime. Almost the same quality. Hmmm can't take my words though because I can't taste the difference between drinks (and desserts). Chatime/t-blogger/KOI and blackball/snowflake/taroyami etc. etc..

Mr Kyaler :O

Mr Liau :o
what now? 流行被吓倒的表情?

 yeah! ;)

until they closed! 

muahaha! so many funny photos and videos taken that day!! Too bad I'm not allowed to post them! HEHEHE top secret! 

and now, once after sooooooooooooooo long (I know), a piano cover. Last cover was Drenched by Wanting Qu *Here* and I was so in loved with the song until I listened to this, Safe and Sound. then I abandoned Wanting and head to awesome Taylor's. XD

credits to Youtuber- freakyfangirl90

I actually liked the song right at the instant I listened to it from the movie, 'The Hunger Games', but I totally forgot after finished watching it. LOL! Until one day I listened to a cover to this song, you know what happened. I fell in love instantly.

hope you like it.

How's your holiday?? Mine is still empty yet awesome. The best feeling is to slack at home and do a lot of silly things! 3 days left and there will be a lot of torturing sufferings. Yes, rainbow before storm. So please appreciate your days and spend it to the MAX!

Local-uni-ans. Shutup. I know what you're gonna say. LOL!

Students, yea continue fighting! Hahaha it's puasa now at least you can have an early break from school!

the rest? Do I have such category of readers? Hmmm I doubt that. But still, have a good day everyone! 

And people it's Friday tomorrow! TGIF! 

Can't wait for the gathering!!! 
Noon with cousin and longtimenosee friends, night with BFFs!
Tomorrow will be AWESOME!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Recent | Alone, Forever?

The 4th day in JB. I feel empty-happiness. I've got nothing to do the whole day. Waiting for my parents to call for lunch and dinner, friends' calls/msg for outing. Been watching anime '黑子的篮球' and a lot of movies!! Life couldn't be any more wasted. HAHAHAHA!! Is this called the guilty of pleasure? 

It's quite a contrast if compared to my past weeks in Malacca. Around one week left for me to enjoy this kind of emptiness together with my parents and friends in JB. I am really thankful for this short break, to recharge my energy and prepare for the coming fights. 

P/S: Thank God this short break met the local u sem break! Finally can meet some of my longtimenosee friends! Can't wait!

Days in Malacca. Waking up to a drizzling rainy morning is happiness!

yumcha with old partners and laughed our night off is happiness.

gotta spend the weekend with sister is happiness, too.

not to mention at this place- Nadeje.

Thanks Theng and Pua for the company as well! and the 'not that black shorts' inside joke!

We took like 23461 pics that day.

The mushroom soup is, hmmm average. I can make the same one with Campbell's instant. #truestory

I don't know why the hell my sis would order this, raspberry coffee. Too sweet for me.

Yea it's true that the milecrepes are quite a great deal BUT the service is SUCKS TO THE CORE! I really couldn't stand the girl standing behind the cake display chiller (Mahkota Parade outlet). Seriously, I so wanna punch her into the face. She has a HUGE attitude problem!!!

okay chill chill. Maybe it's due to weekend. The crowd was no joke. (self-console)

you find this road familiar??

Tadaaaaa! the famous Klebang coconut milkshake! Life-saver under the hot sun!

I bet most of the students have that one subject you don't wish to attend, but due to the 80% attendance you're forced to go. So this is what I'd do during the whole lecture class. The lecturer doesn't care, he just wants us to keep quiet and don't disturb the rest. 

Problem: I guess there are only 10% of the students listen to him. #failed

Pleasure of reading.

music + good read
my longtimenosee Ted ;)

Gotta have it repaired. I've been wearing it for more than 5years, my first Casio if not mistaken. :(

The day I went back JB. Thanks KX for offering the ride though I didn't come back with him at last.

So I watched quite a quality and meaningful video from Youtube last night which left me in wonders.
so which stage are you in now? I'm in stage0 #foreveralone - -


Hope you like the video! I like the girl so so much! She's really cute and her acting is natural! If you happened to watch 'Unfold' by JinnyboyTV then you might know this girl, Marianne Tan

oh BTW I love their soundtracks too. 

Besides the first few seconds of the short that featured Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years', everything in the middle was original and composed by this production crew! I love every song in this short! :)

sneak peek of my next blog post::
First time ever, I drove in Singapore for sake of sending my elder sis to Changi airport. Damn she went for vacation again, Japan Hokkaido this time!! Envy MAX! I don't know the road, all depended on a GPS. Thank God I reached JB safely. LOL! A siblings date is simply awesome.

P/S: Ohmiigod now I realize I have a habit which, left my hp at somewhere. And when I get it back I have like 20 missed calls or so. JUST NOW was the 2nd time in these few days, I have not been answering the calls. My friend would hate me. Sorry mate, forgive me please? I'll make it up to you next time! Promise!

Enjoy your holiday like I do??


Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning Diary III | SzeEe's

Meh, a super wordy post. Get the warning right? Yea you can proceed XD

So, I am quite a strange/weird/mysterious person to you, most of you. I often make eye-contact and smile, but I never really talk. My friend told me that people find me unapproachable.

I realized that. I'm quite an observant lol.

Nah I don't know. I smile to those whom I know/recognize/familiar faces. But how geh many of you still find it's hard to be friends with me. I even heard that I'm lansi. Serious shit I literally went stunned when my friend told me this ermm what, FACT?

It's true that I won't open up myself to people whom I don't familiar with. BUT I'm not, and will never be those unfriendly (or you called lansi) people okay. I always thought that I'm a friendly person leh, correct me la if I'm wrong because there's a possibility that I'm feeling all good about myself. #fml. 

I'm a total different person when I'm with my BFF, I practically go crazy most of the time. 

I remember once I talked so loudly they sent me a glare and I went shut almost instantly, and the next second all of us laughed like nobody business. aghh I miss those moments.

So, this is basically me. Course there are many unforeseen ones I'm yet to explore. Here you go:

I'm a happy-go-lucky kind. Emo will never be my option.

I like to be alone, a lot. I often stay in my room even my housemates don't know I'm in the house. I have moments where I want to drive alone, shopping alone, going to a cafe alone.

Coincidentally bump into you in the street: if you are my friend? I'll smile at you and say 'hello'; You are a random stranger but we make eye-contact? I'll smile at you, too.

I don't like SMS, I find it really awkward. Even with my BFF! But if I do, I take a century to reply. Make no difference you see. I can only chat freely when I face-to-face with you.

I don't hate people and try not to dislike anyone. But if I do, that should be your problem. I hated one person in my life, but now I shall quote from Mitch Albom, 

“holding anger is like a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.” 

Cool? So I don't hate anymore.

I basically don't have any listener. I am the listener myself. I don't know how to open up my feelings to anyone. Somehow I can digest everything on my own. Or the alternate way, through words, like this.

I mean what I say. Doubt me? I don't explain. I don't care.

I have quite a tolerant of anger. But if I do get angry, you don't try me. I won't say that I have a good temper, if anything is beyond my limit, I'm crazy.

I love reading books. Rainy day and coffee are the best companions. Reading makes me picture a lot of things that would never happen in my life. For example, Harry Potter universe. Oh and I feel pity when I finish reading a really good book.

I'm the most lazy person on earth. I won't do anything until the last minute. Also, I have the worst time management skill. If I'm stuck between academic and event, I'm dead.

I feel love a lot. You can easily find that I love almost everything everyone. And 'love' is quite a powerful word to me and I like to use it a lot.

My family is my SUPER priority.

You find me complicated? That's what we called nature. I believe everyone has their uniqueness and I was born to be like this. It's like...
Kitty plays yarns

Birdie flies to freedom

Kiddo seeks attention

Sunflower tracks the sun

Plant absorbs CO2

See? Natural instinct.

So for me...
Musics cure

Good reads calm

Memories remind me of who I used to be

Curiosity brings me hope

and now, a good sleep to wake up for a better tomorrow.

In conclusion, I do find myself complicated and mysterious too. But what? 

Sometimes in the life of others, the only miracle they need, is you. 
I believe that the people I met, encountered, befriended, are the ones who made me who I am today. Despite of how weird I am, I'm loved.

I always wanted to be loved, be understood.

and then I have you, you, you, ..............

I know I'm blessed.

Happy holiday.

PS: it's 6.18am now. Morning Friday!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Recent | Friday the 13th

Waking up to a chilly morning and having to get out of my warm bed is something really torturing. Realizing that today is Friday the 13th, but the sky looks clear, day seems nice. The enforced 80% attendance requirement is students' motivation to go to class, even it's drizzling out there in a cold morning.

I'm taking my takeout brunch now, luckily the Korean quiz just now went quite okay so I think rumors about Friday 13th is just a bluff. Kinda enjoying myself in this morning. And I'm free from everything until midterm break gets started so I'll remind myself to do something worth. Ton of assignments remain untouched, two lab reports, activity proposal, half of 'The Cupid Effect', Taiwan trip blog post, bla bla bla.

I'm gonna make sure I won't be wasting my precious weekend!

Last week:

6th July is my mom's birthday and I couldn't make to go back and celebrate with her. It's like the first time ever I spent this day without her. Feeling so guilty and a call wouldn't do, so I decided to draw a piece for her. Though it looked quite roughly done but I spent like one hour plus on it kay? BTW that's the lily she likes.

Dearest mommy, I love you to the moon and back!!

taking brunch with this fella. There are TOO many people saying that we looked alike, and for the first time I stopped fighting against it because in some photos even me myself thought that we DO look alike O_O!!

Don't you think this is quite a nice meal because it isn't. I think I'll just stick to nasi goreng tomyam next time I visit. Oh this is Windmill BTW.

if you happened to know my newest gang *HERE*, I simply think that they're real cute. HAHAHA!!

Most of them are younger than me three years meaning that I'm the dajiejie among them. Kinda love being with them because I'm treated like a queen or something LOL!

okay I'm vain but I simply love these photos taken during YingXin Night. Thanks Eric:)

not to forget the 15CNYE gang! Hoho we are awesome and we know it!

so this is the first event you guys organized in your uni life. Whatever paths you're going to take, remember that this is the moment where all of you working together towards a success. Hoping that you all can always bring along your passion and shine through your uni life.

Ixora newest tenants. They chilled like a boss at the staircase and I thought that it's cute when they closed their eyes.

watched the Amazing Spiderman with 15CNYE gang. Taking this photo because the one sitting beside me is cute! Nonono, WAS cute! YC Hong I'm so disappointed on you! Hng! BTW, The Amazing Spiderman is better than the previous ones. and this male lead is super handsome!!!

Andrew Garfield, mixed of American and British. He looks British and that's a big reason I like him!

Guys look hot in suit! Hehe

"The only way to stop the constant noise in your head. To stop thinking about what you did to ruin your life. Going out was so much easier than living with the pain. Than thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings."

Sometimes I feel that the author and I have the same thoughts you know. Reading her books reflects some parts of me. Dorothy Koomson you rock.

origami roses. Nice?? I learnt from Youtube for like one hour only can successfully make one.

lovely don't they?

was too boring I guess, and I tattooed faked an infinity on my index finger. I scare pain so I don't think I'll get myself a real one. But infinity symbol will be my choice.

understand*care/2 caprice = the balance of emotion
hmm depending on people? Posted this pic because I want to introduce you guys a blog, a really good one. He's a Taiwanese blogger, who's really expert in photography and food tasting. I really enjoy reading his words, with the beautiful photos he shoots.

Here's the link: i z z y & i m a g e

ahh the vain me. My hair is seriously a mess. So frizzy I almost have an urge to chop it short. Bad hair day everyday :X

Recent Tumblr:

Soul searching...

wooden desk, with a lot of pencils, beautiful small plants, cute notebooks, simple table lamp, old alarm clock, photos attached on the wall, lookout the city view....

a lot of books under the shade...

Cecelia Ahern's and Nicholas Sparks's 
Indeed heaven.

Gonna spend big this weekend!

Happy Friday people! ;)