Monday, July 29, 2013

How's Life

I can just stare at this pic and laugh for whole day.

This is life.

Had a super lazy, unproductive weekend. I wanted it this way though. I've done all my midterm papers (only two HAHA), having all my life to do my assignments since they're due on the end of August (I'm a super last-minute person).

Cutting fruits and talked to my ex-roomie and now housemate for almost an hour. Final year students really not easy huh. May god bless us, and our laptops. - -"

Why? Talking about this. I should post this and ask a question.

Q: Can anyone on earth use laptop until this kinda level??

Really. If I didn't take FYP this sem, I'd definitely just ignore it! It now became portable "DESKTOP"! FML! I (hardly, forcefully) opened the lid and it's now forever open, can't close it down. FML x2!

How could this possibly be!

Any brand/model recommended? I just need basic specs, if possible below RM2k. I'm so broke! SO SO BROKE! :'(

It wasn't really the kind of book that I would normally read. But I'm glad that I chose it during BBF Book sales last time! It's GREAT! Probably the best read in this year, especially the ending. Powerful ending it has. It's really catching I had a hard time to put it down. and the comment Jodi Picoult gave to this book somehow did some wonders to me.

This is the first book I quoted the sentences I liked using highlighter.

“Monsters are bad things, but monsters that do not walk and talk like monsters are the worst.” 

“Everyone is someone's devil.” 

-Memoirs of An Imaginary Friend

I have no book left unread here. I didn't bring those newly purchased to Malacca and left them in JB is one of the mistakes. Another one, I spent too much time reading and fell into the books and hardly get back to reality.

and the author even replied to my tweet which really thrilled me till the sky!! 
PS: He published under the name Matthew Green.

Meet Kamal, my foundation friend until now! The most talkative IS friend I ever had! HAHA! We just have endless topics to chat. 

Kinda emo-ish at one random night I felt as if I have not achieved anything. Feeling that I'm always one step behind everything. and it washed away the next morning I woke up. 

Hopeless optimist. - -"

First time visited Ramadhan Bazaar and is now one of my favourite places. I like Malay kuih-muih so much! and everything seems so delicious and tempting I wanted to buy all. Air Tebu stall in front of RSU is really BEST! 

Early greeting to all my Muslim friends.
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin!! :)

Whenever I got stuff pilled up and I lost motivation, I draw. So long never played with crayon and this is one most traditional way. Color the paper, cover it all with black, then scratch it. There you go. Colorful firework was once my primary school favourtie drawing. 

Baba mummy came to Malacca to visit their super lovely adorable precious daughters!! Too bad none of us took picture. Only food pic HAHA! @Donald and Lily's

I seldom visit cafe in Malacca. Craving for cakes but Nadeje is too mainstream. Finally found one cafe from FB which seems decent. Quite disappointed (interior, cakes, drinks). Everything's a little too sweet to my liking. The cappuccino failed. The biscotti even worse. Hot chocolate too sweet. Well walnut brownies not bad though.

Meet the banana roomie Michelle. Never know someone can be that annoying. Her level exceeds mine x10000! Hahahaha! Glad though have this kinda caring fella. She actually prepares me breakfast or lunch or dinner sometimes!

and I couldn't help myself again.

Siao la. I really need to stop spending $!

Midterm break coming soon!
Either I go back on Tuesday evening, or Friday morning. Still thinking. Gotta consult mummy tomorrow.

Skipping Thursday Friday night class like crazy.

Tomorrow morning tutorial cancelled. So happy.

I miss yongseo/goguma couple.

Addicted to this song. I find most people like a song because of the lyric, I fond a song mostly because of the melody.

Really super like the melody and music arrangement. Especially at 2:13 adding the drum. OMG perfect.
talented 吴青峰.


开了灯 眼前的模样
偌大的房 寂寞的床
关了灯 全都一个样
心里的伤 无法分享
生命随年月流去 随白发老去
随着你离去 快乐渺无音讯
随往事淡去 随梦境睡去
我好想你 好想你
我好想你 好想你 却欺骗自己
我好想你 好想你 就当做秘密
我好想你 好想你 就深藏在心


Friday, July 19, 2013



Finally done my first midterm paper after almost half a year. Here I sweep the dust off my blog after a long hiatus.

and still BUSY.


Super random. It's just anything about my recent life.

Gonna start the blog with recent HUGE sensation:
Prolly the most hilarious animation movie I've ever watched. Don't like most people who follow the crazy overwhelming trend of HappyMeal toys, I'm kinda addicted to the game "Minion Rush".

This yellow thingy is seriously overrated. 


Finished reading this book. Another amazing book from the author of "Tuesday with Morrie", my favourite non-fiction of all time!

"And I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know."

"Children forget that sometimes. They think of themselves as a burden instead of a wish granted."

"When someone is in your heart, they're never truly gone. They can come back to you, even at unlikely times."

- Mitch Albom, "For One More Day"

how can a doggy be this emotional.

for no reason I feel sad for him (or her?)


Big Ben @ England

First detailed building piece. Spent like 6 hours on it if not mistaken. Hardest piece so far. Upon completing only I realized there's some angle problems. Haizz..

Random piece done on the beginning of July.


With my kids. One year before.

one year after.
We rock!

YX12/13. Looking back the photos never fail to crack me up. It's really a precious memory to work together with "old birds". Hahaha So many of you graduated! Gorgor Jiejie (LOL), all the best to your future undertaking!


Seldom hangout with my housemates. Cause normally I'd stay inside my room, or go out. There's no in-between. LESS. This time, our cutie's birthday gave us the chance to lepak.

introduce you my pretty housemates. XD


the last time I went back JB. I seldom smile like that to camera. Looked retarded. But this pic is so nice. I don't really have girlfriends in Malacca. I'm not sure whether taking engineering course does the wonders or I simply hard to make friends with girls.

so I really appreciate I have this bunch of girls. I heard that a friendship lasts longer than 7 years is one that lasts forever. We called BFF.

Not being mysterious, but I can't risk my future-possible-love-life. Pics taken with you are best kept to ourselves. Befriended over 7 years and please, we must find ourselves true love man! For how many years we've been single?! I don't want my already-low market becomes zero-demand. Haha yes single and available. Sounds desperate. LOL!

Q: Can you be best friends with the opposite sex?


Birthday Cards for June babies.


Elder sis sent this pic and asked us (leejin and I) to mark the calender- 24th August for family vacation! So excited! I can't wait!!

Due to Thursday and Friday night classes, I can hardly back home on some random weekends like I usually did. Haven't met them for almost one month. Kinda miss my cute parents and bossy (LOL) sis.

"Sticking with your family is what makes it a family." - For One More Day


Despite the fact that I am officially broke, I actually felt happy at the same time to be able to grab stuffs I wanted for long. No, I didn't use PTPTN money. It's still well-preserved haha.

That's why I cut down on eating out this whole week. Roomie actually sweet and thoughtful enough to make me breakfast before I went to class. Lucky me.


Souvenir from Taiwan. Too bad I don't eat sweet but I'll still try it out okay. Thanks WenShin!! :)
and the cute handcraft from my housemate Rebecca. 

How freaking lucky I am to have all the nicest friends.


 Only if you follow my Instagram. Yes it's hacked. The picture itself, okay la I can accept. Though (again) I look retarded. But the photo caption. Ehmmm....

The perpetrator a.k.a my roomate is sure doomed.

We have a love-hate relationship and annoying each other is our biggest interest.


How's life? 3 months have passed. Upholding hope makes me vulnerable so I decided not to give a single fuck. What's meant to be will be. I am free (emotionally)!!

Back to BUSY mode.


PS: please tolerate with any grammar mistake. I'm lazy to double-check. Gotta hit the sack now. Good night world! xoxo

with love,