Friday, February 26, 2010

Day By Day (Haru Haru)

what I played last time
when I gonna back to malacca
u see, even the door is opened

from a korean group
BigBang- HaruHaru

HaruHaru means day by day
love the mv

SUPER LOVE this song!!!!!!

thx to jason's recommended

well..lotsa mistakes..just ignore it aite?
I'll record a better version next time, promise kay?
it's a nice song...
strongly recommended!!

knw why i post this??
bcoz it's now raining
and it's now 2.50am
what a good timing

how wish to get myself a piano or keyboard here
i wanna play~~~~~~~~

lotsa things have to worry
lotsa things have to correct

i have to go straight and with no afraid

siao liao...

click here for piano score


with love,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Now

At the very moment

she hesitates

she holds back

she doesn't want to share anything with anyone

she's not ready yet

she can see who's the one in her eyes

she can feel what exactly her heart askes for

but not now

now is not the time

Thursday, February 18, 2010

5am in the Morning

It's now 5am in the morning and no doubt, I'm still awake.. If u wanna ask me 'why not sleeping???' or 'what the heck u'r doing at this timing?!', my answer would certainly be


I'm going to watch 2 movies straight later. Some more I have to drive into town. BUT the great news is, it's the first time, I'm going to drive to Tebrau City!! Hmm I wonder how on earth my mommy would let me drive alone?? Anyway, I'm going to have a date with a lit boy. Opps he'll kill me if he read this. But it's truth, a longtimenosee little boy. Hehe

Wednesday, the 4th day of CNY, 3 freaks went to DaZuiBa sing k...

Went to Axtivo for lunch......

Went to Bkt Indah Jusco................

and one of the freaks met with her cousin, her longtimenosee cousin..........................

and the story goes on and on....

I'll update once I got time=)

stay tunes people



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

How I feel when I first stepped into my home sweet home? JOY!!!!

With the new year deco, my house looks even more lively than it was.

Home Sweet Home!!!

Front door CNY couplet
photo credits to LeeDa

Kids favourite!!=)
I'm still a kid...Hahahaha

The day we can wear our new clothes new shoes new dress new.....whatever la!!
Everything's new!!!
I love CNY!!!!!
I can get angpow
I can play cards
I can eat CNY cookies
I can dress up nicely


I bet I'd gain bout 1 or 2kg during this whole CNY
Gonna keep fit afterwards
Haiz bless me wont gain too much fat under my skin

yeah yeah yeah going to enjoy my one week holiday~~~~~~!!!

Gonna out to grandma's house looo
Hello PEOPLE!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Extraordinary | Random

I've got
  • English drama script
  • 5 english articles
  • Physics lab report
  • Tutorials
4 academic works. All must be summitted within this week, but I gonna back to JB on Thursday, meaning that, I have to finish everything before Thursday!!!!! I'm so into CNY mood right now, do not have a single will to study at all. ><

I have no idea, why so many people got themselves into shitty mood recently. Come on people, put a smile on your face. The world is still beautiful.

This is an extraordinary yet random post. Why?? Figure it out by yourself. Hehe gonna turn in, and it's now only 9.35pm. Gonna wake up at 3am. Let's bet, could I get up from my bed??


with love,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 3 Days

I had the busiest 3 days in my year 2010, busy yet fulled with enjoyment and achievement. I dunno how to tell the story, let the photos do the talking okay?

The first day of the busiest-3-days, Thursday.

CNYE- Chinese New Year Extravaganza. Still in progress.

I can tell it's a big event which is held by university students, specifically refered to CNYE OCWC. You all are awesome*clap clap*!! I'm amazed of everything I experienced on that night. No any single photo attached for night session because I was busy playing around. I'm so so sorry for not contributing myself in Youth Camp stall during that night *guilty*.

Ohya as what I've mentioned, Youth Camp OC did open a stall during that extravaganza for our fund raising. What I'd paid was only selling the coconut milkshake in the afternoon with XiaoZhu all around the campus *well, he's actually the one who get exhausted*, and counting the ticket at the end of the event, IF it's counted as helping out also lah.

YenFen, John, FuYong, XiaoZhu

Winnie and I bought this!!! Dragon Beard Candy. I suppose it's the only 'candy' I would eat. Hahahaha. White color- Honey, green color- Pandan, Pink color- Strawberry!!

At night, during the luck draw session, everyone of us, *hmm should specify, every YouthCamp OC!!* were so excited!! Know why??

See the four hands??They are Keruey, YenFen, XiaoZhu and Me!!

Each one of us got at least ten coupons for lucky draw. Who knows, FuYong, who only got 2 coupons on his hand, get the prize! Is 2010 really his lucky year?? I can tell he was showing off how lucky he was to almost everyone every single minute!!!

Anyway, special thanks to every OC who contributed themselves in this fund raising!! Ofcourse to our youth camp WC and every passer-by who supported us!!!

The next day, Friday.

Photo credit to QuanWu

QuanWu- 全舞 stands for 全国华族舞蹈公开赛, they held their launching ceremony on Friday night at Jonker Walk. As YouthCamp OC were invited to the event, we'r given the opportunity to publicize our camp as well.

So right before the day, we decided to go for a movie and to haunt for yummy foods before the event started. The first stop, we went for our lunch,

well, I dunno where's this place, should know i have no sense of direction at all.
Anyway, it tasted awesome!!! I like the noodle, very Q~~hehe

well, after that we went for movie, ToothFairy. Wahahah I bet he'll kill me when he reads this post. He's XiaoZhu, whom I never posted his photo *or maybe even mentioned his name* in my blog.

Before the movie started. He's Mr Lai and he's wearing my cardigan. Ewwww this is the geli-EST outfit I've ever seen!!! Yucks!! He claimed that he still looks handsome. Gosh I wonder how this fella's pride built up.

Damn hilarious i tell you. Hehe I simply like the character Tracy. Hahahaha he's already looked funny even if he just stand still there. LOL

After that
This 2 kids are battling against one another. Fuyong and QianQi.
Fy won finally, IF i'm not mistaken.

Finally I got to come to this place!!!!
Ever since my dearest roomie aka Ms Lau keep telling me how nice the Baba laksa is!!

I forgot to take QianQi's photo!!!how forgetful i am!!><>
I like this photo. Hehe.. Winnie!! Macro photo la..XDXD

After that we went to temple, 青云亭. Wonder why?? We wanna pray for Youth Camp and wish that everything will go successfully. We also got ourselves a talisman. Haha. See that talisman??It's now placed inside my wallet safely. Perhaps what we've prayed will come true.

Friday certainly not our day, around 8.30pm, it started drizzling, and finally raining. Another thing which caused the situation became worse- there's only a few secondary students if compared to saturday and sunday. I need more people to know about our camp la!!! I guess I need to update a posting all about this camp. Haha

Anyway, Keruey and I were busy hanging here and there every once in a while. Haha. We seemed like the 2 most carefree oc in the whole activity. But seeming and being are not one and the same okay??XDXD

He's Keruey. Wah I took this quite a long time ago. During Mid-Autumn. Wahahahaha!! This photo is so precious!!! This fella never wanted to take photo just for 2. Lucky me! He'll mad when he sees this. LOL

Someone has a special request- help publicizing his so-called 'achievement' which he felt damn proud of it. My ahkor aka Mr LaiFuYong, got a hotdog or hotdog-liked waffle or whatsoever thingcanbeeatenwhichcostedRM3.50 from a boss by only guessing his actual age and blabbing with him. Point is: he didn't get it correct!! The answer is 33, he guessed 32. But he still got his pressie anyway. ><

This is what he got. I've no idea how could he do that.
He prides himself so much on his blabbing skill. See his face. =.=

I was exhausted of having a day with movie, yummy foods, praying journey and tiring yet challenging task at once. Anyway, it fulfilled 'study hard, play hard, work hard' the 3 main concerns. So it's worth!!

Thanks to them, SuitYee, Evon, MengYen, JunHui, YenFen, QianQi, YangYu, Angie, DaJie, Winnie, XiaoZhu and FuYong. I'm so sorry I forgot to take a group photo before we dismiss from the task. I'm sorry to those who are not inside the photo.

This is our self-treat at the end of the whole tiring day.

Day 3, Saturday with surprising secret arrival.

I got 2 calls within an hour. Frist call

She: Where are you??
Ee: My room la, where else bout you??
She: In my friend's car lo..Didn't go out meh??
Ee: No la, gonna stay in my room for the rest of the day i guess
bla bla bla

Second call

She: Eii where are you??
Ee: why call me again ohh??Inside my room la..
She: I'll reach ur place within ten minutes, faster get prepare and come down
Ee: *damn surprised and excited* but I haven't bath and everything!!!
She: Faster get everything ready la, I'll wait for you downstair.

OMGOMGOMGOMG I was so excited. Another way I felt so stupid of myself. Why couldn't I get the hint from the first call?? She seldom calls me at such timing never mind she was in her friend's car!! Anyway, that's not the point.

Hehe they took me for lunch+dinner!! Know why?? Because it was already 5pm something but they hadn't get anything to eat since morning.

Here we went. The ramen is yummy!!
It doesn't look big in portion, but once I finished it, I felt darn full!!

The next stop- Nadeje!!! Well, even we felt damn full, but once 'he', her friend suggested to go to Nadeje, we didn't turn it down. We are cake-lover after all. Wahahahaha

I never tasted the Mille Crepe there, for what we'd bought for John's birthday wasn't in layers of cream and crust. Couldn't get what I say??

Nah, it's in layers!! SUPER NICE!!! It tasted thousand times delicious than Secret Recipi's!! I don't lie! Awesomelicious, try to imagine the thousand-layers-texture melting in your mouth. Yummm.....

Okay la, time to reveal who she is. I bet you get it right?? DaJie!!!! Muackz~~~~~~~
I love you!!

Korkor, thanks to comeover so far away and take me out for dinner*okay although it takes only one and a half hours but who on earth will drop to a place so far away just to have a drink or something??*

Wah I'm sorry I accidentally make this post way too long. Doesn't matter right I guess? Since my blog is pretty dead recently. I have free time already since it's only the first week of the new sem. But it wont last too long I guess. Ohya I got my 2nd sem result already. It drops, but slightly higher than what I'd expected. Though not dropping in a dramatically way, but i still feeling abit upset. On Thursday, before the extravaganza started, I checked my result together with John and Fuyong in the library. I daren't click to see the result some more!! I could feel my eyes tearing up while I was struggling myself whether or not to look at the screen. What a frightful moment. Well, it's time to buck up for my last sem of alpha year.

and thanks God, my prayer answered.

and you know what time is now?? 6am in the morning! Gd morning people!!!=))