Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SzeEe the Optimist

Life is a series of ups and downs, having unstoppable changes from time to time.

when I was young, I used to dream of becoming an artist. Not those pop stars, but the artist who paints and draws. But I'm an engineering student now.

when I was form 4 and 5, physics was the subject I hated the most compared to chemistry and biology. But I'm taking engineering course now.

You'll be amazed by how time can change a person. Good to bad. Here to there. This to that. Vice versa.

You won't be an interesting person if you don't have ups and downs in life. Don't have a story to tell. Don't have experiences to share. Path with no obstacles probably doesn't lead you anywhere, I believe many of you heard that. and I'm the believer of this theory. That's how I would tell myself whenever I'm not okay.

All in all, I just want to convince myself that, I'LL BE OKAY.

Yesterday (Monday) 8am was the first class of my new sem. and I've been feeling so stressful since then. I haven't been feeling this way for ages and I'm not sure when it's gonna stop. Things turned out to be negative and I need to fix them right. Say not only a matter, but A LOT of things left undone or just, wrong. I even tried to ignore and put them aside, but then I realized I couldn't focus on anything. The past 24 hours, I was doing craps, ignoring facts, pretending to be okay. It's just so damn wrong I didn't fucking feel like I'm 'me' at all.

Until that one point, I read a tweet, I'd rather look back at my life and say "I can't believe I did that" instead of saying, "I wish I did that." I felt all better. Because I believe for what I'm doing now, will certainly pay off for good.

and then before dinner time, I was in library reading papers. Here's one article I read that made me feeling all good. Not better but good. I felt like 'I'm back'.

Photo: Feeling light-hearted for this moment after whole day of gloomy mood..power of love cures.. #love
A simple article, nothing fancy inside but it somehow soothed me. Just saying that the pair of old folks taking care of each other and still in love at such old age.

Guess that's how love makes the world goes round.

after reading that articles for like ten minutes, I received something from my roomie....
she sent this fella to me, "Idk why i saw this pic and it reminds me of you"
and my world was like BOOM, exploding with fireworks or something which really lighted up my day!
*I was like sitting alone and laughing silently to myself, people must think: total weirdo*

Thanks my dear. It does look a lot like me. Small eyes, big specs, and what Theng said "big head". wtf

You never know how a simple/kind act can totally cheer someone up.

Apart from all the negatives I've been receiving lately, I'm certain that my attitude towards life has never changed. Our attitudes toward life determine life's attitude towards us. I'm still the positive me. SzeEe the optimist.

Sure enough, feeling alright after calling back home, and typing this blog post. Talking to mommy for 20 minutes, I'm so much loved.

Keeping everything simple is the rule I posted in my room. 
*if you remember this pic*
Looking for the best is what I should do now. Never know I can actually predict things. School reopened just for two days (for me), I already had few things correct. and I did call back home to seek for reassurance. It's a good sign or what? - -

oh and, the hurricane Sandy slams US for real. When I looked at the FB shared pic I thought to myself, damn heck lar the photo so fake why people still passing it around? then I read the paper today, ohhhhh. What a scary serious disaster.

Pray hard to US. God bless the whole nation.

andddddddd (endless and(s) - -""), here's a quote from Xiaxue the blogger, "Courage and honesty (and the courage to maintain honesty) are things I really value in life and try hard to be. In this world where so many are faking it till they make it, especially on the internet, for fame or money, I'm glad being honest is still being valued."

Though I'm not a big fan of hers, but this really 'clicks' my mind. So simple yet so true.

So rather than telling lies, some stories better kept untold...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Delta 2nd Sem

received two or three bad news in just one day and I feel heavy and cold inside. Life is unexpected. Please treasure what you have today and never forget to express your love to the world.

"They say to live every day as if it's your last, but you never actually think it's going to be. You always think you'll have more time." -Before I Fall.

About to finish "Something Borrowed" and I'm looking forward to the ending of the story. The plot is kinda twisted and the characters are very distinctive and really charming. When it's you to choose between the-only-one-love and a-lifetime-friendship, what would you choose? This is more or less the summary of the whole story. I can just sum it up in one sentence brilliant me XDD!

and then, just in case I have no reading materials in Malacca, I brought another book "Before I Fall". I know I'll cry through the reading. I just know it when I read the book description and the reviews.

Just back to Malacca for one day, I already missed the freshly fruity orange juice prepared by my mom every night in JB. Mighty mommy makes everything great and so loved.

had this authentic breakfast at my mom's favourite Kopitiam before I came back to Malacca.

passed by my primary school. Was once the largest primary school in Malaysia I'm not sure if it's still holding the record. Blog post about my primary school *HERE* ;)

OTW back to Malacca. With cute noobie.

thanksssss my dearest Baba and mommy who sent us back! Love ya to the MAX!

Why I love my family so damn much? 

*HELL YEAHHH 'm proud to be part of the family! I guess this separation from home somehow made me having the urge the write it all down*

I miss chatting with my family! Especially loving the time when my elder sis shares her working experience where all of us gather in the living room. The bounding and power of Lee Family is no joke. Each and every member is so expressive and shows love a lot (even my dad, he never stops telling us how much he loves us) that's what makes us so strong.

if you've seen my Facebook. I transformed my old workplace/desk to this!
Parents and siblings photos, frames, pencil cases and even desktop wallpaper are all the same. Except my newly decorated self-remind board.

Even my drawer became tidy (like finally) HAHA!

why do girls have so many skincare, haircare, bodycare products huh? I have 3 toners in total now and I don't know which one to use. 3 haircare products but I rarely use them. Bad habit. Should stop buying since this basket is all full now! - -"""

actually spending close to 3 hours to tidy up my room and to decorate this....
*Special thanks to my lovely roomie to sweep and clean the room beforehand!!!♥♥*

photo spotted? My dearest babes since secondary school form1! I'm so glad to be part of your past and will guarantee to participate in your future! I'm the upper row middle one. HAHAHA! Memoriesssssssssss

after putting the notes. and some little gifts I've been receiving from everyone who love (loved) me.

Earing from first-love, necklace from ex-bf, earings from friends, woodstock from bestie, souvenirs from Korea & Taiwan, birthday presents from BFFs, etc. etc..

'Keep everything simple'
'Call back home'
'look for the best'

each and everyone means and reminds me something.

I'm so happy now looking at my colorful desk! So much memories, so much positive energies!!

banana waffle as dinner. Frankly, out of my expectation in a good way. The strawberry ice cream is a little too sweet to my liking though. Overall it's above average.
@ WongKok Char Chan Teng

*Photo credits to Mok*
You don't wanna mess with me. Haha!!
gotta strike every obstacle down!

8am class tomorrow!

May you have a good kick start fellas!

I finished this blog last night but I didn't post it. Here's one or two paragraphs I added just now. Minutes ago. Grandma just passed away. She left this world and went to a better place called heaven.

I don't know why my mind goes blank. I made a few phone calls, sent a few messages to handover some matters after receiving the call from mom. and I'm here. I didn't shed a tear though. I somehow recall back that I kissed on her cheek during the last visit, that I never did before. 

At least you feel no pain now, may you rest in peace.
I love you ahma, and will always miss you.

lotsa love,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to SCHOOL!!!

The day has finally come, last day in JB. and so the last blog post in JB. Though I'll be coming back again on next Tuesday (HAHAHA) but yea I'm reluctant to leave. Been staying home for weeks, surrounded by family laughter and all the gossips, how can I!

Tadaaaa! Anyway, it's time to return back to school!!!!
I don't care how others remind me its campus, I just want to call it SCHOOL! that kinda old school feeling rockz!

Putting all the missing thoughts aside, I'm kinda looking forward to my new sem. Getting my result at Wednesday night. It released way faster than I (everyone) expected so I wasn't prepared at all. Feeling so flurry inside because I knew I didn't do well. I was aiming a 'Pass', that's all I wished for ever after I stepped out of the exam venue. Hardly to get a 'Pass' but I still prayed for it. 

The moment I clicked on 'Achievement' my heart was pounding so hard, thumping against my chest. No kidding. You can imagine, I didn't dare to look at it, even used my hand to cover on the grade column. Thinking back it's stupid but yea, my heart skipped a beat when I finally made my decision to put my hand down.

Hell yea all PASS!

I was so scared that I'd fail in Random process and Law for engineers but no, I passed them! Randam is on the edge though. Feeling emo-ish the moment I saw my pointer, the lowest GPA I've ever got but, it's okay. One day passed and I already digested them all. 

I'm hopelessly optimistic I know. 

"Parents call it 'bad grades', we call it 'still passing'."

well said.

I don't know how I passed it. Guess it's The Power of Prayer. Thank God. 

Recently, family decided to go...
to Permas Jaya on purpose, just for the breakfast. I was like a kiddo feeling so excited when my dad took a new path to there. And I was like 'ohhhh' and 'wahhh' the whole while when he's driving on that new road. 

with noobie leejinee

and this noobie baked the eggtarts! Hoho looked not bad huh! I helped contributing two pastries and tired of making it. The whole process is so damn troublesome! 

New menu at Sushi King!

BFF called today for some random stuffs, but we ended up chatting for quite a long time! Miss you babe! So much we know it.

Cute baby spotted! Babies never fail to make my day. Especially those cute or naughty ones! I love babes and kids so much!!!! ***mommy's love shines***

if you realize there's one thing has changed..... ;)
don't say I'm chubbier or eyebags bigger or whatnot please. But I did gain weight I know that. FML

shopping with this trendy mommy today ;)

I actually checked my upcoming assignment just now and browsing for stuffs related to it. The classes haven't even started yet and I feel stressed now after reading the assignment guidelines. FML max! Who want to be the same group with me? LOL!!!! Starting to 'jio' people now.

my lord I almost forget 16th CNYE interaction camp and RCW2013 await me too! Siao liao siao liao. Gotta be serious! Shall head to library like it's my second home starting from this coming new sem! Anyone? Hahaha I'm serious this time. See you in library HOHO!

eh why huh I feel real pressure now. T,T
Assuming it's a good sign.

May you have a lovely weekend!
(and kick a great start to your new semester my MMU friends!!! :D)

Continue packing my luggage. 
I bring back so many things you won't believe. HAHA! Thanks to mom and dad who make everything possible! Muacksssss**


Taipei Ximending | Red House | Shilin Night Market

Taiwan Trip Day 4? Can't really recall back, because I found this in my blog draft. I don't even know when I typed this. So yea, here's the post about TAIWAN.
like forever-no-ending-Taiwan-blog-posts.

When can I finally finish blogging the whole Taiwan thing?- -

Anyways, enjoy...
warm colorful brunch shop around my homestay.

In Taiwan, a lot of nice coffee shops or cafes located in the alleys. Some are very decorative, some are very antique, each and everyone has its own unique color.

Mexican wrap? soft of...

another I-dunno-what wrap...

grilled chicken burger.
Can't really remember the taste, bet it's not disappointing. 

Taipei Main Station, 台北车站,台车
Kid you not, it's like the biggest maze I've ever been.

Guess what? I met him in person, from far away though. HAHA!
胡夏 HuXia promoting his new album!! His live is awesome. 

Ximending 西门町
Then we proceed to the lively XiMenDing, the largest pedestrian area in Taiwan!

'Ximending has been called the "Harajuku of Taipei" and the "Shibuya of Taipei". Ximending is the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture. Ximending is also the main LGBT district of Taiwan, with a host of many clubs and pubs surrounding the area.' -Source from Wikipedia

the crowd is no joke. Hmmm definitely not my place.

Small eyes. - -
Now I can't live without spec eh damnit. Should get back to lenses sometimes else I can't recognize myself the time I take off the specs.

P/S: one thing I realized in Taiwan, girls like to wear leggings. Almost EVERY girl wears it. Guess it's because of the weather, the time I went there was the end of winter.

you spot them, the girls behind me.

with my trendy mommy. I looked so pale eh why?- -

love the red brick building, 河岸留言 Riverside.
Model: Ms Teo a.k.a Mrs Lee a.k.a my mom ;)

Red House Ximending, 西门红楼

There has a lot of creative designs and art pieces in the building

Creative marketplace. It offers a platform for artists and designers to sell their works, as well as showing the public of their talents. Available on 
Saturdays 2pm - 10pm
Sundays 2pm - 9.30pm 

going to next destination...

Taipei’s largest and best-known night market, Shilin night market.
'Shilin Night Market is famed for a wide array of authentic Taiwan eateries and fashionable clothing. Most of the shops are housed in the indoor enclosure; other shops and stalls can be seen along the streets.'

quite amazed me when I saw this. I'm not sure if Malaysia pasar malam got this because I've never been there over a few years. Almost like a gaming center.

like-a-boss. Kid's paradise. 

how can not try this. I googled for the English of 大肠包小肠,this is what I got, don't laugh.
Small sausage in large sausage. HAHAHA! I simply find it hilarious.
For me, hmm nothing special. The Taiwanese pork sausage is wrapped in a (slightly bigger and fatter) sticky rice sausage to make this delicacy, usually served chargrilled, with condiments like pickled bokchoy, garlic, wasabi and thick soy sauce paste to complement the taste.

I don't know why I bought this, we can get this everywhere in Malaysia. Assuring myself this takoyaki tasted better Hahaha!! 

a flag caught my attention. 无人问津- -

and I found this is funny. If it's 咕咕鸟 then siao liao, what the English will be??! HAHAHA sorry I apologize.

Tadaaaa the end of the post. 
Once in a while okay, like once in a year or twice a year. Crowded place is just not my place. But going to Taiwan you could never miss this.

How to go?

Red House Ximending::
Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Blue Line (捷运板南-蓝线) to MRT Ximen Station (捷运西门站). 
It is about one minute walking distance from exit no.1 of Ximen Station.

Shilin Night Market::
Take Taipei MRT-Danshui Line (捷运淡水线) to MRT Jiantan Station(捷运剑潭站).

A little Tumblr time::

beautifully decorated little aquarium, especially like the nemo....

creative as hell!! Love this idea damn much!

'll blog again later, to mark the last day in JB I think.

Stay tuned.