Sunday, May 31, 2009

I ♥ Shopping!

I love to spend my time like this way! Shopping till drop!!!!

I went to sutera mall today and bought so many things I LOVE!
*Met so many friends, btw feeling good to see them!*

Omg I love to spend money buying the things i love without worrying about the budget...

without asking my mum's permission and opinion...

taking out the purple note without hesitate...

no matter how heavy those things are...

how long the time it took...

how many times I passed by the shops...

I completely didn't care and I found out the more the shopping bags I carried, the happier I was...

ohya I love coolblog too! Today's flavour, YAM...

and I love the time packing the things i bought home!!

LeeDa bought me these

The Body Shop perfume and Maybelline mascara

omg how come everything in my life goes accordingly what I've planned, and so smoothly and wonderful?? Maybe time to get to melaka getting shorter??

Once I finish all the Cecelia Ahern's novels, I'll get myself shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella!!!!! I left about hundred pages of 'A Place Called Here' and going to buy 'The Gift'. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

I'm currently catching 'Gossip Girl' and I finished season 1 already!! I like Chace Crawford who plays Nate on gossipgirl simply because of his deep blue eyes!!

He's Nate

He's Chace

I have tons of tons of tons of photosssssss about family gathering and friend gathering await me to blog out. But allow me to do it in next post and next next post and next next next post=))

My foots are killing me!!! BUT it's worth!! wooooohooooooooo



Saturday, May 30, 2009

ShinChan's Favourite

*photos credit to longtimenosee friend, wenhao*

OMG I was coincidentally seeing this pic when chatting with my friend just now. And I urged to get it because I knew it was came from a cartoon drama and I love the characters very much. I never saw this on the market. I think only available in sg so far.

This evoked my memories of childhood watching shinchan.

Btw, I prefer 'xiao bai'. HAHAHA

The mystery of not knowing

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gathering @ Master DaWei

-Continuing the previous post-

I couldn't tell what was the time because almost everyone was being late. Girls were the first one reaching there to be exact and we didn't late. *We went to bkt indah outlet*

PS:// Things there are much more better than any steamboat at tun aminah I swear. That was my first time to there and it was a good try!

We were there to celebrate with May-Babies. They are Zhuzhu, WeiJian, RenYong, KokXiang, KahWei and YiQian.

Here we are. I'm in second row with black blouse if u could spot me?

Of course we were there to meet with our long-time-no-see friends. Really they are. I think, that might be the last gathering for me to meet some of them. They are really funny guys and they never failed to make me laugh. Nice to have them as friends.

I'll always keep u all in my hearts. But forgive me if i can't recognize u after years? As u guys know i've a poor memory. Very poor!

I almost forgot what time i reached home but i can tell it was late. *well, for me?* I was so excited when i saw this and couldn't wait even for a minute to tear it open.

Dada!! omg i love u LeeDa!

ok i've been using it for almost 1 month. Everything's fine besides its way too heavy and thick. But, forgivable! Haha. I love RED and love means everything!

I got it red, Qian with pink, jHui with purple and Teng with blue.

Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long. That's what exactly i feel right now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Mason

OMG I've never seen such CUTE and ADORABLE baby so far in my life!!!

His wearing-lens-looked-beautiful eyes are killing me!!!

GOSH how on earth could a baby CUTE like this way??

He's mixed blood, canadian + korean, named Mason

He's a baby star in this korean movie as well, Baby and Me.

How wish I could have a baby as cute as him in the future!

Think too far.. HAHA

Life is far from perfect

Friday, May 22, 2009

Untitled Story

Forgetting things is just parts of your memory missing. People don't intend to lose memories, although there are always somethings that we would rather forget. Since it's not so easy to forget, why don't people try to forgive?

If you're not in the position to forgive others, but you've been told that you're forgiven. Would this situation relieves your guiltiness?

I don't like to be the reason of making others suffer and I don't want people feel guilty to me or something. Everything and everyone had a place in life. I know myself very well and I'm very clear that where I stand for long.

I've said many times, accept the past as past without denying it or discarding it. So don't bother yourself about me, I am doing quite well.

Sometimes I felt like things had changed. But I'm quite pleased about the changes.

And the date of going to Melaka getting closer and closer.

Fortunately, everything is carried out smoothly.

Will you sometime feel some inspiration from your daily life?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

RedBox v ZiMui


Qian, Rui, Teng, Yann, Fong and I went to RedBox Pelangi for our last 'chiong k' gathering. Hmm I should say that as the last gathering right before we all go for our studies.

I don't know whether u guys know that RedBox just had a renovation?? The rooms are much more wider and the sofa is cosy and everything's new! I simply like the plasma tv. Or LCD? So sorry I couldn't differentiate between them. Well, it's BIG enough for six of us. *I could still see the screen even qian was jumping excitingly in front of me HAHAHAHA so u know how big it is??* I can tell this renovation costs lots! okay the mics are remain three per room still.

We liked the bettle wall so muchXD

-Click to enlarge the photos-

Qian, this girl is now studying A-level at KL and she said she MISS me very much. Come on don't deny! Aren't u?? Miss u so much girl...

Teng, I'd rather call her as blur queen! She definitely is! No doubt. Her job is full-time-ee's listener and part-time form six student? HAHAHA

Rui, opps till now only i realized we just took 3 photos?? She's the youngest among us but omg she got her driving license already!!

Come on girl, where's urs? Show me ur license next time ya!!
Fong, she's the one who cares me without others knowing. Kind of low-profile person. Hehe

Yann, she's a girl who sings together with us every once in a while, BUT never intend to hold the mic. Even rejected to recieve it while we passed to her! Just keep using hp. haha

Our all-time fav. SS!

and fav place??=_______________=

End of our RedBox journey.

NEXT entry would be, steamboat gathering at Master Da Wei! Still the same day 05-05-2009, at night 7.30pm!

Friends are the family we choose ourselves!
Never mind zimui!!!! Muackz

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Livingroom Cafe

okay I know it's been a long time since the last post. I've no mood and time for blogging cause I'm stuck with korean variety show. I'll burst out laughing once I watch it. No exception! omg it's damn so funny!!

I made myself like having disappeared for long cause I never appeared online in my msn, away nor busy, just offline. And never updated my blog, fs and fb. okay till then I realized that maybe I'm overindulged. Time to back to my routine. AND omg I've tons of photos await me!!!!!

Continuing the previous post 'the girl next door II', my sis and I insisted to go to cs for hunting a laptop. Cause I'm gonna pursue my studies at mmu so a lappy is needed.

That day was public holiday as I mentioned before. Too bad we couldn't even find a place in the 3-stories-carpark and we were unfairly charged for the parking fee still. damn

We went to Tmn Pelangi then and discovered this cafe.


I like their menu because of the pics attached just made me drooling.

Japanese mashed potato, takoyaki, cappuccino

we ordered two set of takoyaki. Its really superb-ly yummy!!!!!
omg all of a sudden I want to eat!!

Okay now is the point!

-Let's see these interior design-
The bar counter

Cosy seat and ambiance

Nice lighting and wall painting.

You know what made-up this painting??

Do u see the ceiling lamp? the props? the spot light?
Besides the cat and the man, they're all reflections on the wall.
Is it brilliant?

I was trying to kill the fish HAHAHA. We made lots of laughter during this shoot. It's not so easy because the fork should be right 'inserted' into the fish body. We tried so hard not to burst out laughing but failed to do it. LOL

My sis still clung to the takoyaki.


Perfect day!

Never argue with an idiot, people watching might not know the difference

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One-year Anniversary of SiChuan Earthquake

It has been first anniversary of the 512 SiChuan earthquake. About 87000 people dead or missing. I could still remember almost everyone in my MSN list mourned for them by inputting two flower-icons in front of the display name.

However, it has been a year. I gonna remove them but still, I offer my most sincere condolence and sympathy to the families of the victims.

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

best wishes,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Girl Next Door II

Here's some interior design of 'The Girl Next Door'!

-Ton of photos-
Can u see the entrance there?

What? counter made up by Rubik cube?? YES

ancient & vintage? shoes? trishaw?



I like the keyboard scarfXD


CocaCola switch box and colourful sockets

Pants, shorts, mirror, accessories, bag, specs, suitcase?

Little uncle mcDonald, Rubik cube, hat

in the glass-frame: various type of vintage and film camera


see how they store the pants? in tv or microwave oven huh?

Books, CDs, instant camera

Last but not least
Thanks for ur visit^^

Normally those who like stay back and argue with you, are the ones who truly love you.