Monday, June 24, 2013


- Had a good chat with sis when both of us taking a break from campus and work. She always has the ability to make me think, to figure things out. No exception for this time round.

- That's how life goes on huh? When you were a kid the only thing you had to decide was to choose either chocolate or strawberry flavor. Never the same.

- I have a belief which goes like this: As long as I'm being nice, people can't possibly be too nasty. I'm still upholding it which, for me is a good thing. Meaning that up until my 22 years of life, despite the sad news on paper, I haven't met anyone who makes me lose faith in mankind.

- Fencing coach asked me to imagine the chair as if someone I hate/dislike and I couldn't come up with anyone in my mind. Thinking back, I used to have one, but now the list is empty. Power of forgiving. Thank God I'm a happy-go-lucky type.

- Drawing and reading actually calm my inner self. Almost done with "The Gift" by Cecelia Ahern. So far so good. Another heartfelt novel from her.

- Beautiful innocent children pictures make me smile out of no reason. They are real angels.

Typing from Home.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long Random Update

Some random updates..

The first week in Melacca was awesome shit. Just that 'bit' of classes and slacking for the rest of the day. Was so so relieved after deciding my FYP title and adviser. Choosing a title you like is really important, I feel like starting anytime is 'okay' now, no more 'afraid' and 'pressure'. I was so damn stress back then before deciding any shit. Thank God. Perhaps I'm on the right track now.

Seeing a lot of new faces around the campus and feeling SO old at the same time. Stepping into big double 2 does wonder to me. For no typical reason, I feel a lot more 'adult' than when I was 21.

- New timetable is shit. I have thursday and friday night class till 10pm. Is that a right choice? To add an extra subject. (sigh)

- Spending too much lately. Kinda over budget. Should eat grass and sand for the next few days.

- Taking fencing as my cocu subject. I'm glad that typing isn't a problem to me now. Was so worn out after the physical practice on Monday. My skin went so RED I had never seen, and got bruises on both my knees. But yea, it's interesting though.

- Helping my friends to draw something for their Japanese event. It's been long since I last played with watercolor. Since I was form5? Anyway, it's a fun experience. Tiring, but at least I enjoyed drawing. Pity you guys staying with me till I done. AND I'm so paiseh to let you paid my dinner! You guys know how much I don't like it but why you insisted leh? Let's not do this anymore. I felt really BAD you know? :(

- My mom is so ADDICTED to facebook!! I feel kinda threaten. Was so shocked last time when I received her inbox message. I normally appear offline, she knew it I actually online! @@" She's kinda like intruding my privacy although all she does is just digging the old photos and posts of mine, and my sisters'. It's so scary! Mummy, stop that already! HAHAHA

Did I mention that I went to KL for like... 3 days? That's the number one reason I go broke. 1st time trying ice-skating and laser tag. and trust me, ice-skate is NOT FUN AT ALL!! The very thought appeared at the very moment once I stepped onto the ice was the word starts with an "F". I never felt so helpless before. Like literally, HELPLESS.

Meeting the Tiong brothers. I'd never seen any pair of brothers so close to each other and so loving ohmiigod. I almost feel jealous of their close relationship. Didi is so cute! Why haven't I met him around the campus?? Haha

The trip was all about food. Except for the first day, almost like a sports day.

and I wonder why we don't have any group photo FOL- -"


Showing much love to my BFF during his birthday. Mr Andy Liau you should feel much appreciate and glad that the Lee sisters sent you the pic! Although I know you secretly wished to change from Jin to my elder sis. LOL! 


photo credits to Michelle aka my dearest roomie
Got a not-so-surprising surprise from my lovely housemates!! The surprise part was that when I was sleeping and got woken up by the birthday song. and then ZiHui next. Haha and meet my new housemate aka already-good-friend Winnie Ho. Thanks girls. 


Old friends gathering. I'm forever grateful that I decided to join 15CNYE and met you guys. 

Now, so many of you graduated and we're separated hundred miles away! All the best to yours future undertaking! Shall we meet again!!

and this boy got his girl. So damn sweet lor! Why is everyone in a relationship now? Why la cupid you still haven't shot me with your arrow? 

Guys that night.

and the ladies :)

My friends, till next time!


Drawing drawing and drawing.

Kesian the people who waited me. Let's hope the end result will turn out good. I know right you guys don't know I took this pic HAHAHA! (By this pic moment, we were actually waiting for dimsum- -)

gotcha -_-

Staying up till 5.30am in the morning. ehmmm....


Got this postcard last Friday from China. My elder sis took this pic and sent it to me Haha! Thanks ZhiHan and ahLoo! :) and ZhiHan I never knew your writing is so nice! Appreciate it a lot! :)

All the best to us all who take FYP this sem!


Friends took me to this dessert shop, Just Berry. 
For all durian lovers out there, the durian dessert is to die for!!! Mango also very nice!

located at Kota Laksamana, same row with Ohan Japanese Restaurant.


First time playing this super hightech monopoly. All you need is just an ID card.

We played this for 4-5 hours(?), and finally I'm the winner that night! Conquering all other 5 players and lands and hotels. Leaving 38.2M in my bank account. How I wish it's real LOL!


I think I lost the ring......


If you don't know the value of 'time'..
Maybe this will help.

Only if I can complete my FYP successfully.

Wednesday is holiday to me! YEAY!

I dreamt of you. It's kinda weird but I really did. Nothing in particular but it's YOU. and why you changed your name to something I've never heard before? 李言龙?! What exactly is that meant? Hmm...... Meeting you after months. In my dream. Hi.


Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi, it's 00:16 3rd June Monday, at Ixora Apartment Melaka, very comfy and clean room.

Very short.

Getting a call from longtimenosee zihui and off we went to sataycelup (and I couldn't eat cause still in sick FML). Super long time never see them I was kinda like an exciting kid. 

Knowing that I'm not the only who haven't touched the ITP report makes me feel so relieved. Haha love this bunch of friends!! Although having FYP this sem, but my timetable is sooooooo loose I think I can slack till the very end of the semester. FYP. Hmm. *finger crossed*

First time driving on the highway I thought I'd feel scared but racer instinct turned on when I switched on the car engine LOL! Mommy was really super worried though, keep telling me to drive slowly. Anyway, reaching here safely:)

Still coughing like there's no tomorrow. Luckily fever and flu gone. Is this sick season or what? Take care and have a good new start!

New sem, new challenge.

The reason why i can stumble so fearlessly into adventure is because they're always there.

was literally laughing when I read this. Exactly! LOL

priceless moment. Posted this because
1. the pic is beautiful taken
2. weather here is killing, splashing with water is not a bad idea

if so, yea 'm tired now.
Night world!