Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Midnight Diary VI, SzeEe's

It's time to dedicate some personal space for my own. Time-consuming assignment proposal has finally been accepted and I'm all relieved now. For fuck's sake the lecturer is so picky fussy about everything and it's just a 10 mark assignment! Totally doesn't make sense for what we have to do throughout. Sorry for being rude but I seriously got re-pissed by him during the last meeting we had. *long-story, forget it*

Anyways, it's done for the first stage and I'm taking a little break now. Saving energy for the coming war. Literally. To fight with time.

Okay, warning: a super long post. Many photos uploaded. Crazy busy lately but I still can manage some time to blog. Blogging is part of my life I told ya! ;)

Elder sis happened to come to Malacca and there we had a siblings outing :)

Dada has double eye-lid big eyes O_O
I have one double one single small eyes O_o
Leejin has single eye-lid small eyes o_o

Dada has one dimple at right cheek 
I have both at both cheeks
Leejin has none


braided 村姑 style ;D

A random visit @ Tofu Street. (Somewhere around Jonker)
Loving the big lanterns!!

first visit @ Ohan Japanese Restaurant, Kota Laksamana

less choices. full stop.

sushi bar

It's been quite a long time since I last dined with him. 'He thought he's cute' boss.

Idk what we were trying to do.... - -""

this is to die for. Tori karaage.
deep fried chicken, super juicy and tender!

Kamo nanban soba.
I just tasted the soup. Nice. The sliced duck breast is nice too according to my friend.

yaki onigiri.
big let down. Can't taste the sour palm, at all.

so-so yakitori. nothing to highlight.

tori katsudon
the simmered rice is flavorful due to the soya sauce with mushroom, onion and egg. again the breaded chicken is so soft and succulent! I think the chef is good at cooking chicken? O_O

ok-ok dinner. ok-ok face expression.

Sunday. 18.11.2012. ChongYang Festival a.k.a double ninth festival.

"To protect against danger, it is customary to climb a high mountain, drink chrysanthemum wine. On this holiday some Chinese also visit the graves of their ancestors to pay their respects."- wikipedia

It's a traditional Chinese festival. It's not like CNY or Mid-autumn those widely celebrated, popular Chinese festivals in Malaysia. Frankly I never celebrated this festival back then, this is my first time, some more in this historical city Malacca.

Red people sea.

You find this place familiar? Malacca Shing Ann Association @ Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.

Mountain climbing? Bukit Cina. Always pass by this area but never thought that one day I'd step on this ground. Good experience though!

5 of us! ;)

red balloonsssssssss

with wishes and hopes attached to it which people believe that the balloon will bring it up to heaven and make it all come true.

first time, I experienced and witnessed this kind of scenery. All I felt was blessed and happiness.

Thanks to ahBoon who got me this balloon puppy. Though it's dead in the end, but this pic will last. HAHAHA!! 

hmmm sorry Idk how to translate to English.

I'm glad we stayed till the end. The special lion dance, the failed Sze-Chuan mask-changing performance left me quite a special memory. hiakhiak *evil laugh*

it's like a Malacca one day trip for us.

King's Well 三宝井. First visit as well. LOL!

dunno what monument - -

the girls :)

along Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, there's a hidden place for delicious food, Rojak & Cendol!!!
Somewhere around Bkt Cina, located alongside the road. Though it's a cemetery area but it's used to be really FAMOUS! It used to be under the trees and right beside those tombstones, creepy? But yea it moved to the opposite now.

Mee Rojak, Mee Rebus, Cendol!!
Idk, tasted really YUMMY!! The cendol is even nicer than Jonker 88's. The sweetness (gula melaka) level is just perfect. Drop by and give it a chance! Won't let you down, promise! ;)

Nadeje @ Jaya 99.
First time tried their mango tart. Nice. enough saying ;)

I played pool once at KL with the Engin.Gang. But just simply played, never really learnt. But this time, YenFen and I did our best and we even joined the competition between the guys.
Believe me or not. We played the killer game which is to protect our balls and the last-ball-standing game AND We.Won.At.Last!!!!

serious tutorial on-going.

We had a really long day, from 6.30am until 3-4pm? It's good to wake up early and have some activities together with good friends! That's how you rock and roll your day :)

fiber optic Christmas trees spotted @ Wing's Cafe

had a 3-hours dinner with the gang. No matter how long we never catch-up, we always have A LOT to chat. Never ending topics and are usually very lame ones. We could spend round 10-15mins to discuss 'Photostat' this topic. Brilliant. 

BTW, Wing's Cafe is now changing to Xmas atmosphere! Really nice and beautiful! Each room gives out different feelings. This is Blue and cold. Another one is red and warmth! Feel free to drop your visit :)

P/S: ohmiigod Christmas is coming................. Gonna spend big again this time...leejinee what chu want?- -

These two fellas. 
One is my life-time BEST friend and another one is my baby sister. How could they! Can you believe they can hangout for lunch, for hightea, for dinner, for even MOVIE?! I don't know lor, who is whose friend.- -
Kyaler Chan you didn't bring me out for AGES already!! :((((
you know I don't really reply people message so here, I miss you too!
Saw this from Instagram and thought it's really CUTE!!

If you followed my Instagram/Facebook. He's Jaden. 3 years old and living in KL and sometimes Malacca.
He poked me when I was having dinner. Super polite, yet really cute and active!
After some conversations, he asked me, 'what's your house's name?',
'Does your house have a name?',
'Yes, KL',
(BOOM!) 'ohh really? My house's name is JB'

CUTE RIGHT?? You know the reason why people said kids are like angels? This is it!

Here's another cute conversation,

'You took lift?'
'hmm......yea I guess so?'
'Where you took lift?'
'my apartment'
'Why don't you take those lifts in shopping center?'

You just can't get mad at cute kids like this. I'm really a kid-person. I'm not bragging but really, kids love me. HAHAHAHA!! This little angel did light up my whole night. Seriously.

Happiness comes from within. I guess that's what it means.

and for some reasons, I fell in love with G-Shock. This series's been out for one or two years. but how YENG is this! Loving the left side one. I'm a watch lover. but G-shock has yet to become my collection. Who said G-Shock's for guys? Baby-G's for girls? Hmm....... so tempting..

I have bought two watches during Christmas period the past two years, 2009 and 2011 respectively, if I'm not mistaken.


Spotted Skyline around bukit beruang area last few days. One is silver, one is black. Damn Yeng. It's not practical but yea you just can't help to admire. 

 I don't study cars, but I know quite many car models than girls do. Last time I chatted with friends and realized that girls are not particular when it comes to cars. As long as you can start the engine and drive, that's it. 

So here comes my wonder, why I feel it's (quite) important to have a car that you like and that suits you? Yes I'd like to save money and travel, shopping, but for no reason, the first thing I want to achieve when I start to earn, is to buy a car. Hmm why? - -

This is what I thought the nicest so far, Audi r8
just a dream, aite? don't pour cold water on me hehehe
dream bigger, chrome r8! HAHAHAHA!
ohmiigod super sexy!

ok enough of car topic.

Last but not least.....
I missed her ROM at 11-11-11 last year...

and I missed her wedding at 24-10-2012
missed again for the wedding dinner at 27-11-2012

whenever I think about it, I feel deeply sorry. Sorry girl, for not being around and witness your life biggest events. Everything caved in so coincidentally and I couldn't help. but there's no reason to be moody right? It's your happiest moment anyhow! and I sincerely wish you the best in future and you're so loved by everyone of us, and now one more, your hubby!

have a happy wedded life! for a long and very devoted life of love and happiness, 
just like kitty and daniel!
(photos credited to Xin's and Yann's FB albums)

and girls, I miss you all...

so much...

Loving this song!! So soulful!

Much credits to the Youtube video, Sincerely, The End from GrimFilm.

Time to sleep! (to continue dreaming)

Won't be updating so soon. Crazy hectic life continues.............

perhaps everything goes smooth.

If you ever see me, ten years ago, would you let me know? 

P/S: I spent round 3 hours on this. HA! Fever comes and goes. Damnit weather these few days sucks! Do take care and drink more water yea!