Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Mess

Again, the second visit to Thamara cafe *look here if you don't follow my blog* I guess I can pay my visit there twice or even trice a week and won't get bored of their menu, AT ALL!! XDD

And I'm sorry there are only food photos attached cause we were all busy filling in our stomachs. Nobody was interested in taking photo of our own. so, yea don't mind us. Just pay focus on the food aite??

Blue Cheese Pasta!!!! with full of shrimps in it!! and the blue cheese, hmmmm... it has a very special unique unusual flavor smell, google for 'blue cheese' and you'll know why. BUT for cheese lover, you'll definitely LOVE IT!!! though the sauce is so creamy and thick, but it tasted so fresh you won't believe. Super recommended.

Carbonara. The sauce is a little bit heavy I won't pick up for more than 3 bites continuously. One thing to mention, the spaghetti is well cooked. and it served in quite big portion!! Anyway, this is my sis's order! rated 3/5! LOL!

Chicken chop. refer back to the post I'd mentioned above.

Chicken Margherita. Imagine I could finish it and it's damn a big portion! I never knew the texture of chicken breast could be such tender! Nommmmss~~

Raining day ohhh raining day. When are you gonna stop?? I feel really pity to those who have to go back to their hometown to celebrate CNY. Please be careful if you are going to drive on road. People can't predict when accident happens. So yea, do take care.

I'm watching finals of Korea open badminton superseries. I can feel my blood is boiling when I imagine the 2 people having a great match. *perhaps, finger crossed!!!* Let's pray hard to our Datuk Lee Chong Wei who is going to confront with China LinDan to get the champion title. For no reason, I felt Datuk Lee has somehow became handsome as 'handsome' this word never really related to him. I wonder why. LOL!!

the weather is so damn freaking cold!!! I should really wrap myself with my lovely blanket!! I'll get it once I finish this post! Hehe!

see ya!

ohya, let's pray for our recent emerging idol from Million Star, Jess Lee for her final tonight!!! JIAYOU!!!

*finger crossed until my fingers twisted!! LOL!!!*

UPDATED:: Datuk Lee has lost to LinDan. Anyways, the match was a blast. Just it didn't end the way I hoped. It's okayyyyyyyyy =(


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Why yes, I'm seriously overindulged in JB!! I anyhow have studied ONE chapter of ONE subject. Over these 7 days, 168hours, 10080mins, 604800secs!!!!!!!! APPLAUSE!!!

Went out with my gang at the middle of the night. oh well, at 1130pm. Purposely went to Taman Sentosa just for sake of filling in their stomachs!! Look carefully, theirs!! not mine!! haha. I don't know why but I just didn't feel like eating. and DON'T ASK ME am I on diet. I AM certainly NOT!!! HAHAHAHA

I just don't want my post ended with no photos! HEHE

God has always been taking care of me. He knows I love raining days that's why, you see, keep raining these few days!! There's lot of places' residents are suffered from this kind of weather. I somehow miss the bright sunny day and smell, can you give it back to me??

I missed the day we laughed so hard till our stomachs so damn pain.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have no study mood. AT ALL!!!!!!

I've received most of my coursework marks, quite a pleasant one. Thanks god. I should really put more effort to accomplish the rest. =(

BTW, I'd dyed my hair to honey and hazelnut tone. hmm. I look even fairer don't know it's a good choice or not. We shall see.


just feeling wanted to update my blog. lalala~~

my house is so into CNY now. =)


Monday, January 24, 2011


Chinese New Year is approaching. I hear NewYear songs everywhere! I love the CNY atmosphere as well as the deco.

Happy Chinese New in advance!! =)

*Today is gonna be a good good day!!! Another brand new outing day!! hoooorayyyyy!!

best regards,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Road Trip to BatuPahat

Road trip to Batu Pahat with
thanks to our driver Mr Lim for this whole trip. As well as our local driver Mr Chan.

BERHENTI!!!!! lol

at Muar to have our lunch.
the super big portion 'wan tan mee'.

hanging and looking around Muar town.
love the ancient building and the CNY atmosphere!!
tadaaaa!! simply love this shoot!!
continue our journey to South. XD

random shoot with

and we finally reached Batu Pahat at 5 something!!

and this is the view taken from the balcony of ShianYang's house. Awesome right?? I can imagine how nice the view is at night.

I stayed at my babyboy's house meaning that I could finally play with the doggies. Gawd I didn't know I actually miss them so much!!
MIMI!! Poor thing she's having her skin allergy. has to take pill everyday. =(
I wonder why he showed this face to my camera. Drunk maybe?? LOL
last day in B.P. See Rockie was emo because I was leaving him and heading back home. XDD jkjk
AWWWWW!!!! Rockie you poser!!! love this!!

Things we did in Batu Pahat. Eating shopping shopping eating and the process keep on going. The main purpose we went there was to buy our CNY clothes. But seems I'm the only one who didn't get any goods.

Anyways, the chance of spending quality time with your loved ones is always treated as a gift.

holiday started. As well as my study week. ehemm....


Time Heals Everything

I'm sorry for every bad thing happened to my friends nowadays. Whoever you are, please stand strong, be more positive, there's ton of people cherish you. People don't mean to hurt others, but somehow they do a pretty good job of it all the same. Sometimes you'll become one of them unintentionally and you don't even know you're turning yourself into such an ass hole. Listen to your heart and tell yourself is the choice you've made right or wrong. People's hearts are made to be treasured and taken care of, not to be broken.

Smile to yourself. Even though you're facing a hardship, a smile can somehow make the things simpler and you may feel that is not that pain after all. Instead of feeling heartache over everything which upsets you, you suddenly feel relief.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. No matter it's came from bottom of your heart, or not. You should understand, smiling is infectious, you can catch it like a flu. Happiness isn't everything all about yourself, but it is as well came from people around.

Stand up for yourself. Cause no one else will do it for you.

You can cry your heart out at a lonely night, but make sure you'll smile like a flower the next day. Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again. Steady and easy. Isn't life a process of losing and gaining??

When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your loved ones will be there.

Been going through quite a lot of things, experiencing quite a lot of feelings, pleasant and unpleasant, love and hatred, sorrow and happiness, friends and enemies, perhaps I'm mature enough to face the obstacles in the rest of my life.

Take care.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

21st January

I'm looking for the day to come!!!

FYI, I'm having my holiday now!!! woots!!! I don't want to care bout my exam. *you dare me! lol*

Happy Thursday earthlings =)



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Called Best Friend

I'm sorry to hear that news from you. When you phoned me over last night, I somehow felt very guilty for not being there, listening to you. During the period when I was so damn upset, you were there for me. But for now, *and maybe, it has been quite a long time* I don't really put much concern on you. I feel so ashamed of myself. When the time comes, I'll definitely call you out for a catch-up!

that's the thing about destiny, in stead of too many choices, you suddenly have none.

Yours truly,

Mr Crocodile's BDAY

Wings Cafe was the place. Mr Crocodile and his lovely girlfriend Ms Erica were the main cast accompanied by a bunch of noisy silly funny people. A super advance celebration for the birthday boy. His birthday is actually 27th January, but most of us will be going back to our hometown to celebrate CNY, that's why, we made a very impromptu celebration for him!

Banana Choc from Secret Recipe. It's way too heavy for 8 of us to finish up the whole 2kg cake!! gahhhhhh!! I don't even dare to imagine how much weight I've gained. FML =(
The love birds. =)
And, our XMAS gifts exchange session could be held, eventually. This is what I got. From Ms Winnie Ho.
I love it!!! It's a schedule planner. I will keep it nicely instead of using it. You know why. I'll show you my collection in some time.

Last but not least, Mr NG, wish you happy 20th birthday in advance!!All the best in everything and stay sweet with 'our' girl!! Do enjoy ur 2-x life LOL!!

PS:: I wish I'm forever 19! HAHAHA


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loyal Supporter

Did I mention I went to CyberJaya for a banquet? To support our man-


Together with my RD Gang and Siao Gang.

Right before the banquet started. Pardon me to bring you to the girls' room.
Present to you the girls' dolling-up process. I should show you the cosmetic products. From brands to brands, various types with various tone colors. LOL
the dolled up ladies
beauty pageant?? *buey pai seh~~lol*
we poser!! HOHOHO
See those make-up remover?? We removed our mask off! XDD

PS: it wasn't an upsidedown transformation. Meaning that we all look pretty enough even we don't apply cosmetic on our faces. LOL!!! *another buey pai seh line~~*

last but not least
Thanks for viewing! HAHA

Stay tuned for our 2nd day? =))

PS:: I wonder how come I got so many foreign visitors nowadays?? Besides USA, UK, Germany, Thailand such well-known ones, many of them were from some other countries which I couldn't recognize their national flags @@ aiseh, a bit regret I didn't add a flag counter gadget last time. Else I guess I would have a collection. LOL

Happy Tuesday!!