Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Popular MEGA Book Fair @ DangaCityMall

Who is your favourite author?? Mine is always J.K. Rowling!!! Don't tell me you don't know who she is! Hehe. After SPM'08, I was badly influenced by my elder sis to read Cecelia Ahern's. Thereafter I started my English novel journey.

'My Best Friend's Girl' is a novel which had made me fell in love with this author- Dorothy Koomson! 'Mashmallow For Breakfast' is another collection of mine as well. her site

Just minutes ago, my elder sis called me and asked if I wanted any books. I gave her a list of books I wished to get. She sent me a message after 5mins and told me she'd bought ALL of the books from Koomson besides the two I've got. How efficient!!! Besides Koomson, this is what I aimed for long but I couldn't get anymore time to read, since I still have two books in a row.
Cathy Glass her site is a no.1 best selling author, she's mad awesome in writing true story! My sis bought this to me as well!!! I LOVE YOU MUACKZ!!!

what's actually happening???
MEGA Book Fair!!!! How wish I could get there by the day I reach JB!!

First-hand information!!! When I checked out the calendar of events at Danga City Mall's site, I realized there's another chocolate fair on coming 17th to 19th Dec!! Still remember the last time I went there, and it was like a total failure! Perhaps this time is a success!!

after my midterm break. wtf. Guess I'm gonna miss it.

ADD:: My sis phoned me again, telling me that she bought 5 books with only RM120++!! AGHH!!! I want to go!!!!

ok, back to study!!! I'm so dead!!!!!!

Say BYEEEEE to November, HIIIII to X'mas month!!!


lotsa love,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov Random IV

FYI, midterm tests are all around the corner, but for what I concern most is, midterm BREAK is one week after!!!! To be truly frankly, I don't have any study mood even I forced myself so hard to read at least one or two chapters per day. (yea very super less!!!! But less better than none right?)

Yesterday I was out for a meeting (I'm holding a position to organize a primary school learning camp) and I'd thought maybe this is a chance for me to turn the worse situation over. Because facing the slides and notes all day is not the way, no matter how I forced myself to. I'm the kind of student who study much depend on MOOD.

I'd rather say the meeting turned my situation from worse to worst!! How blessed I am! Double As' mission failed. Both 'A'cademic and 'A'ctivity! Now, there's only one way to cure, looking forward to my lovely holiday.

I guess I can only update ton of words instead of photos post like I used to. This is most probably the last posting in November. Every now and then I realize I'd update many random posts in one particular month, that is during exam period. and during this period my blog hits will drop DRASTICALLY!!! FML.

Put up with another one whole week. I'll be back!! wish me luck people. I do need it! and all the best to those who are sitting / going to sit for exam!!

PS: My programming MADLY sucks! Still wondering if I put more effort in it or shift my focus onto the other subjects. Anyone can rescue me??? Salute those who take IT!! =(

homey christmas tree, christmas gift, family dinner, jingle bell, santa claus, .......... Christmas month is two days after!!!

devote yourself to something you feel it's worth


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bad Day

As referred to the title above. I nearly passed out during 10am lecture today. Got a few times my vision went blurry and then blackout. Everything happened at once. I wondered how did I stand for it until the class ended at eleven. *salute myself* I didn't dare to go for the other classes so I skipped the rest. Luckily I got to back to my room and didn't faint down somewhere.

I met some friends on the way back and I couldn't even make a smile on my face. I'm really sorry but I couldn't help myself. In such condition I guess I'm forgiven??

I took a super long nap from eleven something to six. Waking up several times throughout that 7hours. Feeling better thanks god.

Midterm tests are one week counting down. Take care yea everyone. =)

'Life is too important to be taken seriously'


Q Stands For?

AWWWWW!!! She is real cute right??
what a great poser ^^
Emo Rockie~~ This is my current hp wallpaper! so adore!!!

random thoughts and expressions these few days::
smile is the necessity of life. oh well, at least mine =)
Q: what to eat tonight?? or simply skip it??
severe headache after 10pm class
Q: and wondering what is the cause =(

argghhh!! Headache is killing me! I don't have any idea why would I feel so unwell after the night class ended. I have to distract myself by watching drama, blogging, etc. Simply can't concentrate on my revision!! (I know it sounds ironic!! XD) one hour is the longest time I could stand. Think another way round, I should be feeling lucky because it happens only at night ='(

today is 25th. I'm looking forward to the day after one whole month. I guess everyone does!!

time to sleep
night world

You owe me McD!!!!!

I miss Momo alot, but you have it far more than hers.


yours truly,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


To my boy and all my dearest friends who are going to sit for STPM, SPM, midterm test, etc. =)

All the very best!! Have faith in yourself. You have all my wishes!! Smile before entering the spot. "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." -Mother Teresa

I had a nice sleep last night since eleven!! What a good girl I'm turning into. and It's now 0740!! Going to class soon. Morning world.


your bestest,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Cutest Doggies

Spent my last weekend with 3 cutest doggies!!! and of course love.

he can't live without his dogs
Look at the TV behind?? Yea that's GuangZhou Asian Games! Haiz how wish I could watch it live.
considered as the top-3 worst movie I've ever watched. LOL!!
treat them nicely, they'll see you home. XDD I was so afraid of dogs at first, they barked and licked!! but after getting along with them for days, I kinda like to play with them, watching them chasing each other.

They said people who loves animals will never be a bad guy. Is that true??
Miss you
Sunday, again. I really should start studying, midterm tests are all around the corner!! Final for this sem falls on February, one week after CNY! Kill me.

gonna out dinner with Siao.Gang later. LOL!! According to the name, I believe you guys can make a clear conclusion bout this gang of people. The powerful one word described all.

weather today KILLS! Freaking HOT and sultry! Do you believe 2012 is the end of the world??



Saturday, November 20, 2010

MayDay- SHE

Lovely weekends with lovely ones. You've made my day! Shiny and sparkish!! Though just few hours we spent, but it's enough for me to cherish all about!

a sweet song by SHE, I love this MV so so much!! Because of the sweetness of the couple and of course the main reason, Ah Shin from MayDay is the male cast!!! =))

looking forward to tomorrow's gathering, it has been such a long time.....

If ever we're to treasure everything happened around equally.....

think about it and complete the sentence by your own.
Smiley =)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov Random III

Do you notice that is a love shape? Right bottom. I didn't much edit it. Just adjusted the tone. click to enlarge. Simply love

original one. Looks different??

Do they sound familiar to you?? For the second video, yea that's my dad. HAHAHA kinda funny, his 'MAN' sound as the background.

Lotsa mistakes, but I insisted posting it up!! Dare me? XDD I accidentally found them in my bluetooth transferred folder. HEHE!! According to the files' properties, both created in August 2009! Such a long time ago!!

just some random funny clips.

tomorrow night gonna be my first midterm test. Wish me luck =)

thanks for telling me your feeling

night world


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Limits- Lala Hsu

I used to dislike this singer while she was competing in XingGuang超级星光大道. She changed a lot!!! She became much thinner and cuter. Her hair grows so fast I wonder does she do her hair extended?? ANYWAYS, point is- I'm now addicted to her songs!!! New released album- 极限Limits.

the song attached is one of her new songs- 惧高症. I don't have any specific idol. I will like a song only from it's melody arrangement. Unlike most of you, like the lyrics. I just love her style. Kinda admire this MV's director, the feeling and atmosphere created just so right for this song!! That's really icing on the cake.

Highly recommended her new album to you guys! Definitely worth listening to!


morning world =)


Nov Random II

've watched a kickass movie- Knight and Day (2010) starring all-time handsome Tom Cruise and blue eyed attractive blonde Cameron Diaz!! Women age super fast after 30, true!! She looks old in this movie, just not as glamorous as she used to be, still striking though!

"During their glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, nothing and no one even the now fugitive couple are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth VS trust."

love watching action comedy!! I won't get scared so easily. Friends around should know. XD

Washing clothes, watching XingGuang, movei and anime, doing quiz, doing lab report, cooking maggie mee, etc. I've done quite a lot of things today. *applause* LOL!!!

Brand new day. Hello Thursday =)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CLD Sharing Night

This is my first CLD event as I mentioned in previous post. Here comes with the photos. Let the pics do the talking aite?? Spot me!!!! =))

Cultural and Literature Division
Sharing Night!!!

Rehearsal before the event!
it's my pleasure to have you guys as the drama actors, and of course, to work with all of you!!!

I still cannot manage to get the video of the drama. 'll upload it as soon as I get it. Stay tuned yea!! talking bout the drama, I was MEGA nervous before the show started. Luckily everything went smoothly! and I felt so relief as I heard the audience's applause.

Backstage after the drama
with the costume on
ALL of us!! left our PA person incharge kaixin! OMG what a pity
opps!!! Cindy's gigantic boobs!!!! LOL
ultra LOVE this shoot!!=)
taken with the backdrop before cleaning the venue. together with Morteza's father. It's really our pleasure to have you with us Sir. Hehe!! Kamal's turn disappeared. TOO BAD!!

It's really a nice experience. We were like strangers at first, but look how we posed to the camera at the end of the event! and I'm missing all of you. We should really hang out some times. For those kids taking foundation, enjoy your midterm break till the MAX. Get fully recharged and back to campus with full force!

Morteza, Kashif, Kamal and YungKeong, I never expected you guys have such potential to be a lady! You scared me! HAHAHA

HongKit- my Prince, I'm glad you expressed the characteristic of the prince so well on stage!! Though the drama ended, but you're still my prince! *shy* LOL!!

WeiLun- thanks to your idea!! and you helped me a lot! Well character interpretation, for both the demonic 'fairy' and rushy hurry clock at 12am.

YiWen- thank you for being so supportive, always stayed with us till the end. Yumcha session, I mean. LOL! and of course, reminding Kamal's Mandarin line. =)

KaiXin- thanks for your BIG help!! Hehe and I'm sorry we left you out in many photos!! You did a good job in dealing with PA system. Thanks a lot!! Without the sound effects and background musics, the drama wouldn't be completed!!

As for me, I cherish everything happened around, I learned a lot! This is my first time to write a drama script, first time to be a director of a drama. Special thanks to HweeSze for giving me this chance to get along with all of them. I have no idea how I involved in CLD at the first place, but it doesn't matter.

What matters now is the relationship we've been building throughout the time, present and it is continuous!!! Well done everyone.

Good show! Good cast! Good acting skill! Good PA controlled!

my name tag. I love collecting the name cards of every event I involved. Kind of remembrance??
blek! See you guys around campus!

CLD rockz!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Code Geass

I'm pretty much bothered recently. But I'm not going to disclose everything to you guys. BLEK~ Hehe! Tomorrow is our lovely holiday!! Do you guys have any plan??

I don't.

am going to spend my day with PPS and anime. You guys may wonder, a girl who never concerned bout the current hot anime, would borrow the whole series of it from her friend. Since I have to trace back to I-don't-know-when if wanted to start all over the whole story, I'd better stop here.

LOL!!! Anyways, this is the anime I'm watching.


I super love this character!!! she's so cool so mysterious sooooo pretty!!!

OMG I guess I'm addicted!!!

and I realized, the only condition which makes me wanted to watch that particular anime so so much is- the characters must be lengchai or lenglui!!! LOL!!

1935 now, gotta go!! 2000 class later!!!



Beta Lab Experiments

I like doing the experiment I'd done few days back- Digital Logic Design. Hahaha! Frankly this is the first time I felt the fulfillment of completing the whole experiment. Watching the LEDs turned on and off, connecting the super messy wires, laughing and talking nonsenses throughout the lab session with my group members- YewLi and Ms Lau. These were what we'd done all together.

I should have put more faith in believing it will work. Cause before turning the power supply on, I thought the failure rate was 99%. LOL!!! Who knows, we were the 2nd group to archive all the data and we were able to submit and pass the assessment on time! GLAD!

half-done close up look.
3 of us =)
girls, still remember the longest wire??? LMAO!!!!

the latest experiment was about induction motor we'd done on Monday!! I'd never touched such big-sized machine before. Kinda exciting while doing the experiment. Some more it could be easily done and taken not more than one hour.

transformer and power system!

pardon me for my SS pic. It has been a long time since I last posted my own photo in my bloggie. Just to update you guys, my getting-thicker-eye-bags-and-longer-messy-hair. LOL!!

till then,