Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Saturday

For your information, I've got my 1st sem result yesterday. Proudly say that, target hit!!!! Wahahaha what a relieve!! Overall it's satisfied yet a little bit out of my expectation. Anyway, ZiHui and I decided to pamper ourself by being a shopaholic!!! Ofcourse treated ourself a great meal, how great is it? Hmm actually it's not a big deal, just a small......... Check it out below, continue reading please.....XD

Saturday, yeah it's today!!! Wonder how am I able to make this post possible?? I just simply ignored the previous delayed entries, showing off how great my day is!! So, please forgive me peeps! You know you love me. Gosh I'm so going to watch Gossip Girls 3rd season!! Hehehe~ This is one of my favourite lines in this drama.

okay I shouldn't crap anymore, let's start this posting. My day is delighted since morning, the breakfast. The loving couple, Zihui and Cheryang, and ofcourse me went to 'Lao Di Fang' for dimsum! And sorry peeps, no photo attached. Maybe it was still early and I was still blur at that time. Wahahaha.

Therefore, we made the last-minute decision to go shopping! Opps sorry, boys are not allowed to join. Haha actually Cheryang's going back to his hometown also. Ohya thanks for taking me for breakfast ya!!^^

Zihui and I, we steadily turned down the suggestion from Cheryang for fetching us to the shopping mall, taking bus instead. Who knows, we felt regret at the end. Why not just be good and listen to Cheryang?? Haha anyway, we reached Mahkota Parade ultimately. Phew~

After hanging around, we went for our lunch. Here we took.

PizzaHut. Here's what we ordered. Hmm yummmss~~

Zihui, the cutie, the mask monster. Why I'd say so? Because she's applying mask on her face, AGAIN!!!! Hahahaha. She's so bored! 3 peace postures out of 5! Bored egg!!~~hahaha

And here, the creative one. The blogger of ee-ternity, SzeEe. LOL

We went to MPH after that and finally I got to find the latest novel of Cecelia Ahern, The Gift. Well maybe it's published for quite a long time, maybe months? But the edition I found was always in hardback, cost me nearly two 50 notes you know?! The one I found today is normal edition, and normal price. BUT!!! Accidentally I found another novel which caught my attention so so much! And I bought it home eventually.

I was touched only from page one!
-My Best Friend's Girl-

After hanging around MP, we went to Dataran Pahlawan as well. Nothing much to mention, or else you wanna know we went to ATM and made a withdrawal all for one purpose, shopping? Or we were like getting lost and turning round and round again in the shopping complex? Haha. Ohya, there's really one thing to mention here, we met Mr TianQi there while we were planning to go back!! and lucky us he was going back and asking us whether or not to fetch us. How kind-hearted he is! Hahaha *eii sure need to praise him lar else he doesn't want to fetch me next time* LOL. Anyway, thanks really!

Okay, one last thing to let you know, I'm broke!!!! My parents coincidentally called me while I was shopping, and asking where am I, what am I doing, I even told them the very truth. No lies! But I might have to eat grass eat sand next week. Muahahahaha. I told them I'm pampering myself! The truth is it!

Money gone without you knowing!!

OMG I couldn't believe I spent 'that' much only for these few things!

-The end of day-

Gosh I saw a fatty inside the pic!!

I love spending my time with you cutie!

PS: this entry is posted in a rush!! Plz forgive me for any grammar mistakes or whatsoever silly mistakes I'd made! Gd night peeps! xoxo=)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pirate Restaurant

Omg it happened ages ago, 10th July 2009, the day me and my friends went to mmu corner to take our dinner. They decided to go to a cafe which is located somewhere around for the 2nd round. *BB Street Mall* There is it.

The Pirates Restaurant

The cakes there are quite nice, 2 flavours we ordered,
one is Oreo cheese, another one is black forest, I prefer cheese cake=)

The entire design are blue white in colour, but I couldn't feel the relation nor matches of 'pirate' with the environment since this cafe named 'The Pirates'. Just a kind notice here, if there's someone gonna pay a visit there, remember to wear long sleeve or else you might get freeze. The air-conditionals are way too functioning!!

Overall it's quite a nice place for friends to hang to. We didn't try the mains there so never mind to give any comment here, cakes are nice, as does beverage. Price are a little bit high but what do you expect since it's quite a decent cafe?

4 of us
*from left* zihui, ee, xinghong, cheryang

i like this shoot!

Talking bout food, gosh I have nothing to eat for my dinner over here!!! I've been eating biscuit as my dinner for quite a few days! Besides biscuit, there's only mamak. I'm so sick of it!! Somebody take me out of this place!! Nothing much I ask for, just a proper meal. Pity me, sob=(

I got plenty of time to blog plenty of entries. Perhaps.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Gift

With the separation because of graduating from secondary school, I decided for long to do something for my sista and buddy. Something here refers to some hand-made or so-called DIY stuffs. If no mistaken, I took over 4 months to complete all the things. I never expected it'd take me for such a long time. However, the outcomes are satisfied! Thanks god, everyone of them likes it very much.

I gave it to them on June, so 3 of them, Herng, Yann and Fong got another extra birthday card cause they are June babies. Every set of present included a photo which I PS with the photos that we took since form 3 or 4, a bookmark which is 3D with my name 'E' and their name's first letter, and lastly, a card with full of words and my blessings.

my current roomate aka coursemate aka classmate
she's mask monster as well as my babe!
I love the card I did for her most among all others.

My coursemate got the exactly same name with TengTeng, YeeTeng.
My very own listener.
I think I wrote over 500 words in her card.
The simple yet warm-hearted one.

Her birthday falls on 21st June, that's why she got another card.
Her card is a 3 pages love shape with a big ribbon attached to it
Full of my blessings.

The babe coolgirl with full set of coldcolours and tone
I spent over 1 hour just to do the cover
and there comes the pretty card.

Our dearest nanny!!
wonder why? Because she's liked taking care all of us whenever we hang out!
The card is a little bit kind of formal.

The photos we took are way too less
that's why cannot form one photo.
words I gave her are written behind the card.

Same case goes to NingXin, doesn't have photo.
She's so girly and she likes pink so much
It's really a simple card with ribbon attached.

He got another one others didn't have.
The keyboard's bookmark
I forgot why was I doing that already.
Because of his 4th June Birthday present?

buddy aka korkor aka my chemistry teacher
omg I owe him so so much!!
Thanks to him for bringing me over a hard time.

I know it's been quite a long time, but I promised I'll blog it out and showing off my hard works. It's not the nicest and prettiest handicraft I know, It's not the best gift ever you had recieved, but it's full of my blessing and love. And I do enjoy doing all these works. The time of recalling back our sweet memories and every single moment we spent together while writting the words on the card are awesome.

Since I'm now publishing a DIY posting, why not continue the DIY stuffs for the next post? Probably be the photo frames I designed by myself. I'm so gonna blogging within these few days!!! Maybe 2 postings per day??? I can't help but too many delayed ones.

Somehow, I'm missing you all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been and Through

My current hp wallpaper=)

Life has been getting smoother. Not to mention, this statement is more talking about my academic field. For those who close to me should know, I am stressed for few weeks, since the day of all of my CLS activities ended. I knew that handling or organizing with whatever activities will more or less drag back my studies, but before joining the committee, I never expected the processes are that many, complicated and busy as it born to be. Maybe the experiences I had gained before is just meant a piece of cake if compared to the event I'm dealing with in university now. I was somehow feeling exhausted. Perhaps I'd adjust to the current situation and fix myself into it.

Talking back about my studies here, hmm... I was worried very much that words couldnt even describe how anxious I was. As what I've mentioned above, studies was dragged, not too much time left as well. During the study period before the final exam, I was feeling so uncertained. Am I able to fulfill what I've already promised myself? Could I hit the target I've set? Would I disappoint my parents as well as my sisters since they got high expectation on me? Everything was out of my control during that period. I felt so unsure about myself, u guys might realize that from my past emo posting.

It's a shame to say that I got once even cried infront of my coursemates, it was so embarrassing but I couldnt help! Somemore we were inside the library!! I never showed up my emo feelings or whatsoever negative thinking infront of others before. This is the first ever time I got out myself so easily. I wonder why. Frankly, I felt much better after crying. Somehow crying is a way of abreaction, at least for me. Never cried for quite a long time. I couldnt even get used of the feeling of the tears rolling down my cheek.

What about now? Seriously, do you think I have to answer? Else I won't blogging now. Hehe. Papers are much more easy than the way I expected. Good sign for that. Ohya a little bit mention, I felt it's quite a miracle thing. No matter how tough the past year paper I did, how stuck my brain was, how frustrated I was, how anxious about the final paper I was going to sit, I'd be all fine and be super duper positive thinking and regained my confidence within an hour before the time I started my final exam. Especially physics and precalculus paper. Sounds strange? Do you think I have an answer for that? Too bad, it's a NO. Perhaps it's because of the blesses came true?

Thanks to those who supported me, blessed me, and prayed for me. Thanks in advance to those worked hard together with me during the study week. Thanks to my fighting spirit.

I've been through a hard times, well, for me. Perhaps I've already found the balance. Perhaps I'm no longer losing my way but on the way to where I've planned.

One more paper left, Human Development. Haha somehow I didn't take it to heart. Opps I know I shouldnt.

Enjoying every single moment of my life. Live it to the max!!!!!!

Finally I got to eat McD Sundae ice-cream!!!! Happy=))