Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'd never been so fucking sick in Melacca. I'm having sore throat, flu and fever now. Maybe I shouldn't say that I'm healthy in the previous post, this is what I get in return. Karma?? I can't help but to stay in the room all alone due to everyone in my unit already went back to their hometown. Thanks to my dear friends, thanks for looking after me, purposely looking for porridge to me and forcing me to finish it, asking me to take medicine, to take good rest, offering me a ride to consult a doctor and etc. I can certainly feel yours concern and care toward me.

Muackz... Thank you all!

Everyone around us seems living happily and blissfully throughout the whole year. Ofcourse, I'm included. I just never realized, it has already been one year. Time really flies.

Anyway, Happy one-year Anniversary. =)

Tomorrow onwards will be my mid-term test week. Perhaps I can get well soon!! Gosh I don't wanna die in my chemistry!! May god bless.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I can tell the weather nowadays is so-damn-freaking-me-out!! I sat inside a room and seeing the hot sun blazes, but no less than one hour, I saw a sudden pour. Thanks to this capricious weather, many of my friends get sick or feeling unwell!! Lucky me, I'm healthy enough to resist those virus. Hahahahaha.

Mid-term test is around the corner, I'd spent my whole day in Sri Emas purposely for studying. Who knows bringing laptop over there was certainly a wrong decision!! No mood study ended up with totally no gain. Damn!! Plus my chemistry is so dead! I've forgotten everything I learnt in secondary school. Fish!


Have u seen a meteor?? I do have!! I bet most of u know bout it because of my msn pm, am I right? Haha cause there's quite alot of people out there asking me is that real? So my answer is, YES IT IS!! Me and my friend, we were supposed to see the Leonid meteor shower you know?! But ended up we only saw a few shooting stars. We were waiting for Leonid, I couldnt help but thinking of someone who meant lots to me. Anyway I got 4, and my friend got 7!! Well, it is better than none right? We were sodamnsuper exited while both of us saw one streaking across the sky at the same time! We shouted at each other and screamed, and laughed together afterwards. The whole process was so damn fun!

Since when I used to look up to the sky, and watching the stars shine?? My answer should be 'it was the day after the-night-I-first-saw-the-meteors'. Somehow, I love the sky at night.

Yesterday's sunset glow.

I saw it accidentally from my balcony as I was there to breath the fresh air, discovering this beautiful landscape. It's a pity since my hp camera is not that good to capture down the fine image and colour of what I saw actually.

Since the climate nowadays is so fucking suck, everyone does take care oneself ya=)

with LOVE,

Saturday, November 14, 2009



one word

one sentence

can break me down

you know who i am what is my level

cant you be a little bit mercy to me?

is it you talk to me that harsh will ease your anger or whatsoever feeling towards this case?

I know I have to be strong

but according to my level, i cannot against you so far

I said I support, I believe for how many times??

can't you let me pass??

finally it's broken

I'll fix it myself

I'll be fine again

Friday, November 13, 2009

Is this the love season or what?

Many friends around me are attached

seeing them passed through all the processes

from worried and hesitated to finally resolved to face their own fate and destiny

Me, as an outsider, I see through all these, feeling life is wonderful and yet full of unexpected things and scenarios

It doesn't sound wrong if we said that life is just like a movie

As if we'r a character playing a certain part in each other's life, every character has his own role, we ourselves playing the leading role, every scene has certain characters in it

Everyone has the chance to meet our soul mate in life, but it just depends on your fate and luck I would say. Not everyone as lucky as those who met their true love and live in bliss and joy eternally.

Life getting along with friends who have found their lover is great, I really enjoy seeing them with their happy smiling faces whenever they talk about their gf or bf.

I'm glad that you guys have found your own happiness. I feel happy for you, sincerely I am.

For me, I'm still waiting for the right one. But who knows?
Maybe he already exists in my life, maybe he doesn't.
Life is unexpected right?
I never have the urge to find a boyfriend,
but sometime it's uncomforting to see others so in love
when you're in deep blue and feeling like need a shoulder to cry or lean on.
Bewildering right?

No bf hunting, no love craving.
Bcause I know, even now I don't have one boyfriend or lover or life partner,
but still I have lotsa love around me.
Be the real me.

I'm not finding love,
but is waiting someone to discover I am 'the one',
to reveal the true me.
One shouldn't change him/herself to be the one others want him/her to be.
-quoted from winnie.

A hug is better than everything whenever I feel down.
For me, somehow a hug is equal to a power, with lotsa love and affection.

with L.O.V.E

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Puzzle

Why'd I set the title as 'The Puzzle'? Continue reading if you're not getting bored of my life in melacca. Make sure that you have enough time or else better you don't read because I think it'll take you about ten minutes or so to finish reading the entire entry. It's simply fun and interesting. Many activities and events I'd combined together in this post as I don't have much time in coming weeks or even months. I know this made me sound like I'm damn busy, but the truth is it.

Ready?? Here we go!!XDXD

I don't even know what's the point to post up this, but for me, it's one of the great memories I've had during these few months of u life. Maybe it was the day of finishing all the papers of my first sem final exam, maybe it was the time of being long time never touched basketball, maybe it was because of playing with the nice people I love to spend my time with, or maybe it was drizzling that day and the weather was so damn nice.
*every photo can be clicked and enlarged*

only 6 of us, so we played 3 on 3. Fy, zHui and JiongXing were in one team, the other 3 included me was another team. I've forgotten whether my team won or them. But it wasn't that important right? As long as we did enjoy the match.

I was tired, but it was the day we ended our exam! How could we pass our day just like that? After bathing, we went to JonkerWalk for dinner.=)

Took lotsa funny photos. OMG somebody may kill me. See I sacrifice so much just for sake of you all!!
Sy, rest assured u looked damn adore!!!!

When ZiHui and I reached our unit, it was pretty dark inside because nobody switched on the light, but after a second only we realized, our housemates were playing lanterns and candles as a pre celebration of Mid-Autumn. Ofcourse not inside of the unit, they played at the balcony. Hahaha cute, aren't they?

Right after that day, I went back hometown with ahkor, yea he's FY. For those who know me well, I always hope that I can have a brother. I do have one during my secondary school life *yea he's you, chankokxiang!Hahahaha*, but I never thought that I could find or have anyone during my u life. Don't ask me why cause I also don't know since when he became my ahkor. But the truth is, I treat him like the real ahkor, as does him. For those who like to gossip bout us, listen, we don't care. I couldn't really remember what was the last time I'd talked so much to a human being, but he's the one I talk to recently.

What I'd done during my one week sem break? Hanging out with my family and babes, watching movie, and guess what? I went to Genting! I'd never been there since I was form 2 or 3! Gosh you wouldn't know how excited I was. Hahahaha. Genting trip will be posted up together with Mid-autumn gathering which we organized months ago.

So, from what we'd already planned, engin JB gang was going to watch movie together. But too bad, KeeWee couldn't make to meet us at the last minute. That's why only me, ZiHui, Alvin and KhaiXian were going. Anyway, the movie, 'Sorority' was nice. Both ZiHui and KhaiXian were shocked not because of the movie scenarios, but because of my sudden shouting. *they were sitting at my both sides.* And they said they don't wanna watch horror movie with me next time, or maybe don't wanna sit beside me. I'm the one who get scared can?? Pity me.

The next day, hanging out with JiaHui. Gosh I'd never seen her for quite a long time also. Frankly, I do miss all of them but mmu's holiday was stuck at the middle of their study period. How lucky I was. ><>*slurp~~~~~~*

Ohya since we're talking bout this, we'd went out shopping and chiong k on 29th August. No doubt, just two of us, since most of them cannot make it. Anyway we had enjoyed our day to the max. And ofcourse, we took lotsa photos. I didn't lie.

See. I know you guys must shouting 'it's enough!!' out there.

But i'm so sorry, once the mood came, it'd never gone away so fast. Some more it's in our fav ss place. XD

Before the day we chiong k, we did actually hang out to a cafe, 18PL which I never been before. *It was on 28th August, okay i know it was ages ago*. With my babes ofcourse. We chatted alot, even people celebrate their friend's birthday whom they came late than us but left earlier. We made lotsa noise there, trying to make funny and taking photos around even the waitress and customers there keep looking at us.

I just didn't know why ones put the glasses on will try acting siao?? Maybe because of the glasses owner is the insane? I have no doubt and question bout this, because the owner is my ahkor. Hahahaha. See I told you many ppl wearing it already.

OMG.... I miss them!!!

Okay come back come back, it's now November right? Gosh time really flies!!! It's now my second sem of studies life, as does my task in club and society activities, it grows heavier and heavier. I'm currently running a camp and doing the preparation of it, the exact date of the camp is actually on March of year 2010 though. Maybe now is only the starting period of the preparation, and we aren't officially starting the progress, so I haven't felt the pressure yet. Perhaps I can do and cope my job with all my might. Bless me. I would say it's very challenging for me.

I'd spent my last weekend inside of this room could you imagine that?? Started from Friday. Luckily there's air-con inside, some more the air-con is quite functioning. Else according to the weather recently, I'd rather die instead of staying in a stuffy room! By the way, we were inside to discuss or to plan the coming events, or you can say we were meeting all the way long.

That night, we made the last minute decision to rent car and go off Bukit Beruang! At first I wondered why must we went to that hawker centre? After that only I knew, simply because of the taiwanese sausage there!! Finally I knew what's the feeling of HOT and SPICY! Each of us ate a small piece, small piece only I mention again. But I couldn't talk in about ten minutes or so i think!! Can you imagine that? Everyone was silent and staring at each other during that very minutes. Keruey even dropped his tears!! Wahahahaha I purposely mention bout this. Anyway the sausage did make me left a memorable dinner picture in my mind. XDXD

Few days ago, me and my CLS gang went out yumcha. It was the first time I went to that mamak, the environment is damn decent can?? Hahahaha okay maybe it's more or less because of my 'suagu-ness', it's somewhere around MITC or Planetarium.

Simply wanna show you guys something special which I'd never seen before. I bet everyone of you heard Roti John before? How about Roti John HongKong, Japan and Korea?? Hahaha special right??

Thanks to CherYang and ChouPing aka Robert, finally I've got the chance to eat Asam Fish at Batu Berendam. Why would I say so? Because I've heard quite many of my friends here talking bout how nice the Asam Fish is, how delicious it is, but since I have no transport so I couldn't make to go there. 21st October, the person whom I mentioned above, drove us there to take our dinner!!! So Finally it's my turn to taste it!! Muahahaha.

Okay it's real tasty. My friends didn't cheat! Hahaha.

Ohya I played squash as well. Haha. Thanks to Keruey to be our coach. I wasn't that indulged like Erica and Evon do. But at least I tried playing once. Basketball is my favourite after all. No doubt hehe.

I don't know why my English lecturer wanted us drawing for a presentation. The topic my group got was 'Women Better Parent'. I didn't draw until an hour before the class, me and my friends taking lunch at Plaza Siswa, only drew together afterwards. Our topics were different though.

Wahahaha simply drew 1

I don't know since when I keep my nails so long. It's real, I never keep my nails because I'm used to cut it for sake of playing piano. Maybe it's not a big deal to you, and it's actually so-so-only length, but it does break my own record!!! By the way I'm gonna cut it because I really cannot bear!! That's why taking this photo as a remembrance. Hahahahaha.

I'm so blue. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make to join this trip with you girls. I know it must be a super duper goddamn FUN trip!!! Because we have not seen each other for ages! Because you all just finished the exam!! Because you miss me so much!!! Because we're looking forward to this trip for so long!!!! SIGH..... My November schedule is full!! I mean what I said. It's real. Some more the trip is started from 20 to 23 Nov! 21st I've to join a camp which is specially for all the coming Youth Camp organizing committee and working committee. I cannot turn down at all. 22nd I got another meeting. 23rd is Monday, my class started from 8am, 6 hours next. I wish I can join you all even if I needed to skip the class. But the truth is, I can't because I got my responsibility, not because of Monday class, but the camp on Saturday. So, allow me. You won't know how much I wish I can go to KL and Genting with you!!! Haiz......... Anyway, perhaps you all can stay at Malacca for one more night!!!! I miss you!!!

Anyway, keep the smile. As always.

Coming up next may be Vincent's and FuYong's birthday celebration. Hmm or one day trip at Botanical Garden?? or Mid-autumn gathering plus Genting trip?? Hahahaha I also don't know yet, stay tuned!!

Gosh is this post too long and too messy?? I just simply talk about anything which appeared in my mind and add some photos of it. Edit it *that's a must* as well. That's why took me such a long time!! I've been blogging since noon!!! But now is nearly ten thirty!! I even took bath and dinner in between! Better you guys leave me something in my comment or chat box!!! Or else I don't wanna blogging anymore!! Wahahahahaha. Just kidding, but I'd love to see you guys leave something for me!!

Gtg! I've been facing the screen for hours!! Tired me><

Dear all, have a sweet dream ya=)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hii all, did you realize any difference of my blogskin?? I had changed the skins and templates and layouts several times, shift from this to that, that to another one, until now, yea it's the one!! Say bye to 'blacky' I'm now in babyblue and such cutie skin!!=))

I simply love the pics added at the left hand side of my blog, so lovely, don't they?? I'll add some applications here IF I'm able to do so. Say hi to me yea, my chatbox is starving!!!! Can't you guys treat her nice abit? Yea no doubt, SHE is a GIRL. Don't you realize she's so pink in colour?? Hmm sorry for my craps cause I'm now in computer lab, damn boring can?? Haha

I got class at ten, but class is ended now (9.36am). How wish I can stay here online and keep blogging. LOL
Mood changed, content changed, blog changed.

K gtg peeps. See ya=)