Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look Me in the Eyes

I'm so frustrated and irritated when people don't look into my eyes while talking to me
IF you couldn't do so
stand away
out of my sight

Sunday, January 24, 2010

YeeTeng My Dear

For your information, it's now 6.17am 24th January 2010
Happy Birthday girl!!!
I ❤ U

Friday, January 22, 2010

She's Back!!

I know my blog is pretty DEAD

but when it comes to me blogging now, meaning that FINALLY!!!!

yea finally, it's ENDED!! No more papers until the Alpha 3rd sem of my life!!! sounds like still far away but actually it's only months to go. Hahahaha ANYWAY, it's time to party!!!!!!!

I'm so gonna back to JB right now!!! Wonder why i'm now blogging in the bored room??? *SIGH........* I got a meeting tonight, holy mama I've sacrificed so much for it!!! Hahaha well just kidding, I chose this path all on my own, no one to blame, nothing to whine about. I'm not a griper okay?? But the truth is still, yea i couldnt back to jb because of the meeting. XDXD

I'd been busy dealing with 5 subjects last 2 weeks. GOSH I'd never tasted the real 'lastminute preparation' like what I've just gone through. Frankly, I knew how BAD was my time-scheduling for this whole sem, I didn't have enough time to do the revision or whatsoever related to my studies, I didn't spend too much time for CLS activities neither. I just simply don't know what I've done. Time ticking away without you knowing, it's truth.

Anyway, I'll be back to JB on saturday noon. Does anyone out there wanna date me out?? FASTER!!!! HAHAHA I've already got my appointment fulled from coming sunday till thursday. Woooohooo, i'm so wanna make my oneweek holiday bustled!! This is what we called 'fully utilized' kay?? So, don't be surprised when I phone u or ask u out for a drink or whatsoever. TOO BAD u girls are doing ur form6 studies on coming week. I miss u so much!!! I miss girl talks!!!

I took quite a few photos during past 2 weeks. But they'r all takingfornothingbutjustforfun purpose. As a student, studying and fighting for a good result is supposed to be the thing which matters. BUT don't forget, enjoy the schooltime to the max!! Come on it's impossible for me to study all the way long but no any entertainment kay? I bet, most of us are probably the same type!

So, here it comes

We weren't inside the library, it's just a study room. That's why we dared to play infront of a lappy. Try to imagine there's lotsa people looking at u pose to the screen but not knowing u'r playing webcam. duh....What makes the best description while posting with 2 BBoys?? Pattern more than badminton!!

I spent most of the time with these two fellas during the past 2 weeks. I'm so sick of their faces. Muahahahahhahhaha just kidding la wei. Both of you are so cute and adoring, how would I feel so??? *Ewwwwww* And ofcourse the other 2 kx-es (khaixian, kunxiong). Thanks to them, we studied together until late night almost everyday, I did enjoy their company.

gonna dye my hair, keep it long or cut it short??That's the question! hahaha. It's about my limit, i can even tie my hair now!! I'm afraid I can't tahan anymore. Hahahaha. critical period, yea it's now.

Bringing laptop there for sake of getting out of boredom. They'r viewing the funny video clip.
ShianYang, Vincent, KhaiXian

You won't believe how hilarious they can be, they never failed to make me laugh out loud *I dunno whether it's a good thing or..= =*!! Although the situation always turned out funny mostly because of me, *I just don't know why* but I did appreciate every moment we'd spent together!!

At first, I meant to capture macro photo, who knows somebody acting cute behind. Yea he's SY aka Gavin. Can see the differences of macro photo and random one. Because of winnie, I'm so in love with macro photo shooting.

MACRO!!! I love the top left corner one. Tengteng, do you still remember? It's one pair. =)

I know it's easy to guess. I did actually force him to wear it because of Iforgotwhyalready. Hahaha. Freaking sissy i tell you!! I laugh till couldn't tahan during that moment.

Slept at 2-6pm, studied at 9pm-3am, slept at 2-5am, studied at 5-8am. I kept this routine for 2 weeks. My skin condition WAS already not-that-good type, after this, the result I got IS

the worst of my entire 18 years life!! The pic is even captured after I applied the concealer, but then the result looked no much changes, and guess what make it even worse?? The eye bag's' become so severe!!! how long will it take for the recovery?? wtf I'm so dead!!

Anyway...exam no more!!! It was the last paper I took in this morning- Computer Applications. I'm so relieved. Phew........

my skin damn dry...shit><

Okay finally, i'm going to have an one week holiday!! I miss my family, miss my home!! It's been one month since my last return. Freaking excited man!!!!

Happy Holiday people!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Im now studying...BUT

DAMN i'm now studying at Sri Zamrud with SY and Vincent

Maybe I took not enough rest for previous few days, feeling too tired and siao i guess, until I spoke something stupid just a few minutes ago, freaking stupid i tell u!!!!!!

I dunno why was I saying something that silly!!!

Vincent then even 'insulted' me by putting the sentence as his msn PM.

I felt funny and damn hilarious as I spoke the sentence out, so never mind the other 2 who listened to me..OMG so humiliating!!! I'm so embarrassed!!!!><

just click to enlarge, and u'll find out why

IF u were the one who listen to me, what would you react??=.="""

anyway, i'm still studying laaa... next week is my final exam week. Bless me kay???

-Never make a deal with devil-