Friday, January 25, 2013


Kinda long post- -"

Final = Gone case. Home's like heaven to me. TV, newspaper, iPad, piano, mom's cook, baba mama chitchat, everything is a distraction to me. I've never found that even my old pianobooks and sheets are that interesting to read. But to my surprise, I'm able to finish two subjects' revision despite all the temptations. Yea only two. It's my biggest step forward though, because I never succeed in doing revision at home, ever after I finished my SPM. *clap*
Love being at home, especially
  • when I saw my friends posted in FB wondering where to take lunch/dinner. Homecook FTW! 
  • freezing weather after raining. Big warm bed and fluffy blanket are the best!
  • burning hot sun. Air-con!
  • feeling too bored studying in the room alone. Walking out to living room and kacao my parents!
and the list goes on..

-Random January-

12-different-flavors Nadeje ;)

Happy 21st birthday SARDINE *should feel glad that I din refer to ur 'another' nicknameXD*! finally 'kinna' no more!! be a REAL man! Haha

2nd round that night. Some cocktails we tried. Cosmo, snow white, long island, lychee cooler, sex on the beach and mine, mojito. I wonder what's wrong with all the weird names. My fav would always be long island but I tried mojito that night. Glad that I did, OT's long island sucks big time. Poor Michelle not even finished half of it.

Big Bowl the City of Ice. 大碗公冰城
Malacca newly opened dessert shop located same row with Capitol sataycelup. Originally came from Taiwan. Super reasonable price + super yummy + super big portion. So much worth the money :)

-Current Addiction-
Eiffel Tower ;)

a very random drawing based on nothing but

these two pictures hahaha~ First time try on color maker. Should do that again next time.

learnt a new art call 'zentangle'. I read a blog post regarding this unique art, and hence I decided to do my own style 'zentangle' with my fav alphabet 'E' :)

this is the one I saw at first. Super nice right :))

The first thing came up to me once I reached JB, was that I forgot to bring my sketchbook back. - -"" Super fed up of myself during the first two days. It's okay now though, cause I found a substitution. 

miss my Ted?XD

Tadaaaaa! The so-called 'substitution' of my addiction to drawing. My parents get annoyed so much because I play everyday, last two hours at least. Once my dad asked, "hmm......when you done huh? I want to watch news liao leh" with a super 无奈 face. LOL!

and a night out with my BFFs. Ramzen Onn I finally met you!XD next time baru we jom KL kay? haha! Glad that all of us are still the same, same crazy (especially the journey to the Zon). Thanks to ChunPing's apple flavored Bacardi (out of my expectation, tasted niceXD), it helped put up a good show to all of us, the 'sober' us.

could barely see my eyes haha. BTW, I didn't know that we would go a club! I thought would be our fav old place Roost bistro. That night was chilling and I even wore a cardigan out, with shorts and slippers. By the time I met them.... 你们心机很重咯. LOL!!

the 2nd round we went + the sweet sweet lovely couple :)

I tong-ed my hair that night, so it's just temporary. Kinda miss my Q-mo. Should I shorten my hair and perm it? Hehe

I've never been to club in JB. Such a dangerous place LOL! This is my first time. Some more two clubs in one night. with all the crime cases happened in JB, believe me, brace yourself when you come here. Take good care of your belongings and cars and your friends everything. JB is not a good place HAHA. 

My house is an exception though.XD

my bed my starry fluffy blanket!! I will miss you a lot in coming two weeks!
haven't makan half-boiled egg for ages. My mom made me this in the morning. I used to love it so much, but now it just tasted weird. Haha
Vabene Flash. Thanks sis ;)

love my instagram banner. It changes with time though and this is by far my fav combination.

Some pieces I played during this study week. Super sienz I have no motivation to study all the while. Spending my noon time for piano, only focus on my revision at night and in the morning HAHA.

Random pieces I played. Quite some mistakes there that's why I didn't upload to youtubeXD Remember the last cover I did (明明就by Jay Chou)? Considered it as the lastest song, and now i'm gonna cover a super 'oldschool' song.

this video clip (same as below one) is not visible on smartphone. (or apple products only?)

not sure if u guys know it? A taiwanese drama OST named 保护色. You remember 终极一班 back in year 2006?? wth I'm so old now. What brought this up in my mind after 6 years?

haha! I got my old k800i back by coincidence. and I found so many pictures messages and even songs in that hp. This song is one of them :)

"欺骗你是我的 保护色

damn sad la the lyrics. I don't know why I'd love this song back then. I was only form 3 or 4 i think. The melody is nice though.

and this one. The Truth that You Leave.

If you know what is wretch blog/無名小站? Was so popular back then a lot of people using it to blog. Now many just shifted to different blog spheres like blogger, tumblr and wordpress. Okay so back to this song, it was as well 6 years at least, I first listened to this song in wretch. Many just embedded this song in their blogs so I fell in love. Not very well known but in wretch circle it WAS really popular! promise will cover the full-length song after I finish my exam! :)

time's ticking... Holiday is coming :)
*who cares exam?*

No, not textbooks, not academic related ones. I've never bought/read any textbook in my uni life. Hate it. too bulky, too disoriented, too expensive, too informative = too MUCH to STUDY! Lecture notes and slides are more than enough to meXD

No-eye-see what's coming to me by the time I go back Malacca. Not even dare to think. Haha if say JB is heaven to me, Malacca is sure like hell.


God please bobi me to get a good result!! *even without studying so hardXD* okay I'm being greedy. Maybe not now, but I'll still study damn damn hard before my paper!! lol~

Good luck and all the best to all MMU fellows!

Happy weekend!
Happy exam week!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!



with love,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gf·Bf 《女朋友·男朋友》






中國有個作家寫過句話,他說,錢花不花到最後都是紙,青春你浪不浪費都會過去,這些話精準地傳達了我的感受。 《女朋友。男朋友》的前半部就是在講青春的揮霍。然而人終究都會成長,那麼,青春用力的燒過之後,它的餘燼又是什麼?我不希望這一切只是灰飛煙滅,應該有一種小小的解答跟溫暖,我希望看完《女朋友。男朋友》後,會感受到一種小小的幸福。就是在你經歷了那麼多光陰、浪費了那麼多青春、揮霍了那麼多眼淚之後;如果你願意回頭看,再出發到另外一個階段,幸福就會在那個遙遠的盡頭等待你。揮霍也許必然,付出了代價,但至少該有點收穫吧。 

電影的前半段,我讓年輕人在學校裡面搞叛變、在大學時搞學運,讓他們看起來對每件事情都有意見跟熱情,只因青春無敵。但當熱情跟理想一旦跟私人對撞時,足以讓他們分心跟妥協的,還是感情--時代再大,終究不敵內心那一份對歸屬感的渴望。所以我讓這些角色到了30多歲,不管穿得多光鮮,整個人生都呈現在一種混亂狀態;對比之下,青春的衝動與熱情才會被彰顯出來,突顯成長後的枯萎是多麼殘酷。只有殘酷才能顯現他們最後的幸福是多麼珍貴,即便幸福是那樣微小,都只是在呼應他們對於愛情的渴望與壓抑。 ”

 —— 摘自百度百科


Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Post in Year 2013

Losing the motivation to blog after my 2012 year end review. It's like everything is starting over and yet I haven't done anything. All in all, I'm pretty much occupied from the beginning of the year until now. Been doing assignments and fixing shits, not to forget to chill and have fun with my friends all along. My life will never be boring. You trust me :)

New member of the gang- Lulu. Sleeping so tightly on my lap. How XingFu she is.XD

I had a great new year count down with the bunch until 5 o'clock in the morning, together with old friends and new friends. It's indeed a memorable one. I shall keep it to ourselves since things went really wild and crazy after 2am. Muahaha okay stop here.


Going back to JB for the first time in this year (HAHA) to celebrate my elder sis's birthday. LeeJin and I never really bought her present since we can't afford the things she likes or even uses. BUT this year is an exception! We bought her Diva vintage rings and she loves 'em! :)

#forever25 #happybirthday #siblings #family #love
We went to MeiSan SzeChuan Restaurant @ Mutiara Hotel, JB.
*recall back the last time I went there? Babas' day 2011*

you think siblings look-alike?? A LOT of people said me and my younger sis look like twins and my DaJie often questions and doubts my parents if she is adopted. LOL!
Happy Birthday Ms Vian Lee!


LeeSzeYeun. No he's not my brother (Gotta clarify each time). Super gay using red phone red wallet. Welcome to Malacca, like once again. How to find such a good friend like me yumcha with you at 2am! Please let me know earlier kay if you come *again* next time.

P/S: red phone is his, black one is another friend of ours. Bromance max.

#BirthdayCelebration1 #BoonKhai #Hoe

leaked surprise party to the birthday boys! I'm not sure if the boys too smart or the girls too dumb to hide things from their boys. HAHAHA! The super sweet two pairs!

Anyway, we had this small celebration @ Garden99, Level 6 of Jaya99, Meleka.
Hope you guys love the presents yea! Especially the small ones. Please use it wisely. ;)

#BirthdayCelebration2 #Winnie #John
Early small birthday celebration for John and Winnie! Too bad Winnie lost her camera's cable so I can't get our group photo! Actually when's the last time we had lunch or dinner together? Maybe 1 year ago? This combination existed since...

our foundation year... Organizing Melaka Interschool Youth Camp together! Our friendships blossomed since 4 years ago, and still counting :) Though we don't catch up that often, but whenever we meet up sure there'll be some funny stories behind!

talking bout the last youth camp CLS Recreational Division organized, it was indeed a super fun camp! I can't count how many events I've organized so far but I can remember this is the 2nd event I organized in my u-life.

Harlo I'm 13th CLS RD member. ohmiigod it's now 16th already!! O_O

Some picture taken during CNY exhibition @ CLC Concourse, MMU Melaka. It's so great to meet your juniors who continue joining the event you ever organized together with them a year before. :)

Being an organizing committee is a tough task for a student, too much to handle, too less of time. Not to mention being an OC for such a huge event like Chinese New Year Extravaganza. 'm proud to be part of CNYE family.

I met these beautiful wonderful people during 15th CNYE and they are my greatest gift of joining this event. Missing every CNYE moment especially during the past 3 days of exhibition and the garden festival, the memories just wouldn't stop flashing back in mind!

Good job guys! It's time to rest and fight for final! :)

I always hate hardware assignment. This one some more needs to be presented in video clip. HATE IT! Thanks to my groupmates finally it (almost) comes to an end. Communication Electronics, yucks!


Weather nowadays is killing. My roomie took this photo of me fixing my hair with fork and spoon. Cute lerrXD it's actually a pair of eco-chopstick my sis bought me from Japan. I decided to turn them as my hair accessory. Hoho


first piece of drawing in year 2013. Got super addicted to this game, IceQpick! Many people questioned why I always have time to draw or sometimes read or even play. Cause I pretty much follow my mood while doing things. If I don't feel like doing, I won't do it. Even when I study (big problem to me during final especially).

and then I found a quote:

"Doing what you like is freedom;

liking what you do is HAPPINESS!"

I think that's why I'm a happy person. I do what I like to do. Just let me be this stubborn during u-life. I only have 1 more year to enjoy this kind of freedom. Working life sucks I always know that. Internship starts next sem. :(

#comparison #fat #FOL

bumped into my friend in campus that day and mentioned that how we looked like during our foundation year. We decided to take a pic right that instant and... Ohmiigod chanshianyang you see!!!!! WTF is wrong with us? 4years changes. fuckourlives. O_O""
(shall blame on our bad conditions that day, morning faces not suitable to take photo LOL)

 Got an email from a reader regarding an old blogpost, and then I found this. How time flies..

Thanks ;) Only that I can receive it after one month.

#Seremban #crabbie
This is niceeeeeeeee! The journey was crazy and we ARE crazy. 

#2013 #GirlsBeingGirls
Miss my short hair sooooooo much! I need that brave impulse to chop them. But I have waist-length hair now, should I? aghhh! #girlsproblem #dilemma

After two weeks it will be our final exam, after that will be CNY, there after will be my industrial training. 3 months back in JB I'm not quite sure if I would miss my friends in Melaka. People are really confusing kind, when you leave your home, you miss home; when you leave your friends, you miss friends. We never really satisfy things don't we? Maybe it will be the last sem for most of my friends, kinda emo-ish whenever I think about that. 

University life is the greatest part of our lives. Friends we met during this period are probably the ones who will accompany us through the rest of the time. Even once in a year, I hope we can keep in touch until one day we even bring our children to the gathering. Can we? Haizz why so sentimental... -,-"

People come and go, sadly. Even the ones you thought you’d never lose.

First posting in year 2013, my say? 
I feel like prince charming is on his way. Haha! According to the zodiac fortune, 'goat' is suitable to look for May-December relationship a.k.a 姐弟恋 this year. LOLLLL!! okay I'll wait patiently.

Gotta continue my assignments. What a day! 

Anyways, have a great weekend!