Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Couldn't Make

I've no choice but to stay in melacca!! OMG i was so frustrated when I got to know that I couldn't make to go back to JB this weekend and ofcourse, couldn't make to go back to school, today's TTA's hari canteen wei!!! Feeling so damn disappointed. I could have to meet my friends and zimui there, find my longtimenosee didi, support the club i used to support, kacao the other stalls while they're selling the foods or drinks, and the most important thing, 3 on 3 basketball competition!!!!!

Frustrated even more because of recalling back the sweet moments we sat at the scorer table, noted down the marks, recording of the foul, noticing for the referee's signals, asking here and there for the players name or team's name, cheering for our buddies, changing and running to either side of court. Ya that was our very first time to be scorer, time keeper and broad caster. What a nice experience, got to meet with my son, got to see the handsome referee, got to bang the songs as loud as we could throughout the competition. Yeah no doubt, we did. We borrowed the PA system from the largest club of my secondary school, Chinese Language Society. You wouldn't believe how enjoying the competition is if you never come to TTA and watch for the competition. Well well well, also depend on which team's on court laa. Ofcourse right? It would be damn boring if neither of them are skillful players. Okay, the most important thing, I did enjoy the competition.

Okay, someone, drag me back to the reality!! I COULDN'T MAKE IT THIS YEAR!!! OMG I miss you all deadly!!!! And I miss Pn Chang, Cik Teo, Pn Noni, Pn Goh, Pn Foo and those teachers who really sayang us.

Last year top 4, most of them are my fellow buddies during secondary school. And the right most guy is my son. Its a long story.

Last year, we were the scorer aka time keeper aka broad caster. My dearest zimui. Where's the other 3 huh??

Just post here to show u guys the teachers we like, they treated us just like their friends. OMG I do miss them. We took it during gotong-royong last year, and unfortunately we girls kena 'toilet' task. That's why the background was like......abit indecent...ehem....

Pn Chang, the lenglui teacher, my add math and modern math teacher.

Cik Teo, my chemistry teacher.

Pn Foo, ex BC teacher. She's so cute right?

okay so, how about this year?
*photo credit to soonhui*
I wonder why so less ppl?? Maybe most of us ppl left the school already. Juniors are like not very interested in basketball? Especially the girls. Haiz...

I'm going to have my mid term break next week. Sisters and buddies out there, dun move!! I'm coming!!! You all are most loved!! Wait a minute, can u guys queue up first?? Because the one whom I love the most is my family!!!!! Hehe, miss ya.. Muackz!

This is the wall I face everyday, the photos inside the frames are obviously my lovely family. The point I catch this out is because of the yellow pad below. Btw, the frames are drawn by myself, I actually am feeling proud of it. Hahaha I'll talk about it in coming entry. That's not a big deal though.

Focus. This is a way of self-hypnosis. I'm not tired!!! Seriously, I slept at 3 or 4 something in the morning in previous days. Gosh...

Hugsssssssss needed

You are loved!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Valentina Lisitsa

Just have to wait for minutes, I can tell it's worth!!!!!!

She's amazing!! I cant help but keep searching for her personal data and background. She's officially became my newest idol!!

Valentina Lisitsa, Ukrainian-born classical pianist. She's damn cool!!! She really feels the music and very into piano. I wonder how her fingers work and play so perfectly. It's amazing how fast she could play. Every of her playing is incredible and impressive!!!! I'm her BIG BIG BIG fan since the moment I watched this video.

Many of her videos are uploaded in her official website. Or you can try to youtube for it.

I'm so gonna buy her DVD 'Black and Pink'!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turn Back the Clock

I'm seriously running out of TIME!!!!

I wish that I could turn back the clock
Bring the wheels of time to stop

-Johnny Hates Jazz-

I miss you



Love and care are everything basic in life.

Friday, July 10, 2009


WAHAHAHA as I promised before, this will be a full-pics-blog-entry. Long, long ago, 17th May, korkor brought 3 of us to a korean restaurant located somewhere around Stulang Laut.

The boss there is a pure korean man, with standard chinese pronunciation. I wondered how many years he's been staying in Msia.

Interior ambience

The food photos attached just so made me drooling. Try to stand in the position of mine, taking bread or biscuit for breakfast and lunch, even sometimes for dinner. I'm so tortured!!

Korean appetizers. I can tell there's more than 15 plates put on the table.

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! Bulgogi, Korean grill. Its pork IF no mistaken.


Grill fish?? Nice also!!

KIMCHI!!!!!! and rice are perfect match ever!!!

LeeJin, LeeSze.
I love my小黄!!

Thanks korkor!!~~

Hehe for your information, May posting is officially ended!! Coming up next is going to be June, mostly about my uni life. Muahahaha

ZiHui and I wore our class tee attending for the lectures few days ago.

I do miss our class, 5 one is the best class ever!! How are u guys doing?? I just miss the moments we hung together, making noise together. We got teachers mad at us yet they sayang us still, care about us still. Are we able to make to visit them on next CNY? I wonder. Friends out there, must you take good care of yourself ya.


Lotsa LOVE


Leejinjin, must you work hard in your coming drill competition and exam ya! You can do it, just depend on yourself whether you want to make it perfect or not. I miss you.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Specially For You♥





Nevertheless, I found that when I was washing the helldamnf*cking clothes and towel, you all were going to my fav dining place, having my fav dishes overthere at the same time. BUT THEN I spent over an hour washing!! How infuriate!!

Since today is your BIG day

okay I endure everything for your sake






Friday, July 3, 2009


Hmm... First of all, I want to apologize cause it's been a week since the last post. Omg I just have no motivation and feeling kinda lazy and tired to update. Well......... I know I have plenty of photos to blog BUT *again* I really am busy until hard to drag a time for blogging.

I feeling so damn happy today, oh wait a minute, it seems happened after 4pm to be exact. I made a super-last-minute-decision going back to JB without my parents knowing. Well, I couldn't make to celebrate my mum's birthday which falls on coming monday because I have early class at 8am, that's why I intended to give her a surprise.

What's the funny thing? I couldn't help but caught myself keep smiling as well as sniggering all the way to Melaka Sentral *For those who don't know what's melaka sentral, it is a bus terminal*. I realized I was only thinking of going back home and of trying to imagine their shocking and stunned face expressions. So then my day was delighted.

I really do enjoy the time of staying at home, chatting with my loved ones. The time of being together is seemingly short yet so precious. They told me how quiet they used to be while I was not around. Prove that I'm the important one who makes the family alive and active okay??

I wondered why I have so many stories and experiences to share with them. And then I realized I was complaining again, for what? It is undoubtedly about washing clothes!!! I swear I had never anti something like this way before. SIAO!!!

Hmm how am I going to schedule my time in JB? Movie, gaigai, eating, sleeping, loafing, playing piano, ohya talking about this, I seemed like never touched piano for ages!! Gosh and I haven't get my lastbutnotleast ABRSM certificate from Ms Oon!!!! Perhaps I can get it asap.

I bet I might gain at least 1kg or so because of overindulging myself over this few days. LOL

Again, wordy post.

Let the pics do the talking next post, shall we?? I promise

I found out some pics just now and they're indeed hilarious
The pics that somebody took about years ago
When I was form 3

How come I put pinky on my head while I was sending msg???

Piano is loved