Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today, I had a conversation with a malay uncle. Maybe I don't speak malay quite often since graduated, I just couldn't even talk properly in sentences. Worst of all, must I forgot some words.

So I asked

'sorry can u speak english?' *as u know I can't speak malay well*

and there the uncle stone at first, then answered

'...Yes ..Su...r..e.. Sure' *uncle can't speak english well however*

Ended up I just didn't care him much and he was forced to use english campur malay to answer me. Who cares? He's the one who said yes right? Wahahahha

Seem like pointless entry? No

I found out what's the difference as I was a student and as I'm now a loafer.

Darn, my malay vocabulary is practically forgotten!

Yeah I've met with my dear today!!! How come everyone just get themselves a notebook so fast? Teng bought a BLUE color Dell Inspiron*she has no other choices*. I'm gonna buy RED to provoke her!!! Hehehehehe*evil laugh*

Btw, I've seen a flysheet yesterday

About a tuition centre advertising for students

Maybe some of u ady knew what I'm gonna say


Dada!! Do they seem very familiar to u??

Anyway, my day was delighted by this flysheet

Good job!!

Of coz for my baby as well

It's sort of embarrassing but

You know, not everyone could make themselves matter

I'm just so happy today

Well, not the whole day, after 5pm?

If you could see me now

Friday, March 27, 2009


With nobody's aid

Well, like what I always want to

I needn't others helping me during the critical period



I could live my life better than ever

When the indelible happening once


Came to me

I knew it's time to let go

So far I'm right here

Everything does impressed me still

I truly believe

There's a reason for everything

Don't mind decision

Underneath every seemingly ugly thing

or even action

there was still something beautiful inside

Am I right?

The entire entry sounds so blue, here comes a delightful pic
Thx Mr Chan aka lit black

Ps:: If You Could See Me Now is supremely awesome!!!

I can being again, anew, though bearing the scars of before.
They represent wounds that have healed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Palace or Temple?

Have I been an ancient palace?

Nonono, it's just a palace-like temple

Isn't it looks just pretty nice?!

And it's awesome BIG I tell u!!

Far beyond the outlook

HUGE?? Btw could u see me in this pic??XD

It's located at somewhere of Melaka and me and my family went there after visiting MMU *on my bday*.

Paiseh my ss pic See! The marble floor unexpectedly as bright as mirror! omg

Can be seen more obvious in this pic

Me with 'JiXiang' and 'RuYi' Hahahah
The sun shines too brightly. I just couldn't help opening my eyes.

Boy I've got a crush on u

I have to admit I'm insane *but just for him*
Gosh I can't even restrain myself

Siao liao......

Am I stepping out into the great unknown?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

I've finished this book eventually. I took nearly 2 months to go through with it.= =

I got the news from surfing Cecelia Ahern's official website.

She's one of the six authors shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year 2009. And the novel is what I was reading, Thanks for the Memories. It has been shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Popular Fiction Award in the 2009 Galaxy British Book Awards too.

I just copy and paste the information above. Haha

Anyway, this book is unusual, at least for me. The story is full of originality and I would never expect how the story goes on. Somehow I felt it's different. But still, I like PS I Love You more XD

Deja vu?? Now I know what's the meaning ady.

What comes next??

Dada!! If You Could See Me Now

The 3 books I read recently are the works of Cecelia Ahern. She's another favourite author of mine besides JK Rowling.

Finally I could play piano under such atmosphere

I heard the thunder stormed

I saw the lightning flashed

but I still like playing my pieces

I banged as heavy as I managed to, but I couldn't even hear the sound created by myself

I played soft as some memories gently passed through my mind

That's my way to vent away the blues

Everypart of my memories soaked in the past

Not relate to the goods or bads, memorable or unmemorable

Ultimately, I'll know

For ever's been and gone

Thanks for the memories -SzEe3

Monday, March 23, 2009

Random III

My future uni?

Identify ur best fear

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Way

A true and pure conversation between us is so precious

Not gossiping but is truly come from bottom of our hearts

We mean what we say

We tell each other what we really feel

A simple question come from u could make me feeling unsure of myself

You make me discern what I was thinking of is actually the wrong way

You give me a shape to what I'm wondering of

Giving me a wholehearted support when I was feeling down

Open my eyes as well

I'm so glad I have u as my friend.

I have only one way resolution

No more choices

And I had already done what I should do

The only way to make everyone of us living in happiness

There's nothing could be returned

Once the matters crossed, it's the finality

Having gone through all these things, how can I trust it again?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I do like the lyric and the melody
strongly recommend this song to u all
Jolin Tsai latest album will be available on coming 27th March

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hottest Day

A path to unknown places. Possibilities up to infinity.
It's currently my hp wallpaper.

u know what?

Weather today is just so so so very super goddamn HOT!!!!

Feeling like I just past a hottest day in my life.

Taking pastport sized photographs and photostating the certificates and some other documents needed did take me about 1 hour!! Under the big sun, I walked across the road and waited for the bus.

I went to school to summit the freaking LCCI certificate application form. I got it wrong so need to refill the forms. Name, IC number, address, tel and blah blah blah are needed. I need to rewrite it exactly the same for 4 times! Tiring me!

Qian, zHui and I were packed in the small small admin office for quite a long time, one hour I think. Coz we need to summit the U application forms too and so the school certified certificates are needed. Now only I realize how troublesome it is!

Fong *she met up with us after that*, zHui and I went to McD for our lunch.

Then we walked to TJ and waited for the bus coming to go to that got-aircon-but-already-stopped-functioning-so-inside-is-so-goddamn-hot-and-
stuffy-post office together. I swear I just couldn't stop myself from cursing the damn condition.

After sending the envelopes *now only i knew pos laju so expensive 1* we went to Bank Simpanan National by taxi. To meet up with mr black, Hui and Fong also wanted to apply something I don't really know. BSN is the smallest bank I ever been. omg it's awfully small!!!

Herng came to fetch us and 5 of us went to station 1. Just simply becoz they wanted to surf net and WiFi is provided there. I had nothing to do but luckily I brought my storybook along.

Kodak >> School >> Tasek >> TJ >> PO >> BSN >> Station 1

We were running around Tun Aminah all the day long under such sultry hot weather with no umbrella aids. I'm not feeling headache like my elder sis who worked outdoor all-day-long, so far I should feel lucky.

Can't wait for raining days coming!! I want to play piano

Hurt doesn't always be the negative ones. -SzEe3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Delayed Entry

I found that I had missed this album.


It was about 11.30pm after having movie, 'KongFu Chef' *Seriously, the movie not nice at all* at Leisure Mall. More than 2 years I've never been there.

ohya I went there together with LeeDa, korkor and LeeJin. Ofcoz korkor be the one to drive. And we had a deal right before the movie, I've to acc him to take supper together, gain fat together as well.

He eventually decided to go to LaPasta. And 4 of us had an EXTREMELY heavy supper.

This pic has an implication far beyond the words! LOL

Bio-informatics - Information Technology
Telecommunication engineering - Engineering
Financial engineering - Management

Three of these got such remarkably different, even in three different faculty! But I found myself feeling quite interest with these. After one year studies just decide whether it does suit me. Unfortunately if it doesn't, I can still choose IT or management course.

Ended up I've chosen engineering, omg. I never expected I will become an engin. Yet I'll need to presevere if I want to succeed.

Destination - settled
Course - settled

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hiii all, I'm officially 18!!

Hmm, nothing changes as I stepped into my pretty age 18. IF I must list something out, it might be I ain't anxious or somewhat looking forward the celebration for my bday this year.

Today bday just meant a simple family day for me, cause 15th march this year fell on sunday and MMU open day as well.

I was catching the Swiss open semifinal until 5am morning!! And so I slept at livingroom until my mum woke me up at 8am. I just took about 3 hours as my sleeping time!

9am sharp! We were on the way to Kulai for having our breakfast, Bak Kut Teh!! Wow I've never been there for quite a long time lo. It's heavy breakfast though. Hehe. After that we headed to melaka all the way.

-skip the crap-

To be frank, I still not yet decide what course I'm gonna take. But right until now, there have been many people telling me that it's such a waste if I study management. Even the lecturer or somekind
supervisor at MMU told me that my result is good enough to study 'some other‘ sucjects besides management or somewhat about it.

I gotta think bout it deeply and mindfully and carefully. Since I've no dream and wish, don't mind ambition, I really have no any idea with what I'm going to face.

What I aim for my future? IDK

What I wish to be? IDK

So how on earth am I going to decide?! It's super suck feeling when somebody ask u 'what's ur ambition?' or 'what u want to be in ur future?' and u DON'T even have a clue to answer the questions!! Holy shit!!! I not really like feeling this way. BUT somehow I just always dumped myself into such awkward situation! Damn

Tmr I'll be going to meet with my zimui and ask for their opinion. Hopefully everything goes well. There's some courses running through my mind right now. Financial engineering, telecommunication engineering, bio-informatics, worst of all I may choose business eventually. Who knows?

Tons of photos in my March album. When am I going to blog about it? Coming up next would probably be our gathering on 11th march.

Ohya!! LeeChongWei pissed LinDan off!! Muahahahaha. Damn shuang!! Felt happy to him. Congrats!!

KooKienKeat and TanBoonHeong were also lifting the men's doubles title!

'Replies to those who love and care me'

Thx for those who called me

Thx for those who msged me

Thx for those who dropped fs comments to me

Thx my family for fetching me to melaka just for an open day

Thx leeda for treating us a fabulous dinner at Yew's Cafe

Thx mummy who gave me a birth on 15th march in year 1991

Thx all for loving me so so much

Happy birthday to u, get urself a brand new beginning. From now onwards. Think about ur future carefully! No regret and unsureness. You're the only one to find out a way to urself. Make it clear.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We've got our class book d!!! About 2cm thick I think.

This book contains our personal profiles, two or three chapters of words to our friends, class shirt and some logo designs.

Smile never fades off my face. I was even burst out laughing when I read some funny contents. At the same time, I'm touched. Especially when I read the words and sentences that my friends had written to me. Seriously and sincerely, this book does links a connection between us.

I may take it out after years. Must be very interesting!

Thanks for urs memories!

It's impossible to forget someone, dun mind he or she was the very one important in ur life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Target Hit

I've taken my result today morning. Together with my friends.

The morning I awoke, the moment I awaited AhGui to come to my house, the time on bus, the time we walked toward school, when I was facing with my friends, I was calm all along.

Bo feeling with what was coming to me actually.

Until............ until........... until I was standing infront of my ex-form-teacher

She was flicking the transcript and searching for my name. I even not dare to lift my head, until teacher said 'tahniah'.

I just simply glanced through the result on that moment. I dunno what I was doing after that.

After calling my sis and parents, I saw yRui with her reddish eyes. Dunno why, I filled my eyes too. Two siao kia.

ohya... I've hit my target!!

What's my feeling? Hmm...

Contented, satisfied. Thx god

Congrats to those who get good results

for those whose results not as good as their expectation

it's a motivation to make u work harder in future studies

no give up, no unsureness, no low-spirit

forget the past as past, without denying it

but it's also a brand new beginning for everyone of us.

Let's fght for our future together!

I've decided my future studies and I'll be going there very soon. What about u?


Attention plsssss

and listen carefully *though i'm typing here XD*

Due to an arrogantly-foolish-mistake that someone made

Our beloved classmate, Mr lit black aka KXChan has owed me a pancake.

*No doubt he's that 'someone'*

PLUS, he needs to deliver it to my house!!

Right here, I end my announcement


It's today!!!! Nine more hours, I'll be going back to school and take my spm result! SHIOK MAN! Ridiculously, I've no sense. So far I'm not feeling uneasy now. Hahaha.

Thx boys and girls, it's too happening and I couldn't even get into the atmosphere at first! Just SHOCK! Anyway thx for urs wishes. I was just having a wonderful night with u guys! Muackz!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


First of all, to those my friends, especially the ones I didn't reply urs msg. Okay I want to clarify something, I'm NOT intend to do that but just I dumped myself into something else so I forgot to reply. So sorry!!!!

What about my current life? Hmm........

I've been practising piano since February, to resolve the exam on coming April. I dunno what else can I do except practise. I can sit down and play for continuous three or four hours. Until my back is killing me or such my fingers get little cramp. I swear I'm talking truth.

The outcome is satisfied though. Thx God

I try to re-connect with my friend, but it seems... Unfortunately, our conversation not going through well. The cold reply does make me feeling uneasy. It's really heart breaking. Does friendship so fragile? I don't think so. Must I've missed something, importantly.

I hope u'r doing allright.

Form5'08 students are going to take spm results on coming thursday! I felt quite nervous the past few days. But somehow I overcome it now. Everything is settled down, there's nothing to change. Face it steadily!! I just hope I can strike my target whatever. Not to disappoint my family and ofcoz myself.

To be frank, I'm under stress

Last but not least,

*星光眼泪* This song is my recent favourite and also the first korean song I like. Though I dunno what meaning but its melody just somehow moved me.

Report-like entry


I'm once again feeling hungry

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've been looking forward to do pancake on my own for a longtime

Nonono, rather I say I'm dying to eat pancake!!

I can't do it now so I google for the pic *望梅止渴*

See how I'm craving for that!!

top it with treats

Honey, butter or chocolate cream, jam, and icecream. That's only what I could think of, many more choices! For me, I prefer honey...

Tufted with fruits
Can use mango and apple instead of using strawberries.

Even available with this heart-shaped-pancake-mould

I also found out something that had made me burst out laughing. 'Thing that can go wrong when making pancakes especially the first one'
the last figure, overenthusiastic tossing > stuck on ceiling

And I saw this
Pancake and Bunny. So lovely!!

Edited photo I think. CUTE!!

Somebody pls buy me a pancake. Even if one slide. TQ! LOL

I'm so hungry now...

I'm continuing the works that not yet done. Feeling so contented!!o^^o

Friday, March 6, 2009

Crime Free?

Crime free???? Is that possible?

I've seen this from newspaper for quite a few days d

Occupied about a quarter of page, quite big huh?

Feeling funny and wondering if it works?

It's an event organized by government

or something they probably think it will succeed to achieve the topic above

Hmm... for teen nowadays, we seem have no interest with such topic

Don't mind that we're going to attend

So what for to spend money to advertise such a-bit-too-near-useless-publicity?

Wasting public taxes! Booooo

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emma Watson

When she was young. Cute right??

I've read the news *or should I call it as rumour?* few days ago, about Hermione Granger *the best known of the Harry Potter Girl*, Emma Watson she's going to accept a place at Yale university.

Her look in the movie.

I keep surfing for some information about if that news was real. I typed Emma Watson in google search bar and there after many of links provided.

This should be for magazine.

Coincidentally I realized something that had caught my attention. 'Emma Watson hottest photo', then I clicked it.

Gorgeous indeed right??

The 'hot' that she represented wasn't too much but just right! She's one of the actress I like among of so many. But I'd never see her in such costume and makeup. Goodly pretty.

Heavenly difference compare to the lady behind her!!

okok back to the topic. I linked to her official website and knew that the rumours about she's going to Yale is a fault. Cheh...

She's quite tall, 168cm. Can be seen from this pic

I saw a beautiful design at the lefthand side at first. After flicking throughout her site and data, only I knew that's a hand-draw-design by herself!

Elegance look. Does suit her too!!

And she's definitely a talented girl in no matter academic, sporting, dancing, acting, cooking, art and even costuming area. Can I call her as Emma almighty? How fancy I am toward her! She's only one year elder than me!!! Gosh

Still looks nice even in random and no-makeup!!

Lotsa her information. Haha just a sharing about my idol, ya she's became my idol!! A girl with so beautiful face and yet got a talented brain! An actress u should remember her, named

Emma Watson.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm addicted to...



Dada!!! This drama recently! 韩版花样男子

also found out another lengzai, Kimbum 김범 金范
*my cup of tea (wink wink)*

I love his grin so so much!! And I'm in love with his dimple...Lalala

ohya!! He's only 20 years old!!


When a girl is quiet, a million things are running through her mind.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

PizzaHut @ NusaBestari

My dad and mum once again dumped their 3 daughters house and went out dating. Well, we were forced to makan-sendiri. And so LeeDa brought us to nusa bestari wan-sek*找吃*.

Ended up we decided to eat pizza. No any food photos attached, cause we were just concentrating to our pizza. Hahaha

Once again I ask, do we really looked alike??

Precious pic!!! LeeDa with no-makeup-look. XD

Jesus! Where's my hair colour gone??? Looks black isn't it?

Love doesn't make the world go round
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile