Monday, February 28, 2011

Tutti Frutti | Taman Sutera Utama

Do you like frozen yogurt?? Now you have a chance to make your own style frozen yogurt!! stupidly, yea I called it ice-cream. =X

*this is not an advert I simply dropped by this place because my friends work at here.*
Tutti Frutti is now available in JB!! Kebun Teh and Sutera Utama.
the flyer.

This is where I went few days ago.

Wifi provided.

a newly opened outlet located at Sutera Utama. I like the fresh and clean design. Combination of green and white is just as perfect as red and black. =)

At first I simply wanted to send my gift to my friends, who knows, ended up tempted by those mouth watering pics.
My sis pulling the machine. Yes it's self service!! no worries there's a friendly stuff who will give you an introduction about the process and how to work with it. *ehemmmm if you meet my friends, then you're the lucky ones*

various flavors of the ice cream, and also the toppings. The freedom to mix and match your choice.
Tadaaaaaaaaa!! This is Hui's. Both JiaHui and ZiHui babe.
and this is Ee's. Both SzeEe and JinEe wtf hahahaha
Advocate healthy lifestyle. Hmmm, frankly it taste more like a smooth blended. But still yummy. Girls will like it because yogurts always bring a bit sour taste.

Yeap, my sis joining us as well. She mixed with my friends quite often nowadays. and pretended like she's more mature than us wtf. HAHAHAHAHA

Lotsa photos neninenipupu~~

ADVERT!!! HAHA I should really show this post to the boss and asking for my pay cause of promoting his shop LOL

We always know how to entertain ourselves. Like.......
you know.

Be prepared before coming to this shop. Don't get tempted by its outlook. Please beware of the two monsters inside- Kyaler Chan and Andy Liau XDD *opps*

btw, the price of the 'ice cream' is fully based on its weight. RM5.30 for every 100gram. So for Hui's, it costs nearly RM20. For mine, it's about RM16. As what we'd expected, quite pricey. But if you bring you laptop and intend to while away the hot afternoon, it's pretty a good choice.


Tutti Frutti Sutera Utama outlet
No.38, Jalan Sutera Tanjong, 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor Darul Takzim.

located same row with Paparich. I guess this is my first and last visit since you.know.why. It is almost the price as Haagen Dazs and BR, even higher than that if you don't know how to estimate and keep adding the volume, you may get shocked when you pay for it LOL!!

feel free to pay a visit. or to spot my 'lengzai' friends LOL!!!

PS: Pull it at your own risk.

Say hiiiiiiii to lovely March =)

*scheduled post*


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovely Girl

Baby, there's no way of knowing, if our journey will lead us to pleasure, or pain. I know I'm in a problem. So do you. I want to solve it and there's always a way to get a win-win. Never give up of trying. Though it may lead you to those unexpected ones, but isn't life happening and challenging?

be strong, girl
now I know why you like to go seaside when you are not okay.
I love the strong sea breeze.

That's time matters. She is a sensitive girl. Though she can be so blur, sometimes, but when things go wrong, she is always the first one to realize. I'd sometimes choose to face the dead reality, straight to the point, cut to the chase. But not for this one. I need to take care of it, seriously. It is not a deal, has only two endings- win or lose.

Sometimes, the questions are so complicated, but the answers are simple.

My vision became so clear. Because I ain't a lovely girl.

it's been a long time... *smile*

all the best to us

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Before Going to Penang | Nadeje Dataran Pahlawan

Trip to Penang is seriously hard to update since I've got 800++ photos so far. So I prefer to update about the day before we off to Penang. Cutie KahYee came over Malacca to meet us on Saturday, since she was longing for Nadeje mille crepe, there we off to D.P.

Sexy back

At first we decided to catch a movie but the movie was scheduled on a wrong timing.
off to the field to wait for the dinner time.
love this shoot!!
the love birds.

and our destination NADEJE
nothing much to describe bout the food and crepes. Hope you can get the message by its looks.
ahhhhh why doesn't Nadeje open an outlet in JB?????? =(

looking over these pics make me starving!!! Gonna off to dinner!!

Enjoy yours dinner then.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

I LOVE Penang

Food in Penang are SERIOUSLY TO DIE FOR!!!!!! and of course the scenery places and those Neo classical style buildings! I LOVE Penang soooooooooo MUCH!!!!

I'm back to JB. and I'm processing the photos which I'd taken during my whole trip. My camera ran out of battery on the last day of my trip and it was the damnest thing happened to me before I realized- my HP was also going to flat, that feeling was even damner than the damnest!! Anyways, I still managed to get 645 photos in my newest created album. Not included my friends' ones. I wonder when on earth can I blog through all the things I'd experienced in Penang.

The trip was a blast!!!

Just in case you miss me too much??

Gotta off to cinema for 'The Mechanic' with my sis. It's now 5pm, our movie is scheduled at 530pm, I think I kinda love speeding!! LOL! Stay tuned ya!!

PS: and I think I've gained 5kg??fml


Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Now 1815

There's no exam no stress in my current life.

LALALA!! I'll be crossing this bridge!

Off to Penang hours later.

Just had a badminton session with friends. I guess I'll sleep tightly during the journey to North! =)

waiting for my return, and of course the update of our trip at Penang!


IT Roo Cafe | JB

Back to the previous entry. An impromptu dinner in town. We went to have our dinner at a cafe which has its very famous slogan 'The Best Chicken Chop in Town'. Ms WinnieHo too bad we couldn't make it last time!! Enjoy the photo aite? LOL!!!

IT Roo is the name. I believe most of the JB-ians know this cafe?? Hmm. Located at Jalan Dhoby.
Nothing fancy and over exaggerate. It doesn't appear to be any award winning cafe. Simply down to earth. That's the reason I love this place.
you can find local and western cuisine here =)
very antique place with the wall full of those old time photos and the old articles about the shop.
while waiting for the food served. HAHAHA!! Our show time. as always.
simply love this!! HAHA!! If you dare to get closer!
Root bear float! Nice!!
Fride Chicken chop Black pepper sauce
mushroom sauce
and the lamb chop!! Hehe! they look the same though. HAHA!! Succulent and the sauce is flavorful, but I don't think it's the BEST in town. Rated 4/5.
the people! Herng sibeh BuShuang face. =.=""
the gay partner LOL!
LOVE this shoot HAHAHAHA

'The Best Chicken Chop in Town'??? It's arguable. Hehe

In hours later I'll depart from Malacca to Penang! Yoooohooooo!! May god bless we have a safe journey! =)

Happy holiday!!!!!