Friday, April 30, 2010

Very Random

A title song from a Japanese cartoon movie- Spirited Away
Theme song- One Summer's Day

click here for the music score

It's been quite a long time since I last played this song,
viewing back the notes which I'd learnt when I was still young
there I realized

how the time flies

This song nvr failed to calm me down
I love the cello version of this song

After such a long time
it's now return back to my playlist, again
mainly because of getting influenced by my friend
he's addicted to this kind of songs
ohya, never mind it's work of Joe Hisaishi!!

Yea, time flies
it's time to start doing the revisions and all that
ironically, i'm going to watch 2 movies straight tomorrow with my classmates
Ironman2 and IPman2
I'm longing for this day for so long!!
and finally, it comes

it's just a random yet short update
i know my blog is so freaking dead so damn silent
sorry, couldn't help
I've no time to update
there's tons of albums in my lappy
I wonder how am i going to replace every entry
i guess most probably i'd skip some of it
*wat a lazy+lousy blogger i am*

I think i'll be going back on coming weekend,
gonna celebrate MOTHERS' DAY with my deareset family!!!
I feel so excited whenever this decision pops up in my mind!!
gosh I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!
*i miss the japanese food also, I heard that my sis's going to bring us to Paragon Hotel for sushi!!LOL*

my lovely roomie just came back from watching IPman2
she said it's worthy
god I'm so looking forward!!!!
PS: had a nice talk with her, I love girl talks lah!!!! I think it should become our monthly routine. Somehow I feel it's quite essential to keep us uptodate, to keep us closer and closer of course! XDD

>< style="font-style: italic;">
hmm should i say yesterday??

Cherish everything around me
I enjoy being me=)

*don't you feel that the pictures i uploaded in this post are just LOVELY??*

with lotsa L.O.V.E.

as always

Saturday, April 24, 2010

'I've Got Your Back'

My life is getting better. This is what and how I conclude for my current few days since the very down period I'd experienced. I've not spoken out my feeling in my blog for quite a long time. I don't know since when, I'll open up myself to my friends. Maybe it's a good sign. For god sake, I'm over it. Although, there's still something left behind, which I apparently have to make a clarification, but somehow i knew, it's not the time.

Friends are the one who got me back to the normality. I mean, the normal life which I used to have. How optimistic I used to be; How I treated everything equally; The ignorance I showed whenever and whatever people talk or judge behind me. I don't know why, I just couldn't bear with the things I faced during those suffer days and weeks. For the very first time, I couldn't get over something on my own.

It's now doesn't even matter, because it's over. I'm glad to have those friends who supported me, who listened to my problems. Surprisingly, there's always people to look after me whenever I've got a problem, to take care of me, to concern bout me. I always think I'm the luckiest one, and I appreciate everything I have.

'Babe, I'm dealing with something big,'
'No worries, I've got your back'

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Truth That You Leave

One of my fav songs=)

The Truth That You Leave

click here for the piano score

This is not the completed version

Cause I couldn't turn the page,

couldn't memorize the parts behind neither..LOL

it's like finally,
I managed to play piano
nearly 4 hours nonstop playing

feeling like those unhappy memories were floated away
I'm refreshed again


it was the perfect timing that I chose to go back JB
though it's not all because of my own decision

BUT still

I appreciate everything I've done during the time in JB

I heart every moment I had

officially announce:
Emily Bear is my new IDOL!!!
*okay, i promise i wont dump Valentina Lisitsa aside la*

but for this girl, Emily, OMG she's my CURRENT IDOL!!
i just couldn't stop searching for her video clips
IF u'r free enough, can try searching her name in Google

okay la, gonna sleep early tonight!!!
night ppl~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Raining day's ❤

I'd want her to know that she can be anything she wants and that she doesn't have to rely on her looks or clothes or hair or make-up to define who she is or to get respect from other people. I'd want her to know she has a right to be respected or noticed because she was born. I'm not talking about all that girl power nonsense, I'm talking about my girl growing up knowing she has the right to be treated decently simply because she was born.

I'd bring him up to know that being a man is all about feeling good about who you are. Not all that macho bullshit, but feeling so comfortable you don't have to disrespect other people, or put them down to feel good. You don't have to follow the crowd to be a man. He can believe in whatever he wants, think whatever he wants, be whatever he wants without worrying about his masculinity.

They don't ever have to put up with being treated badly. Not ever. Nor have to do something because their friends are all doing it.

-pg112 'Marshmallows for Breakfast', Dorothy Koomson

Raining days' LOVED

Home isn't a place, it's a feeling

❤Miss My HOME❤

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Looking at the photos which I took during the time in JB, all in a sudden, the missing thoughts float in my mind straight. I miss the time in JB, no worries, no burdens, at all!! Even if I faced something unbearable, I could get a warmth hug whenever I needed it, bff are always with me, family stand by me, etc etc.

I never experienced something like this before, I never knew it could be so torturing when it came to the time you have to make a decision. Getting stuck in a situation with no any solution, that's real suffering. For the very first time, I hate the personalities of me myself. For the first time, I wish I could be a tiny little bit heartless. For the first time, I can't get over something on my own. AND for the first time, I have my mood swing over 12 hours.

THESE THINGS RARELY HAPPENED!! Or you can read the message as 'these things never happened to me before'. I'd not allow myself being emo. I'd cheer myself up with my own way. But in this case, I just couldn't.

I miss everyone in JB... Truly I am.......

During 3rd sem midterm break...
Me and my sis went to Jusco only for sake of cakes
Unconsciously, I bought a blouse. There the $$ gone..T.T

Secret Recipi
Though it's not longer our favourite place...
but still, okay la...acceptable...XDD

During day 8 or 9 of CNY..
Food trip with my sis...Makan here and there..
the photo attached was taken from one out of the other placessss...
My crazy siblings...I heart them..

My dearest gang..I miss 'em...
because my holiday always clash with their school days

My sistas and buddies...

when's our next gathering..??

these photos were taken during CNY
it means months we never met each other...
I was busy preparing for exam and the camp last few weeks
so I couldn't help
how bout now??

Even earlier
the day we 3 became shopaholic

Taste Bug's
I went to this place all alone
guess why??

To visit my son...
To be frank, I'm real guilty because I seldom reply his texts..
Hmm..Even never replied!!
I think he must feels kind of disappointed in me...
Anyway, 'll try to meet you during my break next time

This was also quite a long time ago
we went playing badminton..

I miss the yumcha session!!!!
it was also a session to update myself...
SAD to say
I AM outdated of their current life..><

CNY day 4?
went chiong k with my babes..
due to the limited seats
I just called 2 of 'em...
thinking back, ehem...
miscalculated...sorry to my other babes....><

we went Axtivo for next session- update ourselves!!
since 3 of us don't stay in JB
there's lotsa things to 8..XDD
news from SG, from KL, from Malacca, from JB...

On the same day...
she likes to give me surprise
this girl has changed alot!!!
anyway, our fav topic 'd never change
boy boys and boyssss
our fav activity 'd never change as well
shopping till drop and searching for lengzai
*miss u girl*

CNY, forgot which particular day
My first time driving to Desa Tebrau!!
fetched my sis and her friend, also my.....

Di.. whom I mentioned before, the little boy.
Time flies, he looks like a grown up now...HAHAHA
rare chance for us, to meet together...*heart*

Not long ago...
met up with this fella for breakfast
countless topics for us
that day, we'd done something crazy!! Thinking back, I'm wondering how dare I was!!!
Met with someone so special to me
happy?? I guess so..
after that went to my formal school to fetch my sis
bought the ice cream
it makes me yearning of the years....

I miss the hug
I miss the warmth
I miss the love and care

I love my family
I love my babes
I love my buddies

I heart the moment we spent
I heart the laughter and tears
I heart the same memories we had

I miss u
I love u
I heart u

As what I promised to you all, I'm SzEe3
Forever and always

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Genting Trip v ❤

It's been quite a long time since my last trip review. January, me and my mummy, just two of us, went to Genting with no purpose. Mummy likes the weather there, I love the scenes and all that. For those who like to take scenery or random photos, Genting is definitely a good place to catch as many photos as u like.

For sure, I did take a lot of photos.

We stayed in Genting Hotel. I love the lobby chandelier

while waiting for hotel check-in

CNY deco

Every here and there...

Mummy and I walked separately. Sometimes, I like being alone. Hmm... Nonono, I LOVE being alone to be exact.

Mummy and Me..
I miss you so much....T.T

I saw this super cute candy shop. Even though I never eat candy, but I just love the deco and lighting of this shop. For me, it looks so lovely and lively, with warmth of love.

I miss the two days much. How wish I can go there again, with only my own company, no one else. Just me, SzEe3

For what I want NOW, is to be alone.

I miss my home, I miss baba mummy dajie leejin.........T.T