Saturday, November 29, 2008

To All My Buddies and Babies

I'm totally out of control.

Today we went to school for returning the textbooks that we borrowed since the beginning of year 2008. Hmm... I realised that my books still looks very new and clean^^. Met lots of my classmate but when I said I want to take photo with u all. Most of them disappeared in my sight IMMEDIATELY!! What the.....= =. Ended up I could still manage to catch some random shoots with some of them.
Funny guy KhaiYuan, serious guy MunAw,
Moody guy Zhuzhu, Mature guy WeiYang.

Cool girl HuiKheng, Gentle girl HueyJia,
BBF YeeTeng, YanFong.

BBF YiQian, Pretties buddy ShiangHerng,
Cutie ShihMian, Cool Man RenYong.

I'm taller than fong! Qian wanna pick up mushroom?XD
Princess Juliana, Qian and Fong.

Cute James, WenJie, not very familiar with XD,
Kurus sangat AhGui, Self-love Jeff Koh^^.

Here we are. Four SiaoKia.

After we met up with TengYann, five of us went to Tasek, no doubt. Tasek AGAIN!!! Due to the hot weather, we decided to go there for ICE. Coincidently, met up with RenYong, he waited her girlfriend alone at bus stop. We pity him so just accompanied him a while there XD. We met up some Indian friends too. So, for sure RenYong be camera man for us. Thanks ya. Forgot to say that to you.

Punitha, Fatimah, Vicky.

We girls togehter with RenYong, went to tasek found his girlfriend. And for our main purpose, ICE!!

Indulged with this very much. Especially under such hot weather. Shiok!!

After lots of chit-chat, we stepped on the own way back home.

I start missing my buddies and babies already. Since I recieved some messages that run to sentiment. Do deeply affected me. Friends out there, please keep in touch to maintain our friendships ya. I know may difficult for us to have a closed contact with each others. But as long your MSN friend list got '' this address, means I'm still your friend. The memories about me and you that cannot wipe off will always stay in my memory. Since the storage won't run out, I'll always remember and won't forget.

thanks for being my friends. Thanks for taking care of me and showing yours love to me.
I do appreciate very very very much.
I love you.

With Love, Ee

Friday, November 28, 2008


Is it u can just dump something that accompanied u for few years aside when u realised it is no longer suit for u and get yourself another one u loved immediately?? Is it too hurt for whatever things that is? Ya. It does really pain. Deeply. Will it heal in a short period? Nope.

Last day with school uniform

Last day for us to gather with school uniform look.

After 3.15pm sharp, most of my classmate had finished their SPM and going to leave the school. Is it means that we are no longer to meet in class? No longer to bully and kacao teachers? No longer to chit-chat here and there in class? No longer to make noise? No longer to be the class that might every teachers complain to?

Actually no much feeling with this. Maybe i'm not really finishing my SPM. Still got last paper to carry on. Everybody in the exam hall showed their excitement when the examinor announced that time was up. But for me, there's no much different.

After that we hung together to go to tasek. (very lame isn't it?TASEK wor!!!) Hmm...For last outing that we all wore school uniform? Maybe. Laughing and chit-chating are what we did. I do really appreciate every moments that we gathered. Since I knew we all are going to separate soon.

This was what I bought. RM2 sundae!!! All together with government tax only RM2.10! Valid until 7 December only!! Faster go to McD to queue for one!! Yummy^^

After that we all sent yRui back home. And walked to the bus stop which located in front of LaPasta. For sure we keep taking weird photos there. There's someone said 'eh, almost every car pass by, the driver look at us leh!! So paiseh!' That's what we always did!! Our style man! Haha.

All siao siao d photos we took. XD. Forgive me please.

Here I am. SiaoKia. XD

Sisters and buddies, I will not forget the days we belong together. I will miss u all badly. Ya, sincerely I am.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Tuesdays With Morrie'

Isn't the time reaching? The moment that I can't wait for.

I realized that I have been suffering from oxygen deficiency for a week already. The situation nowadays made me cannot take a proper rest and even become more and more serious. I do really hope that everything will be alright after SPM. Two more papers to go. Perhaps that nothing happen on me. I'm just frightening myself. Haha!! Keep consoling myself now. SOB.

Tomorrow is EST paper, carry out at 11.40am. After that most of my classmate will be relieved as they'd have finished their SPM. How wish that I could do so. But the reality is telling me 'stop dreaming girl'!!! Well, I need to wait until 1st of December and, I will be free just then.

I'm really feeling not well now, seem like going to die in anytime. My life is threatened!!!! Oh My God

I've read a novel named 'Tuesdays With Morrie' which touched my heart deeply. And thus it gives much inspiration to me. Recommended for all novel lovers.

I hope with all my might, I'll be a healthy girl ever.