Monday, June 28, 2010

Axtivo Cafe

Today I'm gonna introduce another cafe, located at Sutera Utama *yea again this area*. oh well sometimes people might suggest to go to this cafe but it turned out to be rejected. Maybe we went there for quite several of times and it failed to bring freshness to us.

I'm not a big fan of this cafe. I don't fancy the interior design or any one of the waiters there, I spotted one is quite cute, though *LOL*. BUT, they do provide quality services and food. especially snacks. everything served in quite a big portion. that's the part I love = fatty me. ohyea, the waiters waitress there 'll greet you by saying 'Welcome Home' when you step into this cafe. Cute huh? BTW I was shocked by their greeting during my first visited, so 'sia suay'!!! T.T

During my sem break, I brought my sis after school and took her to this place to have lunch together. oh well we were being dumped by my mommy again. Hahahaha. I wondered is this the reason why my sis looks so happy whenever I tell her I'm gonna fetch her after school, because she knows I'll bring her to somewhere besides of eating at home. you know, school girls always like hanging out here and there, never mind I'm driving now. She can go wherever she wants. That's the point!

okay here finally I reveal where it is. Axtivo Cafe. I bet most of the JB-ians know this cafe?

this is my sis. I was once wearing this uniform too. yea librarian we are=)

while waiting for the food served. I wondered why my eyes are like all-time-puffy??

Lalala~~~ Love the special sauce they topped on the chicken chop.
the cheezy wedges!! GOSH I'm drooling now
and the baked rice is far more tasty than the one @ Vivo cafe.

believe it or not. we finished all these less half an hour.

I realize I like to blog about food. to make my dear readers drooling over there there and there. It's such a BIG temptation! I'm feeling hungry right now. I didn't eat anything for my dinner!!!! Time to diet weii!! I'm way too FATTT!!!!

I was like saying I wanted to lose weight ages ago, but seemed never take an action on it. LOL!!

Since I cannot eat that much. I'll continue blog about delicious FOODSSSS and nice CAFESSSS and PLACESSSSS to cure my yums-food-craving-bad-habits. *o*

next post gonna be this this this and this.
this cafe isn't located at sutera utama anymore!! Don't be bored of this place! Hahaha

people might not say something as you wish, but it turns out to be another point of view. Don't be too subjective. this is what i always tell myself.


Friday, June 25, 2010


Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Childhood Boutique Cafe

People, there's another cafe boutique to explore!! I realized once I'd posted a series of photos which taken @ MyChildhood in my FaceBook album, friends around started to comment 'eii where is this place huh??', 'woah it seems not bad hor?', 'bring me there!!!', etc etc.

Okay finally I'm gonna update you guys bout this cafe!

I met with my girlfriend and went for cafe exploring during my last sem break. We found that there's a newly opened boutique cafe located at Sutera Utama. Actually I'd googled for some new cafes before the day we hung out, and I found out this!!

Surprisingly, the interior design is much more nicer than the pics I saw from the website. *ohya they have their own bloggie! click here* I love the lighting there as well! ALL the photos taken on that day are just so damn nice!! No matter from left right up down whichever angle, the outcome is perfectly great I'd say! The photos attached below are all ps-free. Natural lighting.

Dropped at eight something. the outlook

me and my girl

some of the interior designs.
the cafe owner's vintage car!

Wifi service provided=)

boutique. Dresses, blouses, retro jeans, accessories are all available!!

American cheesecake, tiramisu, marshmallow choc, lemontea
since we both are cake lovers and had tasted quite alot, frankly, it's quite disappointed me. Because we both were quite looking forward to their cakes.

Anyway, taking photo is a must!!

You're always my private-hired listener!
Thanks for my babe's company.

Guess what? We spent nearly 3 hours there without spending a single buck!!! Hahahaha!! No promotion or special event kay? Simply because I met my DaJie there, and she was having dinner with her friend, and so she paid the bill for us!! Lalala~~~ Thanks my dear!!

overall, I'd say it's not really a great place to dine in but for friends gathering! Date your friends and have a sip of coffee or all that, spending your time luxuriously with loved ones is always the best option!

Miss my girlfriends, though I have one in Malacca.

Haha have people always been so greedy??

Lotsa love,


Kokiya | JonkerStreet

Before I start this entry, I'd like to advise you my dear readers, this entry 'd be a fulled-of-photos-but-contained-only-few-words one. Here we go!!XDD

Had a great outing with friendss!! Lovely, yet tiring!! Because I was given a task to help 'YingXin' to draw 2 sets of comic, and so I done it at 5am something. MORNING! ofcourse.

Anyways! Every good fine day should have a very good start! I woke up at 9 to settle the 2 sets of comic, then I watched GossipGirl till drop! *opps I mean till the last episode of season 3, finally!!* Hehe, I don't know since when I started watching GG *its like ages ago??* but I know there's a trend, whenever you start doing something, and you'll realize people around are doing so. Wonder why? I haven't got the answer. LOL

Pua, FuYong, Bernard, Jason, Violet, SuatYen, Nikki, and I ofcourse, 8 of us went to watch A-Team. Okay, I'd rate the movie 4.5 out of 5. Damn hilarious!! and for those who like action movie, yeah that's it! A shouldn't-miss-out!! I like the main character inside, hmmm forgot his name though, aged, but omgso charming!! LOL!

After that we went for our dinner, at Kokiya!!! *too bad nikki didn't join us*

PS: the day before, Friday, my dad called me, saying that they were having dinner at Nijyumaru二重丸, as a pre fathers' day celebration!! Baba, I'm sorry I couldn't back to JB and celebrate fathers' day with you all, BUT OMG how could you treat me like that laaaa~~Purposely called me eii. that's so unhealthy!! *Cause they knew that's definitely a HUGE temptation to me!* Well, never mind!! Today's my turn!! though not together with family, but I did enjoy my day and my dinner as well!

Hehe sorry for the misediting
the bill shouldn't be appeared before taking the dinner right?XDD


Greentea and appetizer=)
violet loves the peas so much
*is that called pea?@@*

Lets' the pics tell you how nice the food is!


Tempura prawn!! HUGE okay?


Look at the mouthwatering food picsssss

Okonomiyaki. japanese pancake.

I personally LOVE this!!! California Roll!!!

there's LOTSA laughter throughout the whole dinner time!! Most of us, or even all of us, couldn't help but laughed till 'bo lak', couldn't continue finish the dishes left. The feeling of being surrounded by friends and bounded by laughter and even tears *Mr LaiFuYong!!!* are just so so NICE!!!

the girls=))
new friend, SuatYen
old granny, violet


Because of sitting inside a wingroom, we had a total private space. We all were like those small kids, playing and screaming like nobody business!! violet has created a game, scissors paper stone *yeah everyone knows*, the loser has to bear one ear-flick! It has to depend on who's the winner, and how pain you have to bear. It's an all-depends-on-luck game. LOL!

See!! what a mess!!
I even recorded a video!! too bad the file's too big, i'll upload to FB once I resize it!!!

LalaTan you die!XDDDD

Group photo @ Kokiya

We spent almost 3hours plus there!
day>night! hahahaha

after that we went jonker street, for nothing!XDD

shoot shoot shoooooooot


fuyong seemed teaching pua...??
tutorial on???

how to make fishball appeared on ur cheek! LOL

group photo @ JonkerStreet
*ohwell bernard lim wasn't inside!!!!*

till then,
what a great day!!! i seldom update my post right on the exact date kay?!! should feel thankful yea. LOL!!!
Lovely outing! I already expected the next one? Who's the boss??XD

Tomorrow gonna be a hectic day. FML

PS: somebody tell me how to stop coughing??? It's been like weeks and I still cannot recover from it. oh hell. drink more water yea people.

PPS: world, it's FATHERS' DAY!!! Baba, I love you as much as you love me! I'll call you again 'later'. HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!!! You're always my no.1 daddy!! Muackz!!!!


lotsa love,

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love to Say ......?? Haha

People, try keying in the decryption key!!
what answer do you get from the title??
click a 'like' if you guys get it right!
*u can click it even if you get it wrong, ofcoz! LOL*
the hint is quite obvious i'd say
Those who fb chat with me / msn with me often should know!

As you can see, yea everything is back to simple and basic. It might look dull and way too normal. But that's me, ordinary, yet extraordinary=)

*i love polka dot!! oh god so lovely!!*

Look at the sidebar carefully, you might realize something!
Do the pull okay? let me know how u guys think about my blog!=)

ps: I'll update an outing post with mr yeoh a.k.a kinna kia tomorrow! IF i'm able to get some free time, I'll update another outing with my girl=)
stay tuned people!!

with love,