Saturday, May 29, 2010


Okay, ask me what's the time now


ask me why am i blogging at this timing

'because my whole family still sitting up and i'm now using my lappy lying on my sis's bed and my legs' on her pillow LMAO'

ask me what time am i going to sleep

'soon, probably right after posting this'

ask me why am i so darn freaking free and doing such idiot thingy

'because i simply want to update my dead-blog'

ask me when am i willing to go to bed early

'i found that i was born to be a nightcrawler'

ask me......


ask me......



love yea,
night ppl=)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Bye and Bye

I owed my friend a promise

Hmm... Since when we become friends?

Is it during mid autumn gathering?? Sorry for my forgetfulness XDD

Anyway, you're soon going to Cyber campus to continue your studies

I think it's time to fulfill it

I'm sorry I couldn't make it live for u

Its damn a hard task for me, even to find a piano or keyboard

hey guy, all the best in your life in Cyber!!

may the good luck follows wherever you go!!

Keep in touch

PS: I couldn't find 'Mariage d`amour' video clip in my lappy, *which was the song I played during mid autumn rehearsal if you still remember XDD*. I guess I didn't record it down. So this song I played is 'Sweet Bye and Bye' *it's not the full version though, got some mistakes also* but treat it as a replacement, okay? The title of this song tells what I want to say to you. LOL


Take care yea

Enjoy your night+dawn+morning=)

click here for the piano score


Friday, May 21, 2010



Officially Announce










etc etc


This is a super short update, cause I'm gonna dinner with my friend. Okay he's Leslie, and yes I've mentioned your name!! LOL! People, your date is much welcomed!! I won't turn down any of my friends date! Well unless it's clashed with my family outing.

Gonna back to JB on coming Wednesday!! Dear all, if not mistaken you are preparing for your exam?? DAMN!! It clashed!!! Anyway, perhaps we could meet up for a gathering or so? I know Herng's Bday celebration is gonna be held soon. See you guys there??

Girls, look here!!Girls Talk needed!! It's been quite a long time since the last update I'm afraid. I'll arrange the time and 'll let you girls know afterward!! Please squeeze some slot for me!!!

*I felt something from the pic attached, and it goes quite well with what I thought*

I'm single and I'm free


I love my life


I feel life

lotsa LOVE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Weeks ago i guess, ms Lau cooked me this

indeed, it tickles my taste buds by only looking at the pic...I couldn't get a proper meal until i back to jb. Pity me...

I'm not hungry now, but simply miss home cook soup weiii

Damn I have no mood to study now! No motivation at all. God, somebody help me pls!!

since tomorrow is english paper, i suppose I'm practicing my English by blogging my exam life out??? This sem's exam preparation is abit different if compared to the last 2 sems. Why?? Cause I'd spent my study week in JB!!!!

Damn happy sial~~~~I can simply drive here and there, drop by here and there to do my revision. People 'd ask me, 'why don't you study at home??'.

Simple, there is only one very reason: I couldn't even sit still at home, not to mention study! There are too many temptations, I'll lay on sofa and watch tv when I'm in living room, 'll sit in front of the desktop surfing net when I'm free, 'll chat and '8' with my family, 'll play piano if I'm in mood, 'll go kitchen and search anything 'can be eaten' in the refri and so so so on! I'm so dead, overjoyed in the mood of staying at home. So I simply couldn't stay at home and study.

Okay done explanation, lets see where I hung around during the luxurious time in JB.
*only for studying*


Though it's a popular place for MMU students, but it isn't a favourite for JB students.
I forgot which particular day, I and my bff who is taking her form6 studies, went to MCD.

HOHOHO... That wasn't our day, cause MCD was floated with people!!! People watching Thomas Cup live. Haiiizzz... Gonna sigh whenever talking bout this, I'm so disappointed that Malaysia lose to China again!! Moreover watching LinDan's conceited face after he won the match. Gosh I had an urge to smash the tv. LOL

okay back to topic

I was amazed, because the notes she has. No way!!! It's way too MUCH!!!!
she's taking physics, same with me. But, oh god, I seriously pity u form6 guys. T.T

The bottom one is hers
Middle one is mine
The second top reference book is hers
the top one is mine- my novel
see that?? and that's not all!!!

the best companion in MCD!!

the other day

I'm so happy I've found *or explored* a great place to study, even for whole day long!!*but you have to be a bit cheeky laa* why??? Haha I'm gonna tell you the reason why

1. I arrived at 3pm. Yup here it is, VIVO

2. Ordered a high tea set *slurp*
ps:: the American cheese cake is rather good than the one in secret recipe!!

3. Love the lighting there, nice spot to camwore
btw, it's raining outside. God i was so in mood to study!!XDD

4. Before starting my revision
*I'm the only customer X.X*

5. Dada!! start doing revision! Physics notes duh!!!
okay, from now you can notice the cake and coffee, be eaten and drank bit by bit whilst the time passed by

6. Time to have a rest and take a bite

7. physics sucks! luckily I brought my applied math along
see the cake??HEHE

8. After half an hour i guess *still no one*

9. The rain stopped. The mist on the window
Did you notice the sky is getting dark??haha

10. It was about 7. As you can see, still no customer. I wondered how it survives from so many competitors. Maybe, that's also the reason, why I'd choose this place to study.

11. I'd done so many questions

12. My hot coffee even became iced coffee. So can you imagine how long I stayed?

13. Paid the bill
I spent only 7 bucks but sat from 3pm to 8pm. LOL

14. and the feedback I gave
I did not dare to tick the last 2 column, the supervisor there 'd kill me i guess, 'spent only 7 bucks here for whole day long but the face thick enough to give lousy feedback!!' LOL

Overall, it's indeed a nice place to study. *well at least for me* I like everything there, from the food and cake served, customer service to the ambiance, lighting and even the music played

Last pic I took before I left

On the same day, after taking dinner with my friend, I went to MCD again! but this time only with my own company.

I spent lesser. only 5 bucks

continue with this

Haha I don't know how am i going to end this post, because it's all in a sudden urge! I have totally no mood to study after I finished the applied math paper on monday, not to mention the coming subject is the bored-till-dead English. And it's now 9pm, I'm gonna sit for the exam 12 hours later.

PS: everything in this post is a mess I know. The pic attached don't have my bloglink tagged like it used to be. But I simply wanna update something to make my blog alive. It's been quiet for a long time. Yes, it's pretty dead. Some more, I'm actually practicing my grammar by typing it out *DUN BLUFF!!!* Hahahahaha

PPS: ms Lau, I've done this post!! when's ur turn??XDD

For me, the greatest thing at this moment is to do what I shouldn't. Imma go bed and sleep. Perhaps I'll wake up at 3am. Wish me luck people!!

Good night everyone,

lotsa LOVE,

Monday, May 3, 2010


Before and after editing
this is the photo which I took at A'Famosa

'u can only see the stars when it's dark enough'

i'm addicted to read those meaningful quotes
i can sit infront of my lappy and google for the quotes for hours
I don't know why am I still here blogging bullshitnonsense instead of going bed and have a nice sleep
GOD!! is this always the excuse i used to lied to myself?

Time to have a nice rest and start doing revision laa
*piak piak*
wake up! start heating up ur engine lo leesze!!
Else I wonder how are u going to save ur physics3 damn lousy result!!

To love is to risk not being loved in return
To hope is to risk pain
To try is to risk failure

but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing

with lotsa love,