Friday, August 24, 2012

Recent | Party Rock Tonight

Another sleepless night, I stayed up until 730 in the morning 'just now' and proudly to say, I've completed my assignment I can fly!!!!!!! Happy like what I gotta party rock like crazy tonight. I've never felt so relieved throughout the holiday despite seeing I hung out each time I felt a little dying inside. Knowing each second is slipping away and you have got ton of things to do and out of every very reason, you're having fun. 

I'm hopeless. What a player I am I don't know how far my limit can go say in having fun.

People build you up just to wait one moment to break you down. How cruel life is.

Tadaaa! Even the ticket design loses to that of Taipei Zoo. But this is quite a good zoo in Malaysia I'd say.

Going to US Pizza on double Tuesday! and you know what.- - 3 people, 2 LARGE PIZZAS!
The waiter said, "We took the wrong order, but nevermind, you got these without extra charges."
Fuhhlamak I should feel thankful then? Gila betul I felt so sin not to finish food and now? O_O

Keon got me the souvenir from Pulau Perhentian. Like too caring or what I feel sweet to have such a cute friend. and I recognized it as dolphin at first. You heard me, dolphin! I don't know why the heck I thought it's a dolphin. Am I blind or something - -""""

Been wondering, long or short hair. What do you think?? XD

Went to Erica 21st birthday celebration last night. What a treat, thankiu girl! May good luck follow you always and stay pretty and lady! Not to forget, 减肥成功!!!We have changed so much, ever since the day we first met during the RD meeting. You've become such a lady I wouldn't believe. Still remember you used to talk so loudly and freely like a carefree silly girl?? Hehe those were the days...... :)

To all boyfriends out there, this is what a girl looks for. Ain't your looking or your money. I felt that my guy friends around have this kind of thought that, they need money or at least a good look to be able to have a girlfriend. FTS you moron wake up. Why don't just listen to girls when you try to go after a girl? We girls understand each other. LOL okay this is a bit too far but yea, just stop that money shit.

gotta meet up with my best babes and buddies.
I tell you how crazy we acted. We had this at 12 something, at night. Midnight! Brilliant us. 

I miss the time whenever we have each other, loving the atmosphere even though we act idiot or talk craps. As long as I have you guys I feel completed. And I know you guys miss me a lot especially my “心理测验” and jokes and all. I'm really a jolly sweetie to you guys right?? Haha

See you all soon! 
PS: random photo found. No any intention added. so don't hate me Herng, I know you love me.XD

Lalala~~~ Miss you all gaogao!!

 I forgot if I've blogged this entry, Singapore 1 day trip with The.Engin.Gang.
Why do I mention it now?? Because the fella with a weird hairstyle on the bottom right is soon going to throw his 21st birthday bash!! Kinda remind me of the engin gang reunion gotta be tonight!

We are awesome and we know it.

Mr Chan this is your doomsday. In doom I mean dying in happiness or something. hiakhiak

die die want to upload a photo of mineXD

Things go around. 
Eat. Pray. Love.

Let's party tonight! ;)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Things II

Done a question, giving myself a little blogging time. Hehe
When I read through Tumblr, I'll as well save the pics which mean something to me. Or those artistic ones. Or I just purely like it for no reason.
part II of Little Things

this is what I tell myself every morning, should be every time I wake up.

Even the kids have passion and enthusiasm. We need that sometimes. 
The urge of getting things done.
The urge of running to the right one.

I appreciate when someone willing to open up himself/herself to me. To disclose the vulnerable sides and put their trust in me. But a sincere advise, do not simply show others your feelings, like the pic said. In other words, do not simply trust anyone easily. 
True friends care, others just curious.

True max. We don't have the courage, so we let it be.

so this is life. 
but you will, and you do.

deleting the negative feelings to feel alive again...

Very beautiful pic. How you read and feel it?

this reminds me of my little sis. She always gets her body injured. Stupid bombom.

Love this quote so much. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Alcohol rules. Lols! No I'm not an alcoholic, I just enjoy drinking. :p

This is LIFE

this is almost the same as my wallpaper, which I've been using over years.
When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world

I asked my friend, "If you walk away and leave it, will the negative feelings still follow you?" I don't understand, doesn't it depend on whether or not you willing to put it aside or take it to heart. For me, it's man's will to control the emotions. You think alright, you feel alright. Doesn't it? Maybe I will always not understand. Else I'm not the SzeEe you know.

I think many of my friends secretly hate me because I always tell them to leave it, smile and all and I think their OS would be "Damn you, you'd never understand what I feel so just STFU." Hmmm... I honestly don't know how to cheer people up. - -""

From time to time I always change my favourite songs. Now my choice is.....
THIS! :)

We are in the same games, just different levels; 
Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

Tomorrow is Chinese Qixi Festival, spend the day with a lot of love will ya? :)

Back to assignment. 






飘着毛毛细雨的早上 我们吃了道地的台式早餐 配上浓郁的美式咖啡 = 幸福!

台北市的公共交通真的是没话说!就连普通的公车站都有LED显示班次。而且都很准时- -

把自己包得紧紧的 冷天气 哈!

很可爱的入门票!不过台币60元而已!便宜惨了,超值得!- -


一踏进动物园我就兴奋了!色彩缤纷的世界耶 哈哈


另一个也很兴奋的小孩子 我妈咪!

很兴奋!!虽然没有郊游的天气 可是我们有小孩子童真的心 所以还是玩得很开心 哈哈!


依稀记得这是第一个迎接我们的动物 它叫红鹤 好像是- -

整个动物园超级无敌霹雳大,花了3-4个小时我们只逛了一小部分我想。很多展览馆,很多分区。有无尾熊馆、沙漠动物区、企鹅馆、鸟类世界……很多很多!我只去了以下几个分区- -

馆外的昆虫占卜 妈咪抽到了好运当头!:)

我没拍太多照片 很多时间都在欣赏动物、标本、环境。

可爱的妈咪在炒菜 哈哈




虽然这么看去好像也没几个人- -

我忘了它的名,这只比较懒惰 一直都是软趴趴地。总共有四只熊猫?应该是 我忘了。其他的看见游客围着视窗都会意思意思走走猫步,这只懒得理我们,继续享受它的午觉。



之后来到了教育中心。看着残旧的外观原本不想进去参观的,不知何故最后我们还是踏进去了。- -




那边的看管伯伯一直称赞我 还送我馆内独有的纪念品 整个就大开心!

9th March 2012 ;)

我的作品贴堂了!龙年之内到木栅动物园走一趟 看看有没有机会鉴赏我的作品 哈哈!!


时间紧迫的关系 没仔细欣赏



它是真的标本哦 真的林旺大象皮!




教育园区 很可爱啊 五颜六色看了心情都大好

当我逛完了整个教育馆 发现老妈也完成了她的作品!我觉得伯伯应该是觉得我的太美了,其它的都看不上眼,他说:“你能带回家收藏哦!” 
妈咪应该是听出话里的玄机,把它带回马来西亚了!哈哈哈!妈咪说:“几十年没花那么长时间彩色了” 应该很有纪念价值!

忘了介绍馆内的厕所 超可爱的是吗!!我进去的时候还以为只有我这一间特别,之后还一间一间查看,怎知每一道门的背后都有不一样的问答题。可是那句对联都一样——“便便在外面没人爱,对准一点百发百中” 笑死我了!!!

不知道什么馆- - 全都是深夜活动的动物


P/S: Hedwig = Harry's owl


很可爱的温馨提醒 “你的好玩 它的痛苦”


翻译成英文很不对劲- -
you will discover astoundingly a whole new stool world! O_O

Poo poo也是种艺术


 在麦当当旁边的纪念品区 迷你动物园

印上华文的麦当当 看着觉得挺怪的

有培根的汉堡 吃着也觉得挺怪的 习惯了马来西亚的麦当当- -
就这样 动物园游记结束啦!

公車路線:  棕3、棕11、綠1、236、237、282、294、295、611

回想起来也挺奇怪的。那么多稀奇古怪的动物园区,除了熊猫之外,我们参观的都是些马来西亚也都看得到的普通动物。我想看看台湾的长颈鹿跟马来西亚的有什么不一样啦,也没看到老虎狮子什么的- -

游动物园是很开心的!不管是大人还是小孩,到了动物园大人就变成大小孩,小孩就成了小小孩。(好啦至少我是这样- -)前天游马六甲动物园我也是怪兴奋的,忍不住就大喊大叫,觉得什么都很新鲜神奇。虽然那份热情只保持了约一小时,但是在最后近距离看到长颈鹿的霎那又打起精神了!

其实我现在在学校,初衷是要做Assignment,看看我在干嘛- -


我看了好久才看懂。小小=李金 - -

用华文我不知道怎么结尾结得漂亮 T,T

就这样啦 掰