Sunday, September 26, 2010

Memories. Pictures. Diary. Tioman Trip

Viewing my past years & months albums while I got too boring studying at night. I just ain't the type who can sit still and study for hours. Kill me better. okay back to topic, so I found out some dates which they're quite meaningful to blog about. I picked one of them to be today's. Simply because I miss my family. And I feel relax just by seeing those beautiful scenery pictures. Sea, beach, sand, sky, bla bla bla.

Let pics do the talking aite?

7th June '10

Family trip to

Tioman Island =)

first picture captured at the beach

pic tells everything.

capture the. Moment.

other small islands.
damn smooth soft sparkling sand

the crystal clear sea water =)
omg I feel like snorkeling now
I just can't forget how beautiful the underwater is
the colorful coral like a palace underground
MAX beautiful!!! max LOVE!

marine park

the craft zone

kakak there damn chio!
she doesn't know Chinese
but she can draw/write whatever Chinese writing from you.
her writing even nicer than us Chinese people right?

i bought a handmade necklace =)


back to beach again
like a kid playing sand writing =)

Sze. Si.

the loving couple. as always.
love this pic yea. they both looked so sweet.
the happiness smiley

with leejin~

yours truly, Ee
solo! LOL

this little girl she picked us some flowers
cute right? =)

i miss the 3 days 2 nights there.

the peaceful life.
the beautiful underwater world.
the awesome sunset.
the crystal water.

FYI, i stayed up until today 8am. This should be a post scheduled in today morning. but due to some lovely reasons, I make it now.

Thanks for keeping me company.

I know you dote me.


with love,

Friday, September 24, 2010


I love this song for quite a long time, I always wanted to get the piano score but I just couldn't find it. Anybody can help me this favor?

Love the peaceful melody.

I have been finding nice piano covers lately. For sake of my 2 weeks holidays!! LOL! I already started to plan everything for it. Going to be an easy and relax one. And maybe I'll be going to a place where it's quite meaningful to my 'someone'. Hehe. Can't wait!

If you gonna ask me more about my holiday, I'll answer you I'm currently having finals now! 3 more papers to go. Hehe I'm not a dreamer, practically. But I'm as well not a typical hard worker.

Anyway, I guess this time I'd have enough time to prepare for the coming 3. I left one more subject to go. Though I just glanced through the other 2 but enough of understanding will do. I never thought I'd have such proceed. Since last week I was like racing against time and it turned out like total shit. Duh!! Guess first class gone. But please, don't even 2nd upper. I'll kill myself.

Perhaps I can beat the rest down. There's always a thought pops up in my mind whenever I started taking out the notes: you can do even better than this if you started earlier. But it's just a thought. And I know it always will be.

I'm gonna shut down something which really distract me from studies. Like... let me figure it out first and I'll list them down and cut it short one by one. I even got a picture now. Hahaha.

Left one week. My cute loving sweet holiday is waiting for me! Bless me! Bless whoever taking finals now!

Stay right inside my heart,
I'll lock you up,
throw away the key,
keep you only to myself.

I miss my blanket. and you. Badly!! XDD

(extra_time == blogging && extra_time != studying)



Monday, September 20, 2010


It's time for war!!!

I'm the one standing behind! Not the front line! LOL!

I'm so not in mood to study now. God bless.

I'm grateful that God has given me the 'ability' of feeling relax right on the day of taking exam. No stress, no anxious, no hesitation.

Praying to my loved ones, especially you, 'All the very best in your final exam!!'

I'm looking forward.

Perhaps it's a lovely day.


Dare me

++Good Luck++

Thursday, September 16, 2010


click it~ =)

A for Apple!! =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Exam Syndrome??

I've been feeling not well after going back from Kluang today. Yea, today mommy dada leejin and I went to Kluang just for mooncake!

DaDa!!! All booked!
this is the yummiest mooncake I'd ever tried!!!
I don't lie!!!

We went there after our brunch.

See our happy faces =)

Guess how many box we've bought? bet you can't believe what I'm going to say next. 17 boxes of mooncake!!!! Our family have a tradition of giving mooncake to our close relatives and friends. Hehe

my sis car turned to be like a van in only few seconds.

went to kluang mall after that. Again, I really 'looked small' such small small town. It's totally out of my expectation!! though I bought nothing there, but still a good try! At least my family bought their goods.

Actually the main point of this post isn't about the kluang trip. But I guess I won't blog it again afterward. For more details, just google it yourself kay? LOL!!

Yuen Fatt Biscuit. Wah you can even easily spot the contact number! Hehe~

I didn't know and still don't know why. I felt sick after reaching home. Like carsick IDK. I even threw up after taking a nap. I'm so afraid of burping now. Cause the feeling of vomiting will run over my whole body and I'll get goosebumps. LOL!! And I haven't taken anything after the brunch but amazingly I won't feel hungry at all. Maybe it's a good timing to diet LOL!

Tomorrow baba and mommy gonna fetch me back to Melaka. Know what?? I didn't touch my notes or slides or whatever academic-related stuffs during the ten days in JB!

Call me steady-ee!!!

I'm so gonna die now.

And 'maybe' I need a personal nurse during the time in Melaka.

GOD bless me!!

Hope i'll get well soon. and I've been watching many ppl in fb saying that they're in sick. What a good timing. I guess we all got infected of exam syndrome. LOL

Take care yea loves.

I'll definitely miss JB and my family and my blanket alot!!!!

Perhaps I can do well in the final!!

All the best yea!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Egg Tart??

I got a sudden urge craving for egg tart. Cause the couple in the show I watched was looking for it as a mission. LOL! Well, guys may not know what I'm talking about. The point is, I want to eat egg tart so much in a sudden. Hahaha

photo credited to Mr C Chiquillara
then I got someone sent me a link for this pic. At first I was like 'what the............' but



though it's nothing, but cannot deny your action is really sweet =)

okay stop thinking of the egg tart

time to sleep luuu~~

night world!


Friday, September 10, 2010


lift your head,

you will see yours

Don't talk to me

Because I'm missing you

with love,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ShianYang BDay!!

Hohoho 26th August could be described as the Best day throughout the whole month!! WHY?? Because it was ShianYang birthday!!!! Lalala~~~ Engineering gang had another superduperultramegafreakingamazing awesome moment and memory again!!!!! SY, your day made our day!!!!

okay pics tell everything=))

right before the celebration, we went to John & Fuyong house to cook dinner AGAIN.
Forgotten why we did such silly action.
Theng is the champion, his head is the biggest 1!!HAHA

Even more people this time!! XDD

a short story! LOLLLLL!!
Jason TanLala!!!

pattern banyak mia birthday boy- ShianYang

with his super yummy birthday cake!!! Gosh Nadeje is LOVE!!

MBMB celebration! special huh?XDD
okay, the classic videosss are strictly 'inside secret'
no leak no leak!! =))

McD afterward!

Happy Meal Gang!!! Hehehehe

Happy Birthday belated!!!

Sorry for the late posting ya! You know why!

Smile always!!
you suit your silly smile best!

guys, chiong for final luuu!!! JiaYou bahh!! Paintball afterward!! See euuuu~


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cute Ever

Thursday: during circuit theory lecture.....

ZiHui's newly precious. An electric fan.

Seeeeeeeeeee!! how powerful google is! I could even search for the exact pic! LOL

Thursday night: after having dinner with mates, I went to Mid Autumn gathering to support my kiddo!!! I'm glad you guys did it great!! I love the rabbit design! too bad I couldn't make to stay longer. I had to rush my assignment! Anyway, congrats to all of you!! A successful event! It reminds me of last year mid autumn. Time fliesssssssss.....

the giveaway mooncake!! taste surprisingly nice. out of my expectation! Hehe

last year mid-autumn OCWC =)

and my info division! gosh most of them went to cyber already. Misssssss euu ^^

Lantern parade~~~~ and i love playing candle more than lantern! Hehe

After that:

Haiz... I hate computer programming. But I had to deal with it. Fighting all night just to complete the assignment!

The group. Left Grace. and this is our (Zihui and I) room. Damn messy...zzZZ

..............(got stuck)



...................(got stuck again)


(It's friday)...........

I rather do something to distract myself from the misery. So...

My current FAV!!! It's a giveaway accompanied with the McD happy meal! HOHOHO
I'll sometimes play it before sleeping. Sounds MAD but i really do!

gaining back our fighting spirit! and we did it until eleven morning the next day. Chio right? I know we are. Started at 10pm until 11am. 13 hours.

This is how I got myself a pair of hideous dark circles + eye bags!!! And I seemed looking to a panda when I'd seen the reflection of the mirror!! MAX awful!

and know what we did within that torturing 13 hours??


It was raining like cats and dogs outside.

ZiHui: Hey ZiYang and I want to go to McD drive through. Want DaBao or not??

WenShin and I: WANT!

ZiHui: Happy meal aite??


we had this

too bad, the free gift is no longer the toy, but a hanger

Powerpuff Girls- BLOSSOM!!!


I had a pretty crazy 2 days. Thursday and Friday. I sleep only 3 hours within 48 hours = 2 days. FYI, I left a craziest ever post mortem (检讨会) at 7am and went to Melaka Sentral straight. Meaning that I'm now in JB and typing all these. I'm home!!

I was actually meant to be at Melaka now and to attend another post mortem. I'm sorry I couldn't make it because it was quite a sudden notice. Right after I've made my mind to come back home. So... Forgive me kay? I'll email my own review and everything to you guys=) Love ya!

After going through these difficult time, I'm now back to my home sweet home and get myself recharged. It's time to chiong for final! I left less than 20 days to prepare everything and I guess it's time for me to figure out what's important to me. After the final, everything will be sorted out. Perhaps.

I'm looking for a fulfillment. I know it's not only came from studies achievement but also from some other perspectives. LeeSzeEe, figure it out.

I know it's crazy, but I'm going to play piano instead of sleeping now. For me, it is kinda a way for stress relief. Life's getting back to its own track.

Lotsa LOVE,